‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Kail Lowry Wants a Nose Job; Ashley Jones Wants a New Reunion Host & More

“Not a fan of my honker, to be honest!” 

From looking to get a new schnoze to looking for a new Reunion host, the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! In an effort to keep you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. 

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

Kail Lowry reveals she’s going under the knife (again). 

” …but not for long!”

After countless comments from Internet trolls, ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kail Lowry is planning to undergo a rhinoplasty to fix her “Miss Piggy” nose.  

Kail opened up about her decision on this week’s episode of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, telling co-host Vee Torres she recently had a consultation for a nose job procedure. 

Kail said the plastic surgeon explained to her that her nose has an “over-rotation.” 

“He used the exact words ‘Miss Piggy-like,’ and I was like, ‘Wow, that’s my nickname,’” she said. “He said by who? And I said the trolls. That’s what they call me. He said there’s a way to fix it.” 

While Kail said she’s still “thinking about” undergoing the procedure, she also expressed interest is getting another boob job– specifically “a reduction and a lift and the whole nine.” 

“I don’t know why some people think I got my boobs done with Dr. Miami,” she said. “That was not part of my mommy makeover. I had a mommy makeover but before that, I had whatever I had, asymmetry really bad. One boob was literally three cups smaller than my other. So bad.” 

You’re off the hook this time, Dr. Miami.

Kail added that her surgeon encouraged her to wait until she’s “happy” with her weight before going under the knife, as it would make the process easier.

Amber Portwood says Farrah Abraham needs to start taking responsibility for her actions following recent arrest; Farrah now claims to be a victim of organized crime. 

“You know your life is a mess if I’m calling you out… “

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Amber Portwood has had multiple run-ins with police in her lifetime, but unlike her former co-star Farrah Abraham, Amber says she has owned up to her wrongdoings. 

…for Amber to mention her past without talking about “gel.”

As The Ashley told you earlier this week, Farrah allegedly slapped a security guard at a Hollywood club over the weekend, resulting in her arrest. After the incident, Farrah claimed she had been set up and was a victim of “batterment”– but Amber isn’t buying her crap. (No, not THAT crap.) 

“Your loss!”

“I went through so much of my life way worse and if I sat there and never took responsibility for what I’ve done and say that everything was a set-up, I mean honestly I would just look like a fool,” Amber told E!’s Daily Pop this week. “Nothing’s a set- up. You act they way that you act and things happen. Can I say that some people might not like you? Yes, but that’s not against the law.” 

“It SHOULD be against the law to not like a public figure, PER LAW!” 

Meanwhile, Farrah insists she was attacked over the weekend and maintains that she plans to put her courtroom “smarts” to work to protect herself in the future. 

“It is terrifying and traumatizing that people attack me and I cannot even enjoy dinner as I’m the only person out of three attacked and harassed,” Farrah said of the alleged set-up. “I look forward to court, as always. This is why I’m getting a law degree to protect myself yet again from conspired attacks.” 

On Thursday, she added more to the “WTF?”-ery by posting to Instagram Stories that she believes she was the victim of an attack put together by “organized crime.” (Naturally, The Ashley has left the “Farrah Speak” intact below.)

“Justice will handle All who Harass & target me. It’s a shame it takes a group to attack me. Organized crime. The End,” Farrah wrote. 

Ashley Jones once again called out Dr. Drew Pinsky; suggested a replacement for him.

“Take your T-shirt-and-blazer-combo’d ass outta here, Drew!”

Ashley is no fan of Dr. Drew and this week, she made it clear that she who she would like to see fill his blazer at the next ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion.

Ashley suggested that Dr. Cheyenne Bryant— the psychologist/life coach appearing on Teen Mom Family Reunion— take over for the Blazered One.

“I’d like to officially request Dr. B for all future reunion,” Ashley wrote on Instagram Stories. “I think Dr. Drew brings nothing to the table in regards to that. It was nice to connect with a real doctor who wanted accountability and insight instead of condescending remarks.”

In the comment section of a post on Dr. Bryant’s Instagram from earlier this week, a clip of ‘TMFR’ is shown, to which Ashley commented, “Not you making me spill me deep emotions when I actually came to fight.”

Back in January 2021, Ashley called Dr. Drew out for being a “disgrace” and “instigating little girl drama” at the ‘Teen Mom’ Reunions.

[Drew is] sitting up there old as my Papa instigating little girl drama for the last however long,” she continued. “Surely as a Dr. his medical contributions can be greater… Dr. Drew messy ass need to drop the ‘Dr.’ [from his name] and just call himself a Wendy Williams cause he’s a disgrace.”

“Just hand me my coffee cup and paycheck and tell me where to sit…”

Ashley later posted on Instagram Stories that she feels Dr. Drew needs to focus on helping people instead of appearing on ‘Teen Mom’ Reunions.

“Point blank he needs to go try to really rehabilitate people instead of starting drama between girls who are young enough to be his granddaughters. F**king disgusting,” Ashley wrote.

Dr. Drew— who, despite what Ashley wrote is a “real doctor”— has yet to comment.

Michael Abraham defended his daughter Farrah after her arrest; tells ex Debra Danielsen to stop worrying about their granddaughter Sophia

“I’m nothing if not consistent!”

Farrah may have a hard time getting people to believe she’s the victim of an organized crime hit (or something), but one person who has her back is her father, Michael.

After news of Farrah’s arrest was blasted all over The Interwebs, Michael— who is arguably The Number One Fan Of The Number One Celebrity Of Our Nation— hit Facebook to defend Farrah (as per usual), insisting that she was “set up,” and telling his ex-wife, Debra Danielsen to keep quiet after she expressed her fears for Farrah’s 12-year-old daughter, Sophia.

In the comment section of a clickbait article about Debra saying she fears for Sophia (which was posted to Amber Portwood’s official Facebook page), Mike told Debz OG she has nothing to worry about.

“I will post this … there is no reason for Debra to fear [for] Sophia. My family is always there for Farrah and Sophia… stop the BS,” he wrote. 

“Farrah takes good care of Sophia. These people need to stop. It’s ridiculous!” he added.

‘Whatever, Michael!”

When someone else in the comment section stated that Farrah was charged with battery after punching a security guard in the face on Saturday, Mike insisted that wasn’t the case.

“No she did not… there is not video of that… she was accused of this … just wait for the real facts,” he responded. “First off my daughter never touched anyone… just want till the facts and investigations are done… stop spreading lies.”

When someone else asked Mike if he is concerned that Farrah never seems to take responsibility for her own actions, Mike denied this, too. He also stated that this whole arrest/organized crime/assault/whatever will be a good lesson for Sophia.

“Farrah [does] and has always taken responsibility for things SHE REALLY HAS DONE… it accused of doing … as for suing people that’s our business and we don’t threaten anyone/organization without actual merit, cause, and reason,” he wrote. “That’s a fact. As for Sophia it’s a great lesson for Sophia…. It teaches her about consequences people will face for their actions … just like Farrah did when she got pregnant.”


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23 Responses

  1. Get a new ass, new boobs, and a new nose. A great house and a fine car. Until you fix the fuckery going on inside your head, you will stay ugly.

  2. I agree with Ashley. Drew needed to be replaced YEARS ago when he was letting Amber and Jenelle and David get away with practially everything at those reunions. He’s a horrible reunion host.

  3. KaIl – You can have all the plastic surgery in the world, but it still won’t fix your ugly soul.

    Amber – It’s laughable that you are trying to educate Farrah on accountability. You haven’t taken responsibility for a single thing you have done. If you had, you’d be sitting in jail right now.

    Farrah/Michael – Delusions must run rampant in your family. It doesn’t take a genius to know that Farrah is unfit and completely incapable of providing a safe, healthy and productive environment for Sophia. And Farrah, not everyone is out to get you. Certainly not people affiliated with organized crime!! When will you learn that your actions have consequences?? Perhaps it will finally sink in during “law school”.

  4. Farrah’s father Mike is a absolute creep. Plain and simple. I could almost guarantee he’s watched and jacked off to every single porn video she made. Probably gets his thrills over her selling her shit (literally) on the internet. From day 1 Farrah’s relationship with her kooky dad has been weird…. I’ve always thought they were/are in some type of incestuous relationship…

    1. THIS!!!!! I have always said this. He says the weirdest shit about her, and he just plain gives me the creeps. Something has happened, or is happening with them ???

  5. New mansions, plastic surgery, range rovers, fancy vacations….. I hope we never have to hear from these mothers that they have no money in the future when this show is just reruns on Netflix.

    Kail, the “trolls” will always find something to pick at you about. They will hate your new nose even worse, it’s what they do. Learning to love and accept yourself would be a better lesson to your four kids instead of throwing money at the problem.
    Cheaper too.

  6. So “Farrah speak” is really “Abraham speak”, her dad is as incoherent as she is. And a massive enabler.
    And what about Amber talking about accountability? LoL I just can’t, it’s too much

  7. Farrah should sue her parents for raising her to be worse than a wild animal that has to sell her body to make a living. She is completely delusional as are her parents.

  8. Kail needs to fix her attitude & personality before she works on her face. Just goes to show you how much peoples’ comments bug her. News flash- a new nose won’t make you happy.

    Amber, just stfu.

    Yes, Drew needs to go.

    Mykol riding Farrah’s income so yea, of course he’s going to enable.

  9. Every time he defends her, I always think back to the dating app screen shots where Michael said he liked the father-daughter role play scenarios.

    No normal parent would ever want their daughters to be like Farrah. No normal parent would look at the videos/images of Farrah from the last 2-3 years (see Farrah af) & think that’s ok. No one mentioned her ex bf’s tweet about her being an alcoholic. He was a douche bag, but I believe him. She’s not healthy at all.

    Their family makes me sick.

  10. Mykol is a kook. How can he blindly support Farrah and be proud of her antics? Poor Sophia. Mykol is a good part of why Farrah is as she is.

  11. Wasn’t it Kail’s intention to be at her goal weight before her birthday in March so she could join the military? Whatever happened to that? I guess she should’ve put the treadmill to use after all.

    1. You’d think that out of all the horrible personality traits Kail has she would choose one to work on. Nope. She went with her nose.

    2. There’s nothing wrong with Kail’s nose… my god this girl will find anything to fix with plastic surgery and then continue to chug massive sugary drinks 24/7 wondering why she’s not happy with her appearance. It’s pretty sad actually.

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