‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Reveals In New Book That She Had Two Secret Pregnancies & An Abortion After Getting Pregnant By Heroin Addict

In her new book, Amber recalls her actions during the early days of ‘Teen Mom.’

Trigger warning: This story contains information about abortion, miscarriage, domestic violence and overdose.

Amber Portwood has just released a new book about her life— and it’s full of jaw-dropping revelations!

In the new book— entitled So, You’re Crazy Too?the Teen Mom OG star reveals that she had a secret abortion around the time she she was arrested for assaulting her ex Gary Shirley in 2010. However, Amber’s secret pregnancy and abortion— which she hid from the MTV cameras–was even more shocking because the baby was not Gary’s. Also interesting? It wasn’t Amber’s only secret pregnancy!

As old-school ‘Teen Mom’ fans will remember, Amber was filmed at least two times physically assaulting Gary— the father of her then-one-year-old daughter Leah. In one incident, Amber choked and punched Gary.

One of Amber’s televised assaults on Gary during the early ‘Teen Mom’ episodes…

In another incident, she pushed him down a flight of stairs, resulting in her being arrested in November 2010. According to Amber’s book, Amber got pregnant by a random heroin addict and had the abortion somewhere in between these two incidents.

“When my ex [Gary] and I had broken up for a while because the fighting was so bad, I was hanging out with a heroin addict and I accidentally got pregnant,” Amber writes. 

“I guess all those pitches for itsyoursexlife.com were useless then?”

Amber writes that she knew she wasn’t able to take care of another child. Still, she says, she was reluctant to consider abortion.

“Not being able to handle something and having to terminate a life were worlds apart for me,” Amber writes. “I finally had an abortion, however it was devastating to me. Again, I do not know why I made the decisions I made during this time in my life.”

Amber was dealing with an opioid addiction during the time she was filming the first seasons of ‘Teen Mom,’ and states that her drug use played a part in the decision to have an abortion.

“I was on drugs and I didn’t know what I was doing half the time,” she writes. “I had nightmares about abandoning my unborn child. I cried uncontrollably for weeks afterward. I didn’t sleep and I lost a lot of weight.” 

Amber goes on to say that she heard that the heroin addict who knocked her up had passed away recently. 

“This news made me cry even though I had not seen or talked to him in years,” she writes. “I knew he was an addict and not long for this earth, but we conceived a child together so I always felt a connection with him.”

This was not the last of Amber’s unexpected pregnancies, however. She writes that she got pregnant by a guy she dated right after she was released from prison in December 2013. That pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

Amber while in prison in 2012…

“When I miscarried after falling pregnant by a boy I dated for a few months right after prison, it shook me, even though I had no business having a baby with anyone else at that time in my life,” she wrote, adding that on the day of the miscarriage she remembers “trying to fish the thing out of my toilet for a long time.”

“I wanted to bury it and mourn its loss but I couldn’t get to it,” she wrote. “It’s was one of those moments in my life that I replay in my head over and over: me sobbing and trying to fish something out of a toilet for some inexplicable reason. I swear death just follows me around.”

Amber would go on to get pregnant at least two more times: once with ex-fiancé Matt Baier— a pregnancy that resulted in a miscarriage— and once with Andrew Glennon. Amber gave birth to their son, James, in May 2018.

You can order Amber’s book, So You’re Crazy Too? using the Amazon Affiliates link below!

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31 Responses

  1. I can’t believe she really used the phrase “accidentally got pregnant”. It’s not an accident if you’re not using protection. And then to try and gain sympathy over his passing!

    1. Mimi With The Big Mouth,

      I’ve been “accidentally pregnant,” myself, WHILE USING BIRTH CONTROL.

      If you need some examples, of this happening to responsible people, I will state a FEW, for you…Condoms break, Antibiotics STOP Birth Control Pills from working, the Church educates that a woman, or girl of age to procreate, ONLY ovulates ONCE a month, and this is a LIE, AMONG OTHER FACTORS, AND REASONS. Trust me, it happens.

      SO, before you judge other people, you “should walk a mile in their shoes,” or even, better yet, keep your FUCKING MOUTH CLOSED.

      You don’t HAVE ANY IDEA. You’re just a little, “Know-It-All” Bitch From Hell, doing NO ONE any favors.

  2. Oh wah wah wah, always the victim.

    You beat your ex partner around and neglected both of your surviving children.

    You are not the victim Amber.

  3. Does she take responsibility for anything at all? It’s never her fault and there is always some excuse as to why her behaviour is ok?

  4. “I think the best role models for women are people who are fruitfully and confidently themselves, who bring light into the world.”

    Amber = Hero

    stay lit

    1. Sir Nibs,

      Thank you?!

      YOU ROCK!!!

      These DUMB Bitches would rather people be FAKE, and keep people, AND YOUNG GIRLS, in-the-dark.

      Hello…It’s NOT the 50’s, anymore.
      We don’t have to lie, and do things in secret, anymore, (UNLESS PEOPLE DON’T VOTE, AND ROE V. WADE GETS OVERTURNED!)

      Thank Gawd, it’s NOT the 50’s, anymore! I, for one, am soooo grateful for that!

      I CHOOSE to live my life, truthfully, and out in-the-light! Our lies, and secrets, make us, and keep us, sick.

      I wish EVERY woman had the guts, and strength, Amber Portwood has to tell the/her Truth!?

  5. So TM failed in it’s only purpose of teaching kids to use protection when having sex. She had sex with multiple people without protection (Gary obviously, the addict, the one after “gel”, Matt Baier and Andrew Glennon that we know of), got pregnant BY ALL OF THEM and nothing makes me think she learned not to do it. It’s amazing she doesn’t have multiple STDs that endanger her life

  6. I’m just wondering when Gary will respect Leah’s wishes of not wanting anything to do with Amber. You know- the EGG DONOR. Basically a stranger who was out getting pregnant by someone doing heroin, doing drugs herself, and just being absent from her life. Leah is old enough to say NO MORE. It’s bad enough Leah’s peers will know the shit Amber has done but come on. Do the right thing!!! Literally only hurting Leah at this point, both Gary AND amber.

    1. I think Leah is his excuse to be around Amber. I use to kind of respect his parenting, but he has changed. He is eating up the tv attention, partying, and making light of how horrible Amber is to his child. He just seems to be enjoying the attention too much. A year ago, Leah seemed to be his priority. Now it’s drinking and joking around for the camera. “Spit or swallow.” Lost all respect for him at that moment.

  7. More fuel to the fire for Leah. Now she knows her mother not only had another whole baby without ever doing right by her first, but also got pregnant MULTIPLE other times…she talks about wanting to repair her relationship then she airs how she was getting knocked up by multiple different men?! Hope the money was worth it.

  8. I feel so gross after reading these little snippets. Like I waded through a landfill on a 98° the day. I can’t imagine the feelings reading the whole book would provoke.

    1. It sounds like her ghostwriter was British? Strange choice but I imagine few people would actually want to work with Amber.

  9. Amber: shut up. Shut up…shut up..shut up! SHUT UP!!!! Shut your effing mouth!

    I cannot stand this perpetual victim. I quit TM just because of her. MTV/Viacom – stop giving this vile scum a paycheck. She needs to get “rill” and get a “rill” job, and be a “rill” mother. FFS!!!

  10. So this chick has been pregnant multiple times before Andrew, yet when she got pregnant with James she was mad at Andrew for “getting her pregnant” because she didn’t want anymore kids. Does she accept responsibility for anything?? I mean..get on some damn birth control you fool.

    1. Exactly. Always had to present the narrative that SHE is the victim. I cannot stand this she-devil. We’ve all heard those disgusting recordings. She needs to be cancelled. White trash wanna be hard ass.

    1. Yes… like all the things she did for which no one will feel any sympathy and she can’t pull off looking like the victim.
      She will definitely leave that stuff out.

  11. Never I mean never say you were trying to fish a thing out of the toilet. A thing as in your child. Somethings you keep to yourself.

    1. Yes, keep TRUTH in the dark. Keep women down. At least, Amber Portwood has THE GUTS to say HER TRUTH. She stated “WHY” she did what she did. She wanted to give the baby a proper burial, NOT just flush it down the toilet.

      Either, you people are all Nuns in a Convent, or you’re lying sacks of SHIT.


      The TRUTH will set us ALL FREE.

      Jesus AND MLK, Jr. said it…

      Now, DO IT!!!

  12. Out of all the questions I have, and there are many, the one I REALLY want the answer to is this….

    WHY does this book exist?

    Tell it to your therapist, tell it to your diary, tell it to your best friend.

    But damn Amber, don’t you know that confessions like these will NOT make things easier for you with the “haters”?

    I honestly don’t get it.

    1. It exists to make money, and to gain sympathy. The clothing line did not pan out, so plan B. Maybe she should buy plan B ! I am sure your daughter will once again be so proud of you, writing about you digging through the toilet for “that thing”. Sometimes it’s better to STFU.

    2. Snicklefritz,

      I have to say, “I am SOOOO glad YOU are NOT MY Mother!”

      MY Mother supports ALL women, and isn’t, “a Hater,” (herself.)

      MY Mother “leads by example,” and “tells the truth, in life.”

      MY Mother spends time with me, rather than sitting on a computer hating on a, “Teen Mom” young woman, who is speaking her Truth.

      MY Mother is the GREATEST woman I know, and she raised me to stand up against injustice, which YOU do A LOT of (create injustice, that is!)

      It’s too bad you spawned, yourself, and, because of that, we have to fight against the injustice of more people who are “haters,” just like you.

      It’s sad, really.

      Why don’t you go spend time with your own spawn, rather than sitting, preaching to people who don’t want to hear you, behind a computer screen?


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