Angelina Pivarnick Opens Up About Her Extramarital Affair With ‘All Star Shore’ Co-Star Luis “Potro” Caballero On ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’

“I’m bringing the drama this season, but at least I’m not carrying it in plastic garbage bags anymore.”

The events that ultimately led to the end of Angelina Pivarnick’s marriage to Chris Larangeira began to play out during Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, with Angelina leaving for (and returning from) Spain where she was filming the MTV spinoff All Star Shore. 

As you may remember, Chris– who has appeared alongside Angelina on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’– filed for divorce on January 22 after just two years of marriage.

The Ashley broke the news in February that Angelina’s actions while filming the new reality show may have put the final nail in the coffin for the couple’s marriage. Later that month, the identity of Angelina’s ‘All Star Shore’ co-star was revealed to be Luis “Potro” Caballero of Acapulco Shore. 

This week’s episode of ‘Jersey Shore Family Reunion’ saw Angelina taking off to Spain to film ‘All Star Shore’ and later returning to the states unable to find her husband.

“Don’t ya hate it when ya misplace your hubby?”

Angelina later tells her sister that she’s heading to Mexico to spend time with an unnamed special someone, ultimately confessing that the special someone is Luis, and that the two of them are planning to ring in the New Year together.

“Luis is a guy that gave me some attention in Spain,” Angelina reveals in a confessional. “I felt like a woman again.”

As ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ viewers know, Angelina and Chris had marital issues throughout their union, many of which were discussed on the show. Angelina filed for divorce in January 2021, though she and Chris reconciled and the divorce was called off. Still, the pair continued to have problems throughout most of 2021.

Despite her sister encouraging her not to vacay with her new man–due to the fact that Angelina had recently stated that she wanted to try to make her marriage to Chris work— Angelina decides to do so anyway.

“But you’re probably gonna go anyway?” Angelina’s sister says.

“Do you know who I am?” Angelina replies. 

“They don’t call me a dirty little hamster for nothing!”

Despite the fact that she’s still married, Angelina does very little to keep the trip with Luis a secret from the public, including her ‘Jersey Shore’ roomies. 

Angelina and Porto pose for a photo together on their Cancun getaway!

Upon returning home, Angelina is questioned by Deena Coretese about the vacation photos seen on social media, as well as the location of Angelina’s husband. 

“He moved out,” Angelina replies.

“Because of Cancun?” Deena asks.

Angelina’s marriage issues and fling with Luis will continue to play out this season on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation,’ but Angelina has made a vow to not watch along with viewers. 

“Decided to not live tweet because I’m not watching the show,” Angelina tweeted on Thursday. “I’m too hurt by a lot of things. This season is going to be hard for me mentally.” 

‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ airs Thursdays on MTV. 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV; Twitter)


  1. Did she really say she felt like a woman again?! Her self-esteem is THAT low that she needs a guy’s attention to feel validated and worthy as a woman?!! Wowww. That is really pathetic. Weak, weak individual.

  2. I always thought it was a mistake to bring her back. Still have no idea why they did. Anyway, the new show sucks. It’s so scripted and contrived. It’s even more contrived than Jenni and her fakeness is hard to top.

  3. I watched this guy’s season early on and he’s a sleeze who had a couple of women during their original show (And one of them even cheated on her man too with him as far as I recall). So don’t think he will be faitful to you, Angelina. He will do the same and cheat on you as soon as an opportunity arises.

  4. lol I don’t even watch this show and only watched the original maybe 5 times, but this video is hilarious.
    Pauly saying “That is not Chris” like it’s some big statement cracked me up and then whoever zoomed in and said
    “His hand’s on her butt”
    I hate cheaters and she’s a terrible person to cheat, but I had to laugh b/c I always zoom in on people’s pictures to investigate what’s really going on lol

    1. While no respect for Angelina, she is solely saving this show. Without Ron, she’s the only one with an interesting storyline.

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