Josh Duggar Asks To Be Released On Bail To Be With His Pregnant Wife & Their Kids; Claims He’s Not a Flight Risk Due To His “Widely Recognizable Face”

“No one could forget this mug!”

Josh Duggar isn’t due to go before a judge until Wednesday, but in court papers submitted by the disgraced Duggar son’s legal team on Tuesday, Josh is asking to be released from jail on bond so that he can care for his pregnant wife Anna and their six kids. Josh also stated that he’s not a flight risk, due to his famous face!

In court documents obtained by Us Weekly, Josh— who was arrested on child p0rn charges last week—  and his legal team “respectfully” asked the court to allow Josh out of jail on bail and permit him to go home to his wife and six kids. This request is in spite of the judge at his April 30 hearing recommending Josh not be permitted to stay in a home with minor children, should he be released on bail.

As for why Josh feels he should be allowed out on bail, he stated that he has had no previous run-ins with the law, and that he has known about the Homeland Security investigation against him since November 2019— when the car dealership he used to work at was raided— and has always cooperated with the investigation.

“Duggar has maintained an open dialogue with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in connection with this investigation…” the court docs state, adding that he “complied precisely as directed” when he was asked to self-surrender before his arrest.

“Duggar is neither a risk of flight nor a danger to the community [if he is released on bail,]” the documents state.

“He’s certainly a danger to our public image and career as influencers, I’ll tell ya that!”

TMZ reports that Josh also stated in the documents that he is not a flight risk, being that it is nearly impossible for him to escape, due to so many people knowing who he is due to his time spent on 19 Kids & Counting.

“[Josh] has a widely-recognizable face and has spent the majority of his life in the public spotlight — making any concern that he is a risk of flight all the more unwarranted.,” the paperwork reads.

Josh promises to abide by any bail conditions the court wants him to, if he is permitted to bail out.

Currently, Josh is behind bars at the Washington County Detention Center in Arkansas, where he has been since Thursday, when he was arrested by U.S. Marshals. He surrendered himself willingly, and was reportedly accompanied by Anna to the surrender. 

“I said ‘for better or worse’ but I didn’t know it would just keep getting worse!”

Although some of Josh’s siblings, as well as TLC and his parents, have issued public statements regarding Josh’s arrest and charges, Anna has remained silent. She last addressed the public days before Josh’s arrest, when she announced that she and Josh are expecting their seventh child— a baby girl— this fall. 

Josh’s hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, with his trial due to begin in July. He is currently facing charges of possessing and receiving child p0rnography, which could carry a 20-year prison sentence if Josh is convicted. He has pleaded not guilty.

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available…

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(Photos: YouTube, TLC)


  1. Go ahead Let him out, that way that “recognizable face” will no longer be recognized as a face at all. There’s only one solution for pedos. Gen pop will hopefully have the same outcome, either way he needs to get exactly what he deserves. I don’t think he understands the lengths people will go these days to put these abominations down, let’s hope he learns that the hard way. Vile scum. It absolutely makes me wonder if there were other intentions for all those children not just him but his parents. I had a cousin who became and abuser after growing up a victim so it makes me wonder what really went on in that home.

  2. Well there goes the “diligent worker that provides nicely for your family”. Now what? You’re reduce yo and beholden to “Pops” for a few bucks to get you through while your scumbag diligent worker is in jail? By the way, whose authority do you fall under when the head of your warehouse is indisposed?

  3. So they knew he was going to be arrested for over a year yet they still chose to bring another child into the world.

  4. 1) I doubt he helps Anna with those kids.
    2) The last thing he should be allowed to do is be around children. He is truly delusional and disgusting.

  5. Flight risk is the least of my concerns. There are 6 little kids at home I would want him to not have contact with!!!

  6. I mean the show is not THAT popular lol. It’s not like he’s recognizable by most of the country like a J-Lo or a Jennifer Aniston. A large majority of people don’t even watch reality tv, let alone this specific show, let alone pay close enough attention to recognize/notice him in a crowd.

    Side note – does “one count” mean he literally downloaded ONE piece of child porn? I googled but didn’t find a definitive answer. Anyway, if it does mean that, I’m 100% sure he convinced his wife and others that it was an “accident” like he clicked on something by mistake. Or someone sent it to him and he didn’t know what he was opening.

  7. So Josh’s attorney just admitted that he’s known about these charges coming since 2019. That means while pushing courtships and baby announcements this entire cult KNEW what was coming and knew what the charges would be. It means that his Stepford wife got pregnant when she knew her husband was under investigation for kiddie p. TLC, time to listen to Jacob Roloff and cancel the cult that you’re FUNDING. I haven’t watched TLC since before the Duggar secrets started spilling because they were funding the abuse of the Gosselin kids at their mother’s hands. This isn’t new. This entire network does nothing but promote Christian cults, not normal religious people, it’s ALWAYS fundies. Even the new Sweet Home Sextuplets, if you look close has the family’s religious beliefs on display and *gasp* they are fundies. The Gosselin kids were abused, Jacob Roloff was abused by one of THEIR PRODUCERS, and the Duggar kids are abused and they FILM IT! They film child brianwashing. How has no one from that network been locked up yet?!

  8. I can’t imagine any judge setting bail for someone who has such a perverted mind and is a danger to children.

    Also, what the hell is wrong with Anna?!?! Does she not realize that her husband gets off on kiddie p0rn?! That coupled with the fact that he’s molested his own sisters? I just wonder what she tells herself that makes it ok in her mind?? Especially with a 2 year ongoing investigation. I mean, did the guy at the auto dealer also molest the sisters? Was he responsible for having an Ashley Madison account and being unfaithful?? No sweetheart, that was your sick and twisted husband. The one you got into bed with every single night and made the decision to keep having kids with for his perverted pleasure. I can’t even fathom!!!!

  9. Widely-punchable face…..there, fixed it.

    Can’t help but think this oregnancy’s a strategy for leniency and ‘get out of jail free’ for this idiot.
    Like there aren’t enough people around to babysit your Stepford wife? Really?

  10. Our criminal justice system is ridiculous. Someone could have a drug problem and get no bail but this asshole can be a child touching scum of the earth and here his ugly ass is out free.
    I’m sure those poor kids can’t wait for their loser criminal dad to come home from jail so he can molest them some more

  11. Wait wait wait. This investigation has been going on for 2 years?? Why was he just arrested now? If they suspected him of this, why would he be allowed to live in his house for these 2 years of investigation? I really don’t understand at all

    1. Generally speaking, cops/investigators will collect evidence for however long it takes for the DA/Prosecutor to fell confident to bring charges. There are a lot of people who never get charged officiabc there wasn’t enough evidence that the Prosecutor believed would convince a judge and/or jury. There is also a big possibility that Josh isn’t the biggest fish in this pool of criminal activity. They may have held off arresting Josh until they gathered more information on the other players.

    2. Unless Josh is producing content, the raid on him was designed not just to bust him for being a disgusting pervert, but to hook bigger fish in the child p0rno pond. People who are in possession of more images, who sent Josh and others content. And those who create the filth and depravity sexualizing children. As horrible as it is, Josh is a small time offender in a multi-billion dollar industry.

      I really really really hope that he wasn’t sexually victimizing his children. And as much as I hate to throw out unfounded accusations, I wouldn’t be terribly shocked to find out other Duggar’s have the same predilections.

  12. I wonder if Anna knew about this investigation since 2019 as well…because if she did, it is truly disgusting that she made more kids (potential victims) with him. I’m hoping she didn’t know, but in the event that she did, she is just as foul as he is.

    1. Because the Federal government makes sure they have all the facts before arresting someone. They want to make sure the arrest sticks & the case doesn’t get thrown out due to some error or technicality.

    2. I feel like we are using real world logic to understand Duggar cult-dom. Anna (and the rest of the women in that family) are uneducated and literally bred to breed more boys to continue the family name. They use their religion to force their women into a form of indentured servitude.

      Anna didn’t leave Josh because she’s been essentially brainwashed her entire life to be a good, silent wife. She was taught to raise her many children in the same manner in which she was raised. She doesn’t have a way to financially support 7 children without Josh and Jim Bob. Even if she could leave and find employment, she would need sufficient housing and childcare while she worked. Josh could have threatened Anna with any type of punishment for leaving. Maybe staying with Josh feels like the best way to protect her children.

      We have no idea, but its not beyond the realm of logic, if Josh has emotionally abused and manipulated Anna. She doesn’t know anything different. Josh was engaging in affairs previously. He’s probably been sexually abusing Anna as well. It is possible to rape your wife. Makes you a shitty person, but it does sometimes happen.

      Like I said, we can’t use real world logic to try to make sense of the Duggars. I hope that Anna will find the strength to get her children away from Josh and Jim Bob.

      1. You can’t rape a fundie wife. They’re taught to always be willing to have sex whenever your husband wants. (Obviously I agree that it’s tape but the stupid cult brainwashed woman to believe it’s their duty)

      2. I see what you’re trying to say @Curious, but it seems like more of an excuse than an explanation, because brainwashed or not, there is no explanation or valid reason to support a child molester. She’s obviously still in contact with him and still supporting him since he clams he wants to be released because she’s pregnant. It’s an all around shame that these weirdo’s claim to love children or whatever, but none of them want to protect children. If she’s all for letting him come back home, and standing by him no matter what, then CPS needs to intervene and get those kids away from those sicko’s.

    3. It’s gross for sure. You ever read the transformed wife (she’s awful) and a fundie. Guarantee she would say it’s your Godly job to stand by your husband and no matter what be a good wife. She makes me sick but I guarantee Anna has this thinking

  13. I’ve literally never seen that guy before in my life.

    Now if that was Samsquanch Eason. Yeah. Him, I’d recognize.

    This dude? Not so much.

  14. OMG. I will also lose my damn mind if they let him out on bail to reside with his kids! Anna is insane if she allows that! (Unless her plan is to hit him in the head with a frying pan!).

  15. Child molesters are menaces to society and a danger to anyone around them. Screw this guy and I hope they release him into gen pop while he awaits trial, and when he gets convicted, I hope they throw his nasty ass under the jail. If they locked up R. Kelly (who has a much more “famous face” than Josh Duggar) for being a sex pest, child molesting, flight risk, then they better lock up Josh Duggar.

  16. Josh clearly doesn’t understand the severity of what he’s legally being accused of. He doesn’t live in reality.

    1. I’m not sure that he cares, and why would he since he got away with molesting 4 of his sisters plus 1 other. I just hope they lock him up like they did that Jared dude from subway.

  17. Do Not let this sick Josh Dugger out on bail!!! He molested his sisters!! He will molest his kids!! his kids are NOT SAFE around him!!!! Who cares if he is not a flight risk, it is his kids to be worried about!

  18. Fuck him. He should want to stay in jail because that “recognizable” face of his is one that people will want to punch.

    1. In addition to having minor children in HIS home… he lives on his parent’s property, which is also full of small children.

  19. Who cares if he is a flight risk due to his face? He is a risk to ALL children, including his own! And, Anna and the Duggar’s are more concerned about protecting him than they are about protecting the MANY children he has open access to. I firmly believe since he has admitted to molesting 5 different girls, including some of his sisters and because he had child pornography, there is no line he won’t cross! The court needs to step up and protect the children! Not this pedophile!

    1. Oops! *NOT a flight risk. I was so mad and typing so fast, my keyboard couldn’t keep up with my fury, lol!

  20. Gets arrested for child porn, asks to be released specifically to a gaggle of kids. Seems legit.

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