Watch Jana Duggar’s Father Jim Bob Make Fun of Her For Being 28 & Single (Exclusive Video!)

“Really, Dad? Was it REALLY necessary to point out my unmarried status to a room full of Aussies?!”

Jana Duggar became the butt of her father’s joke during a speaking engagement the Duggar Family did last week in Australia— and The Ashley has the video to prove it!

Jana, her father Jim Bob, mother Michelle and several of the younger Duggar boys and girls headed Down Under last week to speak at the IBLP Australia event. During the event, which took place at the Kilsyth South Baptist Church on January 13, the Duggars made speeches, sang religious songs and answered questions for the crowd. The event was held one day after Jana’s 28th birthday, and her father made sure to point out that, even at that “mature age” (by Duggar standards, anyway), Jana is still not married.

In a video obtained by The Ashley (via direct permission from the Duggar Family News: Life is Not All Pickles & Hairspray Facebook page), Jim Bob can be heard mocking his oldest daughter.

“Jana is now 28 years old…still single,” Jim Bob tells the crowd as Jana gets visibly embarrassed and attempts to hide behind her brother. “So she’s still praying for the one the Lord has for her.”

The large crowd can be heard laughing at Jim Bob’s jab and Jana looks like she’s wishing she were anywhere but up on stage at an Australian church getting made fun of by her father.

Jim Bob goes on to tell everyone what a “fine young lady” Jana is.

Unlike her younger sisters– Jill DillardJessa SeewaldJinger Vuolo and Joy-Anna Forsyth— Jana has yet to get married and start a family. While she has stated various times over the years that she has just not found the right person for her yet, the media has continued to speculate as to why she’s not married yet. The media has also created fake courtships for her, pairing her with everyone from pro football player Tim Tebow to family friend Caleb Williams, who recently made it very clear that he and Jana are just friends and are not courting.

“We’ve always gotten different ones asking, ‘When is it going to be your turn [to get married]? When is it your time?’” Jana said in 2014. “I just think for me I am just waiting and we’ll see. When God brings that one along it will be his timing.”

Watch the exclusive video of Jim Bob’s jab below:

(Photo: TLC, Video: Courtesy of Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles & Hairspray)


  1. Jim Bob tends to put his foot in his mouth. Seriously. He doesn’t mean to come off sounding mean, cringe-y, and causing awkwardness, but occasionally he does. His children and wife know him better. They know he doesn’t mean it the way it sounded. I don’t think it was nearly as bad as The Ashley made out. She’s reaching.

  2. Jimblob, rather than make fun of your daughter, you should have been taking a firmer hand with your peado son.

    Your a fkn disgrace and a hypocrite

  3. I’m sure the fact she is single has nothing to do with the fact that she lived in the house with a molesting brother for years and has never received any authentic counseling.

    1. According to the reports, she wasn’t molested. So maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe she’s still single because the ones who were Josh’s victims felt the need to fix their “impurities” by getting married right away.

  4. I hope it’s got everything to do with the fact that her father picks losers as husbands for his daughters. Do any of them work? Maybe SHE doesn’t want to be a baby making machine, since that’s all she’s done for most of her life. Shes pretty much done raising her parents kids, why start all over?

  5. She’s obviously waiting for someone special, as opposed to marrying the first one who came around. She’s very pretty, and seemingly sweet; so I’m sure she’s had men that are intetested in her. Nothing wrong with not settling.

  6. A thoughtful father would not say that in front of an audience. I hope Jana has saved all of her money from the show and invested it well. She needs to move as far away from her parents and create her own life.

    1. I doubt she has access to any larger amount of money – Jimbob probably controls everything including the money the family earns – so without money or education noone can leave

      1. I would donate at least 100$ to her GoFundMe and I genuinely hope if she ever needs to she crowdfunds that shit and gets like a million dollars to get off that horrid compound and writes an awesome tell-all book and maybe marries a folk singer and has a chicken farm or something.

  7. Drink the koolaid says Jim Jones I mean Jim Bob.
    Wouldn’t he die if she was gay?
    Derek would probably divorce Jill lol
    It’s ok they can pray the gay away they fixed Josh twice.

  8. Oh my God, we are of the same age and if my dad made a “joke” like this……..Jana, you do you, sadly you are stuck there in TTH raising your own SIBLINGS. Basically you are feeling married but without benefits. I honestly, truly hope you find a ‘Jeremy’ this year just do ‘Derick’ or even worse ‘Josh’ *vomits* Btw, doesn’t Jeremy have a brother? Is he single?
    I also hated how other people reacted, it’s just sad that being single at 28 is such a laughing matter for the fundies.

    You forgot to mention Josiah is rumored to court some girl named Lauren Swanson, she was with them on the trip. I hope if it is true, I am glad for him cuz honestly I was worried he is still hurt from the failed courtship, he still occasionally sees Marjorie so it was prob even harder for him.

  9. Good for Jana for not giving in to her family’s nagging when she’s going to court, marry and shoot babies out. You do you and there’s nothing wrong with that!

    1. High five your comment and he will want his daughters bred to death just like their mama. I bet she has to wear Depends every day because her Bladder has got to be hanging to her toes.

      As long as he gets his rocks off is how I see it.

  10. Job bob is absolutely awful father and it’s not surprising to me at all that he, would publicly make fun of his daughter this way. For a cheap laugh. It’s ridiculous. F*** Jim and Michelle, horrible parents and god awful christians.

  11. If they’re so religious, shouldn’t he think that this is part of gods plan? Isn’t mocking her mocking God, esstentially. What an awful family.

    1. I don’t think he’s ever been jerked off have you seen how many kids he has?
      I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.

  12. I’m happy she’s 28 and single. That means her baby making years are somewhat limited, compared to that of her teenage bride-now-pregnant sister Joy. I’d like to think that Jana hasn’t found the right one for a reason, SHES SMARTER THAN THE REST OF HER CRAZY FAMILY.

    1. I normally would agree but she has been stuck at home raising a bunch of kids she didn’t want and being a maid

    1. Or Ben. I would not be ready to raise a manchild at my age, let alone a manchild and 2 babies.

  13. Okay honestly I guarantee that Michelle and Jim Bob pay her a heafty salary to NOT marry and take care of their children. They have spent most of the lives “dating” and spending time with each other (aka making enough babies to run a baseball team) that they are in no way interested in taking care of their littles. Let’s just see how this plays out when all of a sudden the kids grown up and she starts buying up real estate and making investments… Jana will have the last laugh.

  14. Yes she does. John David is her twin brother. I’m sure that if he was a girl, he would be subjected to the same type of jokes. That’s awful!

  15. This is truly sad that her father would think that’s OK to do to his daughter in front of a whole group of people and it’s perfectly understandable to wait let’s keep that in mind it’s 2018 not 1912

  16. I still find it rude that everyone makes assumptions about Jana, but seems to forget she has a TWIN brother John-David who is also not courting (to my knowledge at least). We don’t hear nearly as many fake courtship stories or people assuming he’s gay. He actually gets to live on his own too whereas she is still in her parents physical home. He lives in one of their properties. It really is a double standard not just by the Gothard Duggars, but also by the regular media. I like that the Ashley highlighted how big of a jerk Jim Bob is.

  17. Isn’t she a twin? Or has a brother near the same age? I can’t say I’m surprise they focus more on her singlehood. I hope she doesn’t feel pressured soon and just pick anyone.

    1. There has been a family friend named Tabitha Paine who married at 31 last year and her man is a RAPIST. Her fundie years were numbered so they chose the first creep who looked at her nicely. (Not to mention he is 15 years older). So sadly, the longer she (or her dad, or ‘The One’ or whoever) waits, there is a chance she will have to settle for less.

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