Josh Duggar’s Cousin Amy & Aunt Deanna Respond to Duggar Family’s Letters Begging Judge to Have Mercy On Josh For Sentencing


“We’ve already begun crafting our ‘Double Decades for Duggar’ signs.”

Josh Duggar is set to be sentenced later this month for the crimes of receiving and possession child sex abuse materials (CSAM), and while Josh’s wife Anna and mom Michelle are asking the judge to have mercy on Josh, this sentiment isn’t shared among the entire Duggar family. 

As The Ashley told you on Thursday, in a last-ditch effort to save Josh from the 20-year sentence prosecutors have recommended, Anna, Michelle and other acquaintances of Josh’s wrote letters asking the judge to show leniency towards the disgraced former 19 Kids & Counting star.

“He never does anything wrong…except the stuff he was convicted of…”

These letters were filed along with the memo from Josh’s legal team which asked that the judge give Josh the shortest sentence legally allowed in this case: five years. 

In the letters, Josh was portrayed as a hardworking family man, with Josh’s brother-in-law David Waller even attempting to play the sympathy card on Josh’s behalf, claiming Josh and Anna’s children “cry themselves to sleep wanting their daddy to be home.” 

Pretty sure those cries were coming from Joshy Girl’s room…

As for Michelle, she noted that her criminal son has a “tender heard and is compassionate towards others,” calling Josh a “positive and upbeat person.” (Click here to read Michelle’s full letter.)

Meanwhile, Anna called her husband an “engaged dad” who sweeps up crackers and is friendly with homeless people who pass by on the street. 

Yes, the bar is THAT low in Duggar Land.

While David, Michelle and Anna are throwing their full support behind Josh, the same cannot be said for Josh’s cousin Amy Duggar King or Amy’s mother– Jim Bob Duggar’s sister– Deanna Duggar.

Amy shared her thoughts on the situation this week in a series of Instagram Stories and Twitter comments, one of which directly addressed the letters written in support of Josh. 

“First of all Josh is funny, charismatic, kind and all the things my aunt [Michelle] listed in the letter,” Amy wrote. “But there’s a sinister side. A side to him that makes your skin crawl. You can’t ignore what he did years ago, and what he was caught looking at! Are they delusional?” 

Short answer: yes.

Amy went on to describe “abusers” and how they are often “sociable, well-like charismatic, charming” individuals. She also stated that she supports Josh receiving the 20-year sentence. 

“I will continue to shine a light in the most darkest areas,” she wrote. “Please just pray that Josh Duggar will be given the ultimate sentence. 20+ years.” 

Amy also called out Anna directly in several tweets, reminding her that Josh has been a less-than-stellar husband to her, despite Anna describing him as “loyal and faithful” in her letter to the judge.

“How can you call him loyal and faithful,” Amy wrote. “Did you forget he had an Ashley Madison account… did you forget he has had a huge p0rn addiction for years?”

Amy– who has spoken out against her disgraced cousin since he was charged with the crimes– said in April that Josh (and all child predators) belong on a Predator Island. 

Meanwhile, Amy’s mother, Deanna, called the latest actions of the (other) Duggars “horrendous.” 

“I am angry, hurt and just can’t even hardly believe the stupidity of some people!!!!” Deanna captioned her Instagram post on Thursday. She went on to call the ordeal “absolutely sickening” and apologized for her and Amy ever appearing on TV “with those people.” 

Both Amy and Deanna previously spoke out about the case following Josh’s arrest last year, with Deanna explaining to followers at one point that she didn’t “want anyone to die,” she just wants “the truth to be revealed.” 

Deanna also agreed with an individual on Instagram last year who stated they were glad Deanna and Jim Bob’s mom “is not here to see this”– “this” referring at the time to Josh’s arrest and the disturbing details of his case.  

Josh’s sentencing is scheduled for May 25. 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 

10 Responses

  1. Yes give him 20 years at least his children will be able to grow up without him touching them or anyone that could become friends to them.

  2. I do hope Josh gets the max (even though I’m sure he’ll only get 5 and be out in 4 for the 80% rule), but I’m so sick of Amy popping up for clout every time her cousins do something good, bad, or indifferent. It’s disgusting to use her 4 cousins’ molestation to get her attention, followers, and money. And Jill doesn’t know any better, so now she’s all bff with Amy. Which leads to Amy getting even more headlines. Amy has been riding this family’s fame/infamy since she freaking fake-changed her last name to “Duggar” years ago, and it’s gross. She even tried to use their name to get her in to Nashville’s music scene. She needs to pick a lane. Either separate yourself from them because they represent everything you are against, or ride their train off the rails. Don’t be so shady and slimy. This whole case is a serious matter and she shouldn’t be popping her face up for interviews every other day. Blech.

  3. Okay, I get wanting the parents, wife, and some of the siblings in jail…but why in the world would you post this on a story about the only two people besides the estranged daughter who will actually condemn this freak? And if you are so “exhausted” from hearing about them why the hell would you click on and read an article about them? I wasn’t aware that @TheAshley had a rule that you had to read every article she posts. And she posts them because she’s well aware many of us want to know that a dangerous child abuser is no longer on the streets. Don’t want to hear about them? DON’T CLICK ON THE ARTICLES!

  4. His mother’s letter is insane. Imagine writing a letter to a judge and signing your name with a heart. Is she trying to be a 13 year old girl?

  5. As someone who is absolutely exhausted of hearing about these weirdos, I say just put the whole lot in jail. The ones that aren’t diddling kids are covering for the ones that do and there is nothing that makes them special or noteworthy other than producing a family they cannot support. I hope they throw the book at him and then do a little more investigation into the rest of this family.

    1. There are a lot of horrific things going on in this family, but not being able to support having a lot of kids isn’t one of them. They’ve been wealthy before they even had the tv show. They’ve never even used credit cards. I’m sick of people looking down their nose at families with more than 2 children. Just because you would never want a lot of kids, doesn’t mean other people have to go by what YOU think or feel. We all only get one trip through this life and can have as many kids as we want. I have 3 but wanted 5 or 6. I will always regret not being able to have more. I could afford it and lord knows the Duggars could afford it.

      1. Nope. They were dirt poor before the TV show, they lived in that tiny 2 room house with 8 kids! If it weren’t for Discovery/TLC the Tin Mansion never would have gotten built. Period.

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