‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Leah Messer Gets New Chompers; Kieffer Delp Gets Arrested & More

“I’m kissin’ these here holler teeth goodbye, y’all!”

From getting busted to fixing some busted teeth, the stars of the Teen Mom franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! In an effort to keep you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

Kieffer Delp got arrested…again.

“At this point, I’m even more comfy wearing prison orange than hoodie green!”

One of Jenelle Evans’ former soulmates is back in the slammer!

In Touch Weekly broke the news over the weekend that Kieffer— who is arguably Jenelle’s most-famous (and most-legally challenged) lover of all– was arrested on June 11 in Pennsylvania and charged with one count of misdemeanor theft and one count of criminal conspiracy. (Much like Jenelle’s feelings for Kieffer, the conspiracy charge was eventually dropped.)

According to court documents pulled by The Ashley, it appears that The Kieff was arrested for stealing from a store. (No word if it was “Hoodies ‘R’ Us…) 

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Kieffer’s often been on the wrong side of the law since we first met him in the early days of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ As The Ashley previously reported, Kieffer pleaded guilty in 2018 to operating a meth lab (in the kitchen of his apartment, as you do), as well as a manufacturing charge and a “risking catastrophe” charge. He spent 18 months in prison before being released in February 2020.

Since then, Kieffer has popped up online occasionally– whether it be to bust some of his sick rhymes on Twitter, or to defend Jenelle’s TikTok dancing

It does not appear that Kieffer is currently in custody in Pennsylvania. 

Leah Messer reveals she and her man got matching chompers.

First comes love, then comes marriage porcelain veneers…

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Messer began her journey to a new smile this week and naturally, her boyfriend-bot 3000 Jaylan Mobley found a way to weasel his way into the situation, too. 

BEEP BOOP *Engage Humanlike Smile* BEEP BOOP

Leah took to Instagram this week to share a video of herself praising her new fangs, which came courtesy of Smile Savvy Cosmetic Dentistry. 

The doctor who worked Leah said in the video that she gave Leah a “smile that was fitting for MTV, a TV personality.”

“She wanted an overall whiter smile, broader smile, and we were able to deliver that for her today,” the doctor stated.

One of Leah’s twinseseses, Aleeah, is seen admiring her mom’s new veneerseseses at the end of the video. 


“It was such a pleasure getting to partner with @drdrewlyons_drjoyalyons for my very first veneers appt at Smile Savvy Dentistry,” Leah captioned the video. “I was so excited and a little nervous but I couldn’t be any happier with the results from this first appointment.” 

“Mirror, mirror in the holler, who’s getting some new dang teeth without spending a single dollar… “

Leah– who revealed Jaylan has also gotten hooked up with some new pearly whites– said she actually had composite veneers put onto her front canine teeth six years ago, but claims they started to stain, due to her “love of coffee and tea” (and certainly not her love of cigs). 

“They got new plastic teeth on sale up ‘er at the Walmart. But you gotta go get them fancy pearly whites, now don’t ya?”

Leah said she will share the final results of her smile makeover soon… and because Jaylan is also rocking a set, prepare your timeline for the plethora of influencer-style photoshoots that these two will surely be cranking out to show off their new pearly whites.

Leah and Jaylan are just the latest ‘Teen Mom’ stars to spruce up their smiles. ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Sean Austin recently admitted that he “got his teeth done,” although he didn’t go into specifics as to what procedure he had done. Kail Lowry, Cory Wharton and April Baltierra are just a few of the other ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars who have purchased themselves so new chompers in recent years.

Kail Lowry reveals she can’t feel anything below her bellybutton. 

What Kail most likely did not say after Dr. Miami took his hacker to her stomach…

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kail Lowry says she no longer has feeling in part of her body, thanks to a plastic surgery gone wrong.

During Tuesday’s episode of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, Kail revealed that she can no longer feel her lower stomach, admitting to co-host Vee Torres that the issue was due to a cosmetic procedure she had Dr. Miami do on her years ago. 

“From my bellybutton down, I have no feeling,” Kail told Vee. “Like if I got a tattoo or C-section [in that area], I don’t even know if they’d have to numb me because I have no feeling there, none.” 

Kail also revealed that she now rocks a faux bellybutton as a result of her tummy tuck. 

The mom of four has also undergone boob jobs, a Brazilian butt lift and liposuction, courtesy of the same doctor, Dr. Miami, who has also altered some of Kail’s former co-stars, including Briana DeJesus.

Bri’s a walking billboard for Dr. Miami’s work…do with that statement what you will…

Despite having no feeling in part of her body as a result of elective surgery, Kail said she will continue to go under the knife. She stated that, in January, she’s considering undergoing a rhinoplasty and possibly another boob job– specifically “a reduction and a lift and the whole nine.” 

Dr. Miami with Kail Lowry after her surgery…

She noted at the time that her surgeon– NOT Dr. Miami, by the way– encouraged her to wait until she’s “happy” with her weight before going under the knife, as it would make the process easier.

Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney spend some more TTM MTV money on property. 

“Cheers to that.”

‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney must have recycled all of their old beer cans because, earlier this year, the couple purchased a .58-acre piece of land in Maci’s hometown of Ooltewah, Tennessee, according to The Sun. This is the third property that Maci and Taylor have purchased in recent years.

As you may remember, Maci bought two cottages in November 2021 for $190,000. The two 525 square-foot cottages, which sit on over one acre of land and feature views of the Wolftever Creek, were purchased in Maci’s name only and are located about 20 minutes from the McKinney family’s current home. 

The McKinney House of Oopsie Babies.

Maci and Taylor also bought 48 acres of land in Cleveland, Tennessee, in March for $339,000, which the pair have yet to build on.  

The McKinney’s latest buy– which happened in March— was purchased by Taylor and a man named Michael Fessler, who The Ashley’s source says is the baseball coach of Maci’s eldest son Bentley. The two men bagged the lot for just $22,500. 

“Fist pump to us for building our leather-pocket-T-shirt empire!

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 



  1. Everytime I see someone with those bright white veneers, I think of the episode of Friends when Ross whitened his teeth and they glowed in the dark 😂😂

  2. Why does Kailyn keep having these surgeries? LOL Oh yeah- she doesn’t do the maintenance work to keep the weight off. You can only get so many tummy tucks, reductions, enhancements and liposuction before your body gives out or it goes wrong… That girl is an idiot. She needs to use all the free time she has to work out, make healthier choices and other things so she doesn’t have to rely on these surgeries. although there are none in the world that could ever make her attractive in the least

      1. That’s the realist shit anyone has ever said about Kail. She can nip and tuck every curve on her body but she is still ugly AF on the inside.

    1. Surprised you didn’t add any commentary about Kail’s poop story. That one is almost too easy for Sir Nibs.

  3. I feel like Leah has gotten work done on her body. She use to be stuck thin. Now she’s got that amazing looking booty and thick thighs. It’s way to proportioned to be from gaining weight and exercising.

  4. Kail never got a boob job. She has talked about getting a reduction. She got a BBL. She never got her boobs done.

  5. We know that JE was making over $400,000 without endorsements when DE killed Nugget it was revealed in court records. I believe it was over child support I can’t remember now. And Dad’s made around $60,000
    And Babs earned the same amount as JE probably because she was actually the mom raising him and JE never really paid any support.

  6. The more The Ashely reports on Jaylan, the more he seems irritating and fake. Starting to remind me of the early days of Nathan.

  7. Well, I would have started with those jowls, but Kail gonna Kail lol. I think she is having all of these surgeries because she feels as ugly on the inside as she is. It is really bad when oh say Brianna, Chris, and Javi all look sane compared to you lol. Keep piling on the crazy, Kail, it is hilarious. Only a true bawzzt bisshh would keep powering on with plastic surgery after neurological damage. Yassss queen!

  8. Dr. Miami needs to be sued for malpractice. The way he botches these chicks bodies is a shame. Briana especially, her body is a catastrophe, but she keeps going back to him so at this point that’s on her. You couldn’t pay me enough to go to him.

    Kieffah…sigh…he’s just never gonna get it together…Sad because he doesn’t seem like a bad person underneath all the meth and theft.

    1. Like the old saying goes , “you get what you pay for”. These teen mom ladies trade publicity for procedures. They could have easily gone to a more reputable , less fame hungry plastic surgeon. Paid for their procedures and gotten better results. They chose to get basically free surgeries and here we are. They all look terrible and Dr Miami got his time in the lime light. Ignorance is bliss.

  9. I used to work for a dentist who would call veneers like that “toilet bowl white”. It just doesn’t look good. Teeth are meant to have a little color and a little variation. Not to mention your grinding down perfectly healthy and good-looking teeth to nubs in the process.

    1. Every time I picture the nubby teeth, I picture the old lady in the diner from the movie Legion. It’s unsettling 😂

    2. Jaylen’s teeth are so white, they look like chiclets…especially against his deep skin tone. You’re right, contrary to popular belief, your natural teeth are not stark white, they’re supposed to be “tooth colored” or a little off white. And I also agree with you, there is no need for porcelain veneers if you have perfectly healthy teeth already…just get some braces or a little teeth whitening. If you take care of them, your teeth last forever, those veneers don’t. It always trips me out if someones veneers falls off. They look worse than what they started out with, because their real tooth is ground down to this little peg leg lookin nub.

    3. Yikes – I don’t love the color of my teeth and whitening doesn’t really work for me since that’s the natural color (I don’t drink dark beverages or smoke). I gave a tiny bit of thought to veneers, but you comment sealed the deal. No way will I grind down my perfectly healthy teeth.

      And “toilet bowl white” – haha.

      1. Same here. If you wear lipstick, do a search for blue-based red lipstick. It will make your teeth look whiter. I don’t know how to tell by looking at the lipstick whether it’s a blue-based red, but I was able to find a few to try out by doing a search.

      2. I love my veneers! I had 2 broken front teeth from a jet ski accident a while back, and promptly got veneers. Not sure I would have gotten them if not for being dumb on my jet ski. Lol

        1. I love mine too! My teeth were already the tiny nub size. They barely had to file my teeth down at all. 😭😂 I feel like my veneers saved my life! I was so embarrassed to smile before I got them.

          1. Another valid reason for veneers. A relative of mine had rather unfortunate natural teeth and she got veneers. Definitely improved her look – she’s a high-powered executive and needed to do something about her teeth. In that case and yours, veneers were a matter of major self-improvement, not just wasteful vanity like the JaylonBot 3000, Leah, Kail and all of the other reality TV clowns like the Jersey Shore crew who had decent teeth to begin with.

  10. I’ve ALWAYS WONDERED about the money these Moms are making after all these years!! Apparently, they’re doing pretty damn well!! GOD bless them….EVERY LAST ONE (1)!!

    1. We know that JE was making over $400,000 without endorsements when DE killed Nugget it was revealed in court records. I believe it was over child support I can’t remember now. And Dad’s made around $60,000
      And Babs earned the same amount as JE probably because she was actually the mom raising him and JE never really paid any support.

  11. Keefaaaahhh spent all his money on Janelle’s Onlyfans and getting hiiiighhhhh, so he’s back to stealing….

  12. Damn Karl looked sooo good and healthy in that picture with Dr Miami. I am in no way fat shaming her, but it’s such a waste of money to undergo extensive surgeries and then not give a crap about working out and dieting. Why risk your life with anesthesia and possible side effects then? To look good for a month, maybe two?

    1. I’m sure she planned on doing that, and probably started out doing it very well, but like many many people, didn’t keep it up. And probably like many many people, because she struggles with depression. I know my depression would be 100x worse than it is if people all over the internet trash talked me every day including fat shaming and making fun of my nose, my chin, my cheeks, etc.

      1. You can only blame others for your poor choices for so long. Therapy, self accountability and staying off the internet might do a lot of people some good. You have choices in life- you can accept the weight you are because you are depressed, or you can change it and start working out, eating better… I have depression, Anxiety and have been diagnosed with BPD as well as PTSD and I get up and move and do something for myself, or, I accept that I am not making good choices and I am stuck the weight I am. I certainly don’t wallow in self pity and base my worth on what trolls on the internet say

        1. lmao you talk like you’re so perfect and grounded and Kail’s the one with all the issues, but you’re always right here talking trash about random people you don’t even know. I’m sure on your death bed you’ll be proud of how much time you spent on The Ashley criticizing others instead of being an empathetic kind person. But hey, at least you have high self-esteem because you ‘get up and move’. It’s not that easy for everyone just because it is for you. If you’re doing so well that you have no issues about people saying bad shit about you and can get out and exercise and eat right daily, you probably don’t really have depression and anxiety.

          1. LOL! That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. I spent plenty of time down in the dumps. Unable to get out of bed. Self Medicating. Hospitalized. I don’t need you to validate that I in fact DO have depression and anxiety. You are ignorant and quite honestly, in denial (not to mention serious victim mode), if you think there aren’t MILLIONS of people with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses that live quite happily- when they they don’t allow their mental illness to define them. In fact, it’s more common for those with major depressive disorder to become stable with proper treatment than not- it’s upwards in about 85% range. Usually, the other 15% are unwilling to stick to a treatment plan. There are people with MAJOR mental illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar, that are able to live pretty normal and fulfilling lives. There are SO many resources to help you live that life- you just have to be willing to help yourself. I started with meds and therapy, got stable and then incorporated daily affirmations, gratitude journaling, eating decently and getting my ass up and out of bed and at LEAST outside and walking. I truly hope one day you’ll do the same. And aw- you noticed how much time I spend on here- sounds like on your deathbed you might be proud of how much you too had to be on here to notice 😉 I never once said I was perfect or grounded! I said I was stable and that is absolutely possible. But thank you for putting words in my mouth.

    2. She has PCOS which alters many things within a WOMAN’S body such as metabolism and chemical breakdown of foods thus making it hard to lose weight. Be a troll on something other than medical issues u dingleberry

    3. I COMPLETELY agree! She doesn’t do anything to maintain these surgeries she has to keep the look she’s given. Just relies on having multiple surgeries. You can only do that for so long. And I am fat shaming her. Sorry not sorry. I understand being comfortable n your own body and there are plenty of larger women that are absolutely beautiful but she is basically showing others that she isn’t comfortable in her skin and that instead of working hard and having some discipline, she will just head over to a plastic surgeons to look decent for a month or two

  13. Who would go to Dr Miami, even if everything you ever wanted done was free?

    Up vote for yes you would
    Down vote for No never in a million years.

    1. Honestly I’m shocked he’s even had ONE patient after Briana’s disaster of a butt. That alone should have gotten his license revoked.

  14. I honestly don’t see that much of a difference in leahs teeth. I guess I choose her original teeth though. The new ones make the smile more weird. I was more surprised by her daughter. Man time flies. I still need to get a life.

  15. Leah’s natural teeth were perfectly fine. Her boyfriend’s teeth don’t look good. Sorry, not sorry. I really hope Leah has better results 😬😬😬

    As far as Kail, I’m sure her cooter cat is numb too from overuse. Again, sorry not sorry.😜😜

    Maci and Taylor …yawn. 🙄

    You’re high , high, high Keiffah

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