Jinger Vuolo Claims Sister Jana Duggar Has Turned Down Multiple Suitors, Including Prisoners & Strangers Offering Gifts & Trips

“Unless you’re creepy and/or currently incarcerated.”

Jana Duggar’s single lady status has been a topic of discussion for entirely too long years both on and off her family’s show… so naturally, her younger sister decided to talk about it some more in her new book. 

According to The Sun, in Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s new book, The Hope We Hold: Finding Peace in the Promises of God, Jinger claims her sister Jana has turned down multiple suitors over the years – many offering gifts and trips – and that the Duggars girls all received a lot of attention from men as a result of their family’s shows 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On.  

“Some of them were people we knew from church of the homeschooling community, or they visited our home back in the days when we welcomed fans as visitors,” Jinger states in her book. 

“The fact that we let random fans into our house full of young kids isn’t weird at all…oh, wait….”

While some of the men were known by the Duggars, Jinger revealed others were “complete strangers” who would mail letters and packages to the family’s post office box, which she found “a little creepy” – especially when letters started to arrive from prisoners. 

“I understood it came with the territory when you’re a teenage girl on a reality show, but sometimes it was crazy and a little creepy,” she explained. “At one point, at least 25  guys had asked about me or my sisters within a couple of months alone. I didn’t take most of the letters seriously, given that they were from strangers or sometimes even from men in prison. 

“That’s not the kind of courting I’m into.”

“I’m sure some of them were sweet, well-meaning guys who loved the Lord, but I wasn’t going to get in a relationship with someone who didn’t know me or anyone in my family,” she added. 

Jinger claims Jana was the recipient of “the strangest packages” over the years, including a “sample-sized Yankee candle wrapped in box after box like a Russian doll.” 

Jinger said the same hopeful suitor also invited Jana on a trip to Disney World, “provided she paid her own way.” 

“Sorry Jana, that one was just too good to leave out.”

Currently, Jana is rumored to be dating 27-year-old pilot Stephen Wissmann, though she and Stephen (and the Duggars) have yet to confirm a courtship. 

Back in 2019, Jana revealed she had “courted or dated a few guys but so far nothing has gone into a serious relationship.”

Jana made this comment after a fan asked if the ‘Counting On’ star was dating her friend Laura DeMasie. Jana told the fan she has “no interest in girls that way whatsoever.”  

“I spend my days taking care of my siblings and ironing my dad’s socks. Can’t I have just one friend my own age without hearing rumors that we’re dating?!” 

Before the premiere of ‘Counting On’ last season, Jana was once again forced to address her unmarried status, telling fans she longs to be married and believes it will eventually happen. 

“I’m just trying to stay busy with what comes along on my path,” she added. 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 

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  1. OMG, those poor girls. The family welcomed fans as GUESTS in their home?? I can just imagine every weirdo in the world at their door!! No one has EVER had the safety and best interest of the Duggar girls at heart! That’s why they all marry so young— at least they’re probably safer and have a lot more privacy than they EVER did with USER Jim Boob and USER Michelle! And then there’s the weirdo who lived INSIDE their house!

    1. I think it was Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy. Jill and Jessa for sure. Jana was probably too old for Josh at that point.

  2. Maybe she isn’t in to men, leave her alone and stop deflecting from the peado brother.

  3. I am really grossed out at the feeling of damage control behind this. Maybe it is just a coincidence that Josh’s latest “troubles” are lining up pretty nicely with the release of Jing and Jer’s book, but it feels super distasteful to try to divert public attention away from his dreadful crimes with such trivial stuff as Jana’s romantic life.

  4. She probably stayed in the house so long to protect the other children from Josh since Michelle and JimBob couldn’t be bothered to do that. Michelle left the child raising to her daughter-moms.

    1. If she really wanted to protect the kids then she should’ve speak up instead of covering for Josh like her parents did.

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