Jim Bob Duggar is Reportedly Concerned for Son Josh’s Safety Following Recent Arrest; Plans to Build a Fence Around House Josh Is Living In While He Awaits Trial

“Interestingly enough, Homeland Security also wants to build a fence around me— a permanent 6 x 8-foot one made of steel bars!”

Jim Bob Duggar is reportedly planning to build a fence to keep his son, disgraced former 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar, safe following his recent arrest. 

Oh the irony…

Josh, who was recently arrested and charged with possessing and receiving child sex abuse material, was released on bail earlier this month with the agreement that he will live with Duggar family friends Lacount and Maria Reber, who will serve as his third-party custodians. According to The Sun, however, Jim Bob is concerned for his son’s safety and is planning to pay for a fence to be constructed on the Reber’s nine-acre property as Josh awaits trial. 

“Jim Bob, I’ve got a great idea. Let’s have Jana build the fence after she’s done repainting the bathroom, ironing your Dockers and re-taring the roof!”

“Jim Bob is doing everything he can for Josh and he’s worried about the attention on him and the family,” an insider told the site. “He’s concerned about photographers in town covering the case and anyone who might want to hurt Josh because of the crimes he’s accused of.”

The Sun‘s source also commented on how some of the shunned Duggars feel about Jim Bob going all out to protect and help Josh.

“Those who have rebelled against the family think it’s disgusting he’s pulling out all the stops for [Josh] years after he was forgiven for molesting his own sisters,” the source stated.

Raise your hand if they’re probably talking about you in this quote…

“Jim Bob has offered to pay for a new fence to be built at the Rebers to also keep them safe, along with Josh’s wife, Anna, and the kids when they go and visit,” the insider added. 

While Jim Bob is concerned about Josh’s safety, many of Josh’s new neighbors are worried about their own safety, including Jason Gemeiner, who lives behind the Rebers’ property. 

“I’m a little concerned, but there is not much I can do about it,” the neighbor said. “I have a teen daughter so that’s my concern, but she’s a strong girl! We’re spread apart. There is a horse pasture in between us. It’s not like we interact. Everyone keeps to themselves.” 

Jason claims that he found out via the media that Josh would be moving into Casa de Reber; however he says his neighbors did have the courtesy to inform him personally.

“They told us Josh is staying with them,” he said. “I found out before they told us but I appreciated them telling us.”

Though Josh will be provided some privacy within his new living quarters, conditions of his bail require that he stay at the Rebers’ home at all times, leaving only for employment, education, religious services, medical or mental health treatment, attorney visits, court-ordered obligations, hearings or other activities which must be approved by his parole officer. The judge also ordered Josh to wear a GPS ankle monitor. 

Josh is set to attend a pretrial hearing July 1 before his trial begins July 6. If convicted, he faces 40 years in prison. 

As of press time, Jim Bob’s protective fence has yet to be constructed.

“I’ll go get the wood planks, hammers and nails…sigh…”

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 

36 Responses

  1. The only time I leave my house is for ” employment, education, religious services, medical or mental health treatment, attorney visits, court-ordered obligations, hearings or other activities”, and I am not on parole.

  2. This is crazy.. Jim Bobby is worried about JOSH? Was he worried about his daughters when Josh assaulted them? Was he worried when Josh used the internet to get sex from someone other than his sacred wife? Was he worried when his son paid for child pornography and violated who knows how many children and their families. I don’t blame anyone other than Josh and his parents. I understand the love for a child but Josh is beyond anyone’s help. I feel for the rest of his siblings getting a bad rap for Josh and his parents allowing this to happen. If they would have let the authorities handle what he did to his sisters others may not have been violated.

  3. You know… last time, part of me wanted to believe that JimBob was just gullible and naïve. That he trusted his sons word even when he shouldn’t. That he Wants to believe in God and Christianity so much that he couldn’t understand abd accept the truth.

    Now it’s clear he’s a fucking knowing enabler to a child molester.

    Either josh knows something that can really harm JB if it gets out or JB might be implicated in the investigation on some level. Why tf else would you go so far out of your way to protect the one child that you know is evil. Some people say that they think that he’s just afraid of how this makes him look within the circles that he’s in and I’m sure that’s true but it only makes you look worse to stand beside and protect him, so I think somehow someway Jim Bob’s worried about some thing else coming to light that directly involves him.

    1. YESSSSSS!!!! That’s I guess what I was getting at in a round about way….what if he or another close person in their inner circle is into the same stuff as Josh?! No one is that clueless and think you can pray this sick ish away!

  4. Let them build the fence and keep that fucker safe until his trial. Let him go to jail and the boys there can take real good care of him.

  5. Here me out….I AM IN NO WAY CONDONING, AGREEING WITH WHAT JOSH “THE PEST” DUGGAR HAS DONE. I think him and any other person who will hurt children is trash and should be treated as such.

    But I wonder if Josh was molested as a child and Da Boob knew the person who did it, like in there circle, and instead of getting Josh help, he thought it would go away. I follow a snark page and many have said it’s a lot of pedophiles in those circles.

  6. Oh my GOD, TLC, yank that show!! Anything that enriches Jim Boob and Michelle should be GONE!! THAT’S where Josh’s fence money is coming from! All the money the monster-parents have amassed should be going to all the abused children Josh is responsible for!!!

    If I were any one of the abused daughters in that family, those parents would be DEAD to me!!!

      1. True, you can, but I think anyone who accepts payment to keep scum like that safe would need to be paying for his own protection too. Scum like Josh doesn’t stand a chance even in solitary confinement.

      2. Convicts actually have SOME morals and it’s doubtful they would accept payment for protecting him. Their heads would be on the chopping block too. Prisoners don’t take nicely to scum that hurt children.

  7. But not concerned for the abused kids eh !!!!! Shame on you.

    If someone wants to get to josh, they will, you should be protecting your minor children and grandchildren.

    1. Saying that this pos failed to protect his daughters, why would he protect minors now, hes as creepy as his nonce son, who i hope gets many years in Gp in prison.

  8. How tf is he gonna do all this to protect his son when he did fuck all to protects his other billion kids?? I think he honestly just worried about how this ~looks~ rather than what’s actually happening. These kids are so beyond sheltered that Joy made it sound like she didn’t even know shit like this happened ??‍♀️ This family and their cult are one giant dumpster fire that just keeps getting worse.

  9. where was the fence around his daughters when their brother abused them? Fuck you Jim Bob.

    I really hope this guy goes to prison, I doubt it but sure do hope. I bet some people in prison are more than willing to give him some real punishment …

  10. As sick as he is Josh is still his son and parents will always have an instinct to protect their own.

    Is what I WOULD say if Jim Bob had made even a half assed attempt to protect his daughters from this monster. So nope, no rationalization, screw you Jim Bob.

  11. Not one word have I seen about any victims..but ohhh let’s once again protect this POS they created.

  12. Isn’t it was supposed to be “Jesus Be a Fence?” No fence around the abused children though. Sad.

  13. There’s no protecting him once he lands in prison. He’s gonna get tore up in there, as he should.

    1. That would be my hope but prisons are notorious for putting child rapists and murderers in protective custody. Look at Chris Watts, he murdered his pregnant wife and his two young daughters & he has been and will remain in protective custody “for his own safety”. It’s so backwards that the child molesters are protected and the children are not.

      1. They threw Jeffery Fhamer in GP…but you’re right, Scott Peterson is in protective custody, too.

  14. Sounds like Jim Bob, build a fence to protect your pedophile son. But, do nothing to protect the children he molested. Or the children that he can still molest, including his own!

  15. Wow! Way to protect the villain ?
    Maybe that fence money should go to counseling for all that fat creeps victims, including his own children.

  16. Let me edit this a little for you jimmy boy,

    We want to build a cage around Josh to keep others safe from him.

    There that’s better!

    1. I fully agree with your username. And forcing his sisters to publicly forgive him whilst giving them no support for their own trauma. Utterly despicable. They are actually monsters.

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