Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Insists Her Daughter’s Claims That David Eason Killed Baby Chicks “Never Happened”; David Jokes About It On Facebook

“This never even happened, dude. You must be imagining things!”

David Eason was Live on TikTok last week when his daughter Ensley accused him of shooting some of their pet baby chicks, but now David’s wife Jenelle is insisting that it never even happened.

The former Teen Mom 2 star had remained silent on the incident since last week. As The Ashley previously reported, David was filming a TikTok Live when his four-year-old daughter Ensley decided to chime in and accuse David of shooting baby chicks. David denied Ensley’s claims, but Ensley continued to insist that David did, indeed, shoot the baby chicks. David was later heard on the Live threatening to “smack [her] in the mouth” for saying what she did.

In a Instagram Q&A session on Tuesday, Jenelle finally addressed it, revealing why she had kept quiet and adding her two cents.

“Chicks? I never heard nothin’ about no baby chicks!”

“Why won’t you address the baby chick situation?” one of Jenelle’s followers asked.

“Because it’s no ones business but my own,” Jenelle replied. “That story never happened.”

It’s unknown if Jenelle is implying here that Ensley was lying about what she said or if Jenelle is trying to deny that Ensley ever even said it (despite it being recorded on video.) 

David has yet to confirm or deny that he shot any baby chicks. However, over the weekend he decided to poke fun at the fact that his daughter had accused him of killing (more) small animals. (As you may remember, David has a history of killing his family’s pets. In 2019, he shot and killed Jenelle’s dog Nugget, and in 2020 he killed and ate— on Instagram Live— the family’s pet goat Elvis.)

He attempted to make a joke about the situation on Facebook. 

“You know, just out here hunting ‘baby chicks,'” David wrote on social media, along with a photo of The Land.

David’s over-sharing on social media didn’t stop there.

He went on to share the latest video from Jenelle’s blog, in which he hyped up the family’s recent beach day and encouraged people to “talk crap in the comments” because he and Jenelle are unbothered by the haters. 

“Y’all are gonna want to see this! Jenelle gets a lil buzz on at the beach and we filmed our dinner at the Lazy Pirate,” David wrote on Facebook. “Jenelle was so funny, she is always such a fun person to be around. I’m so lucky to have her, y’all think we fight and argue all the time but we actually laugh and joke around more than anything else! Go ahead and feel free to talk crap in the comments because we will laugh about that too… if we ever see it.” 

(He also noted that Jenelle had a bit too much to drink while at the beach. This comes just days after Jenelle claimed in a YouTube video to only have a few beers a week.)

“Sure Juh-nelle…”

While “crap”-talking comments are a dime a dozen, one comment in particular really stood out.

“There are literally no finer humans/parents walking this earth than you and Jenelle and your gorgeous family,” the person wrote in the comment section of David’s post. “Thank you for all you do and all you will do. You are an inspiration to all young parents. I wait by my phone for your next TikTok video or any other glimpses into your magical world. Thanks for brightening my day just a little bit each day.”

While many assumed this person was being sarcastic or throwing shade at the Eason Clan, it appears she was actually being serious, as she continued to defend Jenelle and David in the comment section.

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)


  1. The Swamp Ogre is clearly a psychopath. He murders baby animals, I’m willing to bet he also likes to set fires and wet the bed.

  2. Lets be real, that last pro-JE comment is UNDENIABLY FROM JE HERSELF!
    There are so many swamp socks around that there is never a sock-free thread…
    Even the poor language and excessive use of particular emojis screams swamp sock!

    She is so pathetic and predictable
    Pathetically predictable 🤡🤥🗑

    1. She has been using “inspiration” in her socks & scripts for purchased comments a lot lately.
      (Until she reads this OC, and she absolutely will, as she does…after a stressful busy day of opening the blinds)
      She tends to stick to certain key terms for a period of time.
      If you know her BS well enough her swamp socks might as well have 🧦in name…

  3. Actually, i dont think he shot the chicks but he did kill them.
    Probably got into a fight with Jenelle & had to show off how tough he is. I mean only a tough..person like David can kill a baby chick

    1. He probably bit their head off! And threw them at her!
      He’s not as cool as Ozzie!

      Stay lit!

  4. it’s so awful how they have no problems gaslighting their children for the money. it’s like when jace told barb about the gun incident and she confronted jenelle about it and to his face jenelle told jace why did he make that up

  5. Trashbag is forgetting that David already tried to make up some BS about how the chick had just died on its own and he found it like that already. And I love how he follows up his stupid post with “if we even see it” oh, you’ll see it because you two thirty b*tches are desperate for attention and probably read each and every comment. Losers.

  6. It is amazing how these two assholes live their lives trying to convince the internet that they aren’t as terrible as they clearly are. Jenelle denying he ever killed baby chicks, surprise surprise. Any and everyone knows Ensley was not lying when she said it, kids that age don’t make up things like that out of the blue, but of course Jenelle is going to deny the obvious truth. Those children need to be rescued from the Land stat, we all know what is going on out there and what a real possible tragic outcome is very likely to happen one day and all on Jenelle’s watch.

  7. Jenelle needs to realize that that gaslighting shit she pulls on her kids, isn’t going to work on adults. One minute it’s no ones business, but in the very same response she says it never happened? Girl bye. We know her husband is a weak pathetic excuse for a “man” who kills and beats living beings that are smaller than him. This is why she keeps getting fired from any job opportunity. Jenelle’s such an asshole.

    1. She gets fired from every job opportunity.
      But Boy Toy House Bitch keeps on being unemployed.

  8. No one believes a word that comes out of their trailer trash mouths. Ensley is probably the only one in the family that tells the truth! David needs to harm small animals to feel like a “man” because that’s about all his pea-brain can handle. One day it’s not going to be animals….. sad fact.

  9. I would bet a million bucks that Juhnelle wrote that fb post, not David. First of all, I don’t think David is capable of putting together “numerous of” sentences. Second, Jailnelle did this to all of her exes. Whenever “they” posted about what a wonderful person she was, it always turned out it was her. My only question is, why is he still not in gel!?

    1. Right. I doubt they laugh. I imagine that house is a constant misery of fighting, passive aggressive cold shoulders, more fighting and violence.

      She’s stuck. She’ll never leave. He knows this. This isn’t what happiness looks like and they know it.

  10. Why isn’t PETA or ASPCA being notified? How do we notify of the video? Kids do not make things up they only repeat what they’ve seen or already have heard. If they’re claiming their toddler child is so sophisticated in imagining things she believes are real and That are not real then why is the child not seeking psychiatric care along with the entire family?!

    1. While I’m 100% against the “fans” calling the local authorities bc they abuse it and the workers…

      Local animal control probably needs to intervene.

      The only problem is Samsquanch always disposes of the evidence. They’ll never find the birds he killed.

    2. They have all been notified.
      Animal control
      Sheriff office
      Attorney General
      States Attorney
      Every one we could think has been notified.

  11. The Eason’s are terrible parents and terrible people, and they have shown it over and over. We don’t have to sit here and show examples or debate about it anymore, because they show us themselves constantly. Truly, they’re just hillbilly hicks at this point who’ve shown they can’t do any better.

    I say stop watching them, they enjoy it too much.

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