“1000 Lb. Sisters’ Star Tammy Slaton Loses Home During Rehab Stay: “She Doesn’t Have A Place to Live,” Says Sister Amy

“Anyone lookin’ for a new roommate?”

Tammy Slaton may not have a home to return to when she gets out of rehab.

In an interview with The Sun, Tammy’s sister and 1000-Lb. Sisters co-star Amy Slaton Halterman shared that Tammy is no longer able to pay rent on the duplex they once shared because she’s spending all of her money on the rehab facility she’s been in for the last few months. 

“Tammy’s Social Security pays it, it takes her whole Social Security check, the show isn’t paying,” Amy told The Sun. “That’s why I hear she doesn’t have a place to live because she can’t afford the rent.”

What Tammy might be willing to pay in rent…

Amy is not against helping her sister out, though.

“When she comes out, she’ll stay with me for a little bit, soon as we find a place she’ll go there,” Amy said.

As The Ashley reported, Tammy checked into an Ohio rehab facility late last year for weight loss after allegedly displaying “reckless” behavior and admitting to drinking excessively and smoking to cope with her mental health issues. TLC had paid for a previous rehab stay for Tammy, but this time she’s covering the costs herself, Amy told The Sun.  

When news broke that Tammy had entered the rehab facilities, sources told The Sun that she planned to complete her stay by the summer. Amy sees a different timeline.

“I’m not sure when she’s gonna come back, but I know that she’s getting the help she need[s],” Amy told The Sun. “If she needs to be up there for a year, two years, that’s fine. She needs the help.”

Since entering the rehab facility, Tammy has reportedly lost over 100 pounds and is sharing caption-less selfies and videos with fans on her Instagram.


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  1. I just want to say wake the fuck up, what the fuck even are you? no kingdom in calssification can even identify you u fucking morph, u are alive in this world and you gotta make something of it, im not seeing any change and i just received news you have a forehead chin, you do better if u just tried to move a little, either become a g or stay in the lgbtq and eat your life away like the whale. stay hard!

  2. I hope they turn her in to Medicare or what ever she is on, with all the $ she is making from the show and youtube she should have been kicked off medicaid a long time ago. Poor Michael and Gage and the new baby. I’m done with you Amy.

  3. So what? After she leaves rehab, she can GET A JOB!!! They can also line up a place for her before she leaves and move straight into it, passing Amy’s on the way. Rehab is the most important thing right now and Tammy desperately needs to get her act together, no matter how long she needs to be there. So what if she lost the other place?

  4. Moving Tammy in she will never leave. Must be a TLC money thing to keep going. Michael you are a good man. Now you have number 2 on the way. Hope all goes well. I really don’t understand how she lost her home unless this is the plan for show to go on.

  5. Every time I watch this show, I just pray for Michael and wish him all the blessings in the world. Dude really has to love Amy to put up with Tammy for her and push 600+ pounds around everywhere.

  6. Poor Amy…I hope she doesn’t get stuck with her. Tammy was paying for those guys booze and probably smokes and food. Any other husband wouldn’t put up with all Micheal does.

  7. Tammy had this all planned out. I don’t feel sorry for Amy anymore but I do feel sorry for Michael and Gage. Hey Amy, how much longer do you think Michael can push her around in that wheel chair? It is destroying his back, what are you going to do when he can’t work anymore, plus you are taking quality time away from Michael and Gage when he hurts his back. Let Tammy go stay with Chris or one of her sisters who won’t put up with her crap.

  8. I’m trying to do some math here without numbers, here goes nothing…

    Tammy is on Disability, her whole check goes to rent. Yet she’s stayed in the same place after her sister Amy (other income) moved out. Again, her check goes to rent, but she still has extra money for booze and smokes? Yeah, we are missing a lot of information.

    If Tammy is on DSSI then she should qualify for income based housing. To further that, her rehab should be covered in some way through a state type Medicaid. She’s got plenty of options and really better off than most making the same choices.

  9. What are these articles, why does she need two places? She’s living in the rehab, and why does she need extra money, everything is covered there, room, board, food, what else does she need?

    Don’t even get me started on the fact that she qualifies for social security at 35 is because she’s morbidly obese and has never worked a day in her life. It’s not like she spent 30 years paying into it.

  10. Tammy we love you! Stick it out for us fans. We need you and Amy on TV. We need to see your journey to weight loss independence. Love Ya Tammy!

    1. Amen, LMP.

      Amy is conveniently leaving the TLC money out of the conversation. I used to be sympathetic to both Any & Tammy but I finally wised up & now realize it’s a big scam & lifestyle of their choosing. The person I feel sorry for is Michael tho. He’s really been put in an impossible position & taken advantage of by Amy & Tammy. No one should be expected to push Tammy’s wheelchair the way they all expect Michael to for Tammy. Michael can’t win tho. He risks his marriage if he refuses to literally haul her huge ass around & he risks his health if he continues to do so.

      They’ve both been raking in money from their YouTube channel for years & then when they landed the TLC show they hit the jackpot! More money than they could have ever dreamed of suddenly started arriving regularly from TLC. From the lifestyle & socioeconomic picture they paint for themselves, I think most people estimate their income to be near poverty level. That’s very far from the case, tho. Their deal with TLC gave them both hundreds of thousands of dollars a year! There’s something wrong/being hidden/lied about with the story Amy is selling about Tammy going to be broke &/or homeless. As for Tammy not having any money – heck, she spent it on food, alcohol, drugs – she essentially supported her slimey “boyfriend” while he visited her for months, she paid for his transportation to visit her, delivery services for her impulse but regular buys of food & trinkets. There are consequences to all behaviors, Tammy & Amy.

      IF the rehab facility Tammy is in is accepting only her monthly Medicare income amount as payment, then that tells me they are a participating provider & would be billing Medicare directly for her care meaning she would still be getting her regular monthly Medicare income. Is she paying the facility on top of what they’re billing Medicare? Questionable, I think. IDK, but that would have to be the case if it’s true that she’ll have no cash when she leaves the place but the day she leaves, her income would start up again. She shouldn’t have blown all her money on food, booze, drugs & partying, I guess. 🙍

      Why does anyone have to give her a place to live? The family should pool their money to pay the deposit & first month rent on a new place for her so when she gets out she wouldn’t need to live with anyone.

      Once she moves in with Amy, she’ll never leave again & Amy will have her as her excuse to not work on herself & her own family – again. Worst plan ever, but I’m not surprised this is what Amy is contemplating doing. Their TLC income should have come with a conservator requirement. Neither Tammy nor Amy are capable of properly managing that amount of money.

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