Kail Lowry Brings Her New Boyfriend Elijah Scott on Her Podcast for A Painfully Slow Interview About Their Relationship & First Fight

“You enjoy being on the podcast…tell them. You may speak.”

Kail Lowry is done hiding her new boo, Elijah Scott.

Elijah— who made a very brief appearance on the most-recent Teen Mom 2 Reunion but has otherwise been kept out of the spotlight by Kail— was a guest on her Barely Famous podcast a few days go. While Kail seemed excited to have Elijah on the podcast, Elijah gave the impression that he was absolutely miserable during the interview, taking a painfully long time to answer the sometimes-cringey questions.

During the second half of the podcast, Kail peppered her new boo (whom she is now reportedly living with) with questions about their life together, how they met and their first fight.

When you’d rather scrape your face with a cheese grater than be on the podcast but…here you are…

First, they discussed how they met. (Kail and Elijah were neighbors, and she had previously referred to him as “Hot Neighbor” on her podcasts.)

“I had already bought my house and moved into my house before I knew that this was your house,” Elijah said. 

Kail then asks “Lijie” who pursued who, but before he can really answers (because this man takes forever to get a sentence out), Kail reveals that she was the one who pursued Elijah.

Her friend Kristen even suggests that Kail was a “Stage 5” Clinger early on. When Kail asks “Lijie” if he feels she was, indeed, a Stage 5 Clinger, Elijah seems confused and mumbles something about not knowing about stages.

“One thing about me is that I like a man who mumbles!”

She then asks if either of them cheated on their previous significant others (as Kail’s ex, Malik Montgomery implied a few months ago). Elijah grumbled “no”. (Seriously, was this dude hogtied and dragged into the podcasting studio against his will?) 

Later, Kail peppers “Lijie” with questions about the cats she recently got. Elijah reveals that he’s actually allergic to cats, but that didn’t stop Kail from bringing a whole litter of them into her house, where Elijah stays.

“I’m not joking! I’m sneezing out cat furballs and nobody cares! It’s not funny!”

They then talk about their first fight (which surprisingly wasn’t about the fact that Kail brought animals that make Elijah sneeze and wheeze into the house). Instead, it involved Elijah refusing to drive 100 mph so that Kail could crap.

“I got this crazy pain in my stomach [while we were in the car] and I was like, ‘I need you to go 100 mph.’ And he was like, ‘I can’t or I’ll lose my license,'” Kail told the listeners.

Kail during this drive…probably…

Kail said she kept demanding Elijah drive faster, and Elijah suggested they make a stop so Kail could poop at his mom’s house, which was nearby.

“I was mortified. I was like, ‘I am not meeting your mom for the first time and almost sh**ting myself on her floor,'” Kail said. 

Kail said she then demanded Elijah run a red light, but that he refused. She added that she didn’t like that he had an attitude with her about the situation.

“I was just about to s**t myself and you’re being mean to me,” Kail said. 

“I always made her crap inside the WaWa before we….nevermind.”

Kail stated that when they got home she refused to talk to Elijah.

“I was mad because I thought he had an attitude,” Kail said. 

“I was like, ‘I’m not talking to you because you’re mean,'” she said. “He came in the room and we talked it out. To me it was a fight, to him it wasn’t…”

Kail said that she and “Lijie” rarely, if ever fight, though.

You can listen to the full podcast episode— and all of Elijah’s painfully slow grunt responses— by clicking here! (“Lijie” comes in around the 34-minute mark, by the way.)

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)


  1. Screams white privilege. And this is coming from a cis-white woman. To assume that he can
    “Just break the law, you’ll get out of it, nothing will happen”
    What an idiot. Go take a dump at a Wawa.

  2. Who is this guy?! She barely knows him and they already live together? REALLY?! She is just repeating the same pattern over and over again. It’s incredible being single Kail. It truly is. It means you don’t just take the first guy who looks at you nicely but first take care of your MENTAL HEALTH (you would benefit from it for sure) before you think of settling in with someone again. Those poor kids. Lux is also prob already old enough to know it’s weird to have a different ‘daddy’ every week.

    My dude, please don’t be stupid enough to impregnate her but considering you are dating her….eh.

  3. Has Kail any awareness of the social injustices POC face when confronted by police when they do things we take for granted as white people? Does she have any idea how horribly wrong a traffic stop for speeding can go for a young black man with everything to lose? She has son’s who will be perceived as black men by society, she should already be teaching them they don’t have the rights afforded to her, being white. She literally got angered by this man’s very well thought out and sound decision to not risk his freedom or even his actual life by breaking the law and doing anything that could invite LEOs to stop him. Does she watch the news? I am a white woman, married to a white man with white children. And I know how dangerous it is for POC when they cross paths with cops. Kail has had several relationships with black men and more importantly, she is the mom of young men who risk being harmed by police at a rate much higher than white people. Wake the fu¢k up Kail. You’re asking this man to risk his literal life so you can sh!t in comfort. FU

  4. Not willing to loose his license or run a red light light and risk his and others life because you have to take a shit? Phew, how mean …

    1. Not only that, but as a black man, he is at a much greater risk of a traffic stop turning ugly, even fatal… And Kail should freaking know this as a mother to sons who will be perceived as black by society. Nobody should have to remind this delusional woman that she is saying her need to crap comfortably isn’t more important than Elijah ensuring he isn’t shot by police when they assume his iPhone is a gun. Anyone with any access to news knows the risks POC face by police. She is a selfish cow.

  5. My boyfriend’s name is Elijah and reading the nickname “Lijie” almost made me puke. That’s what you would call him when he was 4, not 30.

    And he was “mean” to you because he wouldn’t break the law and endanger everyone else on the road because you needed to shit? This girl acts like she is in middle school and this is her first boyfriend. Her immature, self-centered, attention-seeking, always the victim mentality is honestly alarming at this point. This is someone’s mother, and she is acting like a child.

    Stop seeking new dick and start seeking therapy, Kailyn.

  6. It was clear she wanted more control of her story on Teen Mom but is the pooping story her idea of quality content? Won’t miss ya!

  7. If he lived next door. What happened to his house? However I’m sure she’ll be hitting him in no time, she always gets along with her boyfriend’s until she starts being physically abusive.

    1. Maybe its an investment property. Bought in December and moved in with her ať least in Apríl. They keep saying “bought” so its not a rental and he was evicted.

      Foreclosures take a long time, so, who knows.

      My best guess is Kail offered to foot his bills and he makes money off the house. I put absolutely nothing past her ať this point.

  8. Who the fuck listens to these podcasts?!? No seriously? (Other than the Ashley – thank you for all you do for us) but SERIOUSLY WHO. WHO???

  9. I always though that Kail and the white guy who worked at Staples with her made a cute couple. Too bad she didn’t have a kid with him.

  10. Bringing partner after partner around your kids, no matter if they’re boys or girls, is a huge risk of being exposed to CSA.
    She’s trying too hard.

    1. She doesnt even know this guy.

      6 months and already living together? And she has all those kids? Hell no.

      Any dude willing to move in that soon is a huge red flag anyways. Assuming he’s broke and homeless (she does have a type).

      1. Racist much? Work on reading comprehension rather than assumptions, he said he had already bought and moved in his house before he knew who she was…

        1. Sir. He no longer lives there and hasnt for some time.

          I said nothing RAYCISS so take that virtue signaling mess somewhere else

  11. Ain’t nobody said it yet, so I will.

    Chris 2.0

    She’ll get knocked up & have the same exact results. Her jowls will quiver with rage every time she spats out, ‘he doesn’t pay child support’. Well that’s a reflection of YOU, Kail.

    1. Girl….why don’t you ever wanna date a white guy?!? I’ve been watching the show since it started and every relationship you’ve been in and had kids with has always ended up terrible for you. So you you just never wanted to date a white guy for once and just see how it went or what?!?

      1. She dated a white guy named Jordan after she had Isaac and was leaving Jo…. she cheated on Jordan with Jo.
        Jordan was the best honestly. Idk why she is attracted to all these bums.

      2. This whole thing comes off as parading this guy around.

        He’s an accessory to her.
        I suppose she thinks that it gives her some clout. Idk.

        She did date a white guy and she cheated on him with Jo.

      3. Here’s the hard truth. White men with standards do not want to be with white women who have been divorced and have kids. Especially mix raced kids. She would be shunned in a heartbeat. Now she could find some low caliber white guy who is desperate. She’ll always be nothing but an easy lay for black guys.

  12. Seriously why would you even tell that story on a podcast?? It’s not funny, well maybe in a laughing at her for being a dumb***. But it in no way paints you in a good light or as a cute anecdote. It’s messy and gross and shows you are an entitled b*tch.

    1. Imagine getting into a car accident because some guy ran a red light, and the passenger is screaming that she had the right of way because she had to poop

  13. I have been married to my husband for 20 years and I still don’t talk about going to the bathroom and neither does he. That’s why we’ve been married for 20 years. She is disgusting. It’s no wonder why she can’t find a man that respects her.

    1. Gina, it’s 2022, women have been pooping for at LEAST 3 generations now. People even lick each other’s buttholes! For fun AND pleasure

      Seriously though, Kail’s story is a boring anecdote, but I dont know how you can discuss all the big world, big life, things with your spouse if you can even tell them you poop from time to time. My husband might literally be wiping my butt one day when we are old, it’s only fair he knows what he is getting himself into 😜

    2. And here I’ve been shitting with the door open, evidently I should be thanking my lucky stars I’m still married. Lol gtfo with that mess, Gina! 😂

    3. Damn Gina, if you can’t talk to your husband about going to the bathroom than who can you talk to? My husband is one of the only people I would/have talked to about that lol. Hell it’s not even out of the ordinary for both of us to be in the bathroom while one of us is using the toilet. I guess we’re disgusting too. 🤷‍♀️

    4. Is this the key to a successful marriage Gina?! Lord have mercy my relationship is doomed! Sounds like a boring marriage. Why not be able to talk about anything and everything? God forbid I shit myself if I ever birth another baby of his. He would leave me for good!

    5. Same!! Not quite as long. 10yrs but I act like I don’t poop or fart lol i dont care what he does but I cannot do it, it feels so wrong

  14. Living with him?

    The kids deserve better than a mom sloring around bringing man after man after man in the house.

    Time for Kail to grow tf up.

  15. How cringey…yikes… it doesn’t seem like Kail really respects Elijah. Cats in the house when he’s allergic, and not gaf about his license. He could have had a car accident for running stop sign and red light, all because Kail has to s**t?

      1. Yeah, but her female ex Dom stated that Kail gave her an STD, which is pretty easy to believe.

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