Anna Duggar Breaks Silence Following Josh Duggar’s Sentencing To Celebrate Her Birthday By Reminiscing About The Day Josh Proposed

“He’s totally been in his cell thinking about me all day, I just know it!”

Anna Duggar marked her 34th birthday on Thursday by reminding everyone that she’s still a dedicated Joshy Girl, despite her felonious Fundie husband sitting in jail since December after being convicted of receiving and possessing child sex abuse materials (CSAM). 

As The Ashley previously reported, Josh Duggar was sentenced to 151 months in federal prison (as well as 20 years of probation following his release) on May 25. (The “possessing” charge against Josh was dropped prior to his sentencing.) 

While Anna appeared in court for Josh’s sentencing, she had yet to release any public statement…until Thursday, when she took to Twitter and Instagram to ruminate on her birthday, which happens to be a significant date to the mother of seven for multiple reasons. 

“Officially 34,” Anna wrote. “Fourteen years since I said, ‘YES!’”

Anna was, of course, referring to the day she agreed to marry Josh following a beyond cringey on-screen proposal that, in hindsight, was likely a bad omen. As 19 Kids & Counting fans know, Josh proposed to Anna on her 20th birthday…in the middle of restaurant. 

Anna went on to write in her post, “road-tripping to visit my bestie.”

While most would assume Anna’s best friend is Josh himself, the disgraced former 19 Kids and Counting star is still listed as an inmate at the Washington County Jail in Arkansas, which is just a 20-minute drive from the Duggars’ home. That facility does not allow in-person visits, so it would make no sense for Anna to go the county jail.

How we imagine Anna posted outside the jail, playing her one and only road-trip song on repeat…

(Though Josh is slated to be transferred to either the Federal Corrections Institution in Texarkana, Arkansas, or the prison in Seagoville, Texas, he is listed as “not in Bureau of Prison (BOP) custody,” as of press time, so it does not appear that he has moved just yet.)

Paired with Anna’s very unhappy birthday post was the song “Even If” by MercyMe, featuring lyrics about “losing bad” and being “held to the flame.”    

Some of the lyrics to the song Anna will be blasting on repeat in honor of her 34th…

Anna wrote in her post that she was playing the song on repeat.

Anna’s post on Twitter was met with plenty of reaction— some sympathetic and some condemning. However, nearly all of the responses to Anna’s tweet urged her to leave Josh.

“Anna, please, please stop. Open your eyes. Protect your children. Protect yourself,” one person wrote in response. “Read the Bible for yourself and find out what God really says about divorce. Find out what God says about loving your wife! Get out while you can and PROTECT your children!”

“Everyone makes mistakes and 14 years ago you made a horrible one,” another person wrote. “You didn’t know then but now you do. You can fix your mistake. Everyone would understand including God.”

UPDATE! It appears Josh is on his way to federal prison, as of Friday, he is no longer listed on the inmate roster at the Washington County Jail in Arkansas. He is not yet listed as being in custody of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), which most likely means he’s en route to the prison he will be at for the next 12.5 years.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram; YouTube) 


  1. Anna, you may love him, but your love, God’s love, is not going to heal a sick man. Pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated. That’s a proven medical fact. If he could commit such an act on his sisters then your children are definitely NOT safe!!! Don’t be blind to your faith and not protect the lambs of babes! He should be denutted and put away somewhere on an island for sick bastards…just saying!!! He truly is a sick man!

  2. Soooooo incredibly tired of this group of people. Just put all the Duggars in jail so we don’t have to hear from them anymore and they cannot profit from child pr0n/sex trafficking. They were all complicit in it. smdh. Weirdos.

  3. he will not serve his entire time in one spot they will have to move him the entire time to keep him safe

  4. Anna is a complete idiot I’m sorry if that sounds insensitive but what what her pedophile husband has done is disgusting and she knew about his sister’s before they got married so yes she is an idiot and needs to have those kids taking away from her when he gets out don’t think for a hot minute he won’t be molesting his kids if he hasn’t done so in the passed I’m tired of these religious people using God as an excuse to justify nasty behavior Joshua needs to have his genitals removed before been allowed back in society and I sincerely hope he gets raped every day while he is in prison maybe then he no what it is like

  5. I feel very sorry for her. Whether she decides to remain married to Josh or not, she should never allow her children unsupervised around him again. The state should not allow it. They come above what you decide to do for yourself

  6. Taking a road trip while blaring a song on loop, over and over… only to get there and find out there’s no visitation. Which she KNEW before even going! She’s having a nervous breakdown.

  7. 14 Years since I said YES!… To am incestual child molester! YAY! Celebrate! I’m sorry but I would’ve left a LONG time ago. Not to mention, I’d be terrified he’s been or will molest his own children. Sorry not sorry. Anna should have more concern about her children and not her pedophile husband.

  8. It’s super easy to say that Anna was/is brainwashed, and you wouldn’t be wrong for saying so, because on some levels she was, and remains. That said, the overwhelmingly vast majority of people who are truly brainwashed by a cult (and her religion very much IS a cult, by all definitions), have little to no access to information outside of what they’ve been told and taught. This doesn’t apply to Anna, in the least. She does not have limited access to the outside world. She does not have limited access to the internet. She does not, in ANY way, have limited access to information. She also has something most others who might find themselves in similar situations do not have, access to help. She has access to literally EVERYTHING she needs including funding (and other financial means), assistance, shelter, mental and physical help…truly, everything she needs. She COULD get out of this cult, she COULD protect her children, she COULD make her and their lives better.

    She chooses not to. Let that sink in, she is making the conscious choice to put her children in harm’s way, in a cult and with a family that she knows can and will harm them (and already has). This is not being brainwashed, at this point, this is simply her being as horrible a person as her husband, and her husband’s parents. We can feel sorry for her upbringing all we want, or the horrid way that cult treats women and children, it still won’t excuse her behavior.

    People need to stop feeling sorry for her, because it no longer applies. It did, at one point, and still would, if she didn’t have all this access to information and a better life, but, she does. It’s not nearly so easy for some to leave a cult that is all they have ever known, they would kill to have her access (and some have died trying to get it). NO EXCUSES!

  9. It’s disgusting that this woman isn’t put to the fire like her husband. She can’t leave that family. She won’t. Who will raise her 20 kids if she leaves Jana Duggar behind? No one. So she won’t leave. She’s awful.

  10. How can her soul be well, how?
    Honey you are married and have children with a convicted pedophile. Children were sexually abused by him and for him. That’s unsettling and sickening to normal people.
    God isn’t testing your faith, God had to take care of and protect your kids because you don’t.

    Is she a pedophile too that her soul finds peace with this so easy and quick?

  11. Social Service needs too step in and check all his children. I would be surprised if he hadn’t done of his children. I wish Anna would get her 7 kids away from that family as fast as she can.

  12. Anna has no choice but to move on with her life without Josh. I wish they would quit acting like she has an option in the matter. Josh is gone! And I would be very surprised if he ever makes it out of prison. But if by some miracle he does survive to make it out, she won’t recognize what he has become after 12+ years inside that hell hole. The spoiled little powdered ass boy will no longer exist. He will have spent many, many years being used and abused in the same manner he likes to watch little girls be used and abused. And what she gets back [if she insists on waiting], won’t be a pretty sight! He will be transformed into something else entirely, a hardened criminal and a shell of the man he once was. So she needs to understand, the man they took away in handcuffs is gone forever. And he was nothing to be proud of to begin with.

  13. Oh bless her heart. I really, really, really hope that at some point in the next 12.5 years, she will bust through the manipulation and brainwashing to watch she has suffered the past 34 years and choose to protect her children.

    I’m kinda starting to wonder if she thinks s3x abu$e is a normal activity in child/teen/young adulthood. You can’t have premarital sex but if it’s videos or images, it’s ok? I hope the next 12 years will be a time for Anna to decide to fight for her children and herself. I really believes she loves her kids, but doesn’t know how to behave any differently.

    Please, Anna, please fight for your children and force your husband to pay penance for his unspeakable crimes and sins.

    1. No, it’s a restaurant called Gator’s Land or Landing or something like that. I think it closed or changed its name. I think it was going to be outside, and it was raining so they had to do it in this old-looking chili’s restaurant. I will say the outside did look really nice.

      It’s actually kind of sad. I think I read somewhere that Anna and her family were like really poor. Like her father was a prison chaplain and no one else worked, she has like 7 or 8 siblings with no government assistance poor. Like living in a broken-down trailer poor.

      And they barely have money for food, thus eating out never happened. So this is really probably the first time in her life she ate at a restaurant. It probably was her dad’s entire paycheck for that meal.

      I mean I kinda get her unfaltering belief. Like she grew up dirt poor and was told if she believes in god enough and does what her father tells her she will be blessed. Then she meets Josh and his wealthy tv family. She gets pulled out of poverty overnight and given fame and fortune. Like she never lived in a house before and now Josh is buy a huge house for just her and him. Her father has preached all her life criminals can be reformed, they just need to believe in god enough. She probably believes if josh can just pray he will be cured.

      She is so brainwashed. Who knows that will the one thing that snaps her out. But the judge making sure that all their kids will be old enough that their father can be near them until they are 18 is the best thing that can happen.

      1. Unfortunately they won’t all be 18. And it’s not like with families like this the kids stray too far from the herd. There’s no freedom that comes with 18.

        1. When he gets out of jail, He will be on probation for 20 years, and will not be allowed to live or be around minors during that time. So yeah all his kids will be over 18 by the time he can see them.

  14. I stopped feeling bad for her a long time ago. She’s disgusting and CPS should take her kids. Period.

  15. I want to feel bad for her because she was raised to believe women are 2nd class citizens, to obey and never question her p3do husband – but she’s known about him ADMITTING to committing SA against his sisters and another young girl years ago in addition to knowing damn well exactly what he was doing on his work computer. In the court documents it stated Anna is the one who set up the “porn alerting” software and password(s). Why wouldn’t the obedient wifey cover up for her p3do hubby? And anyone who actually believes he’s never touched his own kids…in my opinion, you’re wackadoodle! Look at the control JimBobBillyFuk had over his own girls. They didn’t utter a peep until Daddy Dear was forced to tell the authorities what his protégé had done.

  16. She makes me as sick as he does. Maybe instead of reminiscing on your cringey marriage you instead reminisce on your sick, perverted husbands multiple crimes against children. Then remove the blinders off of your eyes, stop defending the indefensible and protect your children from that monster you married before he is released to do it all again.

    1. I completely agree! The day he got sentenced was the day she should of realized the jig is up and their marriage is essentially over. She has to be one of the dumbest women alive!

    1. So, does this woman want a high-five for being married to Josh Duggar for 14 years?
      Is she really proud of being attached to him?
      Fucking, ew.

      1. While not a high-five, the women in this movement are taught they have nothing to offer other than being a slave to their husband’s wants and providing babies.

        In her deluded brain 14 years in a relationship to a shitbag is an accomplishment. The Lord has just been *testing her*, and look how much she’s “survived”! Why the Lord only gives you what you can handle after all… (Can you tell I grew up Southern Baptist, I can see the circular *logic* a mile away).

      2. Josh should be settled in to his new Texas big-house by now. I’ll bet he has butterflies in his stomach waiting for lights out tonight. Much like his sisters used to have growing up. I hope he gets to watch. He loves to watch.

        1. I don’t imagine prison officials will let an “accident” happen this soon with such a high profile POS p3do.

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