Matt Roloff Says He’s Making “Big Changes” In Hopes Of Getting a Buyer for Roloff Farms After It Sits On Market For Over Four Months

“Cooooome and get it!”

It’s been about four months since Matt Roloff made the somewhat-shocking announcement that he is selling of a 16-acre portion of Roloff Farm and, while the sale of the farm has caused a lot of media buzz (not to mention a rift in the Roloff family between Matt and his twin sons Zach and Jeremy), it has not garnered any buyers yet.

In an Instagram Live session on Friday, Matt revealed that he was making some “big changes” to the up-for-sale portion of the farm in hopes of finally attracting a buyer willing to shell out his $4 million asking price.

“No we didn’t sell the property, at least not yet,” the Little People, Big World star told his Instagram followers. “It’s still on the market. But we are making changes to maybe make it a little more attractive.”

Well…not unless a stranger is willing to drop some serious cash…

When it went on the market in May, the 16-acre portion of the farm included the Roloff’s original five-bedroom, 5,373 square foot farmhouse; the 3,594 square foot red barn (which features a studio apartment); a full-scale pirate’s ship, a cowboy town complete with a jail, bank and other buildings; and a German-inspired medieval castle, among other features.

This week, Matt revealed that he has decided to remove the pirate ship from the offering and move it onto his part of the property. He stated that he was doing this so that visitors to the farm’s Pumpkin Season could enjoy it… and to hopefully help sell the property, as he noted that not every buyer wants a property that comes with a ship in the yard.

“Maybe they just don’t know what to do with a giant pirate ship,” Matt said. “Since the big house on this side hasn’t sold, and there was very little interest in the pirate ship itself anyway, we thought, ‘Why not keep it?’ We’re going to let all of our Pumpkin Season visitors enjoy the pirate ship, in a very special way that’s yet to be disclosed. It’s a big surprise and we’re very, very excited.”

Matt also told fans that he has been listening to what his children, fans and others in his life have been saying regarding the sale of the farm.

“Oh REALLY? That’s news to me, Pops!”

“There’s some big, big changes in the works here,” Matt said. “I’ve been listening to the kids, and the feedback and [my girlfriend] Caryn [Chandler], and everyone, and have decided to do some things that I think are smart. A lot of that is yet to be announced.”

As ‘Little People, Big World’ fans saw last season, Matt has received a lot of criticism from not only his sons Zach and Jeremy, but also his ex-wife Amy Roloff and the show’s fans for his decision to put the farm up for sale at such a high price, instead of pricing it so it was accessible for one/some of the kids to purchase. While Jeremy and Zach had both expressed interest in buying Roloff Farm, they eventually purchased other properties for their families after they were unable to come to an agreement with Matt.

In his Instagram post announcing that the portion of Roloff Farms was for sale, Matt made it clear that he was unhappy that he had to sell the land to someone outside the family, and essentially blamed Zach and Jeremy for being unwilling to buy it.

“Both of them (along with their growing families) had moved on to other interests and investments…. And even [though] a substantial family discount and a ‘gift of equity’ was offered by both Amy and I…they decided individually that the timing was not right for them to purchase a part of the farm at this time,” Matt wrote. 

Zach would go on to comment on Matt’s post, stating that Matt’s words were “extremely misguided and false” and accuse his dad of manipulating the show’s fanbase to make himself look good. 

“Once again like he has for most of his life not taking responsibility for his own actions and blaming others,” Zach wrote. “Dragging the family drama that he created and then manipulate the fan base to make himself come out okay. This post is a new shocking low of cowardice and manipulation of his family and kids for his own gain.” 

While the sale of the farm has caused a rift between Matt and the twins, it has seemingly brought Matt closer to his youngest son, Jacob, who is now working full-time on the farm. Matt shared on Instagram Live two weeks ago that Jacob has been helping him set up for the 2022 Pumpkin Season, which begins October 1, and that Jacob will be in charge of hiring new employees. (Matt did not mention if Jeremy and/or Zach will be working Pumpkin Season this year.)

Anyway, as of press time, the pirate ship is still listed on the Forbes Global Properties website as being included for the $4 million price tag. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)


  1. What a greedy man. We watched as Matt used those kids build that place to what it ultimately became. He told Amy that the kids left “pop cans” around and had broken windows in one of the features so he didn’t think they would have taken care of the place. They were kids for goodness sake. Thank yourself that the property will be in the hands of strangers when generations of your bloodline could have enjoyed it and built it to a magnificent place. Your pride in controlling your children only makes you look petty, greedy and manipulative.

  2. Like so many TV family reality shows it destroys them We have seen this so many times Money greed takes place over families in these types of programs If they had never had a show they probably would still be a family unit moving on to their own futures

  3. Jeremy and Zach, are babies. They are not much, without the dads, guidance, ideas, and not to mention labour. Matt can run mountains around, those kids. Face it, the dad, the idea, man, all along. Not many, can touch his stamina. And Zachary, uses such bif, concepts, like “narrative.”. Sorry to say, they can’t get off their, butts, like the dad anyway. The farm, is way too much work, for those suburbanites…

  4. It is your own fault the kids didn’t buy the farm. You were asking too much if neither of them could buy it. These are your kids and this was your legacy to them and your grandkids. There are many ways u could have made it affordable to them. I don’t think u were thinking outside the box because all u saw was the money. SHAME!

  5. You get what you give and this proves it. He spent all those years treating his family like garbage, and now it’s coming back on him. How do you like that, Matt?

  6. Could it not be selling because the while downstairs is built for a little person?? The odds of a little person house hunting for multi-million dollar property in Oregon may be rather small.

  7. But .. Had he not already sold it? Was that not the reason for the sons being angry about it? I dont get it, this whole “sell the farm”-storyline is getting old

    1. It takes both parties to destroy a marriage. Anyone who has come to terms with the failure of their marriage will accept 50% of the blame. Even if Matt was unfaithful,it doesn’t mean Amy was without fault. Matt was a good provider. Was he a workaholic, probably. But that’s who she married. He didn’t become this way years into the marriage. She had her faults as well. The house was always a mess and she spoke to him like a pos. Most men stray when they’re spoken to like that. As far as gifting the property to the children, no. Zack should be ashamed of himself for how he speaks publicly about his relationship with his father. Nothing in Matt’s comment regarding what happened is disrespectful to Zack or Jeremy. Zack needs to grow up. Kudos to Matt for standing his ground. No one wants spoiled entitled kids. He owes them nothing.

  8. I have been following this entire saga of the roloff farm. If Matt wanted the farm to stay in the family, he should will it to them now. It does not seem as though Matt is hurting for money as she bought a new home already. I think Zach is a disrespectful, spoiled brat and should never be talking to his father in the manner that he is

  9. Nobody wants to live there anyway. Grossly over priced and Matt as a neighbor. . . nobody in their right mind would want that.

  10. No one wants to buy it because he is screwing his kids out of their family home! Matt is just being greedy! He gave any 1 million for it when he bought her out! Why would he charge his kids more???

    I’ve lost all respect for him!!! I’m proud of Amy!! Great choice to get out!

  11. Karma working at its finest 👌 matt uses own children when one kid doesn’t bow down to Matt wants he just moves on to another son. Guess after Jacob is no longer needed Matt will throw him to the side then Matt has no one but his golddigger girlfriend. Going to be one lonely old man surrounded by stuff instead of his kidd.

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