Matt Roloff Gives Update on the Sale of Roloff Farm; His Sons Zach & Jeremy Reportedly Upset With Matt For Hiring New Farm Employees

“What? It’s not like I’m pushing my sons out of the family farm that they grew up on. Oh, wait… “

The Roloff rifts continue as the fate of Roloff Farm hangs in the balance.

The latest disagreement among the Little People Big World family was ignited after Matt Roloff revealed his plans to hire new employees for Pumpkin Season at Roloff Farm–- an announcement that is reportedly not sitting well with Matt’s eldest sons, twins Zach and Jeremy. 

“Matt is hiring new workers for the farm so he can focus a little more on himself and get the new house on the farm completed,” a source told The Sun. “He thinks a couple of extra hands would be ideal. Matt insists he’s not replacing his sons, he’s just making sure everything on the farm is taken care of.”

In an Instagram Live session on Thursday, Matt told his followers that, while the portion of Roloff Farm that he put up for sale in May has not sold yet, “there’s some things in the works on it, some deals in the making.”

“Nothing is done until it’s done, right?” he added.

“You better watch out for flying pumpkins next month.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Matt announced in May that a 16-acre portion of the 109 acre farm–– located in Hillsboro, Oregon, and featured on the family’s TLC reality show since 2006–– is available for purchase. Matt claimed at the time that he was not happy to be selling the property, and appeared to be blaming his twins sons for having to do so.

While the sale of the farm has caused a rift between Matt and the twins, it has seemingly brought Matt closer to his youngest son, Jacob, who is now working full-time on the farm. Matt shared on Instagram Live that Jacob has been helping him set up for the 2022 Pumpkin Season, and that Jacob will be in charge of hiring the new employees. (Matt did not mention if Jeremy and/or Zach will be working Pumpkin Season this year.)

According to The Sun‘s source, Matt is “keen for his youngest to take over” the duties on the farm.

On the most-recent season of ‘Little People, Big World,’ Matt’s ex-wife Amy (who is the mother of all four of Matt’s kids), suggested that Matt “went crazy” when he set the farm’s price tag at $4 million. Matt defended his actions, stating that he offered Zach and Jeremy a “family discount” of about “half-off.”

“For the price it is, the kids can’t afford that,” Amy told Matt.

After they were unable to come to an agreement with Matt to buy the farm, Zach and his wife Tori bought a home in Washington in October 2021. Jeremy and his wife Audrey recently purchased a different farm for their family.

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34 Responses

  1. I think Matt roloff should never brought his girlfriend into his negotiation with his children and any business that has to do with the farm and his children. Matt Roloff dose not understand the word family and what it really means. If zack and tori and their family stop filming will be the day I stop watching the show.

  2. I think Matt is in his right to move ahead with whatever he wants. He should be able to retire content abd in tge knowledge he pro idedca good life for his family. He is of that age that he wants to enjoy his b ew relationship and wealth without being made to feel guilty. Go Matt!

  3. I commend Matt for doing such a great job with the farm. Including his kids that wanted to work there etc. however I wonder what he’s thinking? At 60years old and in his condition as he says, he should be happy that his children are willing to take over part of the farm. Instead of charging them $4 million dollars he should rent it to them with an option to buy. He still has control. And the kids could continue to work and pay accordingly.
    Amy is the hero! She had to put up with him and still does. It turns out that her life, with her new husband is great. I like the way she thinks, also she is the one that kept everything together before the divorce.
    I hope he changes his mind and gets the family back together. It seems he loves his grandchildren? If he really did he would think this all over and try to makes a better decision. I’m not too sure of his girlfriend. However it makes a better story. Also she might end up owning The farm herself
    I wish them a lot of luck and waiting for the big decisions.

  4. One begins to think that getting paid to air family or personal drama certainly pays. What’s gonna happen when all the networks find Americans not interested. ?

  5. I think Matt has talked about the farm being “a family farm” all these years. If he means this, he will help the ones wanting to purchase it by lowering the price so they can afford to buy it. Sounds like he is more interested in money than helping keep the farm in the family. I may be wrong but this is the impression I get.

  6. It’s funny, matt was so desperate to sell that house and land for millions, that he screwed over his two oldest to do it. His greed ruined his relationships with his sons and also didn’t make him a cent.

    And instead of selling it to them for maybe a million, he’s carrying the cost of the house for even longer.

    His property taxes are also higher too now since he probably had it appraised before he put it on the market.

    I wonder how long it will be before he runs back to his kids with his tail between his legs, begging for them to take over because he can’t do it anymore and just wants to retire.

  7. Matt roloff only thinks of himself cuz I’ve watched this program over the years he’s always wanted to leave it to his family he could have worked something out more years of payment less payments for more years who knows but he’s self-centered and his girlfriend is the instigator and all this stuff she’s the cause of all this problem and I really think she’s a gold digger she’s the one that went after Matt and broke up the marriage sorry but she’s a piece of crap I love the show I’ll always watch it but I’ll always criticize her and Matt family comes first always and he didn’t think of that

  8. I have watched this show from the very first season and what Matt did to those kids is disgusting it’s why eh said he regretted leading them on regarding the farm.

  9. We all know what a fair man Matt Roloff is, and it will be so nice when he makes his sale and takes just one of his Millions and splits it evenly between all the kids and Amy.
    The whole family worked the farm and made it what it is today.

  10. I am so sick that folks cannot leave this family alone. They seem to pick on Zack and Tori unrelentlessly. They are young. Stop saying such hurtful things about them! I bet none of you were perfect and mistake free! Same with Audrey and Jer. Leave them alone! They are wonderful young people that Amy did a super Mom job raising. Matt is the problem here but I won’t even attack him or that wretched girlfriend of his.
    I have been to Roloff farm many times and enjoyed it. My family is over it mostly because of the drama. I ❤️ Amy and Chris and all the kids. It’s time for you all to live you best lives now. Enjoy your children and what God has given you.

  11. If I’ve got this right, Matt wants some new employees to work pumpkin season. OK, I can see that. Then he puts Jacob in charge of hiring. Nothing against Jacob, but why would you put someone who dropped out of high school (does he even have a GED?), never worked on the farm, and has never had any job, in charge of hiring? Matt basically said he didn’t think neither Zak or Jeremy were good enough to have the farm, then he puts totally inexperienced Jacob to hire workers for that same farm.

    Now I’m not saying that you need formal education to run a farm at all, that’s a job where experience is more important. Jacob has none. Jacob turned his back on the farm, and wanted nothing to do with farm or family. Regardless if you are Team Matt or Team Amy, that does not make a bit of business sense. He may be very bright,but has he ever interviewed anyone? Does he know the legal rules and consequences of what questions he may ask interviewee’s? I see lawsuits heading Roloff Farm’s way. Just sayin’

    I’m not a bit surprised the farm hasn’t sold, the price is absurdly high. I read Matt put $2 million into repairs for the house and farm. I don’t believe it. Either the contractors saw him coming or he did a really bad job building/adding on to the house.

  12. Matt is a fool! He has torn his family apart! Matt in the end is going to be a loner. Some day, Karen will finally give up on him!! Especially when the show is no longer. Karen should be ashamed of herself for being the other woman! No I don’t like Matt! He is a narcissist. It’s me, me, me. You treat your boys as if they were strangers. You disgust me, Matt. Get off the show! You don’t belong there. Are you also going to be treating all your family the same way when you die. Your a poor excuse of a man.

  13. I haven’t liked Matt from the beginning. To me, he has always presented himself has having a huge ego. It always seemed everything is about him. I sincerely hope the farm never sells. He felt if he sold the farm to Jeremy and or Zach, he would still have to run the farm. He would never had given the boys the chance, to run the farm on their own.

  14. Very sad situation….feel bad for the kids. Tearing the family apart should not be the end goal. No legacy for the grandkids….?

  15. And now the farm has a brush fire….coincidence? I think not!
    I live near it. Hopefully they can contain it. Oregon is ablaze these days

    1. You really think that a brush fire was set by one of the twins? OMG! Jeremy is seven minutes from the family home, why would he endanger his own home. Zach has said he has his own farm, not as much acreage but still he’s done with Roloff farm. Tell really you actually think this wasn’t an accident or whatever it’s called. NO I DO NOT BELIEVE YOUR STORY!

  16. Really it is none of the children’s business what Matt does at the farm. It is HIS farm. He can do whatever he wants to with it. He doesn’t need their approval.

    1. when you raise your kids telling them–‘one day this will all be yours’ and then go back on your word!?!?! Sorry–Matt is way wrong here! I would NEVER do that to my kids!

    2. INCORRECT it is their business because even Matt admitted he lead them on in thing the farm would be theirs. So he made it their business by lying.

  17. Matt should hold off on the sale and just keep the house the kids grew up in for their inheritance, if that’s what he’s truly concerned about. I think he’s just using it for an excuse though.

  18. I think Matt said it doesn’t benefit all four children to discount a portion of the farm or the house to one of the twins. He wants to get the most out of it to be split four ways one day. I get that.

    1. How can you sell more of the property to your ex for $667k and turn around and tell your son’s they can buy less property for 4 million ! But then say you want to keep it in the family? Why not sell all the property that you bought from your ex for $800k. You still make a profit and keep the family happy. Then sell the same amount of property from a different location of your108 acre to your other son Jeremy and their family. You’d still have plenty of land and room for the other two kids. Keep it all in the family and you’d see them alot !

  19. As kids, Matt constantly talked to the boys about taking their rightful place as owners of Roloff Farms, and as a result, they ALL worked to keep the Farm in the Roloff family… I’m sorry, but Matt encouraged those boys to work there more and more, by investing in themselves and in the Farm. Even Amy was of the same mind! Jacob was the only one who did NOT want anything to do with the Farm. Now that Matt’s relationship with Caryn is out in the open, Matt needs the money from the sale of 16 acres of the farm to continue trying to live beyond his means, just to impress her (my own humble opinion) such as it is. I feel that Jeremy and Zack have every right to feel that they were bamboozled by Matt’s false promises.

    1. I totally agree with you. He stepped into that relationship with Caryn, well ( in MY humble opinion!) brought it to the forefront, and you’re right he has to keep up with her taste & now his.

  20. No one is looking out for Matt. Give him credit what he’s done all the years for his family. Amy was always negative and belittling him. All Zach ever has done is sit with his arms crossed criticizing something or talking about his kids. Boring! EASY BUCK…And his wife so ungrateful and disrespectful. Because things didn’t turn out for their advantage they changed their attitude toward Matt. All the viewers heard the remarks and attitudes. Shame on you Tori and Zach. You wouldn’t have what you do without your father’s help. One day when your father Matt is not around you will regret how you treated him on media. So stop filming and go too work…Let’s see if you will start counting pennies. Ungrateful children. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves.

    1. I’ve watch since beginning and matt always was disrespectful towards amy. Matt always complained but never lifted a finger surely didn’t help raise kids. Complained when amy wanted to do things as family but surely doesn’t complain to homewrecker karen. Matt self-centered little man. Without those kids Matt wouldn’t have this show, show was bout the kids Matt didn’t offer anything people wanted to watch. He’s going to be lonely old man with no family. Jacob will be cast aside when he doesn’t agree with Matt like rest of his sons.

  21. Zack and Jeremy need to grow up.Matt has the right to do what he wants to do its his farm. What a couple of brats.also a couple of freeloaders.I am Team Matt.

    1. If Matt owes Amy a ” bunch ” of money why not sell to her & Chris. Take the money you owe her or even a portion off of the sell price? Let them take over that part. You can hide your new house Matt!! By the way I’m team Amy!

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