Josh Duggar Accused of Possessing Video & 65 Images of Child P0rnography Featuring Kids Ages 5-10: Details of His Latest Hearing (Live Updates)

Note From The Ashley: Some readers may be triggered by the following details of this story, which include sexual abuse, child p0rn and other disturbing information.

Former reality TV star Josh Duggar just attended his first hearing for the child p0rnography charges filed against him last week, and the alleged details of the case are incredibly disturbing.

Josh— who was arrested last Thursday and charged with possessing and receiving child p0rnography— went before a judge on Wednesday. A Special Agent from Homeland Security provided information on Josh’s alleged crimes, including the amount of images/videos he allegedly received/possessed featuring children as young as five. A recap of the hearing provided by The Sun, states that Josh declined to answer some of the questions asked of him.

“In May of 2019, [an Arkansas police officer] identified a computer participating in the known sharing of photos and videos of child p0rnography,” Special Agent Gerald Faulkner told the court, adding that Josh allegedly had a video of a male performing sex acts on two underage females (between the ages of 7 and 9), as well as 65 images of a female “consistent with child p0rnography.”

“The IP address [of the computer with the material] was assigned to Joshua Duggar with an address in Springdale, Arkansas,” the Special Agent stated. 

When asked about the images featuring children ages five to 10, Josh responded: “I’d rather not answer that question.”

The Sun reports that when authorities confiscated electronics, including Josh’s cell phone, a laptop and a computer from his now-closed car lot, Josh inquired if someone had downloaded child p0rn on his computer, even though at the time he was allegedly not aware of why he was under investigation.

“Josh admitted he had a TOR browser on his computer, which gives him access to the dark web anonymously,” The Sun reported. “The agent explained how the child p0rnography could be found on the dark web.”

The Special Agent claimed that a password was needed to access images via one of the programs, and the password used was the last four digits of Josh’s birth year, which is the same password Josh used for his bank accounts, websites and other password-protected sites. 


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On Tuesday, the father of six (with one on the way) and his legal team asked the court to allow Josh to be released on bail. Josh & Co. also argued that he is not a flight risk, as he has cooperated with this investigation since November 2019, has complied with all their requests and is too recognizable from his reality TV career to successfully flee.

On Wednesday, Josh noted that he has already found a third party custodian to ensure he abides by his release terms, should the judge decide to let him out on bail.

Josh has entered a not guilty plea to all charges. He remains on the Washington County Detainee Roster as of press time. 

Josh’s wife Anna, who is pregnant with their seventh child, has yet to release a statement since his arrest. She was, however, reportedly by his side when he self-surrendered to police last Thursday. 

UPDATE: According to The Sun‘s live feed reporting of the hearing, Special Agents mentioned that some of Josh’s friends and family “brought up Josh’s alleged addiction to p0rn” while talking to law enforcement. 

This is not the first time it’s been suggested that Josh has a p0rn addiction. Years ago, when Josh confessed that he had been unfaithful to his wife Anna by accessing the cheating website Ashley Madison, he at first said in his statement that he suffered from an addiction to p0rn. However, any reference to p0rn was quickly scrubbed from Josh’s statement.

The original statement, released in August 2015, read: 

“I have been the biggest hypocrite ever. While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the Internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife.

“I am so ashamed of the double life that I have been living and am grieved for the hurt, pain and disgrace my sin has caused my wife and family, and most of all Jesus and all those who profess faith in Him.”

UPDATE 2: People reports that files Josh allegedly downloaded in May 2019 on his computer as his Wholesale Motorcars dealership depicted child sex abuse with kids ages 18 months to 12 years old. Special Agent Gerald Faulkner, who was testifying for the prosecution, said the images were “in the top five of the worst of the worst that I’ve ever had to examine.”

UPDATE 3: People also reports that Josh’s computer had the “Covenant Eyes,” accountability software installed on it. (Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have used this program for years and have sung its praises in numerous interviews.) 

Covenant Eyes is designed to monitor the sites visited and then report any “objectionable internet use” to a partner. The magazine reported that Special Agent Faulkner confirmed that the Covenant Eyes program was registered to Josh and reports were being sent to Anna.

However, Josh was able to side-step the Covenant Eyes monitoring because he was using a password-protected network. 

UPDATE 4: Special Agent Faulkner stated during his testimony that, when he and other agents arrived at Josh’s car lot in November 2019, Josh confirmed that he was the owner of a desktop computer, a MacBook laptop and an iPhone that were seized by law enforcement. However, Josh tried to suggest the possibility that one of his family members could have been responsible for the illegal downloads, as he stated “other family members have access” to the phone and Macbook. 

(At one point, several of the other adult Duggar sons worked at the car lot.) 

Josh also reportedly refused to give law enforcement the password to his phone or desktop computer. 

UPDATE 5: The Defense called a man named LaCount Reber and his wife Maria, who confirmed that they are willing to serve as Josh’s third-party custodian should he be released on bond. The Rebers confirmed that they were aware of Josh’s charges, but not of the specific details (such as how young some of the children in the content were). However, they still agree to act as Josh’s custodians. 

LaCount stated that Jim Bob reached out to him and asked them to consider doing it, as LaCount has a history of prison ministry. (He stated that he was volunteer chaplain at Washington County jail before the COVID-19 pandemic.) 

LaCount did not imply that he would receive any sort of compensation for housing Josh and serving as a custodian. 

“When a family is in need and they ask you for help, I think that’s something anyone would do,” LaCount reportedly told the court. (He also agreed to remove the firearms from his home, should Josh come to live with them.)

LaCount had to state that, should he witness any violations by Josh, he would make the first call to the probation officer supervising Josh’s case.

“The time for prayer, and conversations with Jim Bob, and with the elders of the church, that will happen after calling the probation office,” the judge then stated.

UPDATE 6: The judge has agreed to release Josh on bond, and allow him to see his six children, provided he follows a list of stipulations. Click here to read the requirements.

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  1. There is one solution and only one solution. Send the depraved pos to Jesus but let him take the slow scenic route. He won’t be staying there and he should endure the hell he deserves. I can only hope the judge isn’t as stupid as they seem and maybe were hoping someone will take the trash out for us. If not the judge needs removed bc what is wrong with them… When has Anna looked out for her kids? When has Anna put them first? Her children are the age of the little fucking kids he’s getting pleasure seeing abused… What judge isn’t grasping that and how tf aren’t you ANNA? I hope you’re reading these comments and I hope you know you’re just as vile as he is and your kids deserve better than the monsters they got for parents. They need to be removed and Anna needs to be jailed as well for knowingly putting these kids in an abusive environment. Sick and vile woman depraved scum man it doesn’t get any sicker than this!! The fact he was able to get bail… My mind is blown! Maybe he will do the world a favor and take the trash out himself. TLC if you do not cancel everything involving this family you should be shut down, I refuse to watch anything on TLC knowing views go to this sick families defense lawyer in no damn way will I knowingly fund the defense of a pedophile and that’s what watching anything on TLC does as long as you film and pay them.

  2. As young as 18 months old?! How?! Are these children kidnapped?! I’m literally crying how does this evil exist??? I’m sick to my stomach!

  3. Why? Why does he get the privilege of seeing his children? Who paid the judge? What the actual fuck is going on here?

  4. His youngest daughter isn’t even 18 months old yet, those kids need to be removed. Anna is not going to protect them, neither will his parents who knew he was molesting his sister and did literally nothing to protect them. My heart always sinks when I hear anything about CP, but toddlers? Literal babies? My son is 20 months old. I can’t fathom someone hurting him like that or others downloading images of it for enjoyment. Personally, I think pedos should get the electric chair. There’s not fixing this level of sick. I hope he gets torn the fuck up in prison and the entire Duggar family is investigated for how horribly incompetent they are are protecting all of these kids.

  5. “Josh admitted he had a TOR browser on his computer, which gives him access to the dark web anonymously,” The Sun reported. “The agent explained how the child p0rnography could be found on the dark web.”

    Fkn pos scum.

  6. When you are monitoring your husband’s use of the internet, Anna, it means you don’t trust him and probably shouldn’t. I lose more and more sympathy and respect for her with every new piece of the puzzle…and I have zero respect for her going in. As a foster mom, I’d like to point something out to her and the rest of her cult. You can lose your children and the reason can be, “Abuse through lack of action.” I’ve had to take in kids like hers because of actions like hers. Simply put, it is considered abuse to keep your children around an abuser even when you don’t abuse them yourself. Most foster parents have taken in kids for this reason. It is one of the most COMMON reasons I’ve seen for a parent losing custody. What is wrong with child services in Arkansas?!

    Covenant Eyes is about to see a sharp decrease in users. I don’t use “accountability software” because I’m not nuts, but I’ve tried a few different programs to keep the kids from seeing inappropriate materials for their ages. Have yet to find a single one that my technically advanced husband couldn’t work around or hack. Yes, I know he does this because I ask him to. My teens are miles ahead of me with computers. If dad can hack it, so can they.

  7. 18 month old babies? It’s no wonder he kept pro-creating with his pathetic wife. They’re gonna love him in prison.

  8. 18 months old?? Frick that family and anyone who supports them. And a huge frick you to TLC for supporting this family. What companies sponsor their show still??

  9. Someone please sterilize josh and sick fuck Anna. Lock them both up forever, put the kids into foster care and cancel this disgusting show that enables these twisted sickos.

  10. Holy Mother of God. I am horrified. Those poor kids. They are going to eventually learn what Josh did, and they’re going to think, “And we had to visit him???!!” If he did things to them, it will be even more unfathomable. I only pray that his kids understand that the whole world was screaming “NOOOO!!!” This is just unbelievable.

  11. The judge knows he’s been in possession of images with kids UNDER 2 YEARS OF AGE and still chose to allow him out on bond?? What in the actual fuck?!?


  13. Ages 5-10?! Josh is one sick fuck. He better get comfortable, because Duggar with a “recognizable face” or not, they’re not about to let him out and he’s about to become big bubba’s bitch in jail. Pervert.

  14. Tmz: “We’re told Josh can’t have any contact with minors or possess any internet devices, but he can visit with his own minor children as long as their mother is there.” Great, she will turn a blind eye as she always has.

    1. wow! just saw that! he can’t be around the kids unless his enabling wife is there?! oh hell naw.

  15. Put him down. Put Anna in jail because you know she had to know about this and put the kids in foster care.

  16. An addiction to porn seems different than an addiction to CHILD PORN. 18 MONTHS?! My daughter I am holding in my arms right now is 18 months. I cannot fathom this. What makes a person be like this? Nature or nurture because I can’t understand how fucked you have to be to participate in this utter depravity. Is he missing a part of his brain?

  17. I am also sure that Anna monitoring him with covenant eyes was really Josh monitoring himself with his own email just in her name. She was raised to obey the male. Jim bob would know this too. The fact that she does this means her kids need to be moved to a safe home away from her.

  18. Wow. He used the same password as he uses for his regular sites. That alone should prove guilty as charged. I also would bet Anna saw plenty of suspicious sites over the years from covenant eyes -maybe in other ways. But she will not do one thing to turn him in. She is just as mentally ill and needs her kids taken away for good. Children come first.

  19. Regarding updates one and two – So, this sick, twisted piece of shit was viewing pornography in children as young as 18 months?! And, his wife, who evidently had full knowledge and had reports of his disgusting internet activity chose not to protect her children, protect others children and was 100% complicit in knowing he was doing this! Then, she gets pregnant with child #7 having knowledge weeks ahead of time that he was going to be arrested! She went with him when he turned his self in! She also made a statement that “she was standing by her husband as she always has.” She needs to be prosecuted for child endangerment and sent to prison with her sick husband!

    1. Anna’s ridiculous for standing by him, but if he got around Covenant Eyes she wouldn’t be receiving reports about any activity during the time he was on the dark web. It’s possible she didn’t know his porn addiction had taken a turn.

      That being said, bitch be on notice now and needs to act.

  20. Anna needs to rot in jail too. She’s been complicit in every moment of this and those children need to be with someone who will protect them.

  21. If he gets away with this my heart with completely break. There’s so much evil that gets a free pass in this world.

    And if there is such a thing as true evil it’s staring back at me through that mugshot. That sick F*** is smirking KNOWING exactly what they were going to find on his computer.

    And also. Who the hell is this attorney and how does he sleep at night knowing he is defending and possibly helping get away with crimes so vile and so heinous I can’t even bring myself to read the full article. This attorney is as scary as a person can be. One thing to be evil it’s another to defend it. I hope he doesn’t have kids.

    1. I totally think he’s guilty as can be and it pains me to think he could’ve abused his own children as well.

      That being said- Attorneys are there to make sure even the worst criminals get their due process. If it were up to me I’d lock him up and throw away the key immediately. However, that’s not the way it works.

      As more details come out it’s seems less and less likely there is of any chance of him actually being innocent.

      I know some people are born being sickos but somehow I think his parents twisted religious upbringing made it happen. How ironic their first-born turned out to be SO EVIL.

      I pray he gets what he deserves.

      1. Agreed but how do you become the attorney who’s known for getting people like josh off free.

        Everyone gets due process but at some point this attorney CHOSE to represent a certain type of clientele. How he can live with himself knowing he’s spending his life defending and helping defend chomos is beyond me.

        He could have done literally any type of law and he chose to be the dude that defends guys like Josh. Despicable.

  22. His poor children. I can’t imagine what they’ve been through & what they will go through. My father was a child molester. Luckily, after it was found out, I never had to see him again. These beautiful souls will be directly in harms way until they’re old enough to escape

  23. Disgusting but not surprising. He molested his sisters and other, and they thought they could “pray it away.” His parents are as much to blame as he is for enabling him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jim Bob had his own dark web log in. Part of me doesn’t feel bad for Anna. I know she’s brainwashed in this cult/lifestyle, but her siblings tried to give her an out when his Ashley Madison account was found. (After the molesting of the sisters came out.)

    Those other kids have to know something. I wish they would speak out.

  24. Why pay to have him in prison? PEDOPHILES CANNOT BE REHABILITATED. Scum like this need to be removed from the world permanently.

    1. I can assure you other inmates at Washington County have their own way of dealing with sickos like this! When he gets sent to prison, ‘big boy jail’, they too have their own way of dealing with sickos in an even more aggressive way! He better “pray big bubba away” because I very highly doubt he will be released from prison alive! Just ask Mauricio & co. Baby killers how they got those black eyes and broken bones! (*we live very very close to them, about 20 minutes from washington county jail). I’ll give y’all updates as much as I can. Lots of locals HATE HATE HATE this family! The only one we kinda like are cousin Amy!(*she’s really genuinely a good & nice person! I see her at Springdale WalFart occasionally.

      1. My concern is that somehow the good ole boys like Jim Bob will have a judge in their pocket and get Josh protective custody where he won’t be in gen pop. Being as he is “famous” and all.?

  25. Well, there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. If there were any shred of doubt that Josh was a sexual threat to his children, it is officially gone. Material of a grown male abusing girls the age of his own daughters. Fucking disgusting. Throw the book at the critter.

  26. “Yes. It is true. I, Josh Duggar, am signing up with a Tor Browser service. Thousands of people have done it, and I am going to do it. I need a username, and… I have a great one.
    ‘Little Kid Lover’. That way people will know exactly where my priorities are at.”

    Josh, thats not EXACTLY what Michael Scott meant…..

  27. What a truly sick human being he is. Hope he’s in gen pop when he goes to prison, they’re going to have fun with him. And wtf is wrong with Anna? This has been going on since 2019, who thinks to themselves “husband about to be arrested for child porn… GREAT time to get pregnant”. Disgusting.

  28. I don’t think I could be more disgusted right now. Maybe if local law enforcement did more than give him a stern talking to when he admitted to molesting five children, including his own sisters, he would have been in jail and not have the chance to download and view child porn. And, maybe if his stupid ass parents had done more than cross their fingers and pray & send him to a work camp owned by their friends he wouldn’t have had a chance to view child porn. But, because everyone wanted to stick their heads in the sand, he is still an active pedophile. There is zero chance that this pervert hasn’t molested other children, including his own!

    There should have been a harsh jail sentence when he admitted to molesting children to begin with but, there wasn’t. They better not let his ass out until trial either! His dumb wife will allow him to see his own children despite a court order. His dumb parents will allow him to have access to the countless children that are a part of this family. No one is protecting the kids and everyone is protecting this fool!

    1. Sadly he will probably get a slap on the wrist. My old boss was arrested for having “sickening amount of child porn” in his office. (He printed the pictures) His wife ran a daycare.

      He was allowed to plead out and only got 30 days.

  29. I hope that they charge him per image and that its not lumped together for some bogus plea deal. Also what third party would want to deal with him and his smugness holier than thou attitude?

  30. Disgusting human. I’m so over the Duggar’s. They all need to go away. He needs to be put away for life. The sickest of sick.

  31. What a disgusting piece of shit human. I’m appalled and disgusted.

    Please Judge, do not ever allow Josh to be in the presence of any minor children ever again—especially his own.

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