EXCLUSIVE! Trial Date Set for Lawsuit Filed Against Farrah Abraham By Nightclub Security Guard She Allegedly Assaulted in 2022

“I am not guilty, PER LAW, of this celebrification of a security guard batterment issue!”

Farrah Abraham is staring down the barrel of spending a lot of time in court in 2025.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that a trial date has been set for the lawsuit filed against the fired Teen Mom star in January, stemming from an altercation Farrah had with a female security guard of a Los Angeles nightclub in January 2022. (As The Ashley told you at the time, Farrah was bounced from Grandmaster Recorders restaurant after she reportedly slapped the club’s security guard. After she was removed from the venue, Farrah went on to be arrested for battery.)

In January, that female security— whose name is Megan— filed a lawsuit in LA County Civil Court against Farrah, claiming the Backdoor Teen Mom committed “intentional bodily injury/property, intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery and assault” against her. The woman states that she suffered loss of wages, hospital/medical expenses, general damage and a loss of earning capacity because of what Farrah allegedly did to her that night.

Since the lawsuit was filed, Farrah and her lawyer, as well as Megan and her counsel, have filed the necessary paperwork and both sides have stated (via court statements obtained by The Ashley) that they would be open to mediation. (The female security guard also indicated that she would be open to participating in a settlement conference with Farrah, although The Big F is not interested in doing that.) 

If Farrah and Megan are unable to work out their differences in mediation and/or the two post-mediation conferences scheduled for Spring 2025, the case is set to go to a jury trial in Los Angeles starting on June 9, 2025, and lasting for about five days. 

Please, for the love of all that is holy and trashy, let Farrah wear these glasses to court for her trial…

A Case Management Conference was held last month, where it was declared that both Farrah and Megan have requested the jury trial and paid the Advance Jury Fee required to do so. 

As The Ashley previously reported, the female security guard is suing Farrah for more than $25,000. In her initial complaint, Megan states that she was working at the restaurant as a security guard when she was told by other security staff that a fight was going down at the rooftop lounge. She went up there and worked with other security guards to escort Farrah off the property due to her “assaultive behavior with other customers.” 

“I didn’t hit anyone PER LAW. I’ve never been assaultious in my entire life, PER LAW.”

“[Farrah] physically assaulted [Megan] when [Megan] approached. [Farrah] struck [Megan] on the side of her face,” the court docs state.

“The incident caused serious bodily injury and damages to [Megan] by reason of the foregoing. [Megan’s] injuries include, but are not limited to, an eye injury and injuries to her face for which [Megan sought] medical treatment, as well as psychological trauma and emotional distress. 

“[Megan] has and will continue to incur medical expenses for hospitals, doctors, lost earnings and other expenses and damages in an amount to be proven at trial.” 

(In a deleted 2022 Instagram post, Megan posted a photo of herself with a black eye along with a caption explaining that she was already blind in one eye, and cannot see out of the eye she was allegedly hit in.)

One day after Megan filed her lawsuit against Megan, Farrah filed her own lawsuit against Grandmaster Recorders, as well as the hospitality group that owns the restaurant and the restaurant’s head of security. (Farrah is not suing Megan, the female security guard who is suing her, though.)

Unfortunately for Farrah, her lawsuit isn’t moving along quite as smoothly as the lawsuit against her.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Farrah’s lawyer failed to show up at the Case Management Conference held last week, and is now facing a fine of up to $500 for no-showing. (Counsel for the defendant did show up.)

Farrah was also not present at the hearing. 

How I picture the phone call went between Farrah and her lawyer after he no-showed for court…

There also appears to be a problem with Farrah getting all the defendants in her lawsuit served appropriately. She has also failed to obtain responses from the defendants.

“There are a total of four defendants in this action and no responsive pleadings have been filed,” the conference’s minute notes— which were obtained by The Ashley— read. 

Another Case Management Conference has been set for August 15, where Farrah will have to answer for why she has yet to file the appropriate Proof of Service for each defendant listed. It will also be decided if Farrah’s attorney will be fined for not showing up to court on June 14. 

The Ashley will continue to provide updates on both of Farrah’s court cases. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

9 Responses

  1. Farrah allegedy punched her in the eye—and physically attacked her in an unprovoked way. In addition, once outside Farrah was screaming racial slurs at the woman and then took to social media to claim the woman had illegally assaulted Farrah and lied and called her all manner of insulting names.

    Is $25,000 excessive? Well, perhaps if Farrah had been sued 2 years before after slapping a security guard when she was drunk and combative, perhaps she’d think twice about putting her hands on people.

  2. Blind in one eye here myself. Honestly it really seems like she’s fishing for some free cash. Ever wonder why she’s not also holding accountable the business she was working for? Also in that field if you think you’re not going to get hurt then obviously you didn’t think clearly through the job you’re going in to. It’s not like working as a server or cook and getting hurt by a customer. You’re working as a bouncer.

    Honestly surprised it’s even going to court. Thought I recall it being dropped previously.

  3. Did Farrah ever pay the rent in the lawsuit against her (for the businesses that closed)?

    That was $200k, if I remember correctly.

    If Megan wins her lawsuit, it will be $25k. Plus the cost of a lawyer.

    That’s a lot of butt stuff to be doing on onlyfans to pay for these.

    1. It 700 thousand dollars for her skipping out on those businesses she had in TX 😆 and no she probably will never pay

  4. Farrah should be held accountable? Absolutely. But suing someone for 25k because she slapped you is absurd. That’s cash grabbing and I don’t think it will work out for her because Farrah is broke.

    1. Kind of agree. If this were any other person, I’d say 25k is a bit over the top. However. With how nasty Farrah is to people in general, and with her assumption she can get away with everything she does, I feel this should serve as payback for everyone Farrah has ever mistreated, verbally or otherwise.

    2. I’m legally blind, was born with only one functioning eye (the other is there, just doesn’t work). During a basketball game in high school I was hit (not super hard and certainly on accident) by another player. I was basically blind for almost four months, and I was just a teenager without life expenses to worry about. When you have only one eye that works, damaging that eye can have all sorts of consequences you may not realize. Your good eye is already doing double duty as it is.

      She absolutely should sue, and the fact that she can prove her damages with evidence she’s already got ready to present the court, coupled with Farrah lying about not punching her, is proof that she should. There is nothing at all absurd about her suing Farrah. She didn’t just “slap her”, she punched her. $25k is a pretty damn low number too, I’d expect her actual expenses and lost wages is likely much higher than that. Hell the bills my parents got for just my initial ER visit were over $15k, and that was years ago, lol. Farrah does have assets she can sell, even if she doesn’t have cash-on-hand wealth.

      1. I don’t think Farrah has the kind of money you imagine. It also says “I’m blind on the same eye she hit me” so Farrah didn’t damage further. And finally, being a security in a club with just one functioning eye isn’t the smartest job

        1. Yes she got hit in the eye she’s already blind in, but it did damage to her one good eye-which is why she needed medical treatment and has lost wages (she has the proof). It’s not rocket surgery. She was punched in the face, it’s not surprising that it would cause damage to more than just the one eye. I was hit on the opposite side of my head too, but the hit did damage the vision on my good side (among other issues, some which never went away). It’s not like she tickled her eyeball or something.

          People can function just fine with one eye, ffs. I’ve done so my entire life. I’m mindful of my surroundings, I know how to better assess everything around me. I know my limitations. There are few things I can’t do, actually.

          Farrah doesn’t have a ton of cash on hand wealth at all times, but she does have plenty of assets she could be forced to sell to pay her debts (if the courts ever pursued that, they haven’t yet in any of the other lawsuits, but they could). She lives beyond her means, but she still lives an extremely comfortable life-which means she can afford to pay her damn debts.

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