Amber Portwood Admits In New Book To Having Sex with 40+ Men & Women; Says She Wants Sex 4-5 a Day When In a Relationship

“I’m not just sitting on the couch, guys! I do other stuff on it, too!”

Amber Portwood‘s new book is giving her fans a look into her sexcapades!

The Teen Mom OG star— who released her second book, So, You’re Crazy Too? this week— opened up about the topic of sex in the new memoir, talking about when she likes it, how she likes it and how often. (Once you hear the “how often” part, you will no longer be surprised that Amber needs to spend so much time on the couch recovering!) 

Amber– who came out as bisexual during the last season of ‘Teen Mom OG’– discusses the sexual relationships she’s had with women. In one chapter, she writes that she has had more than 40 sexual partners.

The question we’re all asking…

“I have had sex in my short 30 years of life with over 40 men and some women,” Amber states.

She also reveals what she demands in a relationship, in terms of sex.

“When I am in a committed relationship, I like to have sex four or five times a day,” Amber writes.

“Pants off, Baier. We’re going again in 15 minutes!” (How Amber and Matt’s relationship was…probably…

“I am certain, of course, that this is part of a mental disorder, but sometimes I think sex is just a healthy part of life and my love of sex is an attribute, not something to be cured,” Amber writes.

“I mean, my Dad Bod just couldn’t take it!”

Amber says that now that she is taking medication to treat her mental disorders, her sex drive is a bit less. 

“Low sex drive is a side effect of antidepressants,” she writes. “I still really enjoy sex, of course, but it takes more work now to get me going…I am pretty sure this side effect of my medication is the Universe’s way of slowing me down.” 

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of the playing hide the sausage?

Amber writes that sex is the reason she’s financially stable today, admitting that getting knocked up as a teen due to her love of sex wasn’t all bad.

“My love of sex landed me on a show about teen pregnancy that pays my bills to this day, so it’s hard to think of my desire for a lot of sex is a dirty secret to be kept locked up and not discussed,” she added. “But clearly I needed to learn–and I am still learning— that it is possible to have too much of a good thing (even a great thing like sex).” 

Amber also brings up Dimitri Garcia— the Belgian man she “dated” and brought over to America several times for visits. She states that Dimitri had never experienced anyone like her, sexually.

“I like to call my Belgian lover ‘Pretty Dick’ for obvious reasons,” she writes.

“All American women name man parts, no?”

“He calls me ‘Baby Love.’ I think I introduced him to a whole new world, sexually speaking…” Amber writes, adding several TMI examples of how Dimitri enjoys visiting Amber’s, um, downstairs lady couch, on the regular. She also states that she introduced him to the world of love biting.

Basically all of us reading this…

As The Ashley previously reported, Amber also confesses in her book to secretly getting pregnant two additional times. (One of those pregnancies— which occurred before she went to prison— ended in an abortion, while the other—which happened right after she was released from prison— ended in a miscarriage.) 

You can order Amber’s book via the Amazon Associate’s link below!

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  1. WHYYYYYY DOES SHE TELL US THIS 🤢 she reminds me of this former friend of mine who legit has 4 kids and ALL SHE CARES ABOUT IS SEX. She’s been witnessed GRINDING on her boyfriend WITH HER YOUNGEST CHILD IN HER LAP.

    I am so very grateful this “woman” does not have children in her care or household. She needs to be babysat her damn self

  2. Matt, Andrew , Demetri and Garbear are accounted for. Would the other 36+ plus syphilis Sally’s please let us know if
    1) that Leah tat is as terrifying in person as it is on TV,
    2) roast beef  or no?
    3) was it worth the $ to do the sex with Ambs
    4) is her relationship with Bubby as creepy in real-life as it seems on TV?
    5) yall always did it on the couch didn’t you?

  3. Says She Wants Sex 4-5 a Day When In a Relationship!!!!!

    She’s always sat on the sofa or sleeping in bed, she’s a lazy pos, so how she has the energy for 4-5 times a day is beyond me, she can’t get off her ass, to see her kids.

    those poor kids with that rent a womb mother, especially Leah, poor kid will be so embarrassed by this latest bit of info, way to make amends, with a daughter who already is mad at you( and with good reason too)

    Portwood AF!!!! More like porrtwood loves getting fkd!!!!
    She really is a bitch.

    1. Mrs.+Greenway,

      THANK YOU SO MUCH, Mrs+Greenway, for telling ME, “Who to pray for,” on the Planet.

      I pray for judging, “hypocritical” people who THINK, AND CALL, THEMSELVES “CHRISTIANS,” and, REALLY, don’t have a CLUE.


      ~The Seed Planter (HOPEFULLY🙏🙏!!!)

  4. Amber and Farrah and their “empowering sex”.

    Getting high, having sex with randoms while abandoning your responsibilities.

    They’re like the same person.

    1. Amber has way more class, than Farrah EVER could.

      That’s like comparing apples and oranges…

      Not to mention, how Amber treats her Mother, compared to how Farrah treats her’s.
      It says a lot about a person.

      In addition, Amber wrote a book, and Farah is on FILM 🎥, FOREVER.

      Ugh, Farah is nasty AF!

      Farah, ALSO, thinks she’s God’s gift to this earth, that she is better than, absolutely, everyone else AND that her shit doesn’t stink. Ew! (I just threw up, in my mouth.)

      Amber Portwood isn’t like THAT!

      Farah is a nasty ho, and she’ll NEVER change.

      Amber Portwood, did the work. She has put A LOT of time, and EFFORT, into healing herself, AND putting drugs, and jail, behind her. She (Amber) has A LOT of lessons to impart… Unlike Farah.

      What does Farrah have to contribute? Anything?

      Sophia is the best thing Farah has going.

      I think the Almighty gave Sofia, to her, to teach her lessons, like: 1.) on how to be a good friend to people, 2.) how to be decent, and
      3.) how to be kind.

      Unfortunately, though, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” so, I’m very worried, Sofia is going to turn into a little “Queen” herself, just like her Mom, and contribute NOTHING, to the World…which is sad, VERY SAD.

      Amber hasn’t had an easy life, either, unlike Farah, and Amber has come a long way.

      Apples and oranges!

  5. Andrew, move to California with James. There is no way your book is worse.

    For the record though…I don’t really believe a word of it. She is too lazy, and probably wrote this thinking it would make her look cool, woke, and interesting.

    I just hope that there are not dire consequences for a 13 year old girl when she comes into this kind of information and no way to process it. As a mother of girls, I’m saddened and horrified, and more than anything, worried.

    I think this is a watershed moment for Leah, and a very very bad one. Id buy every book I see and burn it if it wasnt putting money in Ambers pocket.

    1. Sounds like, yet, another reader!

      By the way, I am a teacher, and know from personal experience, authors of books only make pennies per book. So, here’s some news for you… Amber is not making bank, on this book. It’s very hard to make money off a book these days…(Just ask any professor, IF you don’t believe me.)

  6. I read on an ama on reddit the other day that this women has slept with around 6500 men. She gets hired for sex work with like gang bangs and I guess makes like 300 to 1000 pet guy. You think amber would like doing that job?

  7. Why….the fuck…. would anyone write/read this?
    I guess now we know why she won’t get a normal job. You can’t have sex 4-5 times a day when you have responsibilities and you’re actually a functioning member of society.

    1. It sure sounds like you read the book!

      ALL OF YOU PEOPLE, ( except Sir Nip,) seem, excessively, mean and cruel, to me.

      Let the girl be.

      She’s VERY brave, to put her life, “out there” so young people can learn from her mistakes. She has stayed clean from drugs, she’s a decent person, she doesn’t start fights with other people, unlike disgusting Kailyn Lowry (gags,) she’s not mean, unlike mean Kailyn Lowry, and she stays to herself. It seems to me that you people are very unhappy with your own lives oh, and you feel the need to put down others, to make yourself feel better about yourself. That’s sad. We’re all one, and hurt people, hurt people. All you’re doing is showing what terrible people you are, by hurting someone else. Get a life, get yourself happy oh, and don’t even come to this page oh, if you don’t like something or someone. It seems to me you’ve gone to a lot of trouble to be a troll. Bravo Amber! I have never seen you hurt anyone intentionally oh, and there’s a lot to say for that. Don’t let the trolls in. Don’t let any of these whackos get you down.

      Hold your head high and be who you are. No one can be you, and the special thing is just that. You’re unique, and THERE WILL NEVER BE ANYONE ELSE, EXACTLY, LIKE YOU, EVER, ON THE PLANET.

      THAT is your POWER💪!

      Peace, Love, Light and Blessings, Jen❤

      1. PLEASE excuse my “oh,” typos. I got ‘Send,’ before I was able to edit.

        P.S. I just want to say, Amber Portwood, eventually, Leah well grow up, and realize you did the best you could, with what you knew at the time. Every single one of us, realizes what we put our mothers through, when we were young oh, and we’re sorry for it. Again, don’t let the trolls get you down. They, obviously, have nothing better to do with their lives.

  8. Oh, Amber.

    Aside from fishing a toilet bowl after a miscarriage and sexcapades with a heroin addict — what’s next? Having acrobatic threesomes with space aliens on horseback?

    Please give some consideration to your daughter who has to go to school and face possible cruelty from other kids because of all this stuff you’re putting “out there” obviously to stay relevant.

    For once, please think of poor Leah when you feel the need to “share.”


  9. “There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a third power stronger than both, that of women.”

    You go girl

    stay lit

    1. Hi Sir Nibs,
      I just wanted to say,”Thank You🙏,” for your positive comment, regarding Amber Portwood.

      I found it quite refreshing👍🏼👍🏼😊!


  10. You know, if the show was canceled, we hadn’t heard from Ambie in 10 years, she cleaned up her act and had a normal life… I’d read that book.

    Because I would hope these stories would be just a snippet of everything she went through *back then* that no one knew about. And her children were more grown and could have some input and we’d know if their relationship ever improved. This book going out now feels like she just nuked her relationship with Leah forever.

    1. Yes!
      Can you imagine being a 13 year old and knowing a book about your mom’s refusal to adiquitly take medication and treat her mental illness
      and sex life
      I hope that sweet girl goes to a private school

      1. It’s spelled, “Adequately.”

        Looks like YOU should have stayed in school, yourself. Huh? Bravo!👏

        YOU SURE LOVE TO JUDGE, A LOT, for not being able to spell well, yourself!

        You might want to change your name to “Matt’s 34th Kid,” with no “S” included, (as in “Matt’s 34th Kids,”) IF, that’s what you meant.😉

    2. She is doing much better with Leah, NOW, just to bring you up to date.😉

      P.S. Thanks for making me think of Ash😞🤢 “The Womanizer From Hell and Oz.”

  11. How many accidental pregnancies, oh ALL of them? And you are proud of this because it made you “famous” ?
    You Are right about 1 thing though, you ARE batshit CRAZY! Sorry Leah . No worries, you can write a tell all book yourself soon, and get out of this shit show once and for all.

  12. She sounds like Stephanie from 90 Day Fiance bragging about all the holes she got plugged in France. 🕳🕳🕳 Literally no one fucking cares.

    The image of Amber doing it makes me shudder. How embarassing for Leah and James.

    1. Hi Pain In The Ash!

      FYI, the ONLY reason why I didn’t watch the, “Teen Mom Reunion” Shows was, because, they weren’t advertised.

      I have since WATCHED them, and, DEFINITELY, prefer the individual, “Teen Mom” shows, way better.

      I hope they never end!!!

      If you aren’t a fan, YOURSELF, there ARE 480+ other Channels, to pick from, and watch, not to mention DVDs, Pay-Per-View, etc.

      Just saying…

  13. Gross. No surprises here though. Hope she’s putting the book money away because the TM money train is coming to an end soon. That family reunion nonsense was a good try, but not enough to keep this train wreck alive.

    1. I feel like the Reunion only would have worked if the TM shows were canceled. Otherwise most people (look at the ratings) don’t know or care about them.

      Had the show been off for a year, we hadn’t actually heard from them (selling stories for click bait), I could see some people tuning in for curiosity sake

    2. We all keep saying that though and it hasn’t happened! It’s frustrating this show keeps getting renewed. I stopped watching because of Amber.

      1. Hi Regina!

        I was just wondering WHY it would be, “frustrating this show keeps getting renewed”? That seems SO odd, to me.

        Please, speak for yourself, as ALL of the “Teen Mom” shows, are MY favorites, as far as TV shows go.


  14. We can ALWAYS count on Scamber to work her hardest at publicly humiliatING then chasing her daughter away. Again. And again. And again, again…


  15. Is the last chapter titled:


    If it isnt, it might as well be.

    Amber, I really wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you’re an asshole, and a really terrible parent.

  16. Is this suppose to be shock value to stay relavent? So much for school I guess. Not a way to indear yourself Amber. Not to mention the humiliation you are subjecting your children to. I was not a fan before, now I just pity you. You have sunk to Farrah level. Totally disgusted you would put Leah through this.

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