Amber Portwood Fights Back After Ex Andrew Glennon Tells Court He Plans to Move Their Son to California; Only Allowing the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Monthly Visits in California

“Can we work out some sort of dill requiring him to pay for my flights? He’ll also need to book a separate row of seats for my couch cushions.”

Amber Portwood may have to travel across the country to see her son James— if her (second) baby daddy Andrew Glennon follows through with his plans to relocate from Indiana to California. 

During a two-day trial held last month to discuss custody of the three-year-old, Andrew revealed his plans to move himself and James to a Malibu mansion owned by his mother, Charmaine Witus, The Sun reports. Andrew claimed that he has been unable to find a cinematography job since moving to Indiana to be with Amber years ago.

However, Amber and her legal team are fighting back against Andrew’s plans to move James across the country. During the court hearing, the Teen Mom OG star’s legal team pointed out that Andrew had failed to actually look for a job in Indiana.  Amber and her team also claimed Andrew offered ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans the chance to meet him and James in person— if the fans donated $10,000 to his GoFundMe!

As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Andrew has been living with James in Amber’s Indiana home for years, while Amber resides in a nearby rental home. James currently lives full-time with Andrew but Amber has a set visitation schedule for the three-year-old.

As part of his proposed custody plan, Andrew said he wants Amber to see James “three times a month for 10 hours at a time.” He also asked that Amber’s visit take place in California, meaning she would have to hop a plane to see her kid.

“While the idea of a sitting on a couch in the sky for several hours a month sounds interesting, this plan sucks.” 

During last month’s hearing, Andrew also claimed that he has been unable to find a job in Indiana, with his last employment being a few appearances on ‘Teen Mom OG’ in 2020. The 37-year-old, who previously worked as a cinematographer, said he has “three job offers” waiting for him in California.

When asked by Amber’s attorney during cross-examination if he had even been applying for jobs in Indiana, Andrew said he was basically a stay-at-home dad.

“I’m a full-time father so I’m doing what I can while spending as much time with my son,” he said. “There’s no industry out here.” 

Andrew admitted that none of the three job offers he says he has in California are for cinematography work. One was for a real estate job (although Andrew admitted he doesn’t have his real estate license) and the others were sales-based.

Andrew also claimed that Amber suggested he forgo the film industry and seek employment at a local factory, though he argued he cannot due to having a “fused ankle.” 

What Amber wants Andrew to do with that factory job…

In another heated part of the hearing, Amber’s lawyer brought up the fact that Andrew had once set up a GoFundMe to raise funds to launch a pregnancy-themed game. Andrew claimed that he didn’t get much response to the game. However, The Sun reports that Amber’s lawyer pointed out that Andrew’s GoFundMe page promised fans a meet-and-greet with him and James (whom Andrew says inspired the game) if they donated $10,000 to the fundraiser. 

“And specifically for $10,000, you agreed that anyone could be flown out to have dinner with the creators and meet the little angel who started this all. Tat’s referring to James, is that correct?” Amber’s attorney asked Andrew, who reportedly hesitated before answering.

“So, if someone was willing to pay $10,000, you were willing to let them have access to James, is that correct?” the lawyer asked Andrew.


“No, no, no, not entirely. I mean, the way that I thought of it was, since I’m always in the care of James, that if I meet anybody, James is always gonna be with me,” he replied, according to The Sun. “But there’s no such timeshares with my child or anything like that, in the sense.” 

The subject of James interacting with fans is especially touchy, given that Amber and Andrew have both agreed as part of their custody agreement not to feature their son’s face on social media or, in Amber’s case, on television.

Amber and Andrew have been locked in a heated custody battle since Amber 2019’s arrest for domestic battery on Andrew. In February 2021, Amber requested a change to the pair’s custody agreement, which would allow her overnight visits with James once he turned three–- which he did in May 2021. A month later, the exes were ordered to resolve their custody issues out of court within 60 days, but they were unable to do so. 

Meanwhile, Gary’s just happy that he’s not part of this mess…

Prior to Andrew demanding that Amber undergo a hair follicle drug screening in October– something both parties were ultimately ordered to do– Amber requested full custody of her son after she felt Andrew had implied on social media that she had hit the three-year-old. Andrew later claimed that his Instagram account had been “hacked”; Amber denied ever hitting James.  

In an Instagram Live session on Wednesday, Amber stated that she had visited with James that day, and spoke about how she had brought the tot to visit his half-sister, Leah, as well as Leah’s father Gary Shirley and his family. She did not, however, mention the custody fight during her Live. 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 

33 Responses

  1. Amber has never once had to take solo care of her children 24/7 for anything longer than a day. Even now she takes James over to Gary’s house. I get that she wants Leah and James to bond but does she ever spend alone time with him? Can you imagine if she had full custody and Andrew moved to Ca.?

  2. Andrew hasn’t even attempted to find a job in Indiana so I’d be surprised if the judge approves this move. If he’d applied and hadn’t gotten anything, then maybe, but he has no excuse for why he hasn’t even tried. I suspect his mom’s friends made “offers” so he can tell the court something. He’s ultra shady and has been from day one. No one in their right mind would date Amber, especially after filming her. He knew what Amber was.

    Poor James. He really drew the short stick. The only silver lining is that he has Leah and her parents (Gary and Kristina). I hope he and Leah get to stay together for their sake.

  3. Honestly, let him move to California. It seems like he has a support system there, his mom and his sister. She can fight him on child support, and finally get her house back that he’s been living in for several years now, and she can stop living in rentals.

    Amber’s only family members that live in Indiana are her mom and her cousin crazy f*cked up Krystal. Amber has said that they aren’t that close, it’s just that Amber doesn’t have friends. Even Bubbe lives in Florida.

    Amber doesn’t want to be a parent, or she would have 50/50 custody of both her kids now.

    Let him move, and then when the kid is like why don’t I see mommy, it would be true that mommy lives far away and it’s hard to visit vs. mommy lives 1 mile away and still can’t get her a$$ out of bed to see you once a week for 2 hrs.

    Didn’t Amber say she had to cancel visits because of rain, like multiple visits and she is only like a couple of miles from James? Andd most of her visits happen at Gary’s place because she just drops him off with Kristina and leaves. Like she can pretend all she wants because she wants her kids to have a relationship, but she’s dropping him off she can bounce and come back 3 hours later and take him back to Andrew.

    This seems like Amber being a typical vindictive self, I know he wants to move but he can’t because I want him to be miserable and/or she’s trying believe her brain that one day she will actually want to be a mom and if her kid lives far away she can believable lie to that fans that she parents when her kid lives in a different state.

    1. Not to mention today it come out that she owes $125,000 and the rears. But I will say this… If he’s the one that wants to move to California ..he’s the one should bare the expense of flying James back three times a month to see his mother or flying Amber out there three times a month to see her son. I don’t think Amber should have to be financially responsible since he’s the one that wants to make such a big move.

  4. Maybe Amber could move to California too. They could still film her there. And she would be visiting Leah instead who already has a stable home. I don’t like the idea of Andrew setting up meet and greets with strangers and his son but if he moved into a house his mother owns than maybe that will relieve some financial burden off of him

    1. “Burden off him”??

      Oh please, he brought on this burden, now he has a child with someone that like it or not he’s STUCK having to deal with for what…14 years…AT LEAST!!

    2. What financial burden? Amber pays the mortgage and other HOA costs on the house since it’s in her name. He might MIGHT have to pay for electric, water, gas & internet/cable. But please don’t act like that leech is going into debt or some shit like that.

      1. He may be going into debt or some shit like that since he is not working. That is what usually happens when one doesn’t have an income

        1. 1. Not having an income is his choice. He hasn’t even LOOKED for a job in Indiana.
          2. Moving to Cali won’t erase his debts. I doubt he’s be looking for a job there. Mommy would likely pay for everything.

          If he can’t find a job in Indiana because he’s a “stay-at-home dad” which is BS, then moving to California would change absolutely nothing. He’d still be primary parent for James, he’s still not have a job. So, again, what financial burden would be eased off of him? Because, financially, he’s not doing a goddamn thing.

  5. Amber’s a piece of work, but Andrew is coming in hot! You can’t work because you’re a “stay-at-home dad” but you want to move to California so you can work? Why can’t you work in Indiana? There’s no sales, no realty in Indiana? Since those are the jobs he has lined up in Cali. And to sell your son for $10,000! How shitty!! “Well James would be with me if I had to meet up with somebody, that’s all I mean.” But what was posted was “A meet and greet with Andrew AND JAMES”. You’re selling your son for a quick buck!

  6. Did anyone watch the show they met on? Family intervention or something. Anyhow Amber acted the worst I have ever seen her act on that show, when they started dating I knew for a fact it was financially motivated on his part because there’s no way anyone would date her with that behavior. Just because he impregnated someone with money doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to work ever again lol. It’s been what 5 years in Indiana? Get a damn job!

  7. They’re both trash. Poor James. Gary and Kristina should pursue custody of him and let those lazy slobs have visitation only.

    1. Amber been selling her kids for their whole lives so what he wants to do meet and greet. Amber never been good mom kid would be better off in California where he could work and grandparents could watch him.

      1. Anyone who would pay $10,000 to meet Andrew and James is not stable. Amber is a shit mom, but what Andrew did here is indefensible. That was a f’ed and dangerous thing to attempt.

  8. Andrew…. You were totally trying to sell meetings with James. If you were serious about trying to make that Preggie Brain game you would have posted it on kickstarter not gofundme….

  9. Either way this is a shitty thing to do and with poor excuses out of his mouth. Always seemed like a shady guy who doesn’t seem genuine. That poor baby boy :/

  10. I’m going to be 100% truthful here, I do not like Andrew at all, but Ambie would be better off letting this moocher move to his mother’s and pay him child support. Yes, I do believe it’s cruel for Andrew to pull this while advertising for money as an *exclusive* with him and his son. So this *good* very stable dad is cool with bringing his kid around perfect strangers for some scratch?

    Look, we all know most of the guys that get involved with TMs definitely have their own skeletons and the worst TMs they pick we all KNOW something just ain’t right with that boy.

    Amber, get sober, gets your meds and therapy in check, and work on your relationship with Leah. She’ll cut you off sooner than later and maybe actually trying to deal with Leah will help you in the future with James. You can’t control or change any players in this, only yourself. Focus on truly getting healthy in your mind as well as your body.

  11. Hey Amber, maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to write and publish that RIDICULOUS book basically confessing to being a selfish drug addict, whore, narcissist, and raging fool who makes very questionable life choices?

    That’s the kind of thing that can and will be used against you in court when you try to explain why your kid shouldn’t be taken across the country to live without you.

    Of course, you could always show them your track record with your first child.

    Oh wait….

  12. If a person had their life in order they would never give Amber the time of day. Andrew was living with his mother, he was in his 30s. He had stalked a former girlfriend, and was and is a loser. No winners would be involved with Pigwood!

  13. I could give two shits if he takes him away from the POS egg donor, but it’s shitty to move him away from Leah.

    This is why shitwads shouldn’t procreate. They care about no one but themselves.

  14. He’s SELLING access to the kid?! Amber’s bad, but this is NOT okay! At least Leah has a decent dad and stepmom. Poor James. This lazy stay-at-home dad needs to get a real J.O.B. Good dad’s take any job, not just the ones that make him happy. Amber bred with a real winner this time. Can’t we just give James to Gary and Kristina?

  15. Just…wow! Andrew’s three job offers in California make zero sense. Maybe he should get a real estate license before even mentioning that job in court. What experience does he have in sales? There isn’t sales in Indiana or the ability to work remotely? I’m definitely not an Amber fan, but Andrew is SO sketchy. Why give fans access to James for $10k? You can put a price on your child’s safety? Also, Andrew isn’t even listing ANY cinematography jobs in this argument, just the fact he can live at his mom’s place instead of Amber’s. I understand it would be more comfortable being with family and that Amber has had issues with James’ involvement anyway (cancelling visitation schedules over rain…etc). Amber could easily visit James for a weekend every month and still have it be cheaper than renting her own place and paying for the other one Andrew and James currently live in. I don’t think there is necessarily a right answer because both of these people are awful.

  16. Leah is the case study for why it should be considered for Andrew to be permitted to move. If Amber misses or cancels a fraction of the visits with James that she has with Leah, I see no reason to keep him in Indiana. Amber has crushed Leah and has never attempted to change the behavior that led to it.

  17. Oh get the F outta here with that shit. He’s such a lazy psychopath. Plus let’s take a kid away from his sister. God I hate Andrew. And yes I can hate Andrew and that say nothing about my feelings about Amber.

    1. True, it’s not fair to Leah, but Amber DOES seem to be trying and that’s what’s the most important (for her to get better for her children as well as herself). So in truth this isn’t fair to her neither.

      Andy says he wants Amber to get better but how does he expect her to get better if he pulls this?!!

      Gary would NEVER pull this shit!!!

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