Kieffer Delp— Former Boyfriend of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans— Has Been Released From Prison: Get An Update on Where He Is Now

“I’m back biotches!”

Kieffer Delp is once again a free man.

Kieffer— who is the former soulmate of Jenelle Evans and starred for years on Teen Mom 2— was released from prison on Friday. His release comes about five months after he was captured by authorities after he was labelled an absconder by the State of Pennsylvania. “Kieffa” has been sitting in a correction facility in Pennsylvania since October, but completed his sentence on Friday and was released. 

Upon his release, Kieffer immediately hit up his old Twitter account and began letting people know he’s back. He also informed everyone that he spent his time behind bars writing.

“For nobody that thought I was gonna max out my bid in the DOC [Department of Corrections] and not write no pieces yu had it f**ked up. I got a few pieces on deck.”

“Tha anticipation is killin’ me.

He also promised to start his glass pipe-making business again. (For those of you who had no life back around 2012 or so, you may remember that Kieffer used to make glass pipes to smoke “tobacco” –yeah…that’s it— out of.)

“I’m bout to be makin glass in a few months,” he replied to someone who asked him if he still makes pipes. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Kieffer pleaded guilty in 2018 to operating a meth lab (in the kitchen of his apartment, as you do), as well as a manufacturing charge and a “risking catastrophe” charge. He spent 18 months in prison before being released in February 2020.

“I thought cookin’ meth ain’t illegal, but I learned that it is, indeed, illegal.”

However, after just six days of freedom, “Kieffa” went to his home state of New Jersey, where he was picked up in Salem for jumping bail. He was released and spent several months as a free man.

However, in August 2020, he stopped reporting to his parole officer and was labelled a fugitive by the state. In October 2020, he was captured by “the law” and sent back to the clink. 

With the early seasons of ‘Teen Mom 2’ now available for viewing on Netflix (much to Jenelle’s dismay), Kieffer is once again becoming a frequent topic of discussion on Twitter. 

“Kieffer Delp was Teen Mom 2. I can’t believe the series continued without him,” one person tweeted last month.

“Watching old episodes of Teen Mom [2] on Netflix and Jenelle & Kieffer‘s story line got me cringing lmfaoo,” someone wrote on Friday on Twitter.

“Boy, Netflix put ‘Teen Mom 2′ on there and it ain’t nothing like rewatching Janelle and Barb go at it,” another person tweeted. “I can’t wait until I get to the episodes of Janelle’s Kiefer phase! Them Credit Card scenes is Epic.”

The last time Kieffer appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’ was December 2017 when he participated in the ‘Teen Mom 2’ special, “The Ex Files,” which caught viewers up on what all of Jenelle’s former soulmates are up to these days.

“I’ll be back soon David…just going to the store…yeah, that’s it…”

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter)


  1. I’ve got a soft spot for Keiffa too.And the fact hes been smart enough not to knock anyone up (i don’t think?)shows he’s got more sense somewhere in there than most of cast of this show. He’s an addict, like many of us, but there’s something about him that’s endearing

  2. For some reason I hope this guy can get himself together…maybe it’s the fact that he had sense enough to escape Jenelle without creating another baby that I’m still rooting for him

  3. Oh my. Maybe he should have taken some “how to properly write” classes while in the pen. I have to admit Kieffa made for some good entertainment!

  4. Oh, Kiefffaaah! You never disappoint! You’re my favorite Ganga-smokin’ glass-blowin’ meth-makin’ Teen Mom 2 ex!! I bet Jennelly is feelin’ the spring fevahhh out on The Land! A Soulmate is once again on the loose! Beware of Lurch, though— he ain’t gonna like this, even though you’re both in the Brotherhood of Former Jailbirds!

  5. Why dont Keiffa & Lurch start a business together, railroad tie coat racks, knives & glass pipes. Sounds like a winning combo to me

    1. Keiffer and Lurch dont belong in the same circle together in the least!!!

      Lurch is controlling, violent and abusive in every way imaginable.

      Aside from the drug use Keiffer was a good person. He was kind and never laid a hand on anyone other than Jennelly (and that was in self defense).

      Hell, even Babsy Wabsy liked him and that’s saying something!!!

      1. Eh, the episodes before the heroin when he started drinking heavily, he was bad. The jumping out of her car at stop signs, just his whole alcoholic period, he was a dick. He’s not a happy drunk by any means.

        1. I had actually forgotten about the drinking and while I’m not condoning it, drugs usually begat drinking.

          When putting up with Jennelly Belly, who would be happy…drink or sober???!!!!

  6. As someone without a life in 2012, Keiffer’s poorly made pipes were wooden. And breaking bad taught me making glass means meth.

    1. True.

      That’s actually a pretty good show..didn’t think I’d like it,,, but I did. The movie left me hanging though 😩

    2. Yes, while Breaking Bad’s meaning of “making glass” is meth their are other definitions of making/blowing glass.

      A person who did bad in the past can make a legitimate go of things. Just look at the hundreds of thousands of recovering addicts all over this world.

      Why can’t people allow for others to make a legitimate go in the present and future instead of holding the mistakes they made in the past over their heads and not allowing them to grow and change?

      My middle sister did the same thing with my oldest sister by not letting the past be the past, now my oldest sister has been clean for over 8 (almost 9) years and our middle sister is kicking herself for living in the past and not moving on.

  7. This probably isn’t the popular opinion… I liked ‘Kee-fur.’ He’s in the category WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. Was he a hot mess? Well, sure. But I didn’t find him mean or conniving. Uncle Bad Touch is also a hot mess- mean, petty, violent, too. OH JELLY. Keeping track of your SOUL MATES is exhausting. Just wondering. Did Keefur wear a condom, or were there other forces at play?

  8. As one of the few male posters here but a long time fan of the franchise, I would like to say something. Leave Kieffer alone already. He probably made very little money from MTV when he was on the show. I think if it wasn’t for the drugs Kieffer and Janelle may have made a great couple.

    1. Nobody is looking down on or criticizing Keiffer for anything other than the drug use of course.

      So, calm down.

    2. I agree, Kiefer hasn’t been on the show since 2013-14ish, he get more updates then Jace’s own father. It seems like Kiefer boarded off the MTV gravy train a while ago, and doesn’t have/ want a ticket to board back on.

  9. I always had such a soft spot for Kieffer, he seemed quite nice apart from the crippling drug addiction. The episode they meet was so funny, the eyes meeting over a terrible looking party, she was gaga for him in the way only an out of control teenager can be for a drug addict with no job who lives in his car.

    1. I agree, outside the drug addiction I have to say that I thought he was to most decent of the guys she seems to attract.

    2. It is sad we are making fun of another person’s addiction struggle. ClearlyJenelle would be in the same place as him if she didn’t get the big paycheck. My vote is leave him alone. At least he escaped her grasp.

  10. Hide yo hoodies everybody, Jenelle’s most amusing soulmate is back on these streets and by the way his tweets sound he’s already back on the pipe. Does anyone else ever wonder what kind of hell she catches from Lurch for having dated a black man? It would be so amazing if someone planted surveillance cameras in their house (ala. Andrew/Amber), one day’s worth of footage would be so amusing/telling/scary/sad.

    1. They actually do have cameras in their house! They have the ring camera. Jenelle put footage from it in one of her videos about the custody case on youtube. It showed when the cops came and searched the house. I bet it’s caught a lot more than that though tbh.

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