Farrah Abraham Talks About Why She (and Her Daughter Sophia) Haven’t Spoken to Her Mom & Dad in Over Two Years

“To the driveway Porta-Potty with you both! Peasants!” 

Farrah Abraham has cut both of her parents out of her (and her daughter Sophia’s) lives, and in a recent interview, the fired Teen Mom OG star explained why she doesn’t want to deal with Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen and Michael Abraham anymore.

As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Farrah has always had a contentious on-and-off relationship with her mother, but had maintained a decent relationship with her dad (when she wasn’t, you know, throwing frozen peas at him, screaming at him or forcing him to dress up like her yogurt shop’s weird mascot).

Those days are over now, according to Farrah.

During her interview last week on Rachel Uchitel‘s Miss Understood podcast, Farrah stated that she cut off Michael when she completed a trauma treatment program in 2022. (At that time, she was already estranged from Deb for a while.)

Surprisingly, this was NOT the cause of Farrah breaking away from her mom…

“Leaving my trauma program, they actually also cut out a lot of people [from my life],” Farrah stated. 

Michael had been supportive of Farrah following her January 2022 arrest (even helping her move from Los Angeles to Texas, where he resides). However, after Farrah checked out of the program, she gave Michael the boot.

“Any chance I can get a refund on this shirt?”

“So I actually haven’t talked to my parents in two years from leaving the trauma center,” Farrah said.

It doesn’t appear that Michael actually did anything specifically to be deleted from Farrah and Sophia’s life, though. The Backdoor Teen Mom simply stated that the doctors at the treatment center recommended it. (She said this using her signature “Farrah Speak” lingo, though, so The Ashley can’t guarantee that’s exactly what Farrah meant.)

“I am doing what’s best for my psychotherapist’s guidance, and everyone else who’s living by the 12 Steps,” she said. “So I am going very hard and fearless with that. Again, I just send my love and light to people. It’s out of just being healthy and balanced.”

Farrah also confirmed that her 15-year-old daughter has also “cut off” Michael and Debra, both of whom helped Farrah raise Sophia while Farrah was off filming reality shows, special “movies” and whatnot.


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“Sophia has decided to not speak to many of her grandparents,” she said. “Not only my [parents], but her dads’[parents]. She does still have a great relationship that she wants to be open with her grandfather on her dad’s side. So that’s great.”

(Sophia’s father Derek Underwood died in a car accident while Farrah was pregnant with Sophia. However, Sophia and Farrah have remained in Derek’s father’s life and often visit him in Missouri. Farrah has never allowed Derek’s mother to be part of Sophia’s life, though.) 

Back in August 2022, Debra spoke to The Ashley and stated that she’s often accused of “causing” Farrah to be the way she is. At the time, Deb stated that Farrah’s actions are her own. (Debra gave the interview after watching her daughter’s behavior during an appearance on Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 1.) 

“What happened on [‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’] is a good example of this,” Debra said. “The people who think I’m crazy and I caused all of this, well, I wasn’t there [on ‘Family Reunion] I wasn’t in the room, otherwise it would have been a whole different outcome. Just as she disrupted the whole episode, you can have a family member who walks in and disrupts the whole family. It’s the same thing.”

During the hour-long podcast interview last week, Farrah spoke about how Debra’s treatment of her allegedly soured her on religion for a long time.

“I didn’t know the difference between religion and spirituality when I went into the [trauma] center,” Farrah said. “It was very convoluted and confusing growing up. If anyone watched my journey, you saw my mom hit me and called me anti-Christ often on 16 and Pregnant and ‘Teen Mom.’

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“So I just know that when you are raised with a mother who has some God complex, it really rips you away from being connected to a higher power, like a God,” she said.

Farrah— who, ironically in the same interview actually compared herself to Jesus— claims she is now sober.

“I’m a sober queen,” she said. “I was just on a vacation and I saw a lot of moms having alcohol at 8 o’clock in the morning and I wanted to say I used to be not knowing how to deal with all the stressers. I used to be like, ‘How can I deal with family? How can I deal with all this stuff? It’s so heavy. I don’t know what to do?’

“I really found my happiness after I got to go to a trauma center after being assaulted and spending 28 days there with the world shut off, work shut off, social media shut off,” she said.

You can listen to the rest of Farrah’s incredible wild interview with Rachel below! 

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21 Responses

  1. I feel terrible for Farrah. Sure she’s a lot to take, but I can’t imagine the upbringing that poor girl endured. She’s so lost and broken and her obsessive control issues clearly stem from an overbearing, abusive mother.

  2. Unfortunately, Farrah is the result of a damaged family dynamic. I don’t know what her father did, but her mother definitely abused her, and now Farrah has become a mentally unstable adult and mother, so very unfortunately, not being as bad a mother to Sophia as Debra was to her, but definitely not being great either. I hope Sophia will fare better when she becomes an adult, and perhaps the cycle of abuse will subside. It is so hard to watch all the dysfunction. I wish that they had all stayed in therapy.

  3. Who does Sophia have in her life for familial support?? Crazy Farrah?? One paternal grandfather?? It’s very hard in life to have almost no one you can count on, especially at her age. I pray for Sophia.

    1. The one that whack jobs go to for attention. She claims to have a drinking problem, but what she really has is a personality problem compounded by the facts that she has zero empathy or insight; a complete failure to recognize the truth or to live in reality; is verbally abusive on a scale that is tremendously alarming to anyone she comes into contact with and whose only “friend” is her unfortunate child because MTV is no longer around to hire “friends” for her to film with. It’s really very sad and I would have a great deal of empathy for her if she wasn’t so committed to being the nastiest person alive. However, I do have tons of empathy for anyone who has to engage with her for any reason – particularly Sophia. Deb & Michael, count your blessings! Having Farrah in your life is damaging to the extreme and Sophia is likely ruined at this point.

  4. I always think “maybe it’s YOU” when folks cut off parents, in laws, etc, anyone that could essentially be a lifeline for a grand child..

    But Debra and Mikhole are bat shit crazy.

  5. It’s obvious she was raised by a mentally sick mother, no doubt. And I am a huge advocate for getting rid of toxic family / people in your life. But Farrah – you haven’t yet learned to break the cycle. You are still in it.

  6. You can’t convince me that Farrah doesn’t have various mental health problems, maybe even neurological. It’s not just the way she reasons but the way she expresses herself, it’s not normal

    1. I’m not going to pretend Farrah’s perfect or even not the/a major source of the conflict in her life. After years of watching her, we all know that 99% of the time, she’s the problem but when it comes to her parents, I’m not sure it’s that simple. Farrah is… Farrah but her parents (especially her mom) don’t exactly come across as picnics to deal withveither.

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