Farrah Abraham Vows to Sue; Claims She Was a Victim of “Batterment” & a Hate Crime After Being Arrested at Hollywood Club (A Full Timeline & Recap of Events)

“I am a lawyer, law student, and the Number One Celebrity Of Our Nation! HOW DARE YOU!?”

Farrah Abraham was arrested on Saturday night, after the Los Angeles club she was eating dinner at claimed the Teen Mom OG star slapped their security guard.

Farrah— who was also arrested in 2018 after getting into a fight with a security guard at a Beverly Hills hotel— claims that she was attacked at dinner by a hater, then dragged outside by the club’s security guard and held down in a citizen’s arrest until the cops arrived. 

According to TMZ, Farrah allegedly “got belligerent and was asked to leave the club but refused. At some point, she allegedly slapped the guard.”

The security guard initiated a citizen’s arrest and the cops eventually came and hauled the Backdoor Teen Mom away.

Naturally, Farrah is doing what Farrah always does when she gets in trouble: spews her signature “Farrah Speak” word salad, threatens to sue someone/everybody, and flaunt her “injuries” for the paparazzi.

“Say what you want about me but I’m consistent!”

Since this whole thing has become more confusing than Farrah’s Harvard term paper, The Ashley is going to attempt to put together a timeline of events regarding Farrah’s arrest and what has happened since.

Saturday Night:

Farrah was dining at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood with another female. According to the girl Farrah was with, a female walked up to their table and “punched” both the girl and Farrah in the head. 

“This bar threw her out when this one woman punched us both in the face,” Farrah’s friend told LA News Connection, who was filming as a screaming and swearing Farrah was being held on the sidewalk until the cops came. “I’m going to talk to the cops about it…this woman upstairs didn’t like her, she’s on a TV show, and she came up to us and she started trashing [Farrah]…I called the cops initially before anyone because I was punched in the head by a stranger.”

Farrah’s friend told the outlet that, while Farrah didn’t touch the “hater” girl; she did “attack the people who work here.” 

“Those club employees should be HAPPY someone as famous as me touched them!”

Farrah— who posted photos of herself having drinks earlier that night– was then hauled downstairs and asked to leave the club. An allegedly drunk and belligerent Farrah refused and then allegedly slapped the club’s security guard.

The security guard then performed a citizen’s arrest on Farrah, holding her down on the sidewalk (with her face in the dirt…naturally).

“Unhand me, peasant! I am famous!”

In video taken of the citizen’s arrest, a loud and (seemingly) drunk Farrah keeps screaming, “AMEN!” and informing everyone that she’s a “JD law student.”

“You know why people fight hard in jail?! Sickos like you! Harassers like you!” Farrah is heard screaming as she’s facedown in the dirt. “Harassers like you! Harassers like you, to a single mom! AMEN! I’ve already been calm. I already will be calm…I am a JD law student! I will be more calm than anyone has ever been!”

(You can watch video of this, courtesy of @MadeItNewzTV, below!) 


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The security guard can be heard telling her to “please be calm” and telling Farrah not to try to bite or kick anyone anymore. Farrah denies ever getting physical with anyone.

“I’m going to sit you up,” he tells her. “Please be calm. I’m waiting for the police!”

The police finally arrive, to find a screaming Farrah yelling at everyone that she’s a JD law student. 

“I don’t understand why there are cuffs being put on me,” Farrah screeches as she’s being handcuffed by the police. The cops tell her that she assaulted someone, to which Farrah says, “I didn’t! I didn’t hit anyone! I would never hit anyone. I didn’t offend anyone…I love how someone tried to say something but it’s PER LAW that I never f**king hit anyone! I never even touched anyone.”

Farrah reminds everyone that she was on “national TV.” She then busts out what must be her new phrase-of-the-day, “per law!” 

“This is someone who has a JD law degree!” Farrah screams at the cop. “I never even touched someone— PER LAW! Per you putting someone in cuffs, per law!”

Farrah— who lost her high heels in the commotion, screams that she has “no heels on, and was put in cuffs— against the law!” 

A heel-less, leopard-pants-wearing Farrah is then shoveled into the police car screaming, “I love it! I love against the law! I love it!” 

Farrah was booked on a misdemeanor assault charge, and released from the clink at 1:48 a.m., per the arrest record. (It is unknown where Farrah’s 12-year-old daughter Sophia was during this time.)

“‘Member during our Reunion fight when you told the ‘Teen Mom’ producers to haul the criminals to jail? Guess you’re the criminal now! Hope you had fun in jel!”


Naturally, though, Farrah is telling a different story, posting continuously to Instagram Stories that she was unfairly detained, harassed, targeted and assaulted. She also denied hitting anyone. (The Ashley is leaving Farrah’s “writings” uncorrected to preserve their “Farrah Speak” qualities.) 

“For the record I would never touch, harm or continue cycles of abuse or hatred,” Farrah wrote on Instagram Stories on Sunday.

“Ummmm Farrah, did ya forget that you shoved and tried to hit me?!”

“I couldn’t use my phone to call police as you clearly see I’m the one being attacked and lied about. Can’t wait for court and pressing charges as that is what I would do and is the 3rd time this year I am having to deal with being targeted and assaulted. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. My ptsd can’t handle anymore attacks.” 

She reposted screenshots of the video taken of her lying on the sidewalk during the citizen’s arrest, writing, “The staff yet again attack a paying customer and hold me against my will. The only 1 out of 3, woman abuse must stop. The staff should be in jail.” 

She continued to post photos of the incident. 

“Why is a male on top of me holding me down when I was walking. This is scary and he should be fired and in jail for batterment.”

(No, that’s not a typo. That’s a new “Farrah Speak” word, apparently.)

“I’m tired of people harassing me, holding me down, hurting me and lying about me and selling things to TMZ. It effects mothers…”

She then showed photos of her injuries, which she claims she received when she was “bruised and battered at dinner.” 

As per usual, Farrah claims that she was the victim of sexism. 

“I will never understand sexism & sexist hatred,” Farrah posted. “To all the men who wish me wrong, I give it to the 1 who created us all. I CARE FOR MEN & WOMAN EVERY DAY EQUALLY.”

Farrah’s ex-boyfriend, Simon Saran, weighed in on Farrah’s arrest on Sunday, tweeting a link to Starcasm‘s story about the arrest, along with the caption, “Not surprised! Violent alcoholic!” 

Farrah then claimed that she believed she was set up by the person who made her dinner reservation. She again reminded everyone she is a law student. 

“I’m putting a restraining order on @antonelloparloto who made this dinner reservation and conspired an attack on myself with the staff at @grandmaster_recorders as it was a ‘private persons arrest’ complete setup,” she wrote on social media.

“I realize it’s no longer safe for woman to go out to eat in their own neighborhoods…I look forward to my law degree and I look forward to court. Justice will be served as always.”


Two days after her arrest, Farrah was continuously posting “evidence” of her assault and innocence on Instagram.

“Grandmaster recorders is to blame for my assault, my body is in pain and I will never normalize abuse or violence like this. Wrong is wrong. Crime is crime.” 

“Why do all of these hate crimes just follow me around?! Save the children! Abuse! Discrimination of a celebrity! It’s all happening!”

“I was attacked on the rooftop and tried to leave for safety and was then assaulted by a security guard and lied about on the sidewalk,” Farrah posted. “Charges are being pressed— no customer should be attacked.”

“Damaging my body is serious and legal protocols were not followed on a public sidewalk awaiting police,” she captioned a photo of scratches she claimed she received during the incident. “This is against the law. Charges will be in full effect as no one should ever have this happen to them. Stop normalizing abuse!” 

In addition to posting photos of her injuries to Instagram, Farrah took it a step farther and “just happened” to be where paparazzi photographers were taking photos on Sunday. She carried her law school books and made sure that her outfit was pulled up in a way so that the photographers could snap pics of her injuries. 

As you do…

Farrah also posted one of her signature “Farrah Speak”-filled negative Yelp reviews about the club where the incident took place. Farrah claimed she was the victim of a hate crime, as well as racism and “batterment.”

“Batterment, racism, allowed by management,” Farrah wrote on the club’s Yelp page. “A woman and public figure who literally did nothing but pay them. I was let go by police after finding management and security was to blame an injustice to law. I can’t believe my friends head hurt from being hit and and security put me in the dirt! WARNING BATTERMENT! Assault! HARASSMENT! Do not go to this establishment if your a woman! Hate crimes are happening actively to paying customers.”

(Farrah frequently writes Yelp reviews claiming to be the victim of hate crimes, harassment, racism, etc. You can click here and here to read some of her Yelp “writings.”) 

This is Farrah’s third arrest. In addition to her arrest in 2018, Farrah was arrested in March 2013. The Big F was picked up for DUI after celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Nebraska. After the arrest, Farrah refused to take responsibility for her actions, and even appeared on an episode of The Dr. Phil Show to argue with The Doc about how, although she was drinking and driving, she wasn’t drinking and driving.

She was very, very angry that she was forced to take DWI classes and attend court-ordered intensive therapy. In one notable social media outburst, Farrah wailed that the U.S. government was “f**king up her life.”

Farrah’s court date is scheduled for May 19 in Los Angeles Municipal Court. 

The Ashley will update this post when more info is available.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. jesusgodleah please let someone have caught her slapping the security guard on camera. please let them post it side-by-side with her claim that she never hit anyone.

    actually no, she’d 100% still deny it. nevermind.

  2. For real though, can someone check on the school district where Farrah grew up? Are other kids coming out of their schools like this?

  3. Why was Farrah dressed like Peggy Bundy? I hope that since she has physically attacked someone in the past, a pattern of behavior lands her behind bars for an extended period of time so that Sophia can be placed with a normal, sane and stable adult.

  4. Two questions:

    1. Where is Sofia when she’s partying and getting arrested?
    2. Isn’t this the second time she’s gotten arrested at the Beverly Hills wouldn’t she have learned her lesson the first time?

    1. Sophia is like 12 or 13 by this point, isn’t she? I’m sure she is being left alone to fend for herself at this point.

      1. I think there’s a differnce between letting your daughter stay home by herself while you run some errands or go out to dinner.

        And “leaving her to fend for herself” while her mom is in jail.

        1. I didn’t say it was a good thing, I just stated that is likely what is happening. Farrah isn’t exactly mom of the year, in case you haven’t noticed

  5. It’s concerning that she claims she is not repeating cycles of abuse in one sentence with false claims of things she would never do. There’s enough proof she’s lying there.
    When will Sophia finally get the help she deserves?
    Porn was made in the same bedroom she shared with her mom, she’s being groomed, she appeared on her mom’s porn channel on Only Fans and even Only Fans closed it down because the scat at rape fantasies were against their policies, Farrah is agressive and mentally not well.

    1. Ah gosh I didn’t even notice my mistake, defamation was what I meant, how the heck deformation came out instead is strange lol, but I guess partly true lol.

  6. Does this fuckwit know what actual hate crime is? She’s as thick as mince, she is an uneducated deluded, narcissist.

  7. Farrah has needed help for a long time…I’m not saying this is the incident that will do it because she’s always a victim and always in denial. She has zero self awareness and treats other people badly.

    I don’t know what really happened, but someone coming up to your table and punching 2 people in the head is quite concerning. I don’t know what was said prior. I guess we will find out in May.

    1. No idea wether this is true but I have read Farrah threw tableware at the “hater” and her friend got hit by a tableware counter attack.

      Farrah has thrown with things before. When she was filming Big Brother UK, she gave a UK actress a brain concussion with a drinking glass.

  8. Dog piss and cigarette butts ground into her face, can not believe how much pleasure this brings me. Now when CPS steps up and finally does their job, I will be relieved. This could not have happened to a more deserving person. PER LAW.

  9. The picture of a shoeless Farrah lying on the sidewalk with her face in a pile of cigarette butts needs to be put in frame & hung up. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

  10. This moron needs to keep her hands to herself before she hits the right one in the wrong day, and really gets her ass beat. I can totally see someone rearranging her face worse than those plastic surgeons have.

  11. Surely she never got her GED or finish school successfully with such atrocious writing?

    Oh boy is she slurring and sounding beyond drunk in those videos.

    I fear for Sophia, where is Daddy Derek’s family when all this sh*t is being caused by their granddaughter’s lunatic mother? I’d have thought with Derek’s passing that the family would hold onto Sophia so tight…but doesn’t seem like they have much to do with her…

    Sophia’s likely got a very warped sense of ‘normal’ living with this woman obsessed with hate and violence and alleged yachting. Scary role model.

    1. She refuses to let Sophia be in Derricks families lives, she used to bother on and off with Derrick’s father, but that’s about it, she kept her daughter from getting to know her paternal family, they have tried to be in Sophia’s life, Farrhoe won’t have them involved.

    2. Derrek’s family doesn’t have any rights to Sophia. His father and wife have to suck up to Farrah to be able to see Sophia.
      They do see Sophia a couple of times a year.

      His mother tried to get visitation as a grandparent and was concerned about Sophia’s well being but she got nowhere. She isn’t the most stable person around it seems so maybe Sophia’s wellbeing wouldn’t be served seeing Derek’s mom Stormy.

    3. She has an AA in culinary arts or something like that. Not even enough education to apply for law school.

      And I love that she tried to take a Harvard writing class and the Professor told her to drop the class because her writing isn’t up to college standards. And then makes a yelp review that their are sophomores in HS in the class.

      Like the HS students writing is far superior than 30 year old Farrah. 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. The Ashley, has Farrah always had word salad, or can you recall this developing at a certain time (if so, when?)?

    1. I wondered this too and went back into her social media accounts years ago.
      She used to write really short posts but without strange words or typo’s. Coherent and normal.
      Not sure wether she got help, f.i. Michael. He did her PR/ marketing for a while.
      I’m afraid she’s under influence a lot.

    2. She’s always misused words and tried to sound smarter than she is actually is by using words she doesn’t understand but her word salad has gotten progressively worse over the years.

      I’ve noticed Michael also speaks in word salad and writes rather poorly too. Deb is the most articulate out of the three of them and seems to know how to form a proper sentence.

  13. “I have a JD law degree”! 🤣 What does the “JD” stand for exactly? Then she says “why are men laying on top of her”? Ummm…. Isn’t this how she earns her living besides selling her crap on a cotton ball in a mason jar, and God knows what else? What a train wreck!


      The Juris Doctor (JD) programme is a Professional Doctorate. It has a blend of taught, skills-based and research elements and is designed to provide our students with a world-class legal education, preparing them for the global and international environments in which they will be providing legal advice.

    2. JD is the degree you get when you get a law degree in the US, it stands for Juris Doctorate (those lawyers really love their latin, lol). Is like saying you have a BA- Bachelor’s of Art or BS – Bachelor’s of Science, it’s repetitive. You can only get a JD in law, you can’t get JD in medicine or writing.

      But Farrah doesn’t even have a Bachelor’s degree to even apply to get in to law school, she has an AA from a community college in culinary arts or something like that. She has taken a couple of those online classes universities to offer with no path for a degree and then claims she is getting degrees from those schools.

      Like she took an online class in writing from Harvard and the professor told her to drop the class because her writing is just not at college standards, and now she claims she went to Harvard.

  14. There is NO WAY a college w/ any credibility would enroll her a## PERIOD. Even the University of Phoenix, which requires a pulse & checkbook ONLY, would say HARD PASS. Can you imagine any school allowing her among other students? She’d be demanding to sign autographs, talking about her sex tape, and sharing ‘batterment’ anecdotes. Learning would grind to a halt, and groups of students would wonder when the school decided to mainstream ‘special need’ individuals. WHOOP DE DOO!

    1. My guess is she is trying to Kim Kardashian her way to a law degree. But she has to apprentice with a participating lawyer for a certain amount of supervised hours a week…like Kim did. Farrah is not doing that. I mean she got kicked out of a paid Harvard online writing class she was taking…she is still a clown like always.

  15. Farrah is confused…..she doesnt need to BECOME a lawyer, she needs to HIRE a lawyer!

    I didnt think there was anything Farrah could do to shock me, but after just reading that she is selling her poop in jars on her OnlyFans, and filming it(Farrah, they asked to see your cat, not your scat!), I just can’t even.

    Garbage person, garbage mother, she is and always will be a piece of selfish plastic trash.

    Farrah, get your shit together! (pun not planned, but so fitting.)

  16. Not surprising she hits everyone, we saw her mother hit her more than once on national television.
    Fame made it worse, but her parents started all this insanity.

  17. Why does she always mention being a single parent like she’s a friggin Holocaust survivor??
    Men and women raise children alone every single day,and they do it without the privilege that Farrah has, due to her reality TV career.
    Farrah is foolish. One look at what she writes and you know she’s empty. The rest of the world sees a woman that has the emotional maturity of a young teenage girl, and the self-awareness of Robert Durst, playing at being a grown up. My guess is that once Farrah and her daughter arrive at the same level of maturity they will have a lot of tension because Farrah will not tolerate someone challenging her.
    Im not mad that she got a face full of dirt. I imagine she would have stepped right over any other person if the roles were reversed. It only matters if it happens to her.

  18. Forget about the juicy details of this latest “batterment” incident for the moment, and just tell me: What more, exactly, is it going to take for the authorities to step in and (1) protect her minor daughter from this constant lunacy; and (2) put Farrah in a hold somewhere for psychiatric evaluation? I am all in favor of individual human rights, but isn’t there someone, ANYONE, keeping an eye on what she’s doing to her kid? What about Sophia’s rights? Farrah’s parents are at least as far out to lunch as Farrah is, so WHO is watching out for Sophia?

    This is painful to watch.

    1. @Beatrice – I 100% agree with your comment. Sophia has been forced to live in Farrah’s sick, dememted world with seemingly no oversight by CPS despite countless alarming incidents and Farrah’s escalating behavior. Sophia has been robbed of an education, stability, friends and family. I have real fear for Sophia. Maybe this latest incident will be the tipping point.

    2. I firmly believe that Sophia is going to be trafficked at some point very soon….and that Farrah will most likely know about it and allow it. That child is in real danger and no one is standing up for her.

    3. Does no one on here have CPS connections? Is anyone on here capable of getting this information to the authorities?. Any police conections here that can contact CPS?????

  19. All I know is Farrah’s arrest brought welcomed entertainment to my snowy, dreary weekend! I’d like to know more about this Angelo guy who supposedly made dinner reservations for these two women, him apparently not joining them, and who according to Farrah set up this entire attack. Is he one of her johns? And why was police not called when this phantom woman hit Farrah’s friend? It’s hard to tell drunk Farrah-speak from sober Farrah-speak as both are nearly intelligible. I think the number one shock in all this was that Farrah was with a friend and not her ever-present shadow, Sophia. Guess Sophia enjoyed a well-deserved night off.

  20. THANK YOU for the comprehensive coverage of this, The Ashley! I am inexplicably fascinated by this idiot. She is so bananas that I used to wonder if she was faking it and playing a character, but at this point, it appears genuine. It would be heartbreaking if she weren’t abusive to everyone around her. She is so awful that it is hard to muster any empathy for her.

    Sophia is the only member of that sh*tshow family I genuinely feel sad for.

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