Former ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Lexi Tatman is Engaged to Longtime Boyfriend Kyler Lopez

“Sorry you missed out on this storyline magical moment, MTV!”

Former Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant couple Lexi Tatman and Kyler Lopez are getting married! 

Lexi, who appeared on Season 1 of ‘Young & Pregnant’ but was not asked to return for the show’s second season, revealed Thursday that Kyler, her longtime boyfriend and baby daddy, had popped the question.   

“My dream wouldn’t be complete without you in it,” Lexi wrote on Instagram, along with a photo of herself and Kyler, as well as her new bling. 

On her Instagram Story, Lexi told her followers she had “been celebrating a little too much to care what anyone has to say” about her engagement, but she didn’t plan on letting “the nay sayers” get her down. 

“ … I’m absolutely elated and will be posting a lot of my ring,” she continued. “I knew when I was 13 I’d marry Kyler. We have this connection that some only dream of having. I’m going to continue to be happy and let the nay sayers continue to be miserable and rude.” 

Lexi later thanked those who had responded to her and Kyler’s engagement announcement with “positive and happy comments.” 

“All good things take time and we’re very happy to be able to share with you,” she added.

Lexi also shared the news of her engagement on Twitter, writing “he popped the question and we popped the bubbly.” 

Lexi revealed in August 2019 that she and Kyler had secretly welcomed their second child, a son, whom they named Jay Wolfe. The couple also share three-year-old son Tobias.  

While Lexi is no longer part of the ‘Young & Pregnant’ cast, the series is set to return for a third season, despite its less-than-stellar Season 2 ratings. (Click here for details on the Season 3 cast, how C0VID-19 will impact filming and more!) 

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(Photos: Instagram; Twitter)

15 Responses

  1. He had the personality of a box of rocks but he seemed like he was a good dad.. especially being basically a kid himself..

  2. We’ll see how long this lasts, he wasn’t the nicest to her before….maybe he’s matured a bit. And I agree with other people in the comments. She could do way better than him. She’s outta his league.

  3. What does she see in that dude?? I just can’t understand her obsession with him. He reminds me of the father from Rosanne. ??‍♀️

  4. Lexi could do better. He did not treat her respectfully and she was totally head over heels and took his dismissiveness. We can only hope that now he knows what he has and the relationship is more equal now. I liked Lexi and they made a mistake in getting rid of her. She is not boring, just lacks drama. Her drive and ambition would have made a good storyline.

  5. Idk how season 1 of Y&P did but, I know season 2’s rating were awful and they were lucky as hell to get a season 3. That being said, maybe the ratings would have been better if they kept someone like Lexi, who was working hard and respectable. Now, the show is a shit show full of fights and drama… just like MTV likes it! That also being said, I’d still rather watch the realness of this show over the entitlement of OG & 2 any day!!!

  6. I hope that it was just the editing that showed him treating her poorly like she was a needy, stupid girl. Personally, I think that she seems like she is a sweet girl and I hope he treats her right.

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