It’s Over! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Has Split With Fiance Jaylan Mobley: “It’s Better We Walk Different Paths”

Jaylan setting up at “break up” photoshoot in 3…2…1..

After nearly a year of weird photoshoots and plenty of talk about their futures together, Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley announced on Tuesday that they are ending their engagement.

The Teen Mom: The Next Chapter stars— who got engaged in August after a year of dating— announced via matching Instagram messages that they have broken up. This news comes as a surprise, as Leah and Jaylan appeared together (and looked very happy, according to The Ashley‘s sources who were at the wedding) just two weeks ago at Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis‘ wedding. Leah and Jaylan also recently bought a home together and announced that they were starting to renovate it.


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“While the last year has been tremendously exciting for both of us, we’ve realized that it’s best we walk separate paths,” Leah and Jaylan wrote in the post’s caption. “We are so grateful for the lessons, growth, and memories we’ve had in this relationship. So many of you have watched our love story unfold, and we hope that you’ll continue to watch our stories while we move forward as friends.

“We will forever have love and respect for each other, and we ask for privacy as we refocus and transition out of this chapter together.”

Leah and Jaylan did not state why they were breaking up suddenly, or what will happen to the home they bought together. 

All of us…sort of hoping that Robbie Kidd had something to do with this breakup…

In the minutes after the breakup announcement went live, Leah and Jaylan both scrubbed their Instagram accounts of their photos together.

Stay tuned…The Ashley will update this story when more info is available… 

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  1. Jayaln appears to be an pportunist, emotional abusing, fame seeking, gaslighting piece of garbage to do this young lady who has a disabled daughter.

  2. What is she going to do with all her dark foundation and big hoop earrings? Cosplaying a Black woman must’ve gotten too hard.

  3. Hope she didn’t put any money in house since house is in his name only.. think he used her for money them dumped her. How can she be so stupid not to have name on house now he has house and she gets nothing.

    1. Hopefully she won’t be renting it back from him. IMO Leah is the most tolerable TM character but sometimes she can’t get out of her own way. And she’s financially responsible for her idiot sister’s man.

      My guess is at some point she’ll be getting back together with Jeremy.

  4. I called this last month! She is not down with the brown. The more it went along the more she realized she needs a WV redneck in the sack. Introduce Jeremy again to play with her emotions. Cmon girl get some counseling and find you a good Man!

  5. Where is the breakup photoshoot? Lol Something about this relationship didn’t seem quite real. My guess is that Jaylan was caught creeping.

    The Ashley, we need the details!

  6. Im surprised.

    I thought she would milk this season for season to keep a storyline.

    Eh. They weren’t right for each other. So its all good.

  7. Honestly the relationship never really felt authentic. The multitude of photo shoots alone just screamed that they were trying to portray that they had a wonderful relationship. It was all super fast especially considering that Leah had said repeatedly that she wasn’t going to introduce anyone to her daughters quickly. She ended up doing that anyway but even the girlses and Jaylan’s encounters seemed cringey and inauthentic.

  8. What, Jaylan didn’t do a ‘break-up’ photoshoot? Will he gift the house he ‘gave’ to Leah that only has his name on the title?

    Do better Leah, this guy was dodgy from day 1. For all the ‘standing in my power’ speeches she sure moves quick with these guys. The poor girlseses.

  9. I feel bad for Leah honestly. When you have been molested it is very common to be able to sustain a long term relationship. Corey treated her badly early on their marriage. She started off as an excellent mother. Corey went off and bought a brand new truck when she was bathing the twins in the nasty basement full of spiders. He was selfish and did nothing to better their living situation. He has grown up over time, but she was getting up at like 4am to drive those girls to school for a long time. He did nothing but mock her when was drug addicted,and lord it over her. Her house was a mess but you didn’t see him and Miranda going over there to help her. They just used it to humiliate her and to get custody. He at one time thought she was good enough to marry and have children with and cheat on his WIFE with, now she’s garbage? She is not blessed with brains, and is damaged from abuse. With her latest bf their statements on Insta look like a lawyer wrote them. God only knows what went down there. I hope those girls come out of this as mentally well as possible, but unfortunately I am not optimistic.

    1. Corey didn’t mock her when she was on drugs. He was frustrated as hell and trying to get her to admit she needed help. Because he was scared to death that she was going to end up killing his 2 daughters driving them to school high as a kite and on no sleep.

      1. Corey didn’t treat her bad at all. He stuck with her while she was banging other dudes, including the night before they got married. He had major trust issues with her, but still tried to make it work. He has done right by those girls since day 1. And the new truck? He needed it to get to work, it wasn’t a luxury.

  10. So basically, he got all the exposure he wanted and now he dipped. And Leah is all about being mature now and so she’s staying quiet. I’ll give her another year, she’ll meet another one, rinse and repeat.

      1. Agree 100%. They looked so awkward around him. They could see right through him and knew he was fake AF. It was written all over their faces. Her sister too.

  11. Not shocking. Feel bad for those girls though. When Leah stayed single for so long I was hopeful that she’d actually take her next relationship slow but.. let’s just say hopefully the girls take her life as a “what not to do” instead of it being a good example.

    1. Leah has not stayed single for so long, she just kept most of the guy she was dating off the show.

      Leah was dating Robby when she meet Corey, dumped Robby for Corey, then cheated on Corey with Robby before and after the wedding. After Leah started dating Jeremy while still with Corey, than dumped Jemery for Corey, then dumped Corey for Jeremy, then cheated on Jeremy with Corey (while Corey was with Miranda, which is a big reason Miranda doesn’t like Leah), and then Robby. Robby was caught on Jeremy father’s deer cam sneaking out of Jeremy house (it was on Jeremy’s family property). Then moved a TR Dues and his kid into her house, it was rumored the TR and Leah would do drugs together.

      Then she went back to Jeremy, then that Jason guy, she liked moved in with after two months. Then back to Jeremy. And then to Jaylan.

      Leah has moved guys in and out of her home for years. She has no boundaries with her girls and her personal life.

      Even though Corey cheated on Miranda, he and Miranda seemed to move past it. And they seem like a lot more stable environment for those girls. And those girls have known Miranda since they were babbies.

  12. Man…. Her daughters have had how many “father figures” and had to move into how many new homes? For all her talk of wanting to take things slow in the beginning I hope she really learned her lesson this time.

  13. Welp, just goes to show you that regardless of how happy you claim to be on social media, no one knows what is happening behind closed doors

  14. I am actually shocked. Shocked it was so fast after engagement posts. It is for the best but man that was unexpected.

    1. Possibly he found out about her skeletons that were hidden in the closet or she found that he had some skeletons in his closet as well. Their relationship was on the fast forward button from the start. It is possible best that it happened now than them getting into the marriage with secrets hidden in the closet

  15. She 100% broke it off with him and agreed to this mutual Instagram BS bc she knew his ego wouldn’t survive otherwise

    1. I hope she was the dump-er and finally realized something was off before they got married, became more financially intertwined and had a few girlses together. Ali must be relieved.

  16. Oh wow. I mean, tbh, there were a lot of red flags that have been pointed out numerous times throughout the relationship. That’s got to be painful and s*ck for the both of them either way.

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