‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Explodes in Twitter Rant, Accuses MTV & Gary Shirley Of Making A Mockery of Her Pregnancy With Andrew Glennon

“Where’s a TV to throw when you need one!”

Amber Portwood is not thrilled with how her latest relationship and pregnancy is playing out on Teen Mom OG!

The pregnant reality star took to Twitter on Monday, criticizing the show’s producers and editors, as well as her ex Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina in yet another one of her signature online rants!

“I’ve been on this show for 10 years. I’ve been through hell!” Amber wrote. “MTV has turned my pregnancy and this relationship into a joke in one of the happiest times of my life.”

In recent episodes, Amber confessed that she hadn’t seen Leah, the nine-year-old daughter she shares with Gary, while she was struggling with depression over her breakup with Matt Baier. Viewers were critical about Amber staying away from her daughter but starting up a new relationship with Andrew Glennon during the same period.

(The Ashley is posting the tweets as they were posted, complete with grammatical errors.)

“Apparently my life is just for people to tell me how horrible I am as a mother because I went through depression!” Amber wrote, adding sarcastically, “Remember if your going through hell make sure you keep it all inside. And people should be able to say whatever they way about you. Especially your ex!”

For the first time, she also admitted to being suicidal after her breakup with Matt.

“Make sure when your suicidal that you always have your kid right next to you the whole time! It’s very healthy for them!! Idiots,” she tweeted with more sarcasm. “Andrew is the reason I was able to pull myself together! He showed me that life was worth living! I’m thankful to have him because now I will be ALIVE for my daughter and family!”

She then went in on Gary and Kristina, claiming that they are living the good life thanks to Amber being on ‘Teen Mom OG.’

“Make sure to watch Gary and Kristina tonight talking s**t about me! It must be hard making money off of me! Being such a bad mom and all. Where would they be? Wait..in a 1 bedroom shack in the ghetto of Anderson where he was before I got out [of prison] and the show came back on!! Ignorant!”

“I knew I should have worn a helmet and a cup today. Damn…”

When a ‘Teen Mom OG’ viewer pointed out that Amber had been absent from Leah’s life for an extended period of time, Amber denied that was the case.

“That never happened once!” Amber tweeted. “I’ve never just been gone for weeks and months ever! Wtf are you talking about? This was 2 months and I saw her right when I got out of [Marriage] Boot Camp! Once again talking s**t ignorantly with nothing to back it up!!!”

Amber added that the show’s producers are to blame because they try to make the show juicier.

“It didn’t use to be like that,” Amber tweeted. “Now if there’s no drama then it will be created.”

After Amber ended her rant, Gary hopped on Twitter to respond to his exes’ claims.

“I stayed where I was cause I’m no better than the next person I saved up to put 20% down [on a house],” he wrote. “I didn’t wanna move and feel like I was struggling, and I wanted to think out all options and find where I wanted my kids to grow up. You can talk poo about me, but plz not about Kristina.”

He then retweeted the following tweet:

“@amberlportwood, you are a disgrace to all moms out there. You should be kissing the ground @ItsGaryTime & Kristina walk on. They are the reason why Leah will grow up having a somewhat normal childhood.”

Amber was not having that at all. She came back at Gary with vengeance.

“You are a liar lol,” she wrote in a tweet to him. “You were broke doing pills and drinking constantly! Thank god for Kristina or Leah would have been in hell! I sent you money Gary! You begged and said you had no money to take care of her!!”

She then told a fan, “You guys have so many opinions? We’re on TV so everyone is aloud to know every detail about our lives right? We have no rights for privacy.”

After Amber made claims that Kristina “broke up her family” to be with Gary and get on TV, Gary defended his wife.

“Sorry for the wonderful drama you see or don’t seem,” he tweeted. “My wife Kristina is amazing we had a rocky start and we made Thru and honestly I love her and she is one hell of an influence. Please don’t judge us by what someone else says there is always more to it. We love you all.”

Kristina also responded to Amber’s claims about her.

“I am an active mother to my children so quit hating,” Kristina tweeted. “I’ve never stepped on your toes as a mother nor will I ever. I care for Leah when she is in our care. Love don’t hate.”

Stay tuned…this battle appears to have just begun!

(Photos: MTV)


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  1. Amber has been a bad parent since the beginning. In the early days everyone used to say that the problem was Gary. It has not been until recently that people are starting to see the problem is not Gary, its Amber. The episode where Amber called Gary at the last minute to come and visit Leah made me so mad. Amber has not bothered to see Leah the whole summer, yet when Gary points that out and says, “after months of not seeing Leah you can’t just call me an hour before you want to come over,” she gets all mad and starts saying, “you are about to piss me off,” like she has any right to be pissed off! Amber should be kissing the ground Gary and Kristina walk on. They do all the hard work when it comes to parenting. Amber only shows up for the fun milestone moments. She does not want to be around to cook her dinner, get up early with her, help her with homework, take her to school, discipline her, etc. I remember when Leah was a baby Amber would leave her alone in her crib for hours while she slept. Gary used to get mad about it, yet the viewers still took her side. I am glad the viewers see her for what she is now. I want to know who is going to take care of this new baby. There is no way Amber is getting up every three hours for feedings, changing diapers, etc. She is probably going to make Andrew do it all just like she had Matt do everything for Leah when Leah would visit. She is a deadbeat mother that should not have children. That woman does not have a maternal bone in her body.

  2. I, too, was blown away by Amber’s comment that she was ready to end her life (over a loser like Matt, no less). She didn’t think about Leah when contemplating suicide, but another man appears in her life, & Wow! Suddenly life is great & let’s get pregnant immediately!!! What was the rush? Why did she remove her birth control at the beginning of a new relationship? I can’t imagine anyone actually planning a pregnancy with someone they’ve known for 5 minutes. Oops – wait, Jenelle did that with Nathan. That turned out well for everyone (esp poor Kaiser) , right ? Why can’t these idiots spend some money on education instead of surgeries, trips, cars, & supporting new boyfriends?

  3. I agree with Amber. She has done well. I was so upset..As Gary is always negative and uses Leah for her punishment. As a step mom, Gary’s wife was completely out of line when she said on National TV. Maybe, I should adopt Leah. Are you kidding me..So out of place. Wasn’t she married and pregnant with Gary’s baby. She left her oldest child to be on TV so you should NEVER throw stones at glass house. Leave Amber, alone. Stop adding fire to Gary’s jealousy as he never stop loving Amber as his actions show it.

  4. I’m sorry , everyone. There’s just too much to tell, and I don’t know if you would believe me if I told you. I have a hard time believing that we’ve been through everything that we’ve been through, and I was there.

  5. I just read another article about Amber’s massive debts. I have CP, lost my benefits, my husband and I are struggling to pay bills, and SHE goes to Hawaii w/o Leah. SERIOUSLY?? Sorry for the rant, I’m just angry.

  6. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I read every comment so far, and I don’t see a single person noticing that Amber’s pupils were WIDE the last two episodes. Now, that may be from legitimate, legal prescriptions…Or it may not be. No one else noticed?

    The second thing I have to say is that Kristina doesn’t deserve the way she’s treated and I don’t know how she puts up with it. Leah is blessed to have her. I’m shocked to see Gary stick up for her, but I’m thrilled that he did.

    1. Yes I agree. It was hard to comment about that bc I hope it’s not true. I thought of all people she would never go back to drugs, but also she may have relapsed when Matt did (one of the times) ugh.

    2. Honestly, I’d be more concerned if her pupils were pinpoint. Wide pupils can mean many things, like excitement, love, or an epinephrine rush when irritated.

  7. It’s not just begun, I think this storms been brewing off camera, out of public eyes awhile. Ambers always had this idea Kristina was a home wrecker, when she didn’t want Gary she just wanted him to be her bi…h when she got out of jail. Did he use pills? Possibly. I’ve found over years experience that while not always the case, many times people find themselves doing things to make them attractive to a partner. It may be drinking, smoking, or experimental drugs. I watched a druggie cousin drug her ex husband who just wanted her so much he did it a few months then woke up. Gary may have used pills. In fact at beg of og Kris was raising Leah more than he was as he sat on his butt & texted inappropriate crap to Amber. I wouldn’t be surprised he needs Amber to make those bucks either. What else has he done career wise? Condoms & nursing aides don’t make top dollar though props he had a job! This war hasn’t just begun & wont just end. These two were toxic together & are toxic apart. One of them just married better & that will be to Leah’s benefit! If Gary really was the better parent he wouldn’t engage her mother online or appease cameras by revealing some of the things he does. Kristina to her credit usually reigns him in but she’s got to be sick of all of it at this point & is now imo hoping it inspires Amber to do better. She doesn’t s&&t talk & would discourage Gary from doing so in previous seasons but this recent behavior of Ambers has pushed her because now Amber will accuse her of stealing Leah or wanting to be mom

  8. After watching this last Monday’s episode I’m even more convinced of what a pos mom she is to Leah… she basically got knocked up immediately after getting w this dude and left her daughter to the wayside for a guy yet again… she’s EIGHT. She’s not two, she fully knows what’s up… as evidenced by Kristina saying she came to her and was like “why can’t my mom come see me cuz she’s too depressed but can find a new man??” JFC if I head my kid say that I would be seriously re-evaluating my fucking life!! SO. SAD.

  9. Amber is so delusional! She acts like she’s the one who has all the money and is good with money yet she was dumb enough to let a guy steal $120,000 from her! Then she says that she’s never left Leah or not seen her for months, “not once”, but does she remember she was in jail for years? A visit in prison isn’t the same as being there for your daughter. Seeing your daughter for 10 mins while your newest and most important person in your life, a creepy guy, is waiting in the car for you isn’t the same as being there for your daughter!!! Amber has no clue what is reality and she’s a pathetic gross loser! She always has been and always will be!!!

    1. I read on CDAN that Amber paid for this entire trip they took in September and stayed drunk the entire time.

  10. I don’t understand why she is bashing Gary and Kristina. They are just speaking the truth. I guess it’s easier for her to bash them then admit they’re right. Kristina is practically a saint. Amber should be grateful that Leah has such a great stepmother. Oh, and Matt 2.0 is so creepy….and why does he only dye his beard? This won’t end well.

  11. Completely off topic, but can we talk about the evil laugh McKenzie and her friends gave when she stalking about her and Ryan’s ex’s being at the adding. Jenn stayed stone faced then they all stopped when Jenn didn’t chime in on their joke.

    Also, how horrible are Ryan and her for not putting Taylor in the invite. Then Larry thinking Ryan had it wrong when he reiterated it. McKenzie is such a pit stirrer. I cannot stramd to look at her. And Ryan can still hardly stay awake. Drug free my ass.

    1. Omg I know. She’s a bitch and he’s a creep for thinking maci won’t bring her husband and he refuses to acknowledge she’s married? What a child. And it seemed to make Ryan’s mom uncomfortable being at the table when they were acting so weird about inviting maci. Also Ryan telling Mackenzie ‘you don’t have to walk on eggshells around me, I won’t go use if we get into a fight’ Uhm since when. You told your mom dad and Mackenzie that you had triggers and they couldn’t get upset bc you might use. Having a big wedding and parties is not going to make your marriage. And bingo on him not being drug free.

      1. And him drinking so much while in Vegas and at home is not healthy for his sobriety or lack of sobriety. And he gets onto Mackenzie for being ‘wild’ while there. Oh uh sorry that she has embarrassed you for once ya idiot.

  12. Amber calling someone else an “idiot” is equivalent to jenelle calling someone else a “bad mom”.

    Or, like the old saying goes “when you point 1 finger at someone, you have 3 fingers pointing back at yourself”.

  13. Totally classless. The audacity to drag the woman who has been a mother to your child while you have been strung out or banged up or shacked up with creep of the week is astounding. The only consistent thing about Amber is her absence in leah’s life. Gary is twice the parent Amber will ever be and more.

    1. He definitely will be raising the kid alone. He will be getting up every three hours, changing all the diapers, and basically doing everything while she sleeps or talks about how depressed she is. I have depression, but I get up and raise my four kids. Even Matt was more of a parent to Leah than Amber and that is saying something. When Leah would come visit, Matt did everything for her while Amber laid in bed.

  14. Sounds like my ex husband he wouldn’t pay his $200 a month child support but could go on vacations all over including Hawaii while I worked 2 jobs and went camping. His baby mama bragged to me about their new house and new furniture and new diamond ring (I gave him our house and he let it go into foreclosure and I had to pay for that)
    He left my daughter sitting on the porch waiting for him to pick her up after he promised he would be there. He wouldn’t tell me where he lived. So I to him to court raised the amount of support had his check garnished and had him served his court papers at his wedding. MTV/Gary getting any ideas?

    1. Let me guess. His family probably hates you for making him pay a dime of child support but he doesn’t raise your daughter at all. Sounds like my sisters situation. She worked 2 jobs, online school full time and no help for her 2 daughters from their deadbeat dad. My sister and you are better off w out them and good job to you for working so hard. Keep that chin up.

      1. My ex owes $30,000 in child support. I don’t go after him for the money because it’s not worth it to me. Thankfully he doesn’t bother with the kids,either. You’re absolutely right that the children are better off without him.

  15. Amber, your probably depressed because you lay in bed all day, and know deep down inside you’re too lazy to be a real mom to Leah. You know you’re a deadbeat mom. That is why you’re depressed.

  16. Ya know I think it is long past due for these woman to grow the fuck up! If you don’t lie the editing get off the show! Amber to be honest you semm that you can be a good person just depends what day if the week it is & you shouldn’t be having more children with the mental issue’s you got going on!!!! You can’t handle one that you have let alone a baby!

  17. What’s funny is her saying she does spend plenty of time w her daughter and tired of people thinking otherwise, but on this weeks episode her and Andrew are going on a vacation to Hawaii. So… did mtv edit that wrong, amber? But I will say she that her body looks really good this episode.. guess she’ll be getting the Kail and Bri all in one after baby lipo special.

  18. Probably an unpopular opinion but I never liked Amber. She always seemed selfish to me, always looking for an escape from reality, be it drugs and/or dick. I always get flashbacks to the scenes where she’s pushing Gary around.
    Little Leah is so lucky to have such loving parents in her life (yes, that includes Kristina) and to have turned out the way that she has. How dare Amber speak so disgustingly of Gary OR Kristina. What frustrates me the most is she always has to place the blame on others for everything, it’s never Amber’s fault. Also does she not have anything better to do than sit on her couch scrolling through Insta/Twitter for hateful comments? Oh that’s right – she doesn’t.

    1. Absolutely right. She’s a whiny person. Since season one she’s been pushing out her fake tears when things don’t go her way.

  19. I can’t stand the way Amber and Jenelle slate the ones raising their kids and providing security and stability because they are doing so in modest circumstances. Like a one-bed place you have had to work for and make the decision to live within your means to support your child is something to be ashamed of? Like working hard in Wal-Mart to provide for your family is something that makes them less worthy of respect?

    Ugh. Come on. Most families do what they have to do to get by and it may not look as glamorous as MTV money houses but it is what we call taking care of those we love.

    Gary has certainly had moments of major douchery but starting on him and Kristina after everything they have done and the way they enable you to keep a relationship with your daughter when you never once put her first? No. Take several seats.

    1. That will be hurtful for her to daughter to know someday. Unfortunately there is documentation of everything she says and does because her life is filmed and lives out her fights over twitter. Very disappointed in Amber

  20. Such a shame she needs a man to validate herself. And yes, she is more and more delusional and resembling Jenelle, she can’t keep up with her lies or defend herself without making herself a victim so she goes after her ex, who is raising her daughter into a wonderful young lady (Who will be 10(!) THIS YEAR!) with the help of his wife Kristina. To go after her was a low blow, Ambie, you aren’t even half a mom as she is! I think she is jealous of their relationship (maybe deep down still wants Gary, who knows) because after him she only dated losers. Poor little James, I feel sorry for the kid already and he is not even born yet.

  21. Within just a few months, Amber credits Andrew with saving her life. When she was with Matt, viewers will also remember how Matt was trying in Las Vegas to get her to refer to him as “daddy.”

    Clearly, Amber’s life is not fueled by qualified mental health professionals who could probably help her with her depression the most, but by simply having a man in it. Obviously her kids will always have to take a back seat.

    Which is why after having this baby, hopefully she’ll retire her womb, get back on her meds, and just focus on living.

  22. I’m a stay at home mum, to a 5 year old and a 12 week old, and omg have I struggled with depression hardcore, I’ve been alone for a long time (my partner/father of my kids works night shift and sleeps during the day so we barely see him)
    I have days where I don’t want to get out of bed and feel like crying all day, I have no friends and no support.
    But…. I do not distance myself from my kids. I do absolutely everything I possibly can for them, even when I don’t feel like being a mum and looking after anyone- I suck it up and do it because as a parent- no matter what- your kids need you and you can’t just choose when to be a parent Cos you feel depressed.
    It’s a pathetic excuse, what is due going to do when the new baby comes? Everytime she feels depressed is she gonna palm him off to whoever she can?
    Grow the hell up Amber and try putting your child first for once. Be thankful for Garry and his wife for providing your daughter with a loving, secure home. Thank Kristina for taking a Leah on as if she was her own, but also staying respectful to you, so she doesn’t overstep any boundaries she shows respect for you and is leaving certain things for you to go through with your daughter, but no, you whinge and complain end think you are great, end tear Fien those who are doing the best job raising your daughter.
    You are a bad mother, hope you get a wake up call when you have this new baby and can’t just fob him off and see him whenever you feel like it, when it suits you

  23. This ‘real woman’ really gets my blood boiling! I used to hope she would pull herself together when she got out of prison for the sake of leah but if anything she is worse than ever. When she was addicted to pills that was a reason to be a shitty Mother but now she just can’t be arsed to be a parent! She hasn’t got one maternal bone in her body! All she cares about is men and the endless amount of cats and dogs she has. She has plastic surgery, endless vacays with the other teen mom cast and yesmt she can’t pay child support for her own flesh and blood..$10,000 worth, that is truely disgusting..If this was one of the Dads on the show he would be called from a pig to a dog but she seems to think she is a celebrity and can do just what she wants..She needs to thank her lucky stars that her daughter has two loving, responsible parents in Gare Bear and Christina and I hope she steps up to the plate when this next baby arrives (god help him). I also wish her family would stop enabling her behaviour and one of them would give her a serious talking to regarding her parenting and life choices. ALlso she does not have enough hair to wear that top-knot, she looks like Olive Oil from Popeye.

  24. Andrew is the reason I was able to pull myself together! He showed me that life was worth living! Ummmm shouldn’t your child be enough for you to do that! How sad

  25. Well Duhnelle #2, just like she refuses to acknowledge and respect the person that’s raised her child while she was/is a piece of chit, here you are. If you were the “real” woman you claim to be every chance you get, you’d be thanking that lady for doing YOUR daily motherly duties while you lay in bed. Instead, you Twitter bash her. How are you and Janelle not best friends? You’re basically the same person. Again for both, the only people making either of you look bad, are you

  26. Don’t forget she has Borderline Personality Disorder. It explains why she always needs a man and is suicidal when “alone.” 10% of Borderlines die by suicide. The vast majority attempt it, many more than once. Cut her some slack. It’s a hard road.

    1. Ummm someone who has BPD here. I have a masters degree, a good job, and am in a loving marriage. Why?? Because I go to therapy every two weeks, stay on top of my condition and learn to help MYSELF. BPD is not an excuse for being a shitty person! 5 years ago I was at the lowest of the low: drink, drugs, hook-ups, suicidal thoughts-you name it. So I decided to change my life and I did. I was a friggin waitress at the time and I still managed to turn my life around for the sake of myself and those I loved. She is the reason people like me are hesitant to speak about our diagnoses because people automatically think we are lazy, horrible pieces of shit like her. It really gets under my skin.

  27. Hey Amber because we know your reading this didn’t quite go as planned did it? mother of the year you are not.

  28. She is an idiot she brought it on herself. Rubbing his ankle implying she is pregnant. Then why do we need a bathroom shot of her puking and the nausea meds. Her and cait disgusting vile mothers. As for her I couldn’t get out of bed I was depressed how many of us in real life and have to get out of bed and deal with it

  29. As far as her learning any lessons at all, the one and only mistake she didn’t make with Massachusetts Matt was getting pregnant. Here she is with Malibu Matt who was just as fast to quit his job,and move across the country and in with her AND knock her up in record time. She sure showed all of us how much she’s learned.

  30. I agree with Gary she’s always to depressed to see her own daughter but never to hop into bed with another random guy! She won’t even pay child support Amber is a deadbeat mom! She should have stayed with Matt their both deadbeats who don’t care about their children!

  31. No education. No class. No coping skills whatsoever. You might be on MTV, Amber but that’s because way better people than you watch your train wreck of a life for entertainment purposes. Your horrible decisions entertain us while we relax with our beautiful families after a rewarding day at our jobs that took a college education to earn. Oh…and many of us suffer from depression & anxiety too & we are still able to go to college, be with our children every day, & become contributing members of society. Enjoy this lifestyle now because it’ll end as soon as people like me get bored of your antics & stop watching.

  32. Dammit, Amber! You need to get down on your KNEES and praise GOD that Gary and Kristina are raising YOUR daughter! Do you know how many dozens of times a day a 9-year-old girl needs her mom (and dad, but we’re talking about Amber, here!) ?? Leah needs to feel loved, secure and safe. You need to BE THERE!

  33. Without reading fifty comments already posted,I am guessing we are all saying no, she makes a mockery of herself.

  34. When will these idiots learn that the internet is forever?! Good job, Amber. You’re pissed that rational people are bringing attention to your shitty decisions, so instead of maybe shouldering some of the responsibility you bash the only stable parents your child has ever known. Riiiiight. You’re a great mother!! One day Leah is going to read/watch ALL this shit. Poor kid. Shame shame shame.

  35. Its seems like all these girls are trying to copy Farrah with the exotic vacays, fancy homes and luxury vehicles. Farah always lived well, even in her 16 and pregnant episode. They were driving a BMW, granted it broke down but none the less still a Beamer.

    1. Nathan said it best: trailer trash that hit the lottery. I am DYING to see these girls in 20 years. Sure, they are living the high life at the moment. But in due time, most of them are going to end up right back where they started.

    2. Michael is that you? When did Farrah always live well? Pretty sure she was dirt broke and conned out of a car in way back Teen mom episodes. Her parents wanted nothing to do with her. She’s another one that should be thanking her lucky stars that MTV picked them back up and her family jumped the gravy train.

  36. Can I just say that I think that Andrew is more cunning (and intelligent) than Matt? Matt sort of blindly felt around in the dark to get SOMEONE to respond to his skeezy tweets. But Andrew- he has some real life experiences and upbringing to finesse it a bit better. In 3 years, Matt doesn’t knock her up even though he’s literally knocked up enough people to form a football team. But Andrew manages it within a few days of being together. I think that Amber is going to stick with Andrew no matter what because a) she knows she looks like a complete moron who LITERALLY said “I’ve learned my lesson” in the same segment where it’s clear she didn’t learn a damn thing b) she now has to save face and c) Andrew can even more legitimately siphon money out of her account and say it’s for the baby.

    1. Oh this guy is gonna clean her out and have her paying him alimony and child support. He seems like the low rent male version of Yolanda Hadid. They both are gold diggers from Malibu.

  37. If the shoe fits Amber…… It’s clear where her priorities are and always have been. If she does not have a warm body in bed next to her, she does not care to be around her daughter. We’ve seen it for years. As a person who suffers from depression, I take offense at her “Being suicidal” cop out. She has tons of access to resources that most of us can only dream of, yet she chooses to marinate on her couch day in and day out, ensconced in dogs, surfing the web for things to rant about and people to rage against. No sympathy. It’s interesting how selective people like her and Jenelle’s mental issues can be. They are too depressed to be parents, but not too depressed to be on the prowl or in da club(Briana) looking to score a new man. People call bs on her ass because it is not believable and doesn’t make sense. Also didn’t she and Matt say she would never have another child because of the meds she’s supposed to be on?

  38. Seriously, fuck Amber. I never thought I’d say this, but what a piece of shit. The new man she just met gave her a reason to live?! But the child that has been around for 8 or 9 years, who you claim to love so much and not see enough, and whose life you missed a year of while you were in prison, does not?! And then she acts like she is so much better than Gary and Kristina , because in her stupid mind, the life they live is thanks to her. Bitch, they were doing fine while you were in prison, raising your daughter because you were serving time. Where the fuck would YOU be if MTV hadn’t come back to have you on the show?

    People like this make my blood boil. She reaches with that depression card and is trying to hang on to that excuse for dear life. But she is a deadbeat. As I’ve stated before, she underestimates Leah. Leah, in my opinion, is one of the smartest, most aware, mature children on the show. And sooner than Amber thinks, Leah will realize that her mom is garbage.

    Jenelle must be really happy that Amber is taking all that negative attention at the moment. For once no one is talking shit about her. ???

  39. A random stranger who lives with his parents and has been arrested before gave her a reason to live but not then child she gave birth to?! Gotcha amber!

    1. Right! That was my first thought too. Amber NEEDS a man at all times. Even the lowlife, dirt bags are more important to her than her daughter. I thought Amber was really coming around for a while, but she’s still a selfish baby.

  40. Isn’t Kristina a nurse?

    Not quite as demanding as being a professional couch potato, eh?

    Gary and Kristina would be doing better than Amber if MTV cut them off.

  41. What a complete and utter moron. She has just hit the Jenelle measurement of lowest of the low. Dear god, she will literally never see sense. She has skewed her reality to what suits her. She needs serious help but she will never get it because she’s 100% right in her world.

    Remember a year of so when she had a rant against Gary for “trying to ruin her relationship” with Matt, and that he was “spreading lies about the amount of kids Matt had”. And guess what happened genius? GARY WAS RIGHT! Does she literally learn NOTHING?

    She had a shot at redeeming herself when she got out of prison and completely blew it when she met that creep of the century Matt. And she can’t say she wasn’t warned, the world and it’s dog told her he was a leech!

  42. Bwahaha, Amber is the dumbest of the bunch, by a Indiana mile. More delusional than Farrah, which I thought was not possible unless you were on tripping LSD.

  43. Amber always needs a guy to “save her life”. When she’s single she gets depressed. When Gary told her he basically chose Kristina, Amber got depressed, but a knight in shining armor aka Matt saved her. Then she broke up with Matt, depressed again, knight again, this time it’s Andrew.
    How about therapy, Amber? You need to deal with your codependency issues, because it’s seriously affecting Leah.

  44. Talking shit about him living in a one room shack in the ghetto while she was living in a PRISON. HA! Smart, Amber.

  45. Oh where to start with Amber, she is so rachet and classless. She will probably never be able to temper her anger or be able to control it more than a toddler can.

    And I like Amber, but girl got big problems. She really should have taken time to be by herself instead of suddenly wifed up with some guy with a checkered domestic restraining order past. She has that whiff of fragility and desperation that guys like Matt/Andrew can exploit.

  46. Um, Amber. Where would YOU be if MTV hadn’t brought back the show? You were freshly out of prison with very limited work experience. He might have been in a one bedroom apartment (I highly doubt though), but he was working and raising Leah.

    Your relationship with Andrew was already a mockery from the beginning. You can’t blame MTV for that.

      1. I believe this was after the show started up again. He was a nurses aid or something to that aid, if I remember correctly. I could be wrong.

  47. I truly do not understand this rant obviously I’m glad she found a reason to stay alive but to put all that on Andrew and not realize that you have a child who needed you to be there Leah obviously thinks Amber hung the moon it will never make sense to me Amber pleasing him above her own children I just can’t fathom it… Looking at it from Gary and Christina’s perspective it’s got to be an odd situation she’s having a baby with man she just met after getting out of one crazy Relationship with a man that seemed to use her for whatever he wanted She has a hard time being there for Leah for whatever reason so Amber and Andrew think everything’s all of a sudden going to change when another child comes into the picture it has got to be a hard concept to comprehend Amber seems to thrive off drama and if she can’t find it she created out of thin air

    1. And also. That’s a lot of pressure to put on someone you just met. Saying that Andrew being in your life gives you reasons to not kill yourself is like saying if Andrew leaves she will kill herself. So he’s almost obligated to stay,no matter what for as long as possible.

  48. So…Amber is too depressed, and distraught to have visitation with her daughter who lives with her dad full time. So….why are we having another child? What happens if she gets “depressed” again? Where will she send that one when she’s having suicidal thoughts? Love the logic!

    1. She is never going to be depressed again, because Andrew cured it for her. Duh. Also maybe her new baby cures her from her bipolar and borderline so she won’t ever have to take her meds again. #Amberlogic

    2. Right?? Does she ever wonder what Leah is going to think when she reads these tweets in a few years? (If she hasn’t read them already). Does Amber not know how damaging it could be to an innocent child to basically be told “yeah so I couldn’t see you because I was all depressed and wanted to die but this guy made me want to live again. Not you.”.

      The way she talks as well like she’s the only one who has ever gone through this. I have suffered depression my whole life, once I didn’t leave the house for almost 2 months. But there is not a damn thing I wouldn’t do to try and make myself better for the people I cared about because I couldn’t stand what my illness was doing to them.

      She is a complete misrepresentation of people with depression and her bullshit excuses are the reason why people have such a low opinion of people who suffer from mental illness. It drives me crazy to see her pull the “depression” card whenever it suits her. It makes a mockery of the people who really suffer.

      1. I suffered from a depression as well, for about 9-10 months. I left the house maybe once a week for groceries and ignored all my friends and family’s messages. No man cured me, I had to do it myself and the motivation was to show my loved ones I was trying to get better, I had not lost hope. I did get myself out of the worst of it before my therapy finally started (5 months waiting lists, whoop) and that’s when I heard people around me who thought I was incredibly strong for doing so. I’m not saying everyone can do that, I’m not saying everyone should, this is just my story, no judgement to others.

        However, the way Amber presents depression as if a new boyfriend can cure it is complete bullpoop! If depressed people read this and they are single, or happily married and can’t get better despite that, they feel worse about themselves. For people who are depressed and read this: do not listen to the words of Amber! You can do it despite your circumstances, no matter how much or little help you need, take it. You are worth living and you are loved by the people around you, even though you might not believe it right now (deep down you know). What helped me in those months waiting for therapy was to reverse the roles: if my best friend was depressed, would I be annoyed if she texted me every week telling me how miserable she was? No! I would be glad she confided in me and I would try the be the best support she can be. So believe that your loved ones feel like that about you! Hang in there, you can do it!

    3. I bet she will try to get Gary and Kristina to watch her baby by saying Leah and the baby need to bond as siblings or something like that to make her not taking care of her own kid okay in her head. Maci used to ask Ryan’s parents to watch her other kids and she is a decent mother. Amber is not so I don’t think she will have any qualms guilting Gary into watching her kid.

    1. Agreed that Kristina is no saint, but she is still there for Leah and her own daughter. More than Amber has been…

    2. I thought Kristina still had visitation with her daughter whenever she wanted as long as the cameras aren’t around?

    3. That’s been debunked. She is involved with her oldest child and occasionally eludes to her being around, but her dad doesn’t want her to be mentioned or shown. It’s not like Gary and Kristina are filmed everyday or even every other day. I don’t know how often she see her, but to say she signed away her daughter to be on tv whe we know that’s not true is kind of messed up.

    4. Actually Kristina sees her other child everyday after school during the week & has her every other weekend. She never signed her rights away.She signed an agreement that the child would not be filmed by MTV.

  49. I feel like Amber is using her mental illness as a scapegoat. I’m not saying she does not struggle with depression, but I seriously think she uses it to get out of whatever she wants from time to time. Okay, you didn’t want to be around your daughter because you were depressed and didn’t want her to see you like that? Then give her a quick call or text! Literally anything to let her know you’re still alive and thinking about her. You don’t have to be in constant contact if you legitimately don’t think you’re up for it or don’t want her to see/hear the sadness in you, but it takes two seconds to send a text and say “I love you, see you soon”. Gary and Kristina are amazing parents to that little girl, and are always civil with you while still doing whats best for Leah. I do feel bad for Amber, but she makes it so hard to empathize when she acts like this and spouts off nonsense on the internet to try defending her actions. You’re an adult. Own your life choices.

  50. I don’t know why Amber let herself get pregnant. She said in one of the episodes that she was on medication that wasn’t safe for the baby ! I don’t know how she is going to handle another child. She can’ t even take care of Leah. God forbid if Andrew leaves her !!

    1. Oh crap we know they will break up but I hadn’t thought about her having a baby and losing Andrew. She’ll prob spiral and she has no one to take care of a newborn unless it is Gary and Kristina. She’s gonna be relying on a man child named Andrew who still lives at home in Malibu to feed and diaper a child. Holy cow, the fights they will have and I hope it’s filmed by mtv.

      1. Andrew has now moved in with her too. She admitted that a week or so ago in an interview. We all know he’s going nowhere, he has hit the jackpot. Can do whatever he wants, spend someone else’s money and now he’ll get paid by MTV too. Matt is probably kicking himself right now in his Vegas prison cell!

        1. Vegas prison cell? Did I miss something juicy or are you predicting what his next 6 months are going to be like?

    2. It seems like she is spiraling now. After her rant, she tweeted about how happy she was and gushed about her man, Leah and new baby. It was a total 180 from her tweets an hour ago.

  51. What a pos. She admitted on camera that she didn’t know that last time she saw Leah (which implies at least a few weeks) and that she was about $10k behind in child support. She makes herself look like a sh!tty mom all by herself. Gary may be a lot of things, but has been a good dad to Leah and given her a stable, loving home. And to drag Kristina into this? Oh h*ll no. That woman has raised Leah for Amber all while being perfectly gracious. Even here, she is way nicer than Amber deserves. Amber continues to use depression as a crutch to avoid being a mom. She can go to the nail salon, do her make-up and hair, get a new boyfriend, but is too depressed to see Leah more than twice all summer? Sure…

    Also, don’t complain about privacy and then blast this nonsense over Twitter.

  52. In mediation again. Is it because I talk crap about Kailyn?? The ashley is on Kailyn pay roll obviously. The ashley is selling out to Kailyn. I’m in moderation since Kailyn did a interview with the ashley.

    1. -@Kail– What?!Gonna assume this is a joke but, it’s likely due to your name having so many exclamation points. It is a system generated by WordPress that flags comments/names as potential spam. I have nothing to do with it. -The Ashley

  53. If you look at the promo for the pregnancy announcement on mtv.com they call Andrew, Matt in the closed captions. All the same.

  54. She’s a disgusting excuse for a mother. Saying that only her boyfriend could pull her out of her depression. What about your daughter, Amber? Your child wasn’t enough for you to get better, but your man was?
    Thank God Leah has Gary and Kristina in her life. They have been the one constant while her mother pushes her to the side in favour of drugs and men!

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