Josh Duggar’s Cousin Amy Says She’s Worried About Josh’s Six Kids; Discusses Child Sex Abuse Charges Against Him: “It’s So Evil”

Josh Duggar is currently out on bail, and, while his father Jim Bob is reportedly worried about Josh’s safety while he prepares to go on trial for allegedly possessing and receiving child sex abuse images, Josh’s cousin Amy Duggar King is more worried about the safety of Josh’s six children.

In an new interview with Today, Cousin Amy discussed the charges against Josh, calling his alleged actions “disgusting and sickening” and admitting she fears for the safety of his kids. She also opened up about the “sad” way girls in her cousins’ religious circles are brought up, stating that they are encouraged to only pursue becoming a wife and mother.

Amy and Josh, shown at Josh’s 2008 wedding…

Amy— who has appeared on the Duggar Family‘s shows, 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On—stated that she was shocked by Josh’s arrest for child p0rn last month. She also seemed surprised that Josh was later released on bail and given access to his six children, provided his pregnant wife Anna is present while he visits with the kids, who range in age from 18 months to 11 years old.

“Who wouldn’t worry about that?” she said. “My heart goes out to all those innocent, sweet victims… It breaks my heart. I really hope justice is served… If you’re going to look at such disgusting and sickening images, justice has to be served.”


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Amy— who is the mother of a 19-month-old son—told Today that she was shocked to learn the details of the case against Josh, which includes the alleged viewing of sex abuse videos and photos of kids as young as 18 months old. (Josh has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.)

“To look at my little guy who is 19 months old… my heart and my brain cannot comprehend that,” Amy said. “It blows my mind. It’s heartbreaking and disgusting and evil. It’s so evil. I want nothing to do with it.”

Amy told the site she has distanced herself from some of the members of the Duggar family, in order to preserve her own mental health. She added that her cousin— Josh’s sister and previous victim Jill Duggar Dillardis also doing that.


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“It’s OK to protect yourself from negativity and it’s OK to step back. I think that’s where I’m at,” she said. “Jill and I are very, very close. She’s really such a sweet person and she’s growing into her own… and to see her live her life that’s freeing and still godly, but not being restrained, is a really, really beautiful thing to see. She has my full support.”

“Well that just cost you your place on the Duggar Christmas card list, little lady!”

(Jill and her husband Derick are somewhat estranged from Jill’s parents, particularly her father Jim Bob, who has banned Jill and Derick from his home unless he is present.)

Amy also talked about the “sad” way girls are raised in the Fundamentalist Christian circles. While Amy didn’t grow up in the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), like Jill and the other Duggars did, she had a front row seat to what the Christian organization preaches, particularly to young girls.

“In the ultraconservative way certain families are raised, I don’t necessarily feel like it’s fair,” she said, stating that the young girls are encouraged to only focus on having babies, rather than pursuing other careers or higher education. (To date, none of the Duggar girls have attended college, and all were homeschooled.)

“I think they should have schooling, and the ability to do other things besides being a mom and having babies,” Amy said. “God gives you freedom, that’s why there’s so many different people, jobs and lifestyles.”

Amy was raised by her mom Deanna (who is Jim Bob’s sister), and was very close to her Grandma Mary, who died in June 2019. In a recent Instagram post, Amy hinted that Grandma Duggar wouldn’t have been able to handle the family’s current situation. (We can assume she’s talking about the charges against Josh here.)


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“If you were here you would be heartbroken,” Amy wrote. “[Your] heart was to[o] precious to handle that kind of weight. I believe God took you away because it was your time to go but also to protect you.”

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13 Responses

  1. The eldest girl, that remains unmarried, probably stays to try to protect the rest from whatever goes on in that house. Bet Jim bob uses her as a stand in wife.

  2. Obviously what Josh has done is disgusting and abhorrent, but that aside, this woman is such an attention-monger. As soon as the story broke she popped right up to make her ‘official statement’ and line up for the interviews. And she doesn’t say a single thing that the whole world doesn’t already know. She hasn’t even spoken to most of the Duggars in years except for Jill. And of course when you signed on to the court viewing that day, who’s right there? Amy. She had to get the scoop. And then turns around and uses that information in interviews as if she knew it first-hand.

    She’s using this situation to get herself some camera time, and that’s just gross. The children who are the victims in this are the ones who should be #1. Let the FBI do their job and stop waiting by the phone for the next reporter to call you, damn. Just like she’s using Jill now that Jill is at odds with the family. Wouldn’t you know, here comes a picture on Instagram of Jill and Derrick out with Amy drinking alcohol – because obviously that’s the prime subject to post to get views and comments. She’s so transparent.

    And notice she faked her last name to be Duggar back when they were “good” and popular, but now she goes back to her real name now that they can’t benefit her anymore.

    1. Good for her for publicly denouncing him!!!it’s an awesome thing to see that not all family members are staying silent, or even worse, vocally supporting him. Your response is just gross. Perhaps you need to take a look inside yourself and do a moral inventory as to why you had to find the negative in her actions.

    2. What we you talking about? He’s an actual paedo and you’re having a go at Amy for denouncing him. You’re talking like someone getting attention on social media is worse than y’know sexually abusing children. Are you part of their woman-hating cult as well, or are you just a Josh Duggar fan?

    3. Her last name is Duggar. Her parents weren’t married when her mom had her (they later married)

    4. Duggar is her “real” name. King is her married name. Can’t you blame her for not going by Duggar anymore? If I had a relative that shares my last name and is a pedo I wouldn’t go by it either.

    5. All this child porn and you’re talking about Amy? Stop trying to sway the narrative and condemn this chomo for what he is! You disgust me! Fkn kids getting molested and your talking about someone attention seeking. Craw under your rock.

  3. Josh’s six kids—who range in age from 18 months to 11 years old— are in the age range of the child victims featured in the sex abuse images and videos that Josh is accused of viewing and downloading from the dark web

    Everyone be careful with this fact. Josh is an abhorrent monster, but speculating about someone’s sexual abuse is foul.

    1. I don’t think anyone is trying to insinuate that Josh has been sexually abusing his own children; however, it’s worth pointing out that the images he was looking at include pictures of children the same age as his own.

      As Amy says in this interview, she thinks about her young son when she hears these things and it cuts her to the bone that kids the same age as her own baby are being abused for profit on the internet. I think most parents of young children feel the same – it’s almost too painful to imagine. That you could be a parent and proclaim to love your children, yet get off on seeing kids just like them being abused and exploited; it’s not something normal people can even comprehend. Most of us would rip to shreds anyone who we would witness hurting our children, and that includes children who are strangers to us. Imagine the especially heinous punishment that would be reserved for those who harm children that we love. That’s what Amy is trying to say.

    1. The situation is gross and evil.

      It needs brought to light that what he “””allegedly”””(but actually really) did was wrong.

      We can’t let crimes like this keep getting swept under the rug regardless who does it.

      TLC should have been removed these shows. It’s not entertainment at this point. It’s enabling and empowering the folks who protect this guy.

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