Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad David Eason Threatens to Smack Daughter During Live Video After She Accuses Him of Killing Baby Chicks: Watch the Disturbing Video

David Eason has dealt with plenty of animal abuse accusations over the past few years, but the latest accusations came from the former Teen Mom 2 dad’s own four-year-old daughter while he was Live on TikTok– and David was not happy about it!

David, who has a history of killing his family’s pets (most notably when he shot and killed his wife Jenelle Evans‘ dog Nugget in 2019), was filming himself and daughter Ensley in their chicken coop in a live video for TikTok when Ensley begged her dad not to kill any more of their baby chicks, as she said he recently did. David denied that he killed any animals, but then angerly threatened to smack the four-year-old in the mouth for saying what she said.

The video, captured by a fan who was on David’s TikTok Live and sent it to The Ashley, begins with Ensley looking at the family’s chicks. (You can watch the video below.) 

“Remember you killed the baby chicks?” Ensley tells her dad. “Don’t shoot them again again! Then I’ll be so mad.”

David seemed a bit caught off-guard by Ensley’s accusation and asks her, “What?”

Ensley again repeats what she said the first time.

“If you kill them again I’ll be so mad!” she says.

David begins to deny that he ever killed any of the animals.

“Girl you have lost your mind,” he tells Ensley. “What are you talking about?”

Ensley sticks to her story, telling her Dad, “Yesterday you killed a baby chick.”

David then starts to get angry, asking her, “Why, why would you say that?”

“Because you did!” Ensley tells him.

“No I did not!” David says before getting even more angry and telling his daughter, “I will smack you in the mouth!”

The video cuts out after that and Ensley is not heard again. (Obviously, The Ashley can’t confirm or deny if David did, indeed, kill a baby chick as Ensley said.) 

While this is the first time Ensley has accused David of hurting an animal, he has a history of killing his family’s pets. Almost exactly two years ago, David beat and shot Jenelle’s French bulldog Nugget after David claimed the dog nipped at Ensley. Jenelle spoke out about the situation to several media outlets, but eventually went back to David and defended him. However, before she went back to David, she told Us Weekly details of the gruesome killing and that the dog’s murder made her question being with David.

“He just took [the dog] and shot her in the woods … about two acres away from the house. It’s making me feel he’s very cruel and doesn’t have a heart on many ends,” Jenelle later added.

Last year, David made headlines again when he killed, then grilled and ate (on Instagram Live) the family’s pet goat Elvis. David bragged about killing the pet, telling his followers, “This is Elvis, the little baby we had last year.” He proceeded to show the pet goat’s carcass, and even made sure to film the goat’s head, which was thrown into the trash can with David’s beer cans. The video garnered David plenty of negative comments from disgusted followers who told David he lacked respect for animals.

David and Jenelle have yet to comment on Ensley’s accusations about the killing of the baby chicks. 

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(Photos: Instagram; TikTok)

77 Responses

  1. This man is going to be the perpetrator of a domestic murder-suicide of this whole family at some point, for sure. He is unhinged.

  2. I see Lurch made his IG profile private; did Jenelle delete hers? Has shit done down at The Land that we don’t know about yet or are they just worried more ‘business opportunities’ will be ruined?

  3. He probably (because he is obviously a self absorbed asshole) didnt dream she would say a thing. He thinks killing animals (his pets) is normal. Remember their goat pet he killed cut up then filmed a video of its head in a trash can with beer cans. People always say if you see something say something. We all see how crazy he is and keep telling child protective services and they don’t do shit. I’m pissed that instagram continues to let this monster have an acct and promote his disgusting parenting.

  4. People like him dont just stop abusing and killing animals. My father thought it was so funny to shoot baby rabbits out on my grand parents farm in front of me when I was endless age I would get so mad and cry and beg him to stop. It went from that to abusing our pets to abusing my mother and I. This little girl is only going to get older and keep telling on him. She is going to be the next one he is hurting. Seriously? He threatens to smack her in the mouth? The sad thing is the way the system works a child like her will have to bruising before child protective services can step in. The mental damage he is doing to her and the other kids is far worse. I pray someone steps in and helps these kids and their mom before one of them is really hurt by him. I keep thinking if what we see is this bad then what we arent seeing is worse. They are home schooling them so no one really knows how these kids are. Being an abused child and then an abused wife this behavior by him is all too familiar. I was able to escape alive. I hope someone intervenes soon. This shit is no joke.

  5. Oh RIGHT lurch, we would never believe you. We believe the 4 yr old. I would believe a talking bird before I would believe anything you or mrs. lurch said. He is just a bully, always picking on a child, small dog, chicken, or pulls a gun. Can not wait til someone schools him. 🙂

  6. Wow. Again. How can this carry on happening? What the actual fUck is wrong with the system in North Carolina? David has made it very clear over the years that he is perfectly capable of taking life. I have been expecting an Amityville Horror situation for ages, I am actually surprised it hasn’t happened yet. But that means that those poor children still have a shred of a chance. They deserve that much. Honestly, screw Jenelle. I couldn’t give a damn what happens to her. The day that we see footage of paramedics wheeling a body bag off of the land, I just hope none of the children are inside.

  7. The whole situation on the land has always been disturbing but this is some levels up ….

    Why would she lie and call him out for something that did’nt do that? Kids that age don’t do that

  8. Hmm. Why did you change the transcript of the video? At first it was transcribed as “DON’T YOU DO IT AGAIN”, which, if you listen carefully is exactly what she said. She said nothing about “shooting” but that gets you more enraged readers talking about and sharing your story, right? Do yourself a favor. Put in some decent earbuds, turn off every other sound in the room and listen carefully. Stop pandering to the histrionics of people. Be accurate.

    1. Exactly right!! Folks have nothing better to do but feed drama on the net! Grow up and get a hobby for God’s sake!

  9. I highly doubt that little girl is lying. My daughter is the same age and when she is that adamant about something it’s because it’s true. David is a piece of shIt if he has no problem saying that to a child while filming then I can’t imagine what he says to the kids behind closed doors.

  10. I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and assume, based on what I’ve seen and heard, that he is not a responsible gun owner. ‘The Land’ is not a safe place for any of those kids to be, nor is Jenelle or David stable enough to carry the responsibility of raising those kids. From EVERYTHING we have heard and seen, there is not one single solitary reason those kids shouldn’t have been taken away and adopted out. They need to be completely removed from the family lineage of Jenelle & David.

    1. It is difficult to remove children (even with proof) especially from an “active mother” BUT playing devil’s advocate here… the foster care system is irreparably broken & many times a sickening, poorly supervised alternative. There is no guarantee that at least 1 of the children wouldn’t end up in a far worse situation than the one they are in now. At least w. David & Jenelle they post tons of videos & pics of their lives. Millions of people have eyes & ears on their children. If they were fostered/adopted ChildServices would be hard pressed to find other people dumb enough to post their treatment of children, good or bad. Better the devil you know…


    KIDS DONT LIE;;;; YOU ASS.. !!



  12. Oh my heart. Those poor kids. I wish I could take them in and give them a normal, healthy, fun life without abuse, screaming, swearing, and chaos. 🙁

  13. has anyone sent the video to child protection services???? Please help protect this child1!!! I can’t find the video in this thread but if you have it Ashley—REPORT IT!!!!!!

    1. Honestly I’m hoping someone who knows them in real life calls in CPS and a welfare check. I’m sure outing his behavior made him mad and clearly he doesn’t have self control.

  14. You’d think lurch would have more respect for animals seeing as how he’s so primate like

  15. Even if Ensley was lying, threatening a child like this is definitely not ok.
    And we all know she isn’t lying.

  16. He’s an idiot. Why would he continue to film while he’s trying to gaslight his child. Does he think people are stupid like he is? And that fake accent. If someone would do to him what he’s done to those animals, the world would be right.

  17. Not surprised at all by this, but what I *am* surprised at is that there are people out there that tune in to his live streams. Just, wow.

    1. Thank goodness they do. Hopefully some day the court system will pay attention to all of the documented instances of abuse and actually protect those children.

  18. Jenelle will act like everything is fine. Then when Ensley grows up to be crazy as hell. They’ll act like they don’t know what happened. Killing animals in front of your kids can be traumatizing.

    1. She posted a pic of UBT and Headsley on her IG and had nothing to say about the fact that he shot a baby chick, only that he’s the best dad and to stop judging them. No acknowledgement of the animal murder or threatening to smack the kid in the mouth. She’s disgusting.

    1. Or Jenelle will call Ensley a liar like she did with Jace and the handgun she pulled on a stranger a couple years ago after he told Barb (on video too).

      They also called Maryssa a liar when she testified against them in court.

  19. She says don’t shoot them again,
    so he shot the chick ? probably target practice, his behavior is definitely concerning with all those kids around

  20. I’m amazed he’d do live Tik Toks with the little kids if he’s been up to craven s**t like killing animals! You never know what kids will say. And he KNOWS he’s live, and he STILL says to Ensley that he’s going to smack her in the mouth! Poor little Ensley, she’s in for it now. Jenelle doesn’t protect her kids. I’m praying that David knows it’s not in his own miserable self-interest to go after Ensley and backs off.

    1. Look here is the thing with farming, sometimes you need to cull animals. This needs to happen if an animal quality of life cannot be improved (sick, injured, failing to thrive and can’t be resolved with veterinary care). There are humane ways to cull a chick NONE OF WHICH ARE SHOOTING THEM.

      He is such a horrible person and I feel so sad for Ensley. No child should be threatened with violence or gaslit like he does.

  21. Gaslighting a child and documented animal abuse. And jenelle wonders why she keeps losing job opportunities. She claims all the time that she’s changed but keeping him around if blatant proof that she hasn’t.

  22. What the fuck??? WHY are people like this just allowed to have children and animals? I will never ever understand our world and this broken system.

  23. David is going to snap and kill Jenelle. It’s just a matter of time before a repeat innocent animal killer murders a human. You can hear it in his voice when Ensley talks about him killing the chicks- he was frantically trying to make it seem like she was lying. Obviously a 4 year old wouldn’t make that up- why would she? I’m so worried for these kids and the fact that they may become victim to this potential family annihilator.

    1. Then someone may notice? You think? He is a very dangerous man! I haven’t commented when this was first posted, but this video has been sent to me several times. So he is going to abuse the child that cost Nugget his life? This is a f**ked up, scary situation.

      1. It’s not Ensley’s fault Nugget’s life was lost. That is on psycho David and David alone.

        1. The ADULTS cost Nugget his life NOT the child. ALWAYS the adults, a child CANNOT be held accountable for what was allowed to happen in that house.

      2. As has been pointed out to you on numerous occasions when you’ve said the same thing over and over again… IT’S NOT THE CHILD’S FAULT DAVID SHOT THE DOG!!! Your obvious compassion for animals over humans is disturbing. Why can’t you be compassionate towards both? It’s really not that difficult. Your total disregard for Ensly has always been worrisome and you’ve left comments about a toddler that at times come off as hateful and out of touch with reality. She’s an ABUSED CHILD! ?

        1. So, What have you done about this situation? My animal loving activist friends have been working with authorites to get something done…for the sake of the KIDS and the ANIMALS! They have been working non-stop since I sent this to them. I barely read the article and I never watched the video, because I can’t handle this kind of stuff…But they did!!! They are appalled by it all and can’t believe NO ONE has done anything about these parents!

  24. How is he not in jail for something? They have amazing kids and the emotional trauma those kids & animals on their land have & will endure is heartbreaking. He must be stopped. I imagine this video & press will create a fight between him & Jenelle. I just pray Ensley isn’t punished or hurt by what she said. I can’t have babies and if I could save one of her sweet children in a heartbeat I would. He is a horrible human.

  25. This is beyond disturbing. He has such a sadistic way about him with the killing of these animals. This is the first time I’m hearing about the goat as well. Serial killers often start with animals and as unfortunate as it is to say, if a report came out tomorrow that he killed Jenelle or one of the kids I would not be shocked. Jenelle needs to take the kids and run, but as we know, that will never happen. She is as sick as he is.

    1. Facts. If he’s comfortable with killing baby animals, he’s such a chump that he would never harm himself, but he would have no problem being a family annihilator.

    2. Same about the goat.

      They aren’t hunters and they arent starving, so the goat death is excessive.

      I just dont get why hes getting chance after chance and more opportunities to really hurt someone?

  26. What in the actual hell?! You’ve got to be a special kind of sick to constantly kill baby animals. First a puppy, next baby chickens?? Then that 6’whatever grown monster threatened to hit a toddler in the mouth for telling the truth?? He is the scum of the earth, and Jenelle is right there with him. Subjecting those children to so much violence and abuse because she can’t not be in a relationship.

  27. These people are trash. And where the hell is the other dog Junior??

    The video after that where he’s calling her sweetly heart and crap gives me the creeps. I think he touches that poor kid.

  28. This is absolutely no surprise at all. Lurch is a legit sociopath, he isolates his family on “The Land” so he can dominate and intimidate them. All sociopaths violate animals before they move on to people, it’s only a matter of time. I just can’t wait to hear how Jenelle tries to spin this one because clearly Ensley is not lying. He’s such an asshole and Jenelle is just as big a one because she stands by and cosigns this mess.

    1. She’s going to 100% blame Ensley and call her a liar. Shes never once in 12 years and 3 kids stood up for any of them, she won’t do it now either.

      She’ll protect David to her dying day.

  29. First the sweet– “the baby cheeeeks” omg love her lol southern accent. So cute.

    So David killed a baby chick and Ensley knows, called him out on it and he tried to gaslight her then threatened her?

    Holy shit.

    I’m sure Jenelle cut the video bc she knew he f*cked up.

    1. Kids don’t lie, Lurch. Grown assh*les like you, on the other hand…
      Poor girl, I was hoping he’d spare her at least but I was clearly mistaken.
      As I do every time we talk about this swamp thing… Where tf is CPS??

      1. Exactly I would love to know what are the laws according to North Carolina’s CPS to get these children removed from their custody once and for all. It’s obvious that David nor Jenelle are perfectly capable of raising these children where the children are in danger here where David and Jenelle both have short fuses that go off just over the littlest things!!!

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