Farrah Abraham Says She Was Kicked Out of Her Online Harvard Class; Rants On Yelp About “Mentally Unstable” Professor: “The Teacher Claimed I Had A Neurological Issue!”

“”I should just teach the classes myself!”

Farrah Abraham is angry, and is using those Harvard “smarts” she’s been learning to trash the school…and her professor who suggested the course Farrah selected was a bit above her writing level.

The former Teen Mom OG and current Master of the Word Salad took to Yelp to rip her professor and the Harvard Extension School, after she says she was booted from a course after her professor encouraged Farrah to enroll in a lower-level class that would better suit her writing skills level. In her Yelp review, Farrah called her professor “mentally unstable” and claimed the teacher told her she had a “neurological issue.” She also deemed Harvard “educationally abusive.”

(This is typical Farrah behavior. When some of her other endeavors have gone south, Farrah has written negative reviews about whatever company/school/person she feels wronged her, oftentimes accusing them of discrimination, hating women, being abusive, etc.)

Let’s dive into this Cornucopia ‘o’ Ridiculousness, shall we?

“Please let Farrah back in these classes or, if nothing else, please let us get another reality show from this mess!”

Farrah— who had been bragging for months about taking two Masters-level writing courses at Harvard— wrote the Yelp reviews earlier this week, but it is unknown when exactly she was booted from her course. (It appears that the class in question is “Writing in the Humanities.” Farrah also enrolled in “Intermediate Screenwriting.”)

(The Ashley is going to try her best to put the events in chronological order.)

Based on an email Farrah included in her Yelp review, Farrah’s professor, Patricia Bellanca, suggested Farrah take a writing course that’s a lower level than the one she had enrolled in. It appears that Professor Pat read Farrah’s writing sample and told the Backdoor Teen Mom that she was not up to par, skills-wise, to take the class. 

“Can’t hear you, can’t hear you…”

“My strong advice is that you drop this course now and take a lower-level writing course instead,” Professor Pat wrote to Farrah, adding that if she did this, she could still get a refund for the course. The professor also made Farrah aware that, should she choose to stay in the class anyway, she could be kicked out if she’s deemed to be “impeding the progress of the course.”

Naturally, Farrah didn’t heed Professor Pat’s warning, and— based on a screenshot provided by Farrah herself— she ended up getting locked out of the Zoom class by her professor. 

In Farrah’s Yelp review, she calls Professor Pat a “mentally ill bipolar teacher education abuse”…whatever that is. 

“All of the mentally discriminating, abusive hating! Someone call the cops and have these criminals locked up!”

It appears that Farrah tried emailing and calling anyone she thought could get her back in the class, but everyone ignored her. As we know, Farrah hates being ignored more than she hates MTV crew members using her indoor bathroom. Therefore, it’s no surprise that she ripped Professor Pat and the Dean for not returning her messages.

(Farrah served up a nice helping of her signature #FarrahSpeak Word Salad in the review. The Ashley is choosing to leave it unedited to preserve the “Farrah Speak.”)

“After attending Harvard and #1 being discriminated to the highest level by being locked out of my zoom for a course I payed for by the teacher Patricia Bellanca  and Dean Robert Neugenboren with no one answering emails, setting calls, nor the XXI, diversity, disabilities and admissions directors stepped in being cc’d from day 1 on the teachers misconduct, these are not responsible professionals these are bulling student tactics that are illegal and sexist.”

“I will not tolerate ‘bulling!'” 

(Since The Ashley is a certified Farrah Speak translator, allow her to tell you what Farrah is trying to say: Farrah was locked out of the course, so she called the professor and the dean and then directors from the disabilities, admissions and diversity departments, whom she CC’d on emails. She is accusing them of bullying her using tactics that are illegal and sexist, according to Farrah.) 

Farrah then says she had to fight to get the tuition she paid back (even though her professor warned Farrah in that email that Farrah would not be able to get a refund if she didn’t drop the course as suggested.) 

It appears that the professor also suggested that Farrah may be suffering from a “neurological issue.” 

“Why would you even SUGGEST that?”

“I had to dispute my tuition after the teacher claimed I had a neurological issue yet my other course I was asked to guest speak with effortless A. I would advise Harvard is not a safe nor credible school to attend. Educational abuse, deny student education, unsafe , discriminate, slander and poor mental health and writing and center help. Their own teachers do not know how to teach online!”

(Farrah Speak Translation: Basically, Farrah said this teacher said she had a mental health problem, which Farrah thinks is ridiculous given that, according to her, she got an “A” in her other course, and was even asked to guest speak because she did so well.)

In her Yelp review, Farrah then claims that Harvard used her for publicity because she’s so famous, but didn’t even want her to include their logo on her LinkedIn page. 

“Also due to Harvard purposely taking my status of attending for my education on & off of LinkedIn like an untrustworthy scam educational institution that they are it made news with my name,” she wrote. “How pathetic people can not even get peace to show their education that far is greater then a Harvard logo on LinkedIn … Harvard is pathetic and is educationally abusive to students.

The Ashley has reached out to Farrah’s professor, Patricia Ballanca, for comment. So far, no one from Harvard has responded to Farrah’s scathing Yelp review. 

“I’m pretty sure a visit from the Froco mascot could clear all of this mess up!”

If you’d like to further fry your brain and read more examples of Farrah’s absolute decimation of the English language, click here!

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  1. There is not one single coherent sentence in her entire review. It’s like she just strings words and thoughts together, in hopes they make sense. Her review is downright embarrassing, but also hilarious. Her very first (run on) sentence has multiple errors. My personal favorite is “payed”. And how she can knock this famous, well respected institution that’s literally been here for hundreds of years, is beyond me. She actually thinks she’s smarter than them all.

    How is this person raising another human, and how in the world did she ever run her businesses?? Lol

  2. Wow! I bet Harvard is shaking in their boots!
    Why would she cc emails to the disabilities department? Is she calling herself out?

  3. I also noticed on her other reviews to businesses she was often 45+ minutes late to appointments and when they could not make room for her she would leave a bad review.

  4. I highly doubt the neurological issue is a claim…pretty sure it’s based on fact…I often wondered the same thing…how can a person go from calm to crying and yelling in a matter of seconds…pretty sure there is something wrong in that noggin of hers.

    And Harvard…really??? I wonder which one of her sugar daddies is footing that bill??

  5. I have read this article several times because it is so goddamned funny that I can’t get enough of it. Farrah is the gift that keeps on giving, but the way you write squeezes every wonderful bit of hilarity out of her nonsense.

    The Ashley is definitely the top female celebrity in the nation! I look forward to reading your memoire someday.

    1. Farrah used to be able to articulate her thoughts and did not act like this. She’s on barbiturates, and no doubt other substances. How low is Farrah’s rock bottom? Does the limit exist?

  6. She had me at ‘payed’.

    I used to laugh at Farrah-speak.
    Then I got seriously worried for her lack of education (How’d she get her GED?!!)
    Now I’m back at laughing.

    She’ll never grasp what she’s doing wrong, she’ll never attend (& pass) an English 101 class. This is it for the rest of her life. This is as educated as Farrah will ever be.
    I doubt she could get a job at McDonald’s. I now see how she tanked her businesses.

    She better keep up her crazy plastic surgeries cause as soon as she opens her mouth everyone’s IQ drops & their headaches start.

  7. Harvard made news, by using her name? LMAO! De-lus-ional! If Harvard offered “nothing to really produce anything in the real world” Farrah, why the hell did you “attend”? Looks like her professor kicked her out the back door.

  8. Farrah is the embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger effect. If you looked it up in the dictionary, you would see her face right next to the definition: so stupid you can’t comprehend how stupid you are.

  9. She doesn’t realize the teacher was doing her a favor by telling her to drop the course. She could have just graded her papers (F) or zero points and let her fail and take her money which would be much more embarrassing.

    1. I assume Farrah was trying to educate the other students in Zoom & the teacher or other students couldn’t get a word in.

  10. One off these days The Ashley should do a progression of Farrah’s “neurological issues” by highlighting Farrah-speak through the years. She’s definitely getting worse, she’s pretty much neurologically catatonic at this point.

  11. Her writing is atrocious! How did she even graduate high school? She has zero concept of grammar and semantics.

  12. FYI Harvard Extension is not quite the same thing as Harvard. It is generally open enrollment with some courses requiring placement exams or writing samples. It is clear the Professor is in the right here. I’m sure the writing sample was probably one of the worst she has seen .

    1. Only one of? This chick is an idiot and she is clueless as to how dumb she is. Not even a clue how to use basic grammar or spelling. Makes my head hurt just reading it.

  13. It doesn’t take an MD to tell Farrah has neurological issues.

    I can’t imagine the writing assignments Farrah was submitting, that this woman is questioning her mental stability.

  14. Well if this isn’t the most Farrah thing of all time.

    GOOD LORD she is absolutely out of her head.

    My favorite part is her suggesting that freaking Harvard University needs publicity from HER. I could laugh for 3 days just thinking about how insane that is.

    She has absolutely no idea what type of people attend and work at Ivy League schools, and it is beyond hilarious that she thinks she’s about to go up against them. They do not have the time or a modicum of interest in anything she might have to say. Not that they could understand her way of “speaking” anyway.

    I have so much second-hand embarrassment. So much.

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