Former ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Lexi Tatman Marries Baby Daddy Kyler Lopez: See Wedding Photos!

“Sorry you missed out on this storyline magical moment, MTV!”

Former Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Lexi Tatman tied the knot on Saturday with fiancé and baby daddy, Kyler Lopez. 

Lexi shared the big news on social media, revealing she and Kyler were married in Las Vegas on September 24.

On Facebook, Lexi revealed that the wedding took place at the Little Church of the West (which was the small church featured in Elvis Presley‘s movie, Viva Las Vegas!) She stated that her grandparents had been married there. 

“We kept it small but have a few things in mind to celebrate with everyone!” she told a friend on Facebook.

As fans of ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ may remember, Lexi appeared on Season 1 of the series, though she was ultimately replaced by Kiaya Elliott prior to Season 2.

“MTV basically felt that her story wasn’t interesting enough to continue with,” a behind-the-scenes source told The Ashley in January 2019– shortly after the network renewed the show and filming began for Season 2. “Lexi was not the one who discontinued filming. Lexi really had no idea that she was not going to be part of Season 2.” 

Lexi, thinking about all of the houses, cars and podcasts she could have right now…probably.

Lexi and Kyler appeared on ‘Young and Pregnant’ with son Tobias, and months after it was confirmed that the couple wouldn’t be returning for Season 2, Lexi revealed that they had secretly welcomed a second child, a son, whom they named Jay Wolfe.  

Lexi and Kyler announced their engagement in November 2020, with Lexi telling followers on social media she was “elated” and would be frequently posting photos and videos of her engagement ring. She also vowed not to let any “nay-sayers” get her down. 

“I knew when I was 13 I’d marry Kyler,” she said. “We have this connection that some only dream of having. I’m going to continue to be happy and let the nay-sayers continue to be miserable and rude.” 

Fortunately for Lexi, the news of her marriage to Kyler seemed to be met by few comments from “nay-sayers.” In fact, her wedding post was met with words of congratulations from former ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ co-stars Kayla Sessler and Brianna Jaramillo, as well as Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Maci Bookout

Kyler also shared about the wedding on Instagram, posting a funny snapshot of him and Lexi in their wedding attire.

“Till death do us party,” he captioned the photo.


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“I’m so proud of y’all,” Ashley Jones‘ mother Tea wrote on Kyler’s photo.

Interestingly, a producer for ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ attended Lexi’s wedding. (To The Ashley’s knowledge, Lexi hasn’t been asked back to any ‘Teen Mom’ shows— at least as of now.) The producer was a producer who worked with Lexi during her time on the show, though. 

On Monday, Lexi– who has already changed her name to “Lexi Lopez” in her Instagram bio– posted another photo from her wedding and addressed some of the mean comments that followers had been making about her and Kyler.

“We did it we made it,” Lexi wrote. “So many things have been said about us. About our relationship. I knew I was going to marry you when I was 13, 9 years later we finally said I do. I love you…

“To everyone who continues to bring up the past (5 years ago) Shut the f**k up,” Lexi wrote in the comment section of her post. “For those who make comments about our appearance, we ain’t super models dummy, and for those who don’t know what to say, say congratulations or scroll… not your relationship, not your body, not your wedding, none of your business to comment.”


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(Photos: Instagram; MTV; Twitter)


10 Responses

  1. What little bit I did watch of that show, I always remember thinking she could do better…but I guess she finally got what she wanted. Good luck to them.

  2. Wonderful to see young people form a family unit instead of having multiple kids with multiple other people. Our society needs more of this. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

    1. Some people don’t have a choice… or rather, an outlook on the future. I was married and had my twins. I eventually divorced because my ex was not willing to work on some issues that came up for him due to childhood trauma (that didn’t even surface until years later and after we were married) that was causing him to be verbally and emotionally abusive and I wasn’t willing to “stick it out” hoping and wishing he would eventually change and I wasn’t willing to chance that my children wouldn’t be abused in the same way r become abusive themselves as they grew up. About two years after the split, I met another man that was (what I thought) a way better match and we started blending our families. I was on birth control even though he already had fertility issues having his kids (he had triplets VIA IVF) and even still somehow I became pregnant. We didn’t know this for awhile and it turned out this man was not who I thought he was and who he convinced me he was over an extended time and he split with me the day I started my new job in the city I was moving to, to move in with him. Believe me- I did not plan on having another child and I sure as hell did not plan or even see this man being who he ended up being. Unfortunately, this and other cases, happen and it’s not exactly what anyone wants or plans. Had I had my way- my ex husband and I would have stayed together but that wasn’t the case. But hey- if you think a “family unit” consisting of just the initial family is more important than removing yourself out of a bad situation, then you might want to check your morals and values.

      1. Agree with your comment. Sometimes it’s just the way life goes. Staying in a bad relationship will just make sure your children grow up and have the same for themselves as adults. The original comment is a bit offensive to those that had no choice but to leave the situation.

  3. Longer pants bruh.

    Well good for them. Its nice to see a commitment for once. I dont know either of them but good for them.

  4. I’m kind of surprised they actually got married. He treats her like shit and she lets him do it. From what was aired, they’re toxic together. But whatever’s happening behind the scenes must work for them ??‍♀️

  5. not a fan of kyler but why even bother with the nasty comments anymore? we’ll never know what she sees in him but at least he’s not another david

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