EXCLUSIVE! Farrah Abraham’s Mom Debra Danielsen Says MTV Shouldn’t Reward Farrah’s Bad Behavior by Putting Her On ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’: “Shame On MTV!”

“You can’t blame them for wanting to cast the Number One Celebrity In Our Nation!”

Farrah Abraham hasn’t appeared on a Teen Mom show since 2018, when she was fired from Teen Mom OG. However, the adult entertainment star is set to return to the MTV franchise when she appears on the new spin-off Teen Mom Family Reunion in a few weeks.

One person who is not happy about the return of Farrah is her own mother, Debra Danielsen.

In a new interview with The Ashley, Debra— who has been estranged from her daughter since May 2021— says that MTV shouldn’t have allowed Farrah to return to the series, given her recent bad behavior, her past mistreatment of the show’s crew and cast members, and her continued participation in questionable “adult” activities.

“Shame on MTV for promoting her on the ‘Family Reunion,'” Deb told The Ashley.

“I believe MTV rewarded [Farrah’s bad] behavior. Now it appears she wants to make a living off of bad behavior and ruining others. Sad.

“Maci’s right,” Deb added. “[Farrah’s] just mean.”

“One, I’ll bet Harvard put you up to this and, for second, you are a harassing liar, PER LAW!”

Debra was once one of Farrah’s biggest supporters; however, after a blow-out fight in May 2021, Deb said she has not spoken to Farrah, or Farrah’s 12-year-old daughter Sophia.

As The Ashley previously reported, Farrah was arrested on Saturday after allegedly slapping a security guard at a Hollywood club. Video that has surfaced online shows Farrah being held on the ground during a citizen’s arrest, screaming belligerently. 

“[I have] no idea [where Sophia was during this],” Deb said. “Farrah doesn’t let us talk. I am afraid for Sophia. She and I have to always pay the price for [Farrah’s] bad behavior.” 

After her arrest, Farrah went on a days-long Instagram rant, posting that she was assaulted, abused, and targeted for being famous (among other things.)


“Farrah’s always the ‘victim,’ always threatening violence and it isn’t safe,” Debra told The Ashley. “Never is [her fault] actually and it happens over and over and over again.”

(As The Ashley has previously reported, Farrah frequently claims to be the victim of harassment, abuse, racism and more.) 

As for Farrah’s dabbling into scat p0rnography, Deb is disgusted. (Farrah was recently selling jars of her poopoo online, and had been selling feces- and urine-related adult material on Only Fans.) 

“It sets women’s rights back 200 years,” Debra said. 

“Not gonna name names though….”

In a recent video posted to her YouTube channel, Debra discussed why she had to cut ties with her daughter. During a conversation with Tyler Cooksey (who was Farrah’s friend during her 16 and Pregnant episode and was interviewed for The Ashley’s 2013 book Teen Mom Confidential), Debra said it was difficult to stop talking to Farrah.

“Any time you love people, you never want to let them go,” Debra said. “You always want to make things good for them. But, Farrah grew up, she turned 30, and at some point in life you make choices…

“I had to make a choice that I need to be treated with some common courtesy. And I need to be treated with some respect. And if that’s not happening, that means I don’t respect my own self. So I had to call a time out [with Farrah]. And I had to say, ‘Look, I can’t put up with this.’ I have to be treated with respect and dignity, at bare minimum. I would like to be treated also with love and kindness, but I’ll settle for respect if I can’t get anything else. 

“And if people could plug my latest rap songs, that’d be great, too!”

“Right now I’m not talking to Farrah because of an incident that occurred that I felt really hurt and disrespected,” Debra continued. “I’m praying for resolution and I would love nothing more in this world than to have restoration [of our relationship]. But, again, I have to be treated with kindness and respect.”

In another part of the video, Debra made it clear that she is not using her daughter, as some have stated.

“I am not out here living off of Farrah’s fame… or Farrah’s money,” Deb said. “I’m not out there living off of anybody’s money. I work, I have a life and I focus on doing things that are toward my new endeavors.” 

She also disputed fans’ claims that Farrah learned her behavior from Deb.

‘She may have sprung from my loins but this isn’t my fault!”

“Don’t say that Farrah is the way she is because of me,” Debra said in the video. “Because, guess what? I don’t do that, and I respect other people.

“I don’t know any mom or dad in this world that has the power that’s greater than the law, and tells [their adult children] that they can’t do what they’ve chosen for a profession, or what they’ve made for a choice.” 

“I don’t have that power. It’s definitely not what I would have chosen for my daughter,” Debra said of Farrah’s adult industry endeavors. “And I worry for my granddaughter, no doubt about it.”

Farrah has yet to comment on Debra’s statements. 

You can watch Deb’s full video below! 

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(Photos: YouTube, MTV; Instagram)

35 Responses

  1. I remember watching Farrah’s 16 & pregnant episode when it aired and thinking she was an entitled brat. I remember Deb trying to punish Farrah and Debs Mom & Dad intervene, undercut her authority, even offering Farrah to come be at their house. Like obs Deb and Micheal did a bad job but I also think it was a cycle of bad parenting.

    Also I hate to throw the term around because it get misused but I really think Farrah is a full blown textbook narcissist. Only so much one can do with that.

  2. Yes Deb is a shit mother. She has mental issues, no argument. But we all had issues growing up. She is now an adult, and responsible for her own choices and behavior. Selling yourself, or your shit to perverts is desperate and degrading to women in general. The problem is Sophia is involved, and affected by her mothers poor choices. Deb failed her, but she is a grown ass woman now. Her child suffers due to her nasty lifestyle, and SHE is at fault.

    1. Deb used Farrahs cash to look ridiculous, is always half naked and for sure passed her disgusting genes onto Farrah. Now she tries to shift the blame, not needing her cash anymore. Disvusting family. Wish Dereks family would get Sophia.

  3. I always wondered what happened to Tyler. Farrah hasn’t had any friends for years, and if I recall correctly, most of the other cheerleaders found her pretty insufferable even back in high school.

    Deb can seriously shut the hell up. She is as fickle as they come, and will go with whatever option gives her financial luxury. She’ll be kissing Farrah’s backdoor again in no time.

    Also, of all the isms Farrah has claimed to be a victim of, racism is one I can’t get my head around. I was under the impression that the only non-white part of her heritage is Whatever Mykol being half-Syrian. Is that right? I highly doubt anyone has been targeting Farrah on these grounds. But then, we all know she is full of shit.

  4. Says the woman that has had too many plastic surgery operations to count,and makes terrible music with either money directly from Farrah, or from MTV. Deb pretending like Farrah’s behavior is new, or upsetting to her is rich, since she has been benefitting off of Farrah’s horrible personality for years.
    Deb, shut up. Whenever you talk it looks like you’ve just had dental surgery and you still can feel your mouth, so your decision making skills are lacking as well.

  5. I call bullsh*t.

    If Deb was really worried about Sophia she would’ve filed a report with CPS and reported Farrah for neglectful parenting.

    Also, I think Deb spending all of Farrah’s money (plastic surgery liquid facial or else that was getting). Farrah wouldn’t have resorted to doing sex work to pay her bills, is a big part of why Farrah has gone down this rabbit hole and is now like selling her feces —like God is sad.

    And like Michael was like negotiating her sex contract, he claims he wasn’t, but just like the fact that he was even in that meeting where he’s like sitting there listening to what Farrah will do for $1 million in sexual acts, gross

    Just this whole family is so fucked up.


    1. This! Debra should be talking to CPS and the police.
      Has she told CPS everything? Why she feels Sophia and her are always the victim? Has she told them she has seen Farrah under influence, shown them proof of her erratic behaviour on social media, video, only Fans etc?
      Has she called for a checkup on Sophia when Farrah was behaving erratic?
      Or, does she not contact them because she hopes Farrah will come back in her life?

      Just like Babs, she needs to choose her grandchild, not her daughter.

    2. I disagree, her mothers face lifts are not the cause of her doing sex work. She wants the money for herself. Deb is at fault for a lot of this for sure, but Farrah would have done sex work whether or not she paid for Debs plastic surgery. She was not so broke she had to resort to degrading herself and her daughter.

      1. @Diwnvotedat – I totally agree! It’s silly to say Farrah is broke and doing sex work because she loaned Deb money for one procedure. Farrah is broke because she screwed up the one steady, well paying job she had and has lived a life wildy outside of her means. Also, extremely poor financial decisions. It’s INSANE that Farrah opened three brick and mortar stores in one year, I bet she lost a boatload of money with her dumb stores. She bought a huge, overpriced home and took a huge loss when she was finally able to sell it after it being on the market for several years. Farrah is an idiot and wasted the money she made on dumb shit and now has to scrape (her butt) to get buy.

        1. You are so right! Her ignorance and lack of morals is why she can’t succeed. Shit in a jar only goes so far. Good lord if she gets constpated, the whole shit in a jar fortune goes down the toilet. ?

  6. I’m judgmental of the people paying hundreds of dollars for a jar of fecal matter rather than the woman selling them. Honestly, if I could sell jars of my own I’d quit my job.

    1. Go ahead, sell yours. But I disagree, it’s vulgar and disgusting. Anyone who sells there shit to strangers has a serious problem. Good luck with your new adventure.

  7. I feel like both Deb and Farrah are narcissistic with substance abuse problems.

    I’ve known someone like Deb, she was a fun time gal and didn’t care too much about raising her kids while she chased dick and money. Then when her kids were grown and grandchildren came, she became religious and got a wealthy penis, all the sudden SHE has no idea why her kids don’t take her seriously and she’s just so worried about those grandkids.

    Will she report it? Petition the court for checks or custody? No, she’ll pray, because it’s literally the least amount of effort you can do while appearing to care.

  8. Poor Baby GooGoo.

    Sorry Deb, you can say you didn’t teach Farrah to be like this but….

    The viewers WATCHED you all for years, so as you rewrite history to absolve yourself from blame for helping create the Rude Disrespectful Beast that is Farrah, we call bullshit.

    If you’re seriously concerned about Farrah parenting your grandchild when she isn’t too busy slapping faces and working on her squatting aim to fill jars of her own sewage — Call CPS or whoever else, and make sure Baby Goo has more in her future than being her mother’s personal cameraman and hype manager.


  9. Farrah’s sister Ashley really needs to write a tell-all. I think she’s the only member of that family who is halfway normal. She was definitely the only one willing to call Farrah out on her BS when Sophia was a baby and Farrah wanted to run off and leave Sophia with her parents all the time.

    Also…in her 16 & Pregnant episode, Farrah’s grandparents (Deb’s parents) seemed so sweet and down to earth! They were supportive and helpful, and obviously genuinely loved their granddaughter and great granddaughter. Seriously, how did they end up with Debra for a daughter, who then brought Farrah into this world?!

      1. I doubt Farrah’s sister has enough info to call CPS. She was smart and got out of their toxic hell hole a while ago. I don’t think she’s in contact with Farrah or Sophia. CPS probably won’t act on decade old information from an estranged family member.

        1. I agree But Anyone can make an inquiry for a wellness check, they have to investigate. I can NOT believe CPS has not picked up on this information and checked on this child. So sad!

  10. so now that farrah isn’t making deb any money and mtv chose not to go with her stupid hollywood moms after show idea deb is gonna shame farrah and mtv? ?

    1. SHE could and should contact CPS if anything she is saying is true. If she has any human decency left, she would protect that child at any cost . Show us your true self Deb, step up, or shut up.

  11. Yeah Deb, you do do that stuff. You’re just as violent as Farrah.

    Sophie will hopefully emancipate herself away from all these ppl soon enough.

  12. Farrah Abraham has always been a Veruca Salt waaaay before MTV started paying her big money. Let’s not pretend she was sweet as pie before “bad behavior.”???

  13. Like that time MTV still aired Deb after she smacked Farrah on camera during her 16 and pregnant episode? Or attacked her, then answered the door with knives when the cops came? Or the time Dr David went full creeper on her daughter, while dear ol’ mom did nothing? Pot meet kettle.

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