Vinny Guadagnino Says He Would Never Date Newly-Single ‘Jersey Shore’ Costar Angelina Pivarnick: “I Would Rather Jump Off This Balcony”

“Sorry, not sorry!”

Vinny Guadagnino may have taken his Jersey Shore costar Angelina Pivarnick to the Smush Room a time or two back in the day, but he’s made it very clear that he’s not at all interested in the newly single Angelina. In fact, he says he’d rather jump to his death than get involved with her romantically.  

As The Ashley previously reported, Angelina’s husband Chris Larangeira– who has appeared alongside Angelina on Jersey Shore Family Vacationfiled for divorce at the end of January after Angelina allegedly “got close” to Acapulco Shore star Potro Caballero while filming the spinoff All Star Shore in Spain in November and December.  

“Not one of my finest moments, but certainly not my worst!”

Despite Angelina’s seemingly single-status, Vinny told Us Weekly the rumors that he’s dating or wants to date Angelina are false, and he’d take very extreme measures before ever considering otherwise.

“Right now I’m on the 18th floor of my hotel,” he said. “I would rather jump off this balcony than ever entertain one of those [dating] rumors. I don’t know if people think that I’m like, capping, or I’m lying about this. Like, when I tell you there’s not an ounce of energy or anything in my body that has any kind of romantic attraction toward Angelina, I promise you, I do not.” 

While Angelina may not be Vinny’s cup of Ron Ron Juice tea, he believes she’d be down to take things further if he were willing to do so. 

Angelina, trying like hell to open the door to a relationship with Vinny…

“She’d probably smash,” he said. “You know, I’m a pretty good catch. So if I, like, wanted to, and I was like, ‘Yo, Angelina, like, I really like you.’ I mean … she wouldn’t say no, you know? But I don’t think she’s actively trying to get with me either.” 

As for his thoughts on Angelina’s divorce from Chris, Vinny said he has not spoken to or seen Angelina so he doesn’t “really know what’s going on.” 

Angelina’s love life…

“All I know is that they’ve been going through that on and off divorce stuff for, like, since they got married,” he said. 

After tying the knot in November 2019, Angelina and Chris made a habit of discussing their marital problems on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation,’ and in January 2021, Angelina even filed for divorce, though she and Chris reconciled and the split was later called off.

Despite the reconciliation, the couple continued to have problems throughout 2021, with Chris even telling some of the other ‘Shore’ spouses that he sometimes wished he and Angelina weren’t on the show and were living a normal life instead.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Vinny the thing is no wants to smash you and I’m sorry you pick unavailable women because you are in love with Angelina and until you admit they you will be loveless your whole life.

  2. Vinny, I used to like you but…seriously, no one asked? Why do you think she would want to rekindle something that happened ages ago? The only tolerable now is seriously Mike. Others are insufferable.

    1. I totally agree. I’ve come to only watch for Mike and at times Pauly. I’ve enjoyed watching Mike go from the most ignorant annoying a$$ into someone who admits his failures and is growing up. I never thought he would be my favorite watching the original show.

      Watching the girls get trashed each episode and then drunk fighting with each other is not entertaining anymore. The drinking craziness of this group was funny in their early 20s but now in their 30s with children, it’s getting really old. It seems like MTV just wants to pit the girls against each other for a dramatic storyline that the whole family has to get through. Having a season or 3 based around a wedding speech fight just makes the girls all look petty and hard to watch.

      Seeing the family getting crazy racing cardboard boats in the pool had me cracking up. MTV more of this please!!!

  3. Vinny has always, since day 1, seemed checked out on this whole group. He seems to think he’s better than everyone else, and surely is only doing it for the paycheck. I recently rewatched the old Jersey Shore, and he was just a snob right out of the gate.

    1. Yeah, he thought he was hot shit because he was the youngest in the group and Snooki told everyone he had a huge wang. I always found him a bit cringe tbh: he kept banging Snooki and Angelina and then judging them for it, like he’s so much better than them. He is disrespectful towards women and then he goes on about finding the perfect Italian wife (to be his new mommy), you’ll be lucky to get anyone to marry you mate, probably riddled! Might only be Angelina left!

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