MTV’s New Show ‘Help! I’m In A Secret Relationship!’ to Expose Reasons People Keep Their Relationships on the Down-Low; Watch the First Trailer

Real cringey, we imagine.

Hidden romances will soon be exposed on MTV’s new reality show, Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship!

Hosted by musician Travis Mills and actress Rahne Jones, the series will focus on relationships that are being kept on the down-low and the reason behind all of the secrecy, The Wrap reports.

“Hey watch our show or they’ll replace it with more reruns of ‘Ridiculousness!'”

“Each episode, the hosts will investigate every jaw-dropping twist of a relationship on the brink, uncover shocking clues and theories as to why they’re being kept hidden, and bring the couple face to face to expose the shocking truths behind their partner’s deception,” the show’s logline reads. “When their unpredictable secrets are finally revealed, will the truth set them free or will it end the relationship forever?” 

” …and my relationship drama on the right network.”

In the trailer for the new series, viewers get a look at some of the relationship issues plaguing the pairs, including one woman who reveals she has been with her boyfriend for years, but has never met any of his friends.  

“He said I would meet his friends; that was two years ago,” she says in the trailer. “I still haven’t met anybody.” 

“But, like, maybe they’re all just really busy, ya know?”

“I know she loves me, but she hasn’t been wearing her ring,” another person states in the trailer, before later revealing that his girlfriend also doesn’t post photos of the two of them online, nor does she follow him on social media.

“I’m a ghost in your life,” another person tells their partner in the clip. “It’s like I don’t exist.” 

This couple is giving the term “boo” a whole new meaning.

As the hosts work with each partner to solve the reason for all the secrecy, a number of possibilities are suggested, including a hidden career as a stripper, homelessness, and incriminating videos on the Internet.  

there’s the MTV-level class we know and love!

‘Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship!’ premieres Tuesday, April 26, on MTV. 

Watch the trailer below! 

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube)


  1. I’ll make this easy, if someone isn’t wanting to make your relationship public, they either: 1) Fear the repercussions (married, judgement from others, etc)
    Or 2) The most simple of answers, they’re embarrassed of you. Period.

  2. Great another quality show, with quality people doing, oh wait. Another shitshow, with shitty people doing shitty things. Thanx MTV.

  3. MTV has a show coming out that isn’t a spin off of catfish, ridiculousness, jersey shore or teen mom?!?! How is this not national news?

  4. More shows about women degrading themselves to the lowest level. More shows about ppl lying to someone.


  5. More trash reality from MTV. Either they need to remember what the M in their name actually stands for or straight up change the M to an R.

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