Drugs, Strippers & More: Amber Portwood Says She Wasted Most of Her ‘Teen Mom’ Money on Extravagant Spending & Boyfriends

“I can’t believe I let those guys put their grubby hand on me…or my money!”

Amber Portwood has made millions of dollars from appearing on the Teen Mom shows, but sadly, the reality star says she doesn’t have much of it left.

In her newly released book, So, You’re Crazy Too?, the Teen Mom OG star opens up about her extravagant spending habits, and how she has wasted much of her ‘Teen Mom’ money on pleasing the men she’s dated, as well as on drugs and other ridiculous ventures and activities. 

Amber also reveals that she’s let her men, as well as friends and others, take a ton of money from her.

Amber, every time she would go check her bank account balance while she was in a relationship…

“When people ask me where all my money has gone over the years, I am embarrassed to say most of it has gone to my ex-boyfriends,” Amber wrote, later adding, “For someone who seems so strong and violent, I sure let a lot of people get away with stealing from me over the years.”

Amber— who detailed her days as a drug addict in the book— stated that most of the hundreds of thousands of dollars she banked from her early days on ‘Teen Mom’ was either spent on drugs or stolen. 

“In my younger years, I blew a lot of money I made on the show on drugs,” she wrote. “I kept wads of cash in my house to pay drug dealers with, and friends all knew it. There were so many times I would notice thousands of dollars missing from under my couch cushions, and I know one of my drug-addict friends had stolen the money.”

“And THIS is why I sit on the couch now. You can’t steal my couch money if I’m sittin’ on it!”

Still, Amber admitted that she would spend a ton of cash on whatever goober she happened to be humping at the moment

“I had a habit of taking my boyfriends to the local strip club…I would throw $100 bills at the girls like I was a millionaire…I could spend $4,000 a night at that strip club,” Amber wrote. “I liked to think I was helping the girls pay for college. I always paid for everyone who was with us, too, and I made fun of the guys for only giving out $1 bills.”

How I picture Amber at the strip club…

“I used to be really bad with my money,” she wrote in another part of the book. “I don’t live a lavish lifestyle at all, but I like to spend money on other people. When I would go out, I paid for everyone’s bar tabs, no matter how many people I was with. I always want everyone to be more comfortable than I am, and my boyfriends are no exception to this rule.”

She explained that she would also give her boyfriends unlimited access to her bank accounts. 

“Back in the day, the minute I fell in love, I put whatever guy I was dating onto my bank account. Joint accounts, unchecked access to my money– it must have been fun dating me…I never looked at my bank account balances and I trusted the men I was in love with completely,” Amber wrote.

“You said you were just cleaning my credit cards, Baier!”

Amber also claims that she was screwed out of more than $140,000 by her former fiancé, Matt Baier. She stated that they flipped a house together; however, she allowed the house-flipping business to be put in Matt’s name.

“Although I paid for the house we flipped, and we made a six-figure profit, I only saw $30,000 total of our house-flipping money,” Amber wrote. “When I sat back and looked at the money spent and gained by that house, I realized that my fiancé had taken over $140,000 and put it in his pocket.”

She also stated that Matt “gifted” her two expensive cars which totaled about $200,000. (Who could forget the ‘MAMBERMobile, which was prominently featured in an episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’?!)

Amber says the cars “disappeared” after Amber and Matt broke up.


“Obviously the $200,000 it cost to pay for these cars came from my bank account, but I still thought it was really nice of him to think of such extravagant gifts,” Amber wrote. “After we broke up, I came home from a trip to California, and both cars were gone. I never saw the cars again. I thought of going to court to try to get the cars back, but I didn’t exactly have the best relationship with the court at this point in my life. I chalked it up to my bad taste in men and moved on.” 

“Big man in Dad Bod shirt and little man with dirty glasses get thousands but Dimitri get nothing?”

As The Ashley previously reported, Amber admitted to also being reckless with her sexuality and fertility. In the book, Amber wrote that she has had more than 40 sexual partners— both male and female— and that she has had at least three additional unexpected pregnancies (other than the ones with her daughter Leah and son James). 

You can order Amber’s new book, So, You’re Crazy Too? using The Ashley’s Amazon Associates link below! 

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(Photos: Mark Wilson/Getty Images; MTV)


  1. Matt, Andrew , Demetri and Garbear are accounted for. Would the other 36+ plus syphilis Sally’s please let us know if
    1) that Leah tat is as terrifying in person as it is on TV,
    2) roast beef 😺 or no?
    3) was it worth the $ to do the sex with Ambs
    4) is her relationship with Bubby as creepy in real-life as it seems on TV?
    5) yall always did it on the couch didn’t you?

  2. She had millions of dollars? Is that a figure of speech, or did she really have millions?? AmberAF, you don’t “seem to be strong and violent”. You are not strong you are tweak, but you certainly got the violent part right.

  3. A lot of you here are making fun of her. But, at least, she was being honest. I feel kinda bad for her and have followed her on social media for many years. We were supposed to meet in person a few years ago but she blew me off.

  4. Every thing she says is a lie. She said she was a millionaire. How can anyone be worse off than Jenelle? Amber was old enough to know better. Boo Who!!

  5. #MAMBER foreva!!

    Amber is a moron, even when he was talking about it. HE was like its our car, but she was like I thought it was a gift.

    When is Amber going to realize it’s not a gift, if you are paying for it.

  6. I remember one year Amber bought like a thousand dollars worth of clothes for back to school for Leah.

    And she didn’t even wear them on the first day.

    And Amber has mocked Gary for shopping at Walmart and Kmart for clothes for Leah. But one, Leah is a growing girl, she’ll probably if lucky wear it for 6 months before she grows out of it, and two why waste money on clothes kids are going to ruin.

    1. Oh I remember that!

      I can see getting a few gymboree pieces for occasions but Wal-Mart is it for kids clothes. No one cares what label your kid has.

      Amber is delusional

      1. My parents always bought clothes for kids to run around it. My mom said dirt was good for kids and helped built up their immune systems.

        I remember those kids at the park who were told they couldn’t play and run because they didn’t want them ruining their clothes.

        They looked so sad.

        Those kids didn’t know what designers meant, they had no idea what it cost or what the fashion implications were. They were just told to be a snob by their parents.

        1. I get my kids clothes from thrift stores. And new clothes randomly as a spoil, but even then that’s bought at Wal-Mart. Once their older and actually give a fuck about their clothes, I’ll start spending more money.

  7. Yet, Amber still insists she is a “damn good mom”. Imagine where she and her kids would be if Amber had spent that money on bettering herself and learning how to deal with her rage and that nasty mouth.

  8. So MTV gave wads of cash to uneducated teen moms over the years and then they all act really surprised when they publish a memoir and say “I wasted it on drugs and expensive crap”? What do they think it would happen? They should’ve put trust funds for the kids and gave the moms financial education instead of exploiting their addictions and bad choices

  9. This explains the fondness for her couch. She’s actually just been guarding all the money she’s had stashed in it this whole time.

  10. This book is literally a manual on how to be a dumpster fire, and document it.

    There is no one I can think of right now who would benefit from a minimum wage job more than Amber.

    Losing the money is the BEST thing that could happen to you. There is NO WAY BUT UP for you Amber. Please spend the rest of your life making up to your kids for writing this fever dream of a book.

  11. So Amber spent all of her money on buying 🍆 and 🐱 and had to be put on child support to give any money to her kids? I hope nobody buys this book. Do not put any more money in Ambers hands.et her get a real job.

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