Farrah Abraham Talks About Going to Trauma Treatment Facility for 28 Days to Deal With Her Mental Health & Trauma Issues

“I wonder if MTV would be interested in filming this for a possible spin-off if I promise not to leave early… again.”

Farrah Abraham is no longer a California resident since leaving Los Angeles shortly after her January arrest; however, she wishes the city “all the best” and is now planning to seek treatment for the “batterment” she experienced during her alleged attack. The former Teen Mom OG star previously stated that her first date of treatment would be March 1, and in a new interview with TMZ, she spoke about her plan to undergo “trauma treatment” to help deal with what she experienced during her arrest.

“I look forward to sharing that journey with others and I hope there’s just less taboo about taking care of your mental health when we are experiencing a lot of trauma and difficulties in our world right now,” she said. 

Farrah is reportedly getting this help at a trauma treatment center located in Texas, where she plans to stay for 28 days. While Farrah received some support on Instagram after posting about her treatment, others called her out for inflicting trauma on other people with her behavior over the years.

On Tuesday, Farrah took to Instagram to discuss her “treatment” further…via some long-winded “Farrah Speak.” (She did not, however, reveal why she was all dressed up in the video like she was going to the Oscars.)


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“There’s no easy way to say this, I am headed to a trauma treatment center for 28 days,” Farrah said. “With me being off social [media] or away, I just wanted to say, so no one else could make up anything, I just wanted to share and be open. That’s what I hear so many say, that no one really shares their care for themselves or their mental health.

“I would say our healing is our true way of sharing our wealth and our success. So I am taking time for my healing,” she continued. “I have ignored people for over 11 months, after having a sexual assault, and having my whole body break down, my whole brain break down.”

“I think others who go through a lot of trauma, whether that’s physical attacks like we’ve seen me go through this year.”

Farrah went on to say she’s looking forward to finding out what she can do “medically” for herself.

“[The trauma] has really affected my life and I don’t want that anymore,” she said. 

Farrah got plenty of support from her only Number One Fan, father Michael Abraham, who wrote in the post’s comment section how proud he is of her.

“I wonder if we can turn this treatment into some sort of reality show?”

However, others pointed out that Farrah’s actions have likely traumatized others over the years.

“What about all the trauma you’ve caused others?” one person asked. 

“What trauma? Being unemployed and using men for income for the last 4 yrs?” another person wrote. 

“This is an effort to get out of being responsible for those actions and trauma she inflicted on an innocent blk woman!” someone else wrote.

During her interview with TMZ over the weekend, Farrah stated she has a lot of love for LA, but rising crime rates in the city and the events surrounding her most-recent arrest convinced her that it was time to go.

“ … I love Los Angeles. I love working there, I love being there, raising my child there,” she said. “It’s just really sad for me to see like, I am part of the Hollywood Chamber and our crime, every week on our meetings, our crime has just shot up.”

“On behalf of the city of Los Angeles, I ask you to keep your hooves out of this city.”

“I’m very proud of myself for actually posting being attacked and talking about people spinning things to say I battered them.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Farrah was arrested at a Hollywood club in January after she allegedly slapped a security guard. The incident ultimately led a security guard to initiate a citizen’s arrest until the cops arrived to haul the former Teen Mom star away. Farrah maintains she was attacked at dinner by a hater and was a victim of “batterment” during the citizen’s arrest. 

In addition to making some changes for herself, Farrah recently allowed her daughter Sophia to make a minor change to her appearance by getting a septum piercing to celebrate her 13th birthday. 

While Farrah said she isn’t the biggest fan of her daughter’s new piercing, she felt taking Sophia to have the piercing done professionally was a better option than Sophia sneaking off and doing it herself and possibly getting an infection. 

“ … I am blessed that even though I wasn’t for it, that we had a professional pierce her nose,” Farrah said. 

Farrah also defended her decision to allow Sophia to get the piercing, assuring everyone it was done “legally” in order to ensure Sophia’s safety. 

“To those who might feel that it’s inappropriate that my daughter got her nose professionally done legally– I’m all about being legal– we abided by the law,” Farrah said. “I am doing my best as a parent to make sure that she is healthy and happy and I covered those bases.” 


Farrah added if Sophia decides later in life to get more piercings, “more power to her,” though she doesn’t know if she’ll ever be “down” for Sophia getting a tattoo.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


    1. Sophia’s septum piercing isn’t concerning , in my opinion. It is far more concerning that she threw their dog off of the balcony a few years ago, killing it. Instead of getting Sophia treatment for that psychotic act , Farrah got her a new puppy. That is not normal behavior. Ted Bundy and Dahmer started out killing animals as children. Just saying.

  1. Maybe her and daddy shouldn’t have gotten into a incestuous relationship, then she MAY have had a decent shot at life. She’s better off dead. Hope she dies. Hope she kills herself. Sophia will get over it. Wouldn’t be surprised if granddad is molesting her too.

  2. Say what you will, but Farrah’s ass looked good in that arrest video, dammm.

    Don’t hate, you know I’m right

    stay lit

  3. Sophia looks unwell. Underweight and pale. Someone needs to step in and save that child. Anyone but Michael. He has some weird ass obsession with Farrah. As if she didn’t treat him like utter shit. We all saw it in her 16 & Pregnant and teen mom episodes. Farrah and her Dad have such an odd relationship.
    Anyway , run Soph run!

    1. No she doesn’t. She looks like a normal 13 year old. Farrah was pretty slim, so was her sister, and so was Debz. Some kids are just smaller than others, and that’s okay.

      Now somebody should step in and save that child for a super long list of other reasons, but her appearance is not one of them.

      1. It isn’t her small stature that is concerning to me as much as how sickly she looks. She absolutely looks pale, sickly and unwell. She has been through so much trauma with Farrah as her mom. And least we forget , this is the same child her threw her puppy off of a balcony, killing it. Did her mother get her treatment for that psychotic behavior? No…she bought her another damn dog. Sophia is not getting a proper education and is being made a fool of by her birth givers antics. Nothing wrong with homeschooling your child. However, when the teacher…aka Farrah, can’t form a coherent sentence , there’s a problem with homeschooling. Someone needs to step in and step up for thus child before something terrible happens. But hey … its whatever I guess.

        1. Like I said, there are a LIST of reasons Sophia should be removed from Farrah and her crazy ass parents clutches. You listed quite a few SIGNIFICANT reasons.

          Her appearance, is not one of them. I looked exactly like that at that age. She doesn’t look sickly to me. She looks like an angst filled teenager with a narcissist mother and unhelpful grandparents.

  4. I cannot stand Farrah, HOWEVER, I do not see the huge deal with Sophia piercing her nose…I personally see VERY few women/girls that have that particular piercing where it doesn’t make them look masculine or like a Bull (LOL), but to each their own. I would also rather have my child do it in a safe, certified place, with my knowledge in the even that it got infected etc, I could help them. My mother refused to let me pierce my bellybutton so I went behind her back and did it at some random guys house. He also pierced two of my friends tongues after their parents wouldn’t let them and one of theirs got infected- it was all bad. As for Farrah, I’m glad she’ going to go get mental help of any kind, because she needs it

  5. I think taking Sophia to a reputable piercer was the most responsible thing Farrah could do and she is surprisingly supportive of Sophia’s style and individuality. Plus, it’s a piercing. It can be hidden and if she decides she no longer wants it can heal and the hole won’t be seen (unlike Jenelle’s lip hole).

    As for treatment, either Farrah is all talk and will decide not to go or she won’t make it through the first week.

  6. Might as well get a 2 for 1 at the therapy place because I’m sure Sophia has suffered trauma at the hands of her mother. If she’s getting piercings at 13, god only knows what she’s going to do when she turns 18!

  7. I didn’t realize there was a black market for illegal septum piercings. Wonder if you can get an illegal ear piercer to do the job or if you need a specialist.

    1. usually it’s just other kids who aren’t licensed doing them at school. i had a friend who randomly gave herself a septum piercing in the middle gym class my freshman year and knew another girl in middle school so would do ear piercings in the girls bathroom 😂😂😂

  8. I’m looking forward to the day the judge shares the story she was definitely not the victim but the “criminal”.

  9. Raise your hand if you think Farrah will leave in less than 2 weeks, and try and sue the facility.
    For :???
    Selling celebrity photos
    Not cooking her eggs to order……


  10. A trauma rehab facility would probably do her a lot of good, I’m sure she has some crazy childhood trauma that needs to me addressed. But I highly doubt she’s going to put in the effort and after a week will be slamming the place for harassment and discrimination or something insane.

  11. I’ve felt nothing but sadness this week for all the victims of the war. Taking a little break from it and I’m glad I went to the Ashley because seeing Farrah rolling around on the ground had me laughing 😂 the fact it’s muted says everything!

  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if Farrah was really going into a substance abuse treatment facility. I don’t buy the “trauma treatment” angle. She certainly needs intense psychiatric help, but I don’t think she’d ever admit it. Somethimg’s fishy about this whole thing.

  13. I think Farrah is vile. But Debra is the ultimate she-devil, and was a horrible mother. Major mental issues on Deb OG’s part. Too bad Michael ducked his head in the sand trying to find his balls rather than take Farrah and leave that house of horrors. Farrah needs more than 28 days to undo the trauma she had as a child.

    1. His b*lls were in debs purse.
      She then gave the purse to the mayor of crazy town—- Farrah

    2. Michael is worse than Deb, he is just hiding it better.
      He was very abusive of Deb and he got Farrah in that porn.
      He is a narc, a liar and a creep. He once had online sex with a lady and wanted to play that he was the daddy and she was the daughter.
      His only comment about that “this lady is a criminal, shame on her, that should have stayed private.”
      Farrah never said a thing about it. Probably because she is daddy’s flying monkey.

  14. idk if i can really get mad at farrah for allowing sophia to get the piercing. she basically lets sophia do what she wants and we’ve seen how much of a monster child she was back then so i wouldn’t put it past sophia to do it in secret. i remember at that age a bunch of kids would get facial piercings with or without their parents permission. don’t get it twisted though i still think farrah’s a wacko who should be in a facility for longer than 28 days

  15. Farrah needed trauma treatment decades ago. Hopefully she actually applies herself and stays sober throughout the duration of treatment. Farrah and her entitlement is to blame for this latest incident, but her entire family situation growing up doesn’t sound healthy. Not to mention the teen pregnancy…etc and whatever mental health issues she has (I’m not going to speculate).

  16. Personally, I don’t really care that much about the piercing. Not something I’d let my 13 year old do, but meh. It’s not permanent and she’s made WAY worse parenting decisions. Her kid is doomed, but it’s not because of a septum piercing.

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