David Eason Accuses His Baby Mama Olivia Leedham of Being an “Alcoholic” Days After His Wife Jenelle Evans Defends Her Own Drinking

“Only one of my baby mamas likes the sauce!”

Jenelle Evans battled back against accusations that she drinks to much…just days before her husband David Eason accused one of his other baby mamas of being an alcoholic!

Over the last few days, the former Teen Mom 2 star took to her TikTok to clap back at her followers who accused her of drinking too much. In recent videos and Instagram Story posts, Jenelle has been seen slugging back beer, wine or cocktails and, recently, her followers began to comment on Jenelle being fond of the drink.

On Thursday, Jenelle denied having a drinking problem and told nay-sayers on TikTok that she’ll slug the slosh if she wants to! This declaration came just a few days before David accused his second baby mama, Olivia Leedham, of being an “alcoholic.”

(As The Ashley has previously reported, David does not have custody of Kaden– the son he shares with Olivia— and in recent years has not had visitation with him.) 

Anyway, Jenelle got saucy when she was accused of being fond of the sauce.

“A lil swamp sauce never hurt nobody!”

“I’m 29 years old. I can drink. If I want to switch to wine from beer, I’m gonna switch,” Jenelle told her TikTok followers after they pointed out that Jenelle wasn’t drinking her favored Corona beer. “Because I don’t have an alcohol problem. That’s why I don’t care. So for you to constantly bring [my drinking] up, I don’t know your point. and I don’t really give two f**ks!”


Reply to @myusername572 sooo yeah the haters point out the obviously like idk ???‍♀️ you think I really care about you’re opinion?

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

“Since when is it against the law for me to drink?” Jenelle titled another video posted on Thursday, which featured her drinking a White Claw. 

“I like the White Claw because it’s more classier!”

In the comment section of her video, some of Jenelle’s followers brought up that Jenelle probably shouldn’t drink, given her plethora of never-ending health issues

“The point is you’re ‘dying’ on a daily basis,” one person wrote. “Alcohol aggravates literally EVERY health issue.” (Jenelle has stated that she has Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, or GERD, and recently commented that drinking is a “bad idea” for her.)

“Every video you post you have a drink in your hand!” another person wrote. 

(In a recent TikTok, Jenelle was seen shaking her rump roast at the swamp’s edge while enjoying a canned alcoholic drink.) 


##YouGotTheLimoOutFront ?❤️? @mileycyrus ?

♬ original sound – SMOB

“Don’t drink alcohol. No wonder you aren’t getting better,” someone else wrote.

During an interview in December 2020, Jenelle denied having a problem with alcohol and stated that she only has “one or two beers a week or something.”

“But that’s it. I can’t do it anymore; those days are over,” she added.

David has yet to address Jenelle’s critics’ claims that she drinks too much; however, on Friday he did declare that Olivia had a problem with booze.

After posting a photo of their son Kaden to Instagram, David wrote in the comment section that Kaden’s mother Olivia “was a very abusive alcoholic.”

“I am always worried for his safety,” David wrote of his son.

In August 2019, Olivia raised money via an online fundraiser to help pay for an attorney to prevent David from getting any custody of Kaden. 

David has not been allowed to see Kaden for the majority of the child’s young life. Olivia obtained sole legal and physical custody of Kaden after David was charged with domestic violence against Olivia while she was pregnant with their son.

“[David] endangered the life of the child by pushing [Olivia] when she was eight months pregnant and leaving her in the middle of the road at night when she was seven months pregnant,” the court papers from the incident stated.

Olivia filed a restraining order, and David was not allowed to have contact with her or Kaden after that. In March 2016, David was arrested for approaching Kaden in a grocery store and violating the restraining order.

In February 2017, The Ashley broke the news that Olivia had a change of heart and was allowing Kaden to visit David occasionally. However, by February 2018, Oliva had become alarmed by the change in David and the situation on The Land and begged a judge in court papers not to make her son go to be with his father.

“[David] is exhibiting erratic and concerning behavior,” Olivia claimed in the paperwork filed at the time.

A month later, though, The Ashley broke the news that Olivia had backed down and closed her case in the New Hanover County, North Carolina, court, agreeing to comply with the custody order in place and allow Kaden to see his dad on The Land. David was allowed to have Kaden on overnight visits after that, provided that the boy was not shown on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

That all changed, though, after Jenelle called 911 in October 2018, claiming that David physically assaulted her. Jenelle later called the incident “a huge misunderstanding” in the press and on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ but Olivia went back to court to get David’s physical visitation with Kaden discontinued.

Olivia has yet to respond publicly to David’s latest claim that she was an abusive alcoholic.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Facebook; TikTok)

13 Responses

  1. Well, David, you just committed slander and libel. I hope Olivia sues you but since you’re broke, I guess you’d have to pay her with a sinking swamp house and a Costco sized case of Corona beer.

  2. David ( ill smack you in the mouth ensley) eason,
    You really need to stfu, the best thing for kadan is being away from you, your anger and your equally as nasty wife, kadan is much better off with out an abusive father in his life.

  3. You forgot to add in all the videos David posts with his drinking. I’m sure there’s probably a lot. Alcohol was mentioned when he “cracked” jewelleries collar bone, the garbage can was full of beer cans in the video where he killed the pet goat and ate it. Then when Jenelle and David stood outside a restaurant to yell at Barb about custody of Jace because she had wine with her meal.

    I know almost nothing about Olivia other than her being a DV victim of David and that she has a son. But her keeping Kaden from David is the smartest thing she could do. Who knows what is fueling these allegations. Probably nothing tbh but trash people (Jenelle and David).

    Those two don’t seem to be capable of comprehending how hypocritical these allegations make them look, especially with Jenelles alleged health issues. Stay away from drugs, kids.

    1. Jenelle also claims she can’t drink hard liquor anymore because of her
      ” health ” issues. But we know she drinks them every time they go out. And of course size 6 DR Jenelle will tell you herself Alcohol is not a drug.
      Hasn’t Olivia already filed a case against these 2 for slander? And JE was dropped but DE is pending?

  4. Jenelle is an entire jack***. Has no clue and oblivious to the fact ppl are calling out her drinking because she complains tirelessly about her neverending supposed health issues, which is aggravated by… alcohol. Dumb fool. Has nothing to do with her age. God she’s so stupid it’s actually painful and embarassing to others. She’s completely unaware. It must be amazing to have that level of delusion. DKD also has to call Oliva out for something as if that will get her image torn apart. He’s a known liar and a dangerous freak. He and his wife say there’s nothing wrong with drinking they went after Barb for one drink at dinner and now Olivia when they have videos with them drinking endlessly, with children around while operating a vehicle/ boat. But yes… Everyone else is the issue.

  5. Jenelle: I really don’t give 2 F___s about what any of you say about my drinking.

    Also Jenelle: Proceeds to post 82 new videos within 3 days defending her drinking.

  6. Jenelle and David are complete trash! Racist, homophobic, transphobic, low class pieces of shit. They both are pathological liars and child and animal abusers. Add being a complete hypochondriac on Jenelle’s list. They have no room to comment about ANYONE! How the hell would David have any knowledge of what Olivia does anyway?

    Her tik tok videos?She is clueless as to how ridiculously embarrassing they are. Not a good look.

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