Farrah Abraham Says She’s Moving Out of California & Claims She’s Lost Function of Upper Right Side of Her Body Due to Arrest “Attack”

“They should be charged with DISFUNCTIONING a public figure! PER LAW!”

Trigger Warning: The article below contains mentions of suicidal thoughts.

California will soon be rid of Farrah Abraham.

TMZ caught up with the Teen Mom Family Reunion star on Saturday as she was standing next to a moving truck, watching people haul her crap out of her Hollywood apartment. Farrah— who, as you will remember, was arrested earlier this month for allegedly slapping a security guard and held down in a citizen’s arrest until cops arrived— claimed she wasn’t able to help with the move because the security guard’s “attack” that night left her physically unable to.

She also says the incident has made her realize that she “sadly” needs to move out of California.

Naturally, as Farrah explained what happened, she used the incorrect words and some of her signature “Farrah Speak.”

“I can’t physically… I lost dysfunction in my upper right side of my body,” Farrah tells the site’s reporter. “I was recently actually attacked and illegally cuffed to some guy.

Farrah during the incident…clearly NOT cuffed to anyone…

“It’s just sad losing function,” she claimed later in the video, adding later, “You can’t illegally cuff someone, basically break their arm, tear everything. Like, it is severe, and I hope I don’t have to get next surgery and a shoulder surgery.” (No, that’s not a typo, she actually said “next surgery.”)

Farrah also claims she’s in physical therapy now. 

As The Ashley told you earlier this week, Farrah was bounced from the premises of a Hollywood club after reportedly slapping one of the club’s security guards. After she was removed from the venue, Farrah went on to be arrested for battery– but not before finding herself face-down on a sidewalk after being placed under citizen’s arrest. 

The female security guard who Farrah allegedly hit recently spoke out, claiming she received a black eye from the Backdoor Teen Mom.

Farrah told TMZ on Saturday that the whole incident made her “really suicidal” this week. She then begins to cry and her father, Michael Abraham, appears out of nowhere to comfort her. 

“I just had such a hard time dealing with it,” a sobbing Farrah says.

She then says she’s afraid to go out now because she’s afraid security would “do that again” to her.

“Um… they probably won’t as long as you keep your mitts to yourself, Ma!”

She went on to accuse someone– assumingly the female security guard who said Farrah hit her— of defamation.

“I’ve been working so hard on myself this past two weeks since the incident,” Farrah says through sobs. “I guess it’s like defamation when someone says you touched them and I was actually attacked. It’s just scary. It’s scary to be a woman in that position. I was grateful for the police coming.” 

Farrah then reveals that she was supposed to “travel and do comedy this year” (umm?) but it appears that won’t be happening because she’s “scared of people right now.”

“Just thinking that the comical stylings of Farrah Abraham will not be heard this year makes me sad!” 

Farrah once again proclaims her innocence on the night in question, saying she was “doing nothing.” She also schools the TMZ reporter with some of her fancy “law school (but not actually attending law school)” legal jargon.

“Hearsay is not the law,” Farrah explains. “You can say someone did something, where is the proof?”

Farrah says (in her signature “Farrah Speak” way) that she’s decided to move out of California because she’s only received harassment in Los Angeles.

“I have never had— in the entirety of me moving all over, which I love to move, I love to travel, my Dad knows I have never had it in any other state, any other country. It’s only been in Los Angeles.”

Farrah did not reveal where she will be wreaking havoc moving to next; however, it’s likely that she’s heading back to Austin, where her father Michael currently lives and she used to live during her time on Teen Mom OG.

Hopefully someone ordered her a Porta-Potty for her new driveway…

You can watch Farrah’s interview below!

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(Photos: TMZ, Instagram, MTV)

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  1. This has been covered on Reddit and by bloggers on You Tube. I think the rape fantasy videos started fairly recently and apparently fellow tenants of the apartment complex didn’t feel comfortable in the clientele Farrah attracts. I guess she pretty well publicized where her apartment building was at. The selling of farts and poop has been proven and spoken about quite extensively on Reddit and by bloggers for some time. Farrah left Only Fans because she wanted to go more hard-core with her videos (rape fantasy). I don’t remember the name of the social outlet she’s with now, which I’m actually glad I dont…?

    1. Farrah is a pig, and an unfit parent. She deserves everything that happens to her. I hope she gets jail time for assault, and that CPS finally steps in. High time this biatch pays for her behavior.

  2. Hahahhahhah She wants to do comedy…… her entire life is one big joke and comedy. Go away already, Farrah

  3. What about the lady she hit at the club. Maybe she can sue as well.
    Look out Austin Texas, crazy is coming to town.

  4. Lol ok this cuffing incident just happened recently but she’s had a broken arm, had surgery, and PT.
    Sure Jan.

    1. Losing dysfonction means having function, no?

      Poor Sophia, she’s homeschooled by Farrah, baby goo needs we pray for her!

  5. As much as I want to throw hate at Farrah, i just can’t. Someone saying they’re suicidal is no joke. I can’t stand up for mental health if I’m making fun of someone who claims they’re suicidal. You actually never know when someone is serious.

  6. I saw the headline on page6 and rushed to the Ashley ???

    If only she lost a bit of dysfunction but good for California. Horrible that people actually get punished for violence, poor Farrah ?

  7. I suspect Farrah has been here given all the downvotes ? I definitely agree that she is setting up for a lawsuit. She’s probably now seeking a “doctor” that will perform whatever surgery “she needs” to aid in that suit?

  8. Lying is a sin destructive to society; for there is no trade where there is no trust, and there is no trust where there is no truth. Sir Nibs

    stay lit, don’t lie

  9. Maybe Farrah and Jenelle should go see the same doctor together. They can both get diagnosed as being completely full of shit.

    Ofc she’s going to TX and it’s the end of the month, too? Probably an eviction. Easily researchable, right?

  10. Doesn’t she see, she is doing comedy. Everything about her is one big joke. As if anyone would ever believe any of that. She is so delusional. You sure didn’t lose any dysfunction Farrah you still have that.

  11. How’s she going to get her no law school law degree if she moves out of CA? I don’t think other states offer that feature.

  12. I don’t know about anyone else but when most people cry actual tears fall. She is so dramatic yet no tears.

    She says, “Hearsay is not the law,” Farrah explains. “You can say someone did something, where is the proof?” Using that logic the attacks that she claimed were inflicted on her is hearsay. What she claims the security guard did is hearsay. I’m pretty positive that more than one person has come forward saying that Farrah hit the security guard first.

    She is ridiculous.

  13. Isn’t this the same person who wanted to do “celebrity” boxing? How was that ever gonna work out when she’s THIS dramatic about being restrained ?

    1. I was waiting for The Ashley to cover this! I think she was either kicked out of her apartment or could no longer pay rent. It’s back to ever-the-doormat Mykol’s TX basement. Rumor has it the apartment management received complaints of Farrah doing rape fantasy videos from her apartment. It is beyond me how anyone can have any sympathy for this poor excuse for a human being doing rape fantasy videos…with her child living in the home no less! No doubt she will sue in hopes of getting bank. Money from selling her poop only goes so far. As far as her so-called injuries and suicidal thoughts…Farrah, not only your shoulder is dysfunctional.

      1. Where is any info on any of that? I’ve seen it brought up before in the comments but I feel like if there was truth to it it would have been covered on a larger scale or maybe I just missed it…

  14. She said ‘neck’ surgery. I think some of her problems speaking is her articulation due to all those lip injections. She can’t move her lips correctly. She needs to be more worried about all her lies, and can somebody please get Sophia away from her??

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