Jeremy Vuolo Slams Josh Duggar in New Video For Being a “Hypocrite” & Fake Christian: 5 Interesting Things He Says In the Video

Well, this should probably get the Vuolos off Anna Duggar’s Christmas card list…

Jinger Duggar Vuolo‘s husband Jeremy Vuolo is not holding back as he gives his thoughts on Jinger’s felon brother, Josh Duggar!

In a YouTube video posted earlier this week, Jeremy— who has been married to Jinger since 2016– blasted Josh for being a fake Christian, a hypocrite and someone who will turn people away from Christianity. He also seemed to take aim at Jinger and Josh’s parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, who have supported (and covered for) Josh, despite his child sex abuse materials (CSAM) convictions last year

The video marks the first time that Jeremy has really given his thoughts on Josh’s crimes and conviction, aside from a statement released after Josh’s trial last year.

“We have Josh’s mugshot glued over the bullseye of our dart board!”

“I want to share a few thoughts on the recent events surrounding my brother-in-law, specifically his sentencing,” Jeremy began the 17-minute YouTube video. “In a situation like this, there are many victims, many people hurting and reeling. So, while we rejoice for justice and are grateful for a justice system that seeks to protect the vulnerable and the hurting, that doesn’t remove the pain and the effects that sin has on so many people. I know a lot of people are also trying to process what’s taken place.”

Here, The Ashley breaks down Jeremy’s words and highlights the five most-interesting things the Duggar son-in-law had to say about the family’s most-famous felon.

Jeremy accused Josh of being a hypocrite & says he should be terrified to stand before Jesus.

“I’m more afraid of standing before my prison cellmate, if we’re being honest…”

Jeremy discussed the hypocritical actions of Josh, who at one time worked at the Family Resource Council– a Christian activist group that lobbies against things like p0rnography, LGBTQ rights and divorce.

“Josh claimed to be a Christian, and was a high-profile Christian at that,” he said. “But the higher the platform, the harder the fall.”

Jeremy said that Josh’s actions may cause some people to doubt the integrity of Jesus. 

“When someone takes God’s name on their shoulders, when they fall, God falls, in the eyes of those watching them,” he said. “But here’s the reality: many who claim to know and represent Jesus, don’t. False teachers exist and so do false believers. 

“Sadly, Josh’s life has proven to be one of a hypocrite,” Jeremy said. “One thing in public, another thing in private…

He then stated that he thinks Josh will have a hard time on the day he meets his maker.

“If you take advantage of the vulnerable for your own pleasure and gain, you should be terrified of Jesus….What needs to be made crystal clear is that God’s justice is across the boards, which means my brother-in-law will one day stand before the judgement seat of Christ. And have to give account for his actions, and I fear for him.”

Jeremy implied that Josh is the devil in disguise.

A suit-and-tie-wearing Josh, leaving the courthouse during his trial in December…

“Often, the devil wears a suit and tie,” Jeremy said. “The wolf in sheep’s clothing is more dangerous and more-damaging to the name of Christ than the outright opponent.”

He seemingly scolded Jim Bob & Michelle and others for protecting & defending Josh, despite his crimes.

He then seemed to be taking aim at Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and others who have publicly defended Josh. (Jeremy did not actually name any names, though.) 

“To be silent, or to defend the guilty is un-Christian,” he said. “It is anti-God.” 

“You’re starting to get on my nerves as much as that Dillard boy does, Jeremy!”

“I think in a situation like this, everyone must get behind that and I think everyone, for the most part, can get behind that,” Jeremy said. “This is not a hard case. The evidence was overwhelming.. 

“Josh can be forgiven but that, in no way, erases the demand for his crimes to be punished,” Jeremy added. “Forgiveness never means that temporal consequences disappear.”

“That Jeremy really gets me madder than H-E-double hockey sticks!”

Jeremy said a real Christian would want to be punished for his crimes, unlike Josh, who keeps trying to appeal his conviction.

“I’m gonna need someone to get me outta here pronto!”

Jeremy then goes on to say that if a criminal was an actual Christian (as Josh has claimed to be), he would “not ask for his crimes to go unpunished” because he would know that he deserves to be punished. (Josh has never admitted guilt in this case, and has already filed to appeal his sentence.) 

“They would ask to be punished, because they know it reflects the righteousness of God’s justice,” Jeremy said, later adding, “Genuine repentance for a man like Josh Duggar, or anyone, would be very obvious to everyone…true repentance in Josh’s life will not ask for lenience, true repentance will embrace all justice, knowing that what he truly deserves is the eternal punishment of God. 

“True repentance is not concerned with reputation damage control, or getting off the hook. I pray that Josh would experience this repentance, though I fear it has yet to be seen…true repentance is a change of mind about your sin, your actions, that results in a change of behavior, a change of direction…

“Yeah…I’m probably not gonna do that, Jer…”

“But it begins with a change of mind, and my prayer is that Josh would repent and embrace the justice of the court.”

Josh’s actions will make some people wary of Christianity, according to Jeremy. 

Does anyone else think Baby Jesus is giving Joshy the side eye?

“It is sad to see the name of Christianity equated with this situation. This is not Christianity!” Jeremy said. “And Josh Duggar is not a representative of Jesus, though, sadly many have said that he is. And because of that, many will reject Jesus because of his behavior.”

You can watch Jeremy’s full video about Josh below.

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    1. Jeremy seems to be the most level headed of the Duggar spouses. I am glad some of them (Duggar and spouses) have finally grown a pair and are speaking out against this whacky family .

      I wonder how goofy Ben feels. Likely we will never know because Jessa wears the pants in that relationship and she is team Duggar for sure.

      Poor Jill. Her family has thrown her to the wayside like she is the villain instead of the victim. She is better off without them and I wish her and Derek nothing but success . The best revenge is success and happiness and Jill deserves the world.

    1. Are you insinuating that Jeremy shouldn’t judge Josh , the Child Molesting , child exploiting sexual predator, because Jeremy too has sinned?n get the hell out of here with that shit.

  1. Well, I can’t say that I disagree with anything Jeremy said. I think it’s great that someone in the family (aside from Derrick, who has placed JB and Michelle on blast repeatedly) is speaking out and saying all the things us Christians have felt about the situation.

    Josh, you are a fraud. You have committed unspeakable crimes without having the decency and integrity to own up to your behavior. You have tried to lay blame on an employee for your perversions!!! You chose your p3nis over providing for and protecting the 7 innocent children you spawned!! You have engaged in some of the most deplorable crimes and victimizations known to man, yet continue to play the victim!!

    Josh, you are not the victim. What you are experiencing, and what is yet to come for the next 12.5 years, are a small punishment compared to the anguish experienced by your victims. This was never a victimless crime. The victims are CHILDREN. Jesus very clearly stated in the New Testament that it is better to tie a weight around your next and sink to the bottom of the ocean than to hurt a child.

    I don’t wish death on anyone, but I truly believe the best possible outcome is for Josh to never be free from prison or have any contact with his children again.

  2. I remember when he and Derek mentioned they had to fill out like 20 page surveys before even being considered to court the Duggar girls.

    And now they are like this loser ped0 can do whatever he wants and the parents still put him on a pedestal and we have to jump through hoops and be told we are not good enough for this family.

    1. I never heard of this so I looked it up.
      It was 50 pages and Jeremy send 105 back.
      The questions are very personal apparently and they have to share their financial past, present and future with Jimbo it seems.
      All that to be able to side hug a Duggar girl but Josh was allowed to sexually assault them. The girls were even sent away to a camp for it, for their part in it and to learn to forgive Joshy.

  3. I appreciate Jeremy’s sentiment, and, as a Christian, completely agree with him.

    On a snarkier note: I am glad he mentioned that perverts name, publicly shamed him (and his enablers…even if not by name), and am glad at least someone in this extended family of filth is unafraid to talk. Mad love to you too, Derrick!

  4. Too much Jesus talk. Still dancing around the issue. But better than most of what the pathetic Duggar family has said about all this.

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