Chris Lopez Claims Kail Lowry’s Living With Her New Boyfriend; Her Recent Ex Malik Montgomery Says Kail “Played” Him & Threatened to Sue Him (Recap of Events!)

Javi doesn’t really have anything to do with this mess (for once), but I included him because we know he loves the drama…

The Delaware court system better get ready— because Kail Lowry is ready to sue one of her exes (or more!) 

The Teen Mom 2 star— who is currently embroiled in a nasty lawsuit with her co-star Briana DeJesus— is apparently ready to strike out legally again after her most-recent ex-boyfriend, Malik Montgomery, commented that he felt played after reading that Kail is allegedly living with a new man. He later shared a private message her allegedly received from Kail stating that she could sue him for violating the non-disclosure agreement she had him sign. Malik responded that the NDA is no longer valid.

That last part— about Kail shacking up with her new boo— was spilled by another one of Kail’s exes— baby daddy Chris Lopez— on the most-recent episode of his P.T.S.D. podcast. During the episode, Chris claimed that Lux, who is the four-year-old son he shares with Kail, told him about Kail and the new dude.

There’s a lot to unpack here, so double-check the expiration date on your NDAs and cancel your date at the WaWa and let’s get into it! The Ashley is going to do her best to recap the entire dumpster-fire-of-a-situation, but things are constantly changing.

The shenanigans started on Tuesday, when Chris’ podcast episode dropped. During the episode, Chris spoke about having to see Kail and “her boyfriend” at Lux’s games. Chris then brought up the topic of dealing with “the other parent” you share a child with, dating someone new and bringing that person around the kids.

“I’ve been dealing with other people and other men in my kids’ lives for so long,” Chris said, adding that he feels a person should only introduce their kids to a significant other after a set amount of time. 

Kail’s set amount of time, according to Chris…

Chris stated that he eventually spoke to Kail about it after their son Lux told him things that Chris felt Lux shouldn’t have known.

“They [Kail] did it so much and I addressed it…but they [Kail] don’t care…there’s been a time recently where I had to pull my kids’ mom to the side and be like, ‘Yo, there’s no reason why my four-year-old should be telling me about every dude you’re sleeping with. There shouldn’t be no reason. He was just telling me about this last dude, and now he’s telling me about the new dude.

Chris continued, stating that Lux doesn’t really understand what it means to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

“He don’t know about that stuff so that means you’ve gotta be talking about it and that s**t’s gotta be going on,” Chris said, adding, “This is a new guy. This is not the guy [Malik] that everybody thinks it is. This is a whole different dude, so for my son to be telling me that…what my son told me was the truth.”

Kail and Malik

Chris then claimed that he saw a photo of Kail’s new boyfriend holding Creed– the younger son Chris and Kail share. 

“Creed don’t let just anyone hold him. So it came in my head that, ‘OK, this n***a had to be around for a while.”

Chris claimed that he introduced himself to Kail’s new man, and that he’s thrilled that Kail is um, occupied, by this new boo, because it’s making their co-parenting situation easier. 

“You make her happy bro? Please, continue to do whatever the f**k you’re doing,” Chris said. “She literally texted me this morning and was like, ‘You can have the kids for Spring Break.’ I love him. I love that dude. Please keep him because if [she’s] allowing me to have my kids on [her] week, bro, keep doing whatever the f**k you’re doing…’ But all I was basically saying [to Kail] was keep your private life private.”

“…but just keep it to yourself!”

Chris said Kail shocked him further by allegedly revealing that her new dude lives with her.

“It kind of threw my head off but I can’t control what you do,” he said. 

After Chris’ podcast episode dropped, several ‘Teen Mom’ themed-Instagram accounts, including the Teen Mom Shade Room, posted about Chris’ claims that Kail is living with a new guy. One person who was surprised to hear that news was Malik, whom Kail only recently ended her relationship with after they had been dating on-and-off for several years. (Malik recently appeared on Kail’s Barely Famous podcast.)

When Teen Mom Shade Room reposted @Teen Mom Fanz‘s post that revealed photos of the man Kail is allegedly living with, Malik commented that he felt Kail had played him.

“I swear it wasn’t me who leaked the news this time!”

“Played me for the kid,” Malik wrote of Kail. “Thrive on girl… I’m happy for them and her I’m good where I’m at this is just funny fr fr…

The photos posted by @TeenMomFanz showed a guy dressed in a purple tux, modeling a gun (as you do) in some sort of prom/groomsman/lineup pic. The gun-friendly “Glamour Shot” photo was accompanied by more info, including that Kail’s new alleged boo is only 23 and lives next door to her. (On her podcasts, Kail had often mentioned having a “hot neighbor” but did not reveal that things had recently become more, um, neighborly between them.)

According to a report by The Sun on Thursday, Kail’s live-in love machine is Elijah Scott, a 23-year-old former military man who bought his home next to Kail in December 2021. Kail moved into her custom-built home next door just over a month later. (Interestingly, The Sun reports that Elijah’s home is currently listed for rent, which means he currently has “alternate living accommodations.”)

“No comment…”

Anyway, Kail was not happy that Malik commented about her on the Instagram account. In fact, according to DM screenshots later shared by Malik, someone— whom Malik insinuated was Kail— allegedly informed him that she could sue him for commenting, given that he had signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before dating him.

(Kail has stated multiple times that she now makes anyone who gets close to her sign NDAs so they can’t blab about her personal life to the press/public. As you do…)

“You commented on the f**king Shade Room and you signed an NDA,” the person wrote to him. “So now, you can get f**king sued.”

Malik responded to the message by writing that his NDA is no longer valid.

“NDA expired in February of this year but go on,” he wrote. (He later posted the message to Instagram Stories, along with the very appropriate song, “Sue Me” by Wale.) 

Later, Malik began to revel in his “Chatty Cathy” position, hopping on Instagram on Wednesday to apologize for his “emotionally charged” comments about Kail’s new man. 

“I definitely was bitter about some things that popped up,” Malik said.

“I’ve got something else that’s popped up, Kail, if you need a stress-reliever. I’ll be at the WaWa!”

However, he made it clear that he was hushing up, despite any threats that he might be sued for speaking up.

“But I have every right to feel that way,” Malik said. “Nobody can take that away from me. And I’m going to talk about the things that I have experienced.”

Malik then stated that he’s interested in writing a book about his dealings with Kail and is looking for a book publisher. 


“Bro. I was married to her and even I didn’t write a book. I think you might be able to sell a story to a tabloid, tops.”

“People need to be held accountable for the way that they moved, and the way that they’ve always moved,” Malik continued. “We’re gonna address things properly, and I don’t care how they feel. If they can’t control you or the situation, they gonna call you the bad guy. I’m OK with being the bad guy. But I’m gonna tell my story to the public, because the public hears about everyone else’s story, and it’s OK when you do it.” 

Kail responded at first by subtly shading someone (whom we can assume was Malik).

“Talk s**t about me to your friends, not the Internet,” she wrote in now-deleted tweets. “The amount of backstabbing I go through & people who hate me justify it & I’m always the problem…Why would I ever want to talk to someone new at this point?”

Kail then took a different approach and attempted to cash in on the drama. She linked her podcast episode entitled “What’s it like to date Kail?” as well as a line of merch that celebrates Kail’s ability to draw drama like a magnet. The merch line includes items that say, “I’m the problem” and “S**t Starter!” 

“Given my recent crappy selling habits, I may need to buy one of those ‘S**t Starter’ hoodies!”

Stay tuned for more updates..

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26 Responses

  1. “Sue me… ohhh, nope, don’t. I shouldn’t say that jokingly because she will sue me. She loves to sue. She loves lawsuits.”

  2. Kail freaks out anytime any of her baby daddies has a significant other around her children, even if long term yet constantly has random men around her children. Make it make sense.

  3. I have genuinely been team Kail in the past. She had one of the worst starts of all the TM girls. I’ve listened to her podcasts and read her explanations, but this is enough. I haven’t watched the show in awhile, but the high level of insanity is obvious. This is all too much girl. You have control issues (who doesn’t?) but it seems that you have zero interest in making your life more simple despite begging for less chaos. Stop suing people. Start by being less bothered by everybody…everyone’s gonna get their 15 minutes when they start shit with you, so it easy AF for them to rile you up for a payday. Just end being on the show if you don’t want people in your business. It doesn’t have to be this way. Just be alone for awhile and focus on the boys.

  4. When you care more about d*ck than you do your children’s well being. She is officially bottom of the barrel along with Jenelle and Farrah. I honestly CAN believe she’s this stupid. Those poor kids are going to grow up with such unhealthy ideas of what relationships should be. And all 4 of the people downvoting clearly live the same way. Gross.

  5. Well, I hope Briana sends Malik a big old fruit basket because he has now taken center stage in the Kailyn Lowry stoning arena.

    But seriously a 23 year old who lives next door. Giiiirrrrll, are you serious!!!!! Bad things don’t just happen to you, you make bad choices.

    Her desire to control everyone and everything around her by having the financial means to do so is terrifying. She is like a cautionary tale of what happens when you get everything you ever wanted but haven’t developed as a person.

  6. I mean, Chris isn’t wrong. Some things should be kept from the kids and having dudes in and out of the house ain’t it!

  7. She really needs to go away for awhile and sort herself out. Stop demanding good qualities in other people when you yourself have none. Focus on raising the kids who didn’t ask for this type of mother. Put good things out into the world. Stop being an eternal victim. Just a few ideas.?‍♀️?‍♀️

  8. Kail is still a pig. What a surprise!

    MTV is tasked with normalizing dysfunction.

    Now you know why the show is still on despite abysmal ratings.

    1. A pig. Exactly how I would describe her. A pig. Screwing anything, letting anything move in with her and her children.

  9. Kail, out here thinking she’s a producer, “I am in control of the freaking world.” Girl you can’t control yourself at the Wawa.

  10. “I’ve been dealing with other people and other men in my kids’ lives for so long,” Chris said

    Chris, I… I just don’t know what to tell you. You had two babies by a woman not your wife, who already had two other babies by two other men. How was it you imagined this going down?

  11. No decent man would ever be involved with her. Jo was the exception. She’s completely selfish & as long as she’s getting attention & ethnic dick, she doesn’t care how her kids are affected. She’s obviously the common denominator. Steer clear of that one.

    1. Yeah, can’t fault Jo, they were young. I remember thinking Jo’s mom could be a bitch, but she cared way more about Kail and Issac than Kail’s own family. I remember feeling bad for Kail then because both her parents seemed to suck and made sense to some of Kail’s issues. But any of that pity has been squander by Kail’s actions as an adult.

  12. She sure knows how to pick them…..RT!

    Also, it is funny how Kail claims to be bi and is like “I really like women more”. But she is always with men. She needs men. Classic.

  13. Kail blabs everything about everyone on her podcast and social media but expects people to sign NDAs. GTFOH with that Kail. Kail always wants everything on her terms and that’s not the way it works. She really is a huge hypocrite.

  14. Kail, NDA’s expire. They aren’t get out of jail free cards. You file enough lawsuits and a judge will notice that you are abusing the system before long. Haven’t watched in a long time but I’m gonna assume that Kail thinks she’s Beyonce now? Wtf? You aren’t that important, sweetie. ?

  15. Kail will always be the victim and she’ll never be truly happy because she lacks gratitude. For ANYTHING.

  16. I can’t imagine how Kail keeps track of her day, no wonder why she missed the expiration date on one of her NDAs. She has 4 children with 3 baby daddies, 2 (maybe 3, I forget) podcasts, one ex-boyfriend after another, social media, filming “Teen Mom”, her constant falling outs and reconciliation with friends and baby daddies. She had a failed hair care business and drama with Briana and Jenelle. How hectic; maybe she has a personal assistant to keep track of it all.

  17. Chris….For a guy who literally asked for his parental rights to be terminated, you sure have become an expert on parenting and co-parenting. You’ve learned to love the MTV money, and sold out. You’re gross.

    Malik….Bro, you are sour grapes. She didn’t cheat on you, so why are you crying? Trust me, you DODGED A BULLET! If the NDA really did expire, then lets hear it all!


    Kail….You’re a jerk. You’re on a reality show, and you never show any of this, even the GUY WHO FUCKING LIVES WITH YOU and your CHILDREN! Also I can imagine the state of Delaware imploding if a woman moved in with Chris and she was holding and feeding and watching movies and day tripping and LIVING with your kids! You are so ONE WAY for me, but not for thee.

    Stop suing people, you’re not that important.

    1. And this is one of the big reasons I stopped watching the show! All kinds of crap going on according to sites like this one, meanwhile, we get to see Kail picking out tile and bs like that. It was ridiculous for all of the moms really.

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