Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Farrah Abraham Arrested After Getting Into Physical Fight With Hotel Security Guard (Exclusive Details)

“Whatever Michael….I mean law enforcement!”

Farrah Abraham is learning that actions sometimes have consequences…even when you’re the “Top Reality Television Personality.”

The former Teen Mom OG star was arrested on Tuesday night after allegedly getting into a physical altercation with a security guard at the Beverly Hills Hotel. TMZ broke the news on Wednesday, reporting that, allegedly, Farrah (shockingly) got into an argument with a male hotel security guard. The guard reportedly noticed Farrah having a verbal argument with some other hotel guest and approached her.

“We’re told things got heated, she was asked to leave and refused … and that’s when she allegedly struck the guard,” the site reported.

While it doesn’t appear that Farrah used her infamous “backdoor” to assault the security guard, she did allegedly use other assorted body parts.

“Cops say the man reported she hit him in the face with her forearm, grabbed his ear and pushed his head as he tried preventing her from reentering the hotel,” TMZ wrote.

Officers reported that Farrah seemed to be intoxicated, and that she (of course) threw out the “Don’t you know who I am?” card as she was being hauled away. The security guard suffered minor injuries.

The Ashley has found new details regarding Farrah’s arrest, which took place at 1:48 a.m. She was booked into the Beverly Hills jail at 2:24 a.m. The 5’6 reality star weighed in at 120 lbs. at the time of her arrest.

Farrah has been charged with a misdemeanor battery and trespassing charges and was held on $500 bail. She was still behind bars at press time.

She is set to appear in a Los Angeles county courtroom on Friday at 8:30 a.m.

Just hours before, Farrah was posting photos of herself hanging out by the pool at the famous Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Ashley reached out to Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielsen, for comment about Farrah’s arrest.

“It is sad and hurtful,” Debra told The Ashley of her daughter’s behavior. “I don’t care for it at all. You should never touch another person inappropriately. It’s not acceptable at all.”

She added that her daughter has “too much volatility and no kindness.”

The Ashley also reached out to Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham, but he declined to comment at this time.

This is not the first time Farrah has been arrested. Back in March 2013, The Big F was picked up for DUI after celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Nebraska. After the arrest, Farrah refused to take responsibility for her actions, and even appeared on an episode of The Dr. Phil Show to argue with The Doc about how, although she was drinking and driving, she wasn’t drinking and driving.

She was very, very angry that she was forced to take DWI classes and attend court-ordered intensive therapy. In one notable social media outburst, Farrah wailed that the U.S. government was “f**king up her life.”

UPDATE! TMZ has obtained video of Farrah’s arrest! It appears that Farrah told the officer, “If you want to f**king bulls**t me, and you want to act like I’m not a real adult, you can go f**k yourself, go f**k yourself, go f**k yourself. That’s you, no one is talking to anyone else! Do you understand me?” after she was taken outside the hotel.

Four officers surrounded her and one took her wallet, which did not make the Backdoor Teen Mom happy. They demanded that she stand up, and Farrah gets even more angry.

“I am not going to be standing up,” she told the officers. “I do not want to be arrested…why are you provoking me to get arrested? I am not going to be provoked to be arrested!”

Finally, Farrah demonstrates some of that “belligerent, anti-Christ behavior” her mother told us about back in the 16 and Pregnantdays.

“I AM NOT RESISTING!” Farrah bellows demonically.

She then starts sobbing and slurring, while screaming, “I’m not going to be arrested! You’re hurting me!”

Watch it go down in the video below:

UPDATE #2 Farrah has been released from jail, and is already on Instagram Live claiming she was “attacked” during her arrest. Click here to see what she had to say!

UPDATE #3 In a statement made to TMZ Farrah’s rep said, “This situation has been blown out of proportion, Farrah has not been charged and was released this afternoon. A misunderstanding occurred and there was no battery or trespassing. Farrah is the hardest working individual I know and sets very high standards of herself. Farrah is a powerhouse and was having a business meeting in the hotel where the alleged incident happened. She is a very sweet and ambitious young woman who has been portrayed in a biased light on a reality TV show for many years.”

The site also released footage of Farrah being released from the Beverly Hills jail. Check it out below!

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

72 Responses

  1. My favorite part is when she says “I am a normal individual”. I love fiction. Also, I freaking love the Ashley, being low-key savage by posting Farrah’s weight. ???

  2. I’m not so sure about that video. I wonder if this was a set up for her to get more publicity. Half of the video was of a bush. So we have audio of her screaming that she’s being provoked and hurt, but video of a bush. In her mind she’ll use that to claim she was arrested with excess force. So what if she gets a misdemeanor battery charge. She’ll just pay the fine. It’s a small amount to pay for bringing attention back on her.

  3. Omg that video is pure gold!!
    All that makes me sad is where as Sophia when she was assaulting someone with various body parts? She documents that Sophia goes everywhere with her, so why would she be arguing with someone possibly drunk at 1am? Was Sophia in the background, or asleep?

  4. This is just rich! Lol! I can’t wait to see all the bullshit lies and bizzare and backwards comments she tried to defend her nutty self with!!!

  5. Yes. All of my “business meetings” take place after midnight. And, by business, I mean prostituting.

    1. My first thought when she started saying she doesn’t want to be arrested, like who wants to be? It’s no one’s hobby, being arrested

  6. She is seriously sick. She’s still using that condescending tone that she uses with everyone while sitting on the ground IN HANDCUFFS. “Do you know who I am?” Yes we know who you are, the bish sitting on the ground in handcuffs. This is one delusional talking inflatable blowup doll (without the personality). She is the most repugnant person on television and she should be permanently removed from society.

  7. ALL I can say is #Karma! I love how she shoved in Amber’s face her past and called her a criminal, but THIS is how Farrah conducts herself. At least Amber’s attack was understandable…she just did what 99% of TM viewers have wanted to do for years. Farrah is a sloppy, immature, entitled POS who is beyond judgmental of others while turning a blind eye to her own actions. I hope Amber DRAGS her for all the times she put her down for the reunion fight, in light of this behavior that is raw, uncut footage.

  8. This is great.
    It should be shown every year at Christmas.

    Its about time she was knocked down a few pegs and was held responsible for her wack actions.

    But I feel for the guy she supposedly hit. We all know where that fist has been.. I hope he gets tested.

  9. Omg that video made my night…, ???. She was obviously drunk but still the same old bitch we know so well.

  10. I was oddly pleased when she started uncontrollably sobbing at the end. Only because it made her seem like a real human being.

  11. Shocking!! Farrah not everybody will put up with your rude behavior. Happy to see that you are getting your just Desserts.

  12. I was surprised she was still in jail late this morning. Could she find no one to bail her out?

      1. More times than not the police will start your bail process early if you ate being cooperative and remorseful. Farrah being charged with assault on a guard and telling the police to f—k off, they’re keeping her till the last minute, had she have had a prior they may have kept her till arraignment..
        wasn’t she wanting to move to Beverly Hills ? Not too wise now after she drew first blood with authorities.. will make for some great stories for us though ?

  13. Despite all the random cups of Froco yogurt and plastic “lady bit “ molds Farrah claims to have sold, I’m inclined to believe that MTV was her primary bread and butter.

    And now that the fat Teen Mom paychecks are history, we’ll probably be seeing even more of Farrah fist fighting, flashing her beaver on fashion runways, drunk and disorderly— you name it.

    It happens. Especially when you’re delusional enough to think you’re a mega celebrity when your bank account says you’re not — and some people really DON’T know who the hell you are.

    1. I think she is making money from her escort service? Isn’t that why she was in Dubai? ? and I agree with you on all points except one..MOST people don’t know who she is!

    2. She is a “working girl” now, (wink, wink). The Beverly Hills Hotel probably tried to throw her out, for trying to do “business” on the premises! Maybe the fight started with a “john” over pricing!

    3. Yes, I read an article somewhere, not too long ago, that said that despite the money she claims to have, her businesses are not only not making a profit, but they are actually all just costing her money, and that she is in serious debt right now.

  14. She literally cannot turn off her attitude for even 3 minutes even if her freedom depends on it. I really hope she had a babysitter for Sophia who went with her on this trip. I could see Farrah leaving her alone in a hotel room while she went out and still by herself while her mom is in the local jail. The fact that she wasn’t able to call the sitter in the very least to come and bail her out is troubling. Even if the sitter didn’t have the funds to pay up front to be payed back later, Michael would def. send it via Western union or echeck or whatever. I wonder if Michael is flying there to get Sophia and to post bail. It’s really suspect that there was no adult there to bail her out at least by 1:30 when the TMZ article was posted. I really hope she didn’t leave Sophia in a hotel by herself while she went out drinking and possibly more.

    1. She was already released. When her 12 hour hold was released & she was ABLE to bond out. TMZ already released the footage of her leaving the jail.

  15. I came straight here after I saw the headline “Drunken porn star thrown in slammer” next to Farrah’s picture on Fox News. I knew the most complete story and any updates would be here and I was not disappointed!

    I really hope someone steps in to get her the help she very clearly needs, and that somebody is looking out for Sophia! It’s a sad, sad dumpster fire, and a shame that it’s gotten this far.

  16. I said it before and I’ll say it again: This bitch belongs in a rubber room. Preferably one that’s soundproof.

    On a side note, it cracks me up that with all the work she’s had done, she still hasn’t managed to flick that cockroach off her neck.

  17. Good lord. I should not be laughing but to hear her go from completely irate to a sobbing mess was a God Damn Delight!

    The group chat of Amber, Maci, and Caitlyn must be a hoot today!

  18. I remember when Farrah was on the Dr. Phil show. She argued with every point he made even though he was holding the proof to back it up. Her parents wore “Team Farrah” shirts. They were being delusional too.

  19. I ALMOST wish she was still being filmed for MTV. I’d love to hear her talk her way out of this one lol

  20. This should not make me happy (I am trying to be a nice person) but it does! Just like Christmas morning! Of course she will spin it as if she was a victim of everyone’s jealousy. She is certainly circling the drain.

  21. I guess in Farah speak she is now a “criminal who needs to go visit jail!”

    In all seriousness though I feel like we are watching someone’s life just spin out of control similar to Ryan and Adam. Farah is very obviously mentally ill and completely drunk in that video. Poor Sophia is who knows where while this is going down. Hope she will get some real help soon.

    1. The sad thing is I couldn’t really tell she was drunk till the e d of the video where she was slurring & crying. Up until then she sounded like typical Farrah. I hope she gets a judge who wants to make an example of a reality star.

  22. Deb saying it’s wrong to hit people has me cracking up! She’s the one who smacked Farrah across the face and threatened her with a KNIFE! I’m so glad she got arrested! And I pray that no one bails her out!!! Let her sit in there till Friday when she sees the judge. Maybe this is the wakeup call for her to stop being so terrible to people.



  24. Sooo are we going to ignore the bit where she had $500 bail but was still in the clink? Lmao I can’t.

    1. She’s still in there bc she was drunk. That requires a 12 hr hold to sober up. I don’t like her at all but idk why everyone is leaving that tidbit out.

      1. She’s not “broke”.. she’s actually worth 6 million. So if she’s broke, I wanna be broke too. She hadn’t been released bc she was drunk & was on 12 hr hold. It doesn’t matter if she paid the bond as soon as she was booked, when you’re drunk you aren’t getting out until that hold is up.

        1. You don’t know how worth actually works, do you? Let me help you with that.

          A-No one believes she’s actually worth $6Mil. She has assets that don’t even add up to $Mil, and her saying they do, doesn’t change this. She made up the $6Mil figure, lol.
          B-Even if she were, what something, ok I’ll be nice, someone, is worth, does not always equate with their actual assets.
          C-She absolutely IS broke-and lives way beyond her financial means, hence her newest endeavors in the adult industry, which pay a lot in “incentives” for advertising, like trips and tangible goods.

  25. For those who still don’t believe in karma…….it’s time to start. Justice has been served! After years of being horrible to people in general she was finally arrested!

  26. I’m patiently waiting for Farrah to release one of her famous incoherent statements where she uses big words out of context, rambles on and on and blames the security guard, the hotel, and the police for her actions and then sues them all for millions of dollars.

  27. I have been waiting all morning for The Ashley to post this story. Farrah being arrested and now being a criminal herself is JUST TOO PERFECT. Merry Christmas everyone!

  28. Maybe now she’ll realize that this is the real world and not the land of MTV where she gets away with shoving and berating producers….You can’t always get away with putting your hands on people!

  29. My crystal ball is giving me the following message “#fakenews saying I was arrested which is false. #bullied #discrimination #rolemodel I love the #beverlyhills hotel. Thank you for having me”

    Or something else. Farrah speak is hard to imitate but basically I can’t wait to hear her deny this happened and blame it on being bullied for being such a huge celebrity.

  30. I didn’t know they allowed hookers to “work” the Beverly Hills Hotel!! Somewhere bat shi crazy Michael is trying to figure out how to “spin” this story, gotta protect his “gravy train”!

  31. She is a vile, white trash, disgusting person. She truly needs serious help for mental illness. Hope there’s a video of this. She will probably want to sue them. whoring and suing seems to be her career choice.

  32. I cannot wait for Farrah to tell us “her side” of this story. I have no doubt she was somehow the victim, because isn’t she always? I am sure this security guard was “sex-shaming” her or something and she was just defending herself.

  33. She was at the hotel with Sophia. Where’s that poor girl now??

    Oh and I bet $1 million that she spins this and says the guard assaulted her.

  34. Good! Im glad she finally sees some consequences for her atrocious behavior. She is so messed up its scary. As usual she will take no accountability. Feel so bad for sophia im pretty sure she was with her during the day. There are pictures of her and sophia sitting by the pool. My guess she was their selling herself. Prostitution seems to be her new career

  35. Good!!!! Its about time she sees some consequences for her atrocious behavior. She will take no accountability as usual. Hope sophia is ok because im pretty sure she was with her during the day at the pool. My guess she was there being a hooker. I think thats her new career.

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