Amber Portwood & Andrew Glennon’s Drug Test Results are Revealed After Judge Orders the Exes to Undergo Testing as Part of Custody Battle

I wonder if they went to Gary’s favorite testing location “Any Test Now!” 

After demanding in October that his baby mama Amber Portwood take a drug test after she exhibited what he thought was questionable behavior, Andrew Glennon was recently court-ordered to take a test himself as part of the exes’ custody battle over their son James.

According to The Sun, both Andrew and Amber were ordered by an Indiana judge to submit to a “10 panel urine drug screening,” which tested for methamphetamines/amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, and opiates, including hydrocodone, oxycodone, PCP, methadone, propoxyphene, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, ecstasy and heroin. The judge made this decision during an attorney conference held January 31. 

The Sun reports that both parties’ tests came back negative for the drugs listed above.

As The Ashley previously told you, Andrew made the request after claiming the Teen Mom OG star had displayed “paranoid” behavior during a custody exchange. Andrew said he suspected Amber may have been using meth–- a drug he claims to have seen Amber use in the past. He also noted Amber’s “history of substance of abuse, even while pregnant with and subsequently caring for the minor child herein.”

(Amber went on to deny the claim in her response to the court.) 

Andrew and Amber underwent testing February 1, and The Sun reports that both parents tested negative for all substances. 

“Umm… congrats, mom and dad. I guess… “

A final hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, March 2, and Thursday, March 3. (The “final” hearing means that the case can’t be continued.) 

This is the latest in Amber and Andrew’s drawn-out custody war, which began shortly after Amber was arrested in July 2019 for domestic battery on Andrew. In February 2021, Amber requested a change to the pair’s custody agreement, which would allow her to have overnight visits with James once he turned three– which he did in May 2021. 

A month later, Andrew and Amber were ordered to resolve their custody issues out of court within 60 days, but they were unable to do so. 

“This rill woman doesn’t back down.”

Prior to Andrew demanding that she undergo a hair follicle drug screening, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star requested full custody of her son after she felt that Andrew had implied on social media that she had hit their three-year-old. (Andrew later claimed his Instagram account had been “hacked” and Amber denied ever hitting their son.) 

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35 Responses

    1. Who?

      Oh yeah, True Dat, didn’t she defend Amber alot? I’m not defending Amber so how do I sound like her?

        1. Dang, I think I missed at record down votes. What did it say? Or just a general idea is fine, too.

          True Dat was a hot mess.

  1. The only people on drugs are US, the loyal/bemused readers of another depressing Amber news item. Pass the crack-pipe!
    Jesus God Leah…

  2. The fact that Amber has been open about being diagnosed with BPD, she should be on some type of mood stabilizer the fact that she tested negative is not a good thing.

    It could explain some of her erratic behavior.

    Also, people out calling Andrew crazy, yeah no sh*t. You gotta have a few screws loose to want to be with Amber.

  3. I think it’s more troubling in this case that there were no drugs found, because then we can only blame terrible behavior on themselves.

    If they are this badly behaved SOBER, then god help those kids if these parents DO use substances.

    1. If?? If these parents use substances.

      I think it’s been broadcasted all along that they use…at least Amber has and maybe still does.

      I hope not, I hope she’s straightened up but I’ve hoped she was straight before and she ended up not being sober.

    2. Knowing plenty of addicts, recovering and otherwise, if either is on a substance like meth or heroine, and the individual knows a UA is coming up – as long as they can get threw withdrawals/keep hydrated, they can pass the test after 3 days without use. Weed can stay in the system for over a month, but other drugs can clear the system with a good medical detox. And both these individuals can afford such

    1. Exactly. Kudos to the judge for having them both tested and staying a step ahead of their pettiness. Because you know Amber would have accused him too so better just to have them both tested now.

  4. andrew’s just being a petty coparent at this point. i dislike amber a lot and don’t think she’s capable of being a full time parent yet but she has been showing growth and improvement. i never understand why parents love to have drama with the other parent and don’t choose peace

          1. IF I were Amber, why would I throw myself under the bus by saying “not saying she isn’t guilty”?

            Anyone with common sense would/should know that I’d defend myself instead.

  5. I think Andrew needs a serious Psychological exam. The behavior he exhibits on social media is bizarre. And this isn’t an Amber or Andrew comment. This is strictly Andrew. Baby James truly free a short stick.

    1. This creep told a mother he hoped something bad would happen to her child, he’s into conspiracy and QAnon. When you look at his past too, all together, you wonder wether it’s such a good idea for him to parent without any monitoring of James

      1. I just feel like he decided to hook up with Amber during/after Couples Therapy (I think) while she was in her full awfulness said a lot to begin with.

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