Josh Duggar Begins Serving 151-Month Federal Prison Sentence In Seagoville, Texas

Josh right now…and for the next decade…probably…

Josh Duggar has officially begun serving his sentence at Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) Seagoville near Dallas, Texas, after being sentenced May 25 to 151 months in federal prison. 

As The Ashley previously reported, the disgraced former 19 Kids and Counting star was found guilty in December 2021 of possessing and receiving child sex abuse materials (CSAM). (The “possessing” charge was dropped prior to Josh’s sentencing.)

According to KNWA/KFTA News in Arkansas, Josh’s transfer from the Washington County Jail in Arkansas (where he has been held since December) to the federal facility in Seagoville began last Friday morning. It was not revealed until Tuesday, though, which prison Josh would be calling home for the next 12.5 years.

The day before Josh’s transfer, his wife, Anna Duggar, took to social media to mark her thirty-fourth birthday by reminiscing about the day Josh proposed to her and share with followers that she was “road-tripping” to visit her “bestie.” 

While Anna had been unable to visit Josh in-person at the Washington County jail, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) website states FCI Seagoville welcomes visitors to its institutions, though visitors must follow “special visiting procedures during the COVID pandemic.” 

“No handholding or front hugging… it will be just like we’re courting again!”

FCI Seagoville is described as “a low security federal correctional institution with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp and a detention center.” Inmates at the facility are males, and the population is listed at 1,751. 

The prison also has a sex offender program, where inmates will meet 2 to 3 times weekly for several hours over the course of 9 to 12 months. During the program, offenders will “learn basic skills and concepts to help them understand their past offenses and to reduce risk of future offending.” (Inmates do not begin the programs until they have just over two years left on their sentence before release.)

“Institutional assignment, unit management, psychological treatment programs, and re-entry planning promote the well-being of sex offenders while incarcerated and help both the offenders and society by reducing the likelihood of re-offense after release,” the website states.  

On Tuesday, former Duggar family friend Bobye Holt shared photos and details of Josh’s home for the next decade plus, which Josh’s cousin Amy Duggar King noted was not located far enough away. 

“Not far enough,” she commented. “Texas is too close. But he is in for a rude awakening thank you Jesus.” 


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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. So in other words, the prison is going to do what Josh’s parents should have done the moment they found out that he was “inappropriately touching” children: put him in an intense therapy program with the hope that it will prevent him from reoffending. Unfortunately, since Josh refuses to admit guilt, I doubt it will do much for him. I hope that when he gets out he gets a very strict parole officer who will monitor his every move to keep the children around his safe.

  2. It’s going to be an interesting time for Josh. This will be a new world. This guy has NEVER really been in the real world, and even tho its prison, he’s never had to deal with dynamics of communities and people, the way the rest of us did in Middle School and High School and beyond, in the correct order, getting to know ourselves and others. I think that knowledge is important in life and ESSENTIAL in prison. So yeah, he’s gonna learn the hard way I think. And I’m sure he will call Dad and cry, and that will make it worse.
    I hope the 12 yrs cost Jim Boobless a fuckton of his dollars and reputation. Why does he need that giant house anyway?

    I bet we hear about Josh getting in trouble by writing letters to who he thinks are women, but are really sex pervert men writing about little children, and Josh the sexpest writes them right back.

  3. Unpopular opinion.

    Ppl like him cannot be helped. They cannot change. They are hard wired to be who they are.
    Its nice that they try but this guy is who he is.

    Low security is typically not in cells so he probably has freedom to move within the facility, but his problems will always be with other inmates. But good luck, bruh.

    1. I had the same thought. Is it really possible to rehabilitate pedophiles? What would that treatment even look like? I feel like they will just learn how to hide it better. Idk… that’s why these crimes need harsher punishments in my opinion. Keep them out of society forever.

      1. I work in public health with justice involved populations. Sex offenders actually have a very low rate of re-offending with proper intervention.

    2. It depends. He is mildly famous, and is now convicted of ped0phila, so he might spend his sentence in the SHU the whole time, just for his own safety. Ped0s don’t do really well in jail.

      But he has money, and that does help people. If you can get people food from the commissary they might be nicer to you.

    1. Getting it up the ass is probably the least of his worries. I’m sure he’s done that before. He probably even welcomes it and reciprocates. Gay for the stay. He needs a little more roughing up than what a dropped bar of soap can get him.

      I have to wonder when it comes to the Duggars and for that matter the Plaths (Welcome to Plathville). How is that militant parenting working for you? You’re only raising your kids to rebel once they get a taste of freedom. You’re doing more harm than good. You can raise good kids without being so strict! You’re setting your kids up for failure. So sad!!!

  4. I’m glad he has to meet with a psychologist and have group therapy. But I don’t know how much it will work when he will not take accountability for his actions, and stop blaming others.

    The further he is and the harder Anna’s life is the more likely she will break the cycle and finally realize life is better without him. I mean 12 years is a long time without someone. I hope she is a different person by the time he gets out.

  5. I sincerely hope that while this monster is behind bars, Anna and her kids get the therapy and help they need to begin to move on with their lives without him. Anna is brainwashed and it’s sad to see. How can she continue to support this disgusting animal is beyond me.

    1. That’s never going to happen. Anna doesn’t think her husband did anything wrong, so why would she think she and her kids need therapy?

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