Fans Freak Out After David Eason Announces Plans to Caponize His New Roosters Via Brutal Procedure

“Dude, I don’t get it? Why don’t any of the animals look happy to be here?”

Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason has faced multiple animal abuse accusations over the years, but just when we think The Land he can’t sink any lower, David proves us wrong.   

In a recent TikTok video, the former Teen Mom 2 star shows off some new chickens David has purchased for The Land. Mr. Jenelle Evans then reveals the disturbing plans he has for the animals.  

“David’s like, ‘We got some more chickens!’ And I’m like, ‘I thought we were getting rid of the chickens?’” Jenelle says in the video.

She then turns the camera to David, who tells her they’re not getting rid of the chickens and that they “need hens.” When Jenelle mentions to David that he “got two roosters,” David replies, “Yeah, but I’m gonna caponize them.”

As David begins to explain this term, Jenelle stops recording. 


Haha, jokes on me 😅🐣 #BabyChicks @easondavid

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

Jenelle seemingly joked in the comment section of her video that David’s description of the brutal procedure he is planning to perform on the birds was “too much for TikTok to handle.” 

And here’s why… 

For those unfamiliar with the term David used in the video, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) describes a capon as “a young male chicken who has been castrated.” While The Ashley will refrain from going into the (VERY) gruesome details of this procedure, just know that according to the HSUS, “birds undergoing caponization are rarely anesthetized” and that caponizing is banned in the United Kingdom due to animal welfare concerns. 

Oftentimes the birds are starved and deprived of water to reduce the size of its internal organs before it undergoes the brutal surgery. 

One person noted that Jenelle and David’s daughter Ensley “will tell us what happens to them like the last time,” referring to the first time David’s name was linked to an animal abuse allegation involving chickens. As The Ashley told you in April, David threatened to smack his four-year-old daughter after she accused him of shooting and killing “the baby chicks.” 

Between Ensley’s chicken-killing claims and David previously admitting to shooting and killing Jenelle’s dog, many of the comments on Jenelle’s recent video were from fans concerned about the twosome bringing more animals to The Land.

“Great. More animals that will die on the land,” one person wrote. 

Others questioned why David or Jenelle were even “allowed to own any animals,” while another replied to some advice for tending to chickens with, “Not a chance. Do you know who you’re talking to?!” 

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(Photos: YouTube; MTV; TikTok)

33 Responses

  1. It sure seems the ONLY reason they have ANY animals is because they enjoy torturing them!
    They are NOT homesteaders!
    They are NOT farmers!
    They cant even mow their lawn and keep a pool/bath clean!

    They are BOTH sick!

  2. Facts are i understand farming and eating livestock but if they chose to do that didn’t need to be put it out there. They announce it for the shock factor so haters pipe up and they can justify it. David proudly displayed the head of a goat they named as he ate them but cant own up to shooting chicks. We watched them just tossing their leftovers and old cereal as feed for their animals. That is not farming. If they want to live that life nobody is stopping them but after shooting the dog they should expect the negativity every time they decide to post stuff like this. Its like they thrive on creating drama and then complain about what they themselves instigated.

  3. It’s also not just about these baby chickens, it’s about all the other dead & missing animals in both of their lives.
    “Given to a friend ”
    Or it got killed is a lie they spill every other day.
    And I am not just talking about live stock. I’m talking about dogs,cats,lizards,Jellyfish,
    ducks ect.

    1. The act of caponizing can be done in a non brutal way which in David’s case he seems to enjoy doing it painfully when it’s not necessary. The roosters will then have to live in pain until they are killed at a later time.

    1. Nah, not the same thing. First, you have to be seriously confused to try castrating a cow. Bulls and boars have external testes and can be castrated with elastic bands or burdizzo castrator.

      Caponizing a cockerel means restraining it, making an incision between the last two ribs, inserting a rib spreader, pinching off the testicle with forceps, closing with sutures, then flipping the bird over and repeating it on the other side.

  4. Someone needs to Caponize David. Why anyone would let either of those idiot have an animal is beyond me. David is a sicko and has really bad demons and shooting the dog was only the beginning if nobody steps in. The fact that he talks about hurting animals like it’s nothing is really distributing

  5. It’s not so much the actual things he’s doing (this or killing animals to eat) but the weird enjoyment he gets out of it. Most actual farmers find these types of chores unpleasant to do, not the highlight of their day like David does.

    1. I agree completely. I’ve seen butchering, branding…etc. at extended family member’s farms growing up (I grew up in an fairly rural state). However, no one ever discussed it, laughed about it, or took pride in doing it. That’s what is so alarming about David. He’s got some psychopathy or antisocial personality disorder, it seems. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned into a serial killer.

  6. It’s one thing to do abdominal surgery without anesthesia. But “killing chickens”? What did you think was in your KFC? How did you think we got it? Livestock are not pets.

    1. the chance of him knowing how to do this is nil! he is not a farmer and enjoys the torture of the animals, that is the issue–we all know how meat gets to the table


  8. Anyone else come here knowing they’re going to read something truly awful when its a David/ Jenelle story?

    One day, it’s gonna be the big one. I don’t think I’m ready for that but it’s coming.

  9. Y’all know they don’t anesthetize pigs, cattle or sheep when they’re castrated, right? This isn’t serial killer shit, its farming. I’m sorry, but facts is facts grasshoopers.

    1. Yeah, but UBT is not a farmer, he’s an unemployed douchebag living off of Juhnelle’s money. Also, it is more disturbing that he takes pleasure in doing these things, in front of his children. My grandparents are farmers and when I was little, 3-4 yr old they wouldn’t even let me near when they killed a chicken for lunch. It was, however, explained to me that this is bloody and not for kids, and it’s happening to feed us. This ape is just killing and torturing animals for fun and because he can get away with everything.

      1. My uncle was a farmer & I accidentally walked in just as a chicken had it’s head cut off. Well that headless chicken took of running & flapping his wings. It’s a site I will never forget.
        Still can’t eat chicken.

    1. This is in reply to Crusty Grasshooper’s comment. Dear Crusty, please then explain the reasoning for killing the pet dog and lying about it. Why did David throw his pregnant baby Momma out of a moving vehicle and leave her? David’s obsession with knives and guns? You seem to have the answers.

      1. With all due respect, that’s an apples to oranges comparison. But I don’t, not even for a New York minute, believe that the folks in the swamp here are farmers, by any stretch of imagination.

      2. In response to NOTAJENELLEFAN, I’m not defending anything that David did, does, or will do. What happened to Nugget was disgusting & if you hang out on The Ashley, you would know, Krusty is a Nugget advocate, but I’m going to assume your not a regular and let you slide.

        I’m starting facts, not feelings. Livestock, with the exception of horses, are not given anything except a dose of penicillin when they’re castrated. If you use a vet or do it yourself, it’s all done with a sharp knife and restraint. Just the facts grasshopper.
        I still hate Uncle bad touch, but I live in a fact based world. Umkay?

        1. Yeah, I’ve watched enough episodes of Dr. Pol to know this is true. They don’t give them anything, they just do it. Sad, but true.

        2. key thing–they are professional farmers or a vet—none of which this person is! he enjoys the torture of animals–period!

        3. You aren’t just stating facts, you’re also ignoring the big picture. Yes, some of what you said is true, that is exactly how it happens, and no one that does such things, for living or even just to survive, does so with pleasure. You specifically said “it’s not serial killer shit”, in one of your replies. For most people, that might be true. For this sadistic monster, however, it is a sign of psychopathy that he enjoys inflicting harm on other people and animals.

          He’s not doing this for food, farming, to survive or even for a living. He is literally doing it because he enjoys it. That’s a far more important piece of the puzzle than the fact that yes, the process is absolutely unpleasant for the animals. It should be unpleasant for the person doing it too, you’re ignoring that part. Not much of a Nugget supporter that you’re ignoring the forest for that one tree right in front of you. The big picture is important, and the big picture says he’s a psychopath, with potential to become a serial killer.

      3. Or driving spikes into a live snakes head to torture him or showing pictures of the pet goat Elvis’s decapitated head surrounded by empty beer cans in a trash can.

  10. Aren’t there studies some serial killers have a past history taking pleasure torturing and killing animals? They lack empathy and take pleasure in harming innocent animals? Then at the same time can be overly obsessive and feel they own a loved one? David does have a favorite child living with him. The swamp is isolated enough for him to get away with these type of things

      1. No! They all screw up some where.
        And yes there have been studies done. They all keep trophies ? to relive the feeling they had when torturing or killing someone. I believe the reason no one found Nugget remains is because knowing DE you can’t find something if it’s digesting in someone stomach. Jeffrey Dahmer started out killing animals along with every other serial killer.
        And JE is no angel when it comes to abusing animals either.

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