Amy Duggar Claims Cousin Josh Duggar Once Revealed To Her Why He Never Touched Her Inappropriately; Amy Says Josh’s Victims Were “Weaker” Than Her

We can’t even begin to imagine how long the list of people who want to kick Josh’s ass is at this point.

Disgraced 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar is currently serving time in prison for possessing child sex abuse materials (CSAM), but his cousin Amy Duggar King says she’s still troubled by a conversation she and Josh had years before his arrest.

While unrelated to Josh’s 2021 arrest, it was revealed in 2015 that Josh had allegedly molested five girls–- including four of his younger sisters-– during his teenage years.

Amy recently told The Sun that she once asked Josh why he never “[tried] anything” with her, to which Josh allegedly told her he knew she would’ve physically retaliated and/or told on him.   

“Josh told me a long time ago, when I asked him why he tried it with the other girls and not me, I asked him, ‘Why did you never try anything with me?’” Amy recalled. “And he said, ‘Because I knew you would’ve kicked my ass.’”  

Another Duggar ass…

Amy said she told Josh he was correct–- she “would’ve kicked [his] ass”–- and though the alleged conversation happened years earlier, Amy said Josh’s response still makes her uneasy. 

“I was shocked first of all that he cussed,” she said. “[But] it shows he knew who to target, people who were weaker and who were going to be too scared to say anything. 

Amy and Josh, shown at Josh’s 2008 wedding…

“And it’s so messed up, so screwed up-– but he knew that,” Amy added. “I would’ve kicked his ass and it would not have been a hidden thing. But it’s so sad and messed up that it did happen.” 

Sad and messed up, much like Josh himself.

While Josh never faced any charges related to the allegations involving the five victims, the Duggar family’s TLC series “19 Kids and Counting” was canceled as a result of the scandal. The family–- sans Josh–- went on to appear on the spinoff Counting On, though the series was canceled in June 2021 due to Josh’s arrest and legal issues. 

Amy has continued to vocalize her disgust for Josh following his arrest and subsequent conviction, even speaking out against Josh’s wife Anna (as well as her aunt Michelle Duggar) in May for not protecting the seven children she and Josh share. Amy also posted an open letter to Anna, imploring her to leave her felonious Fundie husband in order to ensure her children’s safety in the future. 

In her recent interview with The Sun, Amy said her imprisoned cousin was once considered the “Golden Boy” of the Duggar family, but now the public has seen his “true identity.” 

“I’m still your Golden Boy, right dad? Right? Dad?!”

“[But] you can only fake that for so long before your true identity and who you really are, and your true character comes out,” she said. “And he has shown the world who he is, and I don’t think there’s enough counseling, I don’t think there’s enough love, and I don’t think there’s enough intervention to help him at this point.” 

Amy also believes there is more dirt on her cousin out there that has not yet come to light, calling Josh a “lost soul.”

“I do think there’ll be more to come out and I do think that we’ll find out more information and eventually someone will talk or someone will spill something,” she said. “I believe he is a lost soul, but his soul does matter. I hope he has a radical change in his life, but no one can do that for him. It has to be his choice.” 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 

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  1. Amy is a thirsty attention-monger and always has been. She will never give up the attention-casting behavior because she thrives on attention.

    Stop using the horror the victims endured to satisfy your own selfish needs to gain attention through your self-righteousness, Amy.

  2. Oh please stop posting this dumbass’s updates. It is clear she was knowing and complicit in the abuse. I would have to disagree with her. Nothing weaker than continuously posting secrets from a family sex abuse scandal for profit. Also stop using her glamor shot in the posts. She is as much of a crapgoblin as the rest of those weirdos. They should all be in jail just to be sure.

  3. I’m weak. Good to know. Thanks, Amy! Just fuck all the way off. Someone else said it and it is very true. You don’t know how you’ll react until it happens to you. And when you’re a CHILD and the abuser is someone trusted from your circle it causes confusion and shame. You think YOU did something wrong. There is no thought of kicking ass. And NO ONE asks the question she says she asked. #1 she was supposedly kept in the dark…but she knew enough to ask this? Your lies are getting tangled, sweet pea. This would be like my sisters going to my abuser and asking why he left them alone. Wouldn’t happen. It also reads as demented jealousy. Like she’s upset it didn’t happen to her so she doesn’t get that attention. Get help, Amy! That is not a normal or healthy way to feel or think. Survivors of this abuse spend our lives trying to move on. No wonder her cousins are done with her. Ever time she speaks, she’s ripping open a wound for them and they NEVER GOT HELP for what they went through. Can’t stand the Duggars but those young women do not deserve this crap. Shit the hell up, Amy.

  4. Amy could’ve used this (likely fake) story to illustrate the dangers of raising girls to be submissive to men. She decided to call his victims “weak” instead.

  5. I think I’m going to respectfully disagree with y’all who think Amy is making these comments as an attempt at relevance. I have a sinking feeling that she has a much deeper purpose behind these videos.

    While I am not, and would never, accuse someone of ped0philia, I have to wonder if Amy is taking shots at someone else in the Duggar family. Is she making these statements as a way of covertly warning someone else that she knows secrets and she could shine a light on horrible behaviors? Josh isn’t the only male in that family who gave icky vibes.

    I guess I just want to give her the benefit of the doubt that she isn’t making these comments for personal gain. Maybe she has good intentions and is actually trying to just offer strength and supports to Duggar victims afraid yo use their voice.

    1. I feel like that would contradict her whole point of her statement though, that it “wouldn’t be a hidden thing.”

  6. Yeah this happened and she just mentioned it now for the first time after years of talking about Josh.
    She should stop trying to get attention for herself using her ped0 cousin. This has nothing to do with you, Amy, just stfu already

  7. Has anyone watch the Anna Duggar documentary about her “love story by Bee the commentator?

    In no way am I excusing her behavior, but maybe explaining the why we all are wanting to know so badly.
    Didn’t Jinger come out recently how she grew up in fear? Well, aren’t they extremist? Also, she never wanted to move to DC but she said to had to follow Josh.
    Again. Not excusing the bahvior at all.
    Its sickening and extremely damaging to her children.

    Josh had her brain washed/trained her to be as faithful to him as Michelle is to jom Bob. She even stated how she felt a lot of pressure, and josh always reminded her of how she was just like his mom.

    Anna’s sister talked excatly like Ana. That’s crazy.

    1. The video is on YouTube.
      It talks about the religik and explains certain things. That makes you understand why the women are the way they are.

    2. I just watched Part 1 and it’s a LOT to unpack! Already it has given me more empathy for Anna (and more fear, disappointment, discouragement for her babies) and more anger/disgust toward the Duggars (especially JimBob and Josh).

      So much more to say. I’ll refrain, bc I could write about this for hours. Thanks for the heads up on the documentary from Be Thee Commentator. Very enlightening. Not at all sugar-coated.

      1. Yes! It randomly came on. I honestly felt like she feels stuck. We all know what we would do in her situation, but not if that was actually us. Then Jinger came out with that book, talking about the fear. Anna’s family was targeted by the Duggars because Anna’s dad who turned his sinful life around to help misguided men back to God.
        Like how are Anna’s parents supporting Anna staying eith them.

        Do they still side with the Duggars, or do they want Anna away?
        The part where Anna talked about feeling a lot of pressure from Josh ALWAYS reminding her of the role she has to fill, same as Michelle’s.
        Well now that has me thinking. What if Jim Bob was cheating on Michelle at some point as well.

        How crazy if a random kid shows up one day lololol

  8. When is this chick going to realize her 15 minutes is up. Why is she STILL talking about this? And I agree with the other posters, I don’t believe for a second this conversation actually occurred. What an incredibly weird and awkward question to ask him. And why is she just now mentioning it? She didn’t think to bring it up before if this alleged conversation actually took place? She sounds ridiculous allegedly asking a known child molester why he didn’t “pick her too”. She sounds like she’s offended almost, like why wasn’t she chosen to be victimized as well. Move on, Amy!!!!!

    1. “She sounds ridiculous allegedly asking a known child molester why he didn’t “pick her too”. She sounds like she’s offended almost, like why wasn’t she chosen to be victimized as well.”
      Truth be told I wouldn’t rule out that kind of scenario as impossible. There have been situations/abuse cases where there’s a third party/ies who get upset the abuser/molester doesn’t go for them and might also get mad at the victim(s) because they don’t see such behavior and/or the abuser as problematic or twisted.

      That said, no way she’s lying about Josh targeting ones he could feel superior over since cant involve anyone he can’t scare or overpower into submission.

  9. How disrespectful to her cousins who were molested. If only they’d been strong like Amy they could have prevented the whole thing. If she really wanted to be supportive of them she could perhaps not make what happened to them about her, not indirectly blame them for what happened, and not make her ignorant thoughts public.

  10. I don’t believe this conversation happened. Since when do the Duggars just have these open casual conversations about Josh molesting his sisters? Amy is a known liar and exaggerator. I do believe that probably IS why he never tried molesting her, but I don’t believe for a second that they had that conversation. It was all swept under the rug back then when he first confessed, and they wouldn’t have been almost joking about it like that. And when it came back up a few years ago when it was made public, she wasn’t ever around him, they were estranged already. She’s full of it.

  11. This makes me so uneasy. Who legitimately asks “but why didn’t you molest me?” That’s seems incredibly weird to me. Also, calling his victims weak? Seriously? Why? It’s such a slap in the face.

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