EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Officially Renewed For Another Season: Find Out Who’s Signed On

“We’re baaaack!”

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant will continue, dispute rumors that the show had been cancelled following the conclusion of Season 1B in December!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that MTV has renewed ‘Young & Pregnant’ for another season although the network has not officially announced the news yet.

“The people behind the scenes of the show got notice in late November that MTV was giving [‘Young & Pregnant’] another season,” one source tells The Ashley.

“They were supposed to start filming in January, but they started early. Most of the girls have been filming for Season 2 since mid-December.”

(Just to clarify, the season that ended in December was technically still Season 1. The girls’ contracts state that MTV can exercise its option to add additional episodes– i.e. a “B” season– to existing seasons. This often happens with Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG. The next episodes that air will officially be Season 2 episodes!)

The source confirmed that the girls’ contracts have been signed and that they all received significant pay increases for signing on for the new season.


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Model statues ?

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Back in November, rumors began to circulate that MTV had axed the show, in part due to what some of the girls posted on social media while they were in New York City filming the Season 1B Reunion. Their posts made it seem like they were done filming for the show all together.

“Well ladies, here goes my heartfelt post about what an honor its been to be apart of a TV show with you girls,” Ashley captioned a group photo of the moms that she posted to her Instagram. “So grateful that our cast is full of love and understanding, and when times get hard we all reach out…It’s been a long emotional journey. But that’s a wrap. Wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

MTV has not confirmed that it has picked up the show for Season 2, but all of The Ashley’s sources say to expect to see the show’s new episodes to begin airing sometime in late spring/early summer.

The Ashley is somewhat surprised that MTV has picked up ‘Young & Pregnant’ for another season, given that the show’s most-recent episodes garnered some pretty low ratings.

For instance, the episode that aired on December 17 only brought in 573,000 viewers and 0.2 percent of the coveted 18-49 rating. (To compare, an episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ that aired that same night brought in 1,006,000 viewers and 0.6 percent of those ratings.)

The episode of ‘Young and Pregnant’ that aired on November 19 brought in a sad 490,000 viewers. The ‘OG’ episode that aired that night brought in a low but still decent 792,000 viewers. (All ratings are courtesy of TV By the Numbers.) 

‘Teen Mom 2’ is the franchise’s highest-rated show.

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  1. Did they cancel Young and pregnant TV show? Because they have Jade on teen mom two now so I wondered if they were not doing young and pregnant anymore?

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Only sign Ashley if Mama Shen can be on the show! She’s the only interesting character they have! Ashley is a train wreck and her arrogance is disgusting. The show has crappy ratings because the girls are mundane and the show is ruining them and making them just another bad MTV reality star that get fame and fortune for no reason. Have a show with actual role models or that show women that empower others. MTV sets these young women up for failure because they have no clue what to do with the money they are getting and what will become of them when the show ends and they don’t know how to manage without the money? The show sucks and the ratings show how cringy it really is. How many midriffs and Fashion nova outfits must viewers be endured!!! haha

  3. Stop watching these shows! I remember first seeing the trailer for this show and thinking “great, another gravy train for teens who’ve made poor choices.” Low and behold, they are all looking like “model statues” now and will no doubt have mini mansions and a plethora of cars soon to follow. If they do continue to do these shows, they should have new teens every season and move on to show new girls. That way, they don’t have a repeat of the same girls contriving drama in order to stay on the franchise and make well over 6 figures per season. Show their struggle for one season and then move on. Why allow them to be treated like “stars” and become millionaires?

  4. Honestly I’m surprised at the numbers. I’m finding OG & 2 more and more boring and repetitive, and enjoying Y&P as it’s actually about TEEN moms.
    I’m embarrassed at myself that I’m still watching nearly 30 year old women “struggle” with their mansions, vacations and multitudes of new cars.

  5. I have a feeling this will become just as unrealistic as both other Teen Mom shows if they keep on filming…….while first seasons and 16&Pregnant showed struggles, their increased pay raise won’t show reality anymore just like with original girls. I want to know what is happening to Jordan Cashmeyer, THAT is the real life, not money and fame!

  6. I’d be just fine if this was over. Or maybe a new group of girls each season, kinda like 16 and pregnant. I really prefer Unexpected on TLC. Anyone know if that is returning?

    1. I think they are coming back (Unexpected). A fan page I’m on has some of the girls saying that they’d been asked back for another season.

  7. I must admit I probably won’t tune in for a season three. I can’t handle watching a replay of dysfunction and knowing innocent children are being used to make bank for MTV. MTV couldn’t care less what will happen to these kids are a result of their lives being played out on this show. Sad and disgusting. The kids will be casualties.

  8. While season 1 and 1B were good. I’m afraid they will turn into the TMOG or TM2 with the significant pay raises. Keep the pay low or get another set of girls to prevent “stars” and keep the show real. And give tje show a better time slot. 10:00 pm is too late imho.

  9. It’s a good dvr show.. Watch a few eps when nothing else is on! I’d still rather watch this than OG any day.

    1. Agree! Prefer this to both TM’s but DVR them all, and now OG goes real fast when I fast forward through Bristol & Cheyenne segments. Not getting hooked on new girls I don’t care about!

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