Breaking News! Josh Duggar To Be Released On Bond & Is Allowed To See His Kids After Judge Issues Strict Guidelines He Must Follow

Josh Duggar will soon walk out of the Arkansas detention center he’s been sitting in since his arrest on Thursday.

The former 19 Kids & Counting star attended his bond hearing on Wednesday, where details of the accusations against him were revealed. Josh— who is being charged with possessing and receiving child p0rngraphy– had asked the court on Tuesday to allow him to be released on bail so he could care for his pregnant wife Anna and their six children.

Despite the disturbing details of the case against Josh, the judge determined that he could be released on bail— provided he complies with a series of very strict guidelines. 

Josh will be allowed to see the six children he shares with Anna. However, the judge stated that Anna must be present while Josh is with the children.

As The Ashley previously reported, LaCount Reber and his wife Maria— who are longtime friends of Josh’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar— have agreed to act as Josh’s third-party custodians and allow him to live at their home, since he is not allowed to reside in a house with minor children, including his own. (No minors live at the Rebers’ home.)

The Rebers confirmed that they were aware of Josh’s charges, but not of the specific details (such as how young some of the children in the content were). However, they still agree to act as Josh’s custodians. 

When asked if she wanted Josh to live in her home, Maria told the court, “My husband has made the decision and I’m here to support that decision.”

LaCount stated that Jim Bob reached out to him and asked them to consider doing it, as LaCount has a history of prison ministry. (He stated that he was volunteer chaplain at Washington County jail before the COVID-19 pandemic.) 

“When a family is in need and they ask you for help, I think that’s something anyone would do,” LaCount reportedly told the court. 

The judge agreed to release Josh on bond, but issued the following stipulations, and stated very clearly that, should Josh violate these terms, he will be returned to the detention center. The Rebers had to specifically promise that, should they witness Josh violating the terms, their first call would be to Josh’s probation officer, not to Jim Bob or anyone associated with the church.


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The judge ruled that:

  • Josh is not allowed to return home, or to the Duggar Family home, as minors reside in both places. He is allowed to see his six kids, as long as Anna is present.
  • Josh must be monitored using a GPS monitoring system. He is not allowed to leave the Rebers’ home except for work, church, education, medical treatment, meetings with his lawyers, or his obligations from the court. Any other activities must be approved by the probation office before he leaves.
  • He can not look at p0rnography or sexual material of any kind.
  • He is not allowed to have Smart TVs, Smartphones, computers or gaming systems, and is not allowed to ask the Rebers or anyone in their home for their passwords to devices to access the Internet. He is permitted to have a cell phone that does not have access to the Internet, in case he needs to call his lawyers. (This must be approved by Josh’s probation officer, though.)
  • Josh can’t leave the Western District of Arkansas, and must surrender his passport
  • Josh is not allowed to see any minor children, except his own. He can’t have any contact with his minor siblings or underage family members
  • He can’t consume alcohol or drugs, and is not permitted to have a firearm
  • Josh must abide by all state and local laws
  • Josh must provide a DNA sample, and appear in court as required
  • He must sign an appearance bond

Anna has yet to release any public statement concerning Josh’s arrest, charges or release guidelines. 

As of press time, Josh is still behind bars in Washington County, Arkansas, but he will be released on Thursday. His trial is due to begin in July.

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC)


  1. This JUDGE is Worthless, Josh Dugger should NOT BE ALLOWED AROUND ANY CHILDREN!!! He is a Very Sick Man!!~! This is Horrific News!!!!!

  2. Josh Duggar’s Wife Anna Is ‘Standing by Him’ and Believes He’s ‘Innocent,’ Says Source🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Fucking. Gross.

    He had kiddie p0rn of 5 year-olds! And he is allowed around kids?! Like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!!

    I don’t give a shit about his pregnant wife and she clearly dont give a shit about her children

  4. Anna isn’t leaving Josh or thinks her children are in danger because Anna most likely does not believe he is guilty. No matter the evidence, passwords used, etc you just know Josh is telling her he is innocent, would never do something like this, someone has set him up, etc. I don’t think good ole faithful Anna could even wrap her mind around the fact that her husband is a pathological liar, depraved and most likely a psychopath. My stomach just turns seeing the details of what was uncovered. I don’t think she has the capacity to even begin to process any of the evidence or facts that are staring her in the face. Even scarier is the fact that not one member of either family is trying to get those kids the fuck away from them both. Those kids will most likely think dad is innocent as they grow up because they will be in the same horrific world the Duggar’s have created. Makes me sick.

  5. So Anna chooses not going to hell instead of protecting her children from a ped0phile? “Go ahead Josh, abuse our kids if you want, whatever you want as long as I don’t go to hell”. What kind of mother does that? Her brother offered to take her and the kids in back in 2015 and she stayed with Josh. F*ck Anna and all the sympathy for her. And f*ck that judge too

    1. Yeah I’m not saying it’s right. I don’t think the kids should be in their custody if she refuses to divorce him and keep him away. I’m just saying I think she’s so brainwashed she doesn’t even see the issue. Which is a huge fucking problem.

  6. Am I the only who thinks Anna, Jim Bob and Michelle are just as sick as Josh? They all need to be investigated.

    1. Nope, you’re not the only one. All of them need to be held accountable, and shame on all of them for encouraging him and Anna to make more kids.

  7. So, Jim Bob didn’t want to give Jill and Derrick their money for appearing on the show, but he will now have to support Josh, Anna and their 7 kids for the rest of the parent’s lives and until the kids grow up and leave home. He is disgusting.

  8. Why even arrest him?

    I get “innocent until proven guilty”, but this isnt a first time shoplifting charge or jaywalking.

    There are actual victims that can be further victimized.

    The court failed and I’m sure this is just the beginning of this not being taken seriously.

  9. The Ashley – I love ur journals, can I please ask u stop referring these child abuse victims as ‘child porn’! These kids have a long journey ahead, they don’t need the invidious label of ‘porn’ attached to their trauma. Porn is also known to be consensual- kids can’t give consent.

    1. The charges are referred to as him being in “possession of child pornography” which is what Ashley states in the article. The connotations associated with those words are unbearable, but as this article is about his charges, unfortunately those words will be used. No hate meant by this reply what so ever

  10. This is disgusting. Those people won’t call his P.O. They’ll call Jim Bob and hide it, again. Hopefully some nice citizen catches him out and about on his way to work. Just saying.

  11. I don’t think Anna realizes the danger her kids are in. She’s been brought up in a cult that tells her if she leaves josh she and her kids will be burning in hell for eternity. Something she truly believes. Also that if she leaves all the evils of the world will be unleashed on her and the kids because of gods wrath and their sinful decision to leave (s assault, kidnapping, prostitution, drug addiction,etc).

    She’s also been taught that NO MATTER WHAT she has to listen to josh because otherwise she’s going to hell.

    There is NO CHANCE she should be the custodian for josh to see the kids. I don’t think she intentionally is putting them in harms way but I do think that’s she’s so brainwashed she doesn’t know any different. I think if he said he was going to take one of the kids to put them to bed or something she would allow it for the reasons I stated above. I think she also doesn’t WANT to believe the charges against him.

    All of it is a bad combination which only causes the kids to suffer. How a judge didn’t take ANY of this into account when allowing him into the public and around his kids is absolutely beyond me.

    1. Well I guess it sucks to be her then, because instead of being afraid she’s going to burn in hell if she leaves him or disobeys him, she should be PETRIFIED of burning in the eternal flames of hell for supporting and enabling a child molester and creating potential victims with him. I don’t feel bad for her, and it blows my mind people try and justify her behavior. I’m sorry, how many true crime stories have we seen where women are “brainwashed” by their husbands/cult leaders, and commit awful, heinous, unspeakable crimes and have to answer for their stupid decisions. Anna should be no different. Also, someone else said she’s afraid of being “broke” without him or something along those lines?….Um, she has over a million followers on social media, if she left him I’m sure there are brands who would work with her, and she would make a lucrative income. She gets no sympathy from me.

      1. Yeah I’m not saying it’s right. I don’t think the kids should be in their custody if she refuses to divorce him and keep him away. I’m just saying I think she’s so brainwashed she doesn’t even see the issue. Which is a huge fucking problem.

  12. How is he allowed in a church, every single church service I have been to has kids in them, in fact churches have kids any given time of day. Plus most churches have their services live streamed. So there is no reason unless he is getting pastoral counseling, but a pastor can visit his home instead.

  13. His wife, who has literally been conditioned her entire life to do *anything* her husband says, must be present when he’s with his children. Great judgement on the part of the court.

    1. He’s required to be supervised by the very same people who enabled his perversions in the first place.

  14. Aside from how disgusting and disturbing this all is it paints an even uglier picture of how the duggars are. Jim Bob’s continued support of josh must be a huge slap in the face to all the Duggar girls especially the ones that were his victims. I can’t imagine how they must feel seeing their abuser being coddled again and they were brushed aside. Like they can be mad at Jill over money but Josh can watch kiddie/baby porn and all is well?? I hope this opens their eyes and more Duggar women break away like Jill and jinger did.

  15. Makes you wonder if this man will ever see the inside of a prison.


  16. Hey cool it’s not like he sexually abuses young girls he’s related to so this should be alright


  17. So apparently, among Josh’s little cache of filth, was Daisy’s Destruction. How much worse can it keep getting? Now it is apparent that he not only enjoys the SA of children, but torture and violence too. I am speechless.

      1. I googled it and wish I hadn’t. My brain is glitching out I can’t fathom that this exists. I feel physically ill.

        1. I’m sorry Regina. It truly is the sickest thing, but I think it is important that everyone out there, including his disgusting family, understand exactly what he has done wrong, and what sorts of tendencies he hides while living with six children on a daily basis.

        2. Same here, I never clicked on the links though, I’d mage me feel sick to my stomach.
          I read about the dumb tunnels,( heart breaking to read) it’s one deep deep rabbit hole.

  18. I swear people get star struck even in the legal system. If that was anyone else that wouldn’t fly. If he gets convicted be nice if they would stick him in general pop. They won’t though.

    1. The full statement from the judge on why he granted bail is more illuminating. It basically came down to legal thresholds for denying bail.

    2. It’s really with these religions assholes. Jared, the Subway guy, getting beat up in prison. The guy from Glee killed himself when he was facing similar charges. Clearly, the last name Duggar doesn’t make them special or even particularly godly, no matter what they claim.

  19. If his wife allows him to be around her children then she should be locked up too.

  20. Also Anna is disgusting. I don’t care about any “brainwashing” she’s been subjected to (I believe it, but it’s not an excuse). She has failed her children and even worse she keeps bringing more children into the world with someone who will absolutely hurt them. She’s just as bad as he is, harming children.

  21. So he can’t go to his house or his parents house with minors… but he can go to work (minors possibly present), church (minors possibly present), the doctors office (minors possibly present), and…. grand finale…. he can SEE AND INTERACT WITH HIS OWN MINOR CHILDREN! What in hillbilly hell is going on in Arkansas?? Have they taken a page from jenelle & David’s longtime pals, the North Carolina judges?

        1. Right?? Like she is going to stand up to her husband, the same husband she’s been taught to obey, and tell him he isn’t allowed to be alone with the kids. Sure Jan. Like that’s going to fly.

  22. “Josh had asked the court on Tuesday to allow him to be released on bail so he could care for his pregnant wife Anna and their six children.“

    What a joke. Like he lifts a finger to care for his wife and children at all, ever.

    So disappointed in this judge.

  23. I agree with all the commentators – so disappointed in the system. He’s surrounded by enablers. How will his wife keep him in line when she’s subservient to him?

    I know it’s apples vs oranges…I think back to Jenelle and UBT having the kids (temporarily) removed when Jenelle wouldn’t leave that loser and picked him over the kids. I wonder…if push came to shove and Stepford wife had to pick between Josh or the kids would she follow Jenelle’s lead and pick her man? She’s got a majorly broken ‘picker’, hitching her star to his wagon…..ugh. I have zero faith that she’ll protect the children from him – she knew what he was into and procreated profusely with him anyway.

    1. In my opinion, SHE IS. Because after all we keep finding out – new and horrifying information on these fundie crazies(Check out reddit the past week, it will curl your hair), we know what she knew, and we know she stayed. We have to stop sympathizing with woman like Anna, who allow their boys to be brought up bullied and embarrassed, and girls to be nothing but babymakers.

      I believe she made a deal with the devil for Duggar fame.

      Sorry, but I’m sitting here SO angry that that disgusting pervert is out on bail.

  24. This pisses me off so bad! Anna is no protector of her own children, what difference does it make if she is there? She has had knowledge of all of this. She will do what her husband wants her to do. Period. Then we have another Duggar family friend stepping in to have Josh come live with them. Who is stepping up for the kids? Anna clearly won’t go against her perverted husband and the Duggar’s won’t do anything but pray & hope his pedophilia magically disappears. The judge should have kept him behind bars, he is a repeat offender. The judge puts lame safeguards in place for his own children but what about everyone else’s child?

    1. Considering that Anna has to “obey” him, it really makes no difference if she’s present when he’s around her kids or not. He’s going to do what he wants to do. This whole thing is mind boggling. I’m trying to think if they let Jared the subway guy out on bail? Or that gymnastics coach Larry Nasser? I remember they let out that guy from Glee while he awaited trial, but he didn’t have any children of his own that he was asking to be around. Josh is an incurable pervert, and he needs to be in prison for a VERY long time for his crimes against humanity.

  25. So all children EXCEPT HIS OWN are protected from him? Why are his kids being put in danger but the judge clearly doesn’t want any other children to be around him? Also why can he go to church if he can’t be around children? This is absolutely disgusting!

  26. I feel like he’s a threat to those poor sweet babies and his wife. Absolutely terrifying, anyone would let such a predator out amongst anyone, let alone his kids, whom are quite possibly his victims. Tisk tisk, judge.

  27. From the judge, to his supporters, to those people he’s staying with, to his parents down to that wife, they are are disgusting and deplorable people.

  28. I have a hard time believing that these Godly people are going to be honest and not allow Josh to break some of these rules. These type of people are the biggest hypocrites there are: “do as I say, not as I do.”

  29. Damn. So let the lady who submits to him and his word is the authority be the protector of the children. They should have their kids taken away. She knew about all this.

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