Jenelle Evans’ Former Soulmate Kieffer Delp Sticks Up for Her After Her TikTok Dancing Skills Are Criticized: “Stop Hatin’ on Mah Bitch!”

“Bad dancing on TikTok ain’t illegal!”

The saga of Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp is truly, truly the gift that just keeps on giving! 

Although Kieffer hasn’t been Jenelle’s soulmate for years, he still clearly has her back. The fresh-from-prison felon even defended his ex when a few people criticized Jenelle’s rhythm (or lack thereof) when she shakes her rump in her TikTok videos. After someone tweeted Jenelle’s latest TikTok offering and wrote, “If ‘no rhythm’ was a person” as the caption, Kieffer swooped in and stuck up for the former Teen Mom 2 star…in the most “Kieffer” way possible, of course.

“All yu ni**as need to stop hatin on mah bitch fr she up there doin her thug thizzle,” he tweeted in response.

(In case you don’t speak “Kieffa,” allow The Ashley to translate for you: Basically Kieffer tells us to stop hating on his “bitch” (Jenelle) for real because she’s up there doing her thug thizzle.)


I need a moment…

Seconds before David’s head exploded after finding out Kieffer called Jenelle his bitch.

The TikTok video in question shows a leopard-print-wearing Jenelle shaking her rump out in the dirt. With her arms flailing and her legs kicking like a robot playing Hopscotch, Jenelle is basically the Ginger [Courtland] Rogers of The Land

Anyway, as The Ashley recently told you, Kieffer was released from prison last month after spending five months behind bars. He had been captured by authorities after he was labelled an absconder by the State of Pennsylvania. Before that, Kieffer pleaded guilty in 2018 to operating a meth lab (in the kitchen of his apartment, as you do), as well as a manufacturing charge and a “risking catastrophe” charge. He spent 18 months in prison before being released in February 2020.

It is unknown if Jenelle and “The Kieff” have had any communication since Kieffer’s release. However, Kieffer still clearly has love for his ex. When someone stated that Jenelle has gained weight since the time when Kieffer was her soulmate, Kieffer defended her.

“Yu shouldn’t talk about other human beings like that,” he told the person on Twitter. 

“I got your back, boo! And your wallet, if you need someone to hold it…”

In another recent Twitter exchange, Jenelle’s haters then informed Kieffer that Jenelle had recently posted clickbait on Instagram about him, but Kieffer wasn’t bothered by her using his “misfortunes” for profit.

“What misfortunes…I don’t care bout none a dat if she can get a lil bread tell er get it i aint hatin,” he replied.

(That’s “Kieffa Speak” for “I don’t care about that. If she can make a little money off me, tell her I’m not mad about it.)

Kieffer insisted that Jenelle appears to be doing well in life. He even gifted us a bit of “Kieffa Philosophy.”

“She seems to be doin fine someone doesnt always have to be doin bad for someone to be doin good ya dig?” he tweeted.

(That’s “Kieffa Speak” for…actually…I have no idea what he’s trying to say…)

“That’s pretty deep, Kieffa! I see ya spent some time in the prison liahhhbrary!”

You can watch the TikTok video is question below…if you dare!


Just tell them ##YaTrickYa 🎶👊🏼 That’s as fast as I punch 😂

♬ original sound – Liyah🙃💖💯

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. You know you’re a walking dumpster fire when I’m sitting here going, “You know, if it wasn’t for that meth stuff, this is probably a nice guy.” Jenelle, we’re rooting for the meth cook. Please, we know you’re unemployed and troll here, let that shit sink in for just a moment.

  2. Omg David is going to whoop her for his comments. Her dancing is a bit ridiculous but hey she’s making money apparently

  3. I truly hope Kieffer figures out his life and stays clean, which is more than I can say for the rest of her exes.

  4. Keiffah better watch it with those “talkn words” before David fills these streets full of upper cuts…

    The fact that Keiffah is the lesser of ALL the evils that were/currently are Jenelles soulmates is so embarrassing on her end…Imagine marrying such a POS human that people are rooting for you to leave him for a meth cook.

    1. What Lexii said! Ditto! She is just so disgusting. I’m still waiting for that child abuser/Nugget murdeder to kill someone. Sorry to say it, but it will happen. I just hope the children and animals are safe.

  5. To all the people in the comments saying he was the best bf out of all of them: Did you forget HE introduced her to Heroin AND was the one who ACTUALLY PUT THE NEEDLES IN HER ARM bc she could not do it herself???!

    1. At least her never beat her kids. popped her collar bone, pistol whipped her friend, got her blacklisted from every job opportunity, or murder her dog. There is treatment for addiction, there is no treatment or cure for being a child abusing piece of shit named David Eason. But the fact that Keiffah is the best ex she has out of the many others is a pitiful look on her end.

    2. He was actually a pretty angry drunk too. He’s not a good guy by any means. Would he shoot a dog in front of the kids? Who knows.

    3. Lmao Hi Jenelle 🤣🤣 Did he force jenelle down, hold her down and shove needles filled with heroin in her? No…Jenelle willingly did heroin…. typical…never take any responsibility

  6. Raise your hand if you are secretly hoping Jenelle leaves David for Kieffer.
    Everyone? That’s what I thought.

    Seriously though, he better watch his back. The neanderthal isn’t going to like this.

  7. Oh, Keiffa, you better walk that one back!!! What you MEANT to say was “Stop hatin’ on Mr. Eason’s WIFE!” You don’t need Lurch coming after you, my dude! Prayin’ for ya, Keiffa!!

  8. He’s very flawed and barely literate, yet he’s by far one of the best of Janelle’s soul mates. Yikes what a low bar. At least he doesn’t seem to be violent and filled with rage unlike David and Nathan.

  9. For some stupid reason I’ll always have a soft spot for Kieffa. He reminds me of my first boyfriend. He had all the greatest intentions but ended up being a loser anyways. It’s just one of this people you have to shake your head at & giggle at on inside because if the ridiculousness

    1. I was thinking that he might be the only guy who didn’t truly beat up on her- perhaps because he was consumed with selfish drug seeking, but that’s something, ain’t it?

      1. You all forget David is really a bully & a pussy.
        Unless he has a gun on him he would never confront a man.
        Women, elderly, kids,animals are his victims of choice

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