‘The Bachelor Winter Games’ Cast Revealed: A Review of the Contestants

“Does anyone know at what temperature tears freeze?”

If watching Arie Luyendyk Jr. carouse with a bunch of ladies hasn’t held your attention lately, have no fear, Bachelor fans—The Bachelor Winter Games is coming our way next month!

The Olympic-esque dating/athletic competition show (think Bachelor in Paradise in the snow, mixed with a bit of The Challenge and Bachelor Pad), will bring together some of Bachelor Nation’s most-memorable former stars, as well as some newbies who have starred on international versions of ‘The Bachelor’ shows. ABC recently released the cast of characters who will be snow-suiting it up on (insert groan here) “a mission to find true love”…or something.

According to Entertainment Weekly, at least 25 Bachelor Nation singles will stay in a Vermont resort, while sports anchors Ashley Brewer and Hannah Storm will provide commentary on the games. Of course, Chris Harrison will be hosting; however, he will be joined by (prepare to groan again) Trista and Ryan Sutter, who will act as “Grand Marshalls” of this mountain-based monstrosity of a TV show.

“All the contestants will live in the Bachelor Villa in The Hermitage Club, a winter resort in Vermont,” Cosmo reports. “They’ll do challenges like the water biathlon and ice dancing, and the winners of each challenge will get a date card.”

‘The Bachelor Winter Games’ will only be a short reprieve from watching Arie’s antics, though, as it will only run for four episodes. (After you see who’s on the cast list, though, you will probably agree that four episodes is enough!)

Here, The Ashley breaks down the cast of ‘The Bachelor Winter Games.’ (According to ABC, more contestants will be revealed soon.)

Grand Marshalls: Trista & Ryan Sutter

“Seriously…when will this crap end, Trista?”

Back for yet another ‘Bachelor’ paycheck, the original Queen and (semi-reluctant) King of the ‘Bachelor’ Franchise will be on-hand to cuddle on-screen and attempt to show the contestants that “this process really works.” As fans know, Trista and Ryan, who met during the first season of ‘The Bachelorette’ are one of several successful couples from the Bachelor Franchise.

Guest Stars:

Not only will current ‘Bachelor’ Arie make an appearance, but we can also count on former ‘Bachelorettes’ Rachel Lindsay and JoJo Fletcher to show their mugs on the new show. In addition, they’ve gathered several Olympic figure skaters to appear including Nancy Kerrigan! (No, Tonya Harding is not scheduled to appear, dammit!)


United States Cast:

Ben Higgins (Former Bachelor):

Best remembered for: Proposing to Lauren Bushnell at the end of his season; doing a spin-off show about how happy they were and breaking up soon after it ended

Dean Unglert (Rachel’s season):

Best remembered for: Winning the hearts of America during Rachel’s season, only to lose fans’ affection by acting like a jerky playboy during the most-recent season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’

Josiah Graham (Rachel’s season):

Best known for: Being the cocky guy who got way too excited about winning an on-screen spelling bee.

Jamey Kocan (Rachel’s season):

Best remembered for: Not much, since Rachel cut him in Week 2

Eric Bigger (Rachel’s season):

Best remembered for: Making it to the final three on Rachel’s season and sharing about his rotten childhood during Hometown Week

Luke Pell (JoJo’s season):

Best remembered for: Being the shy, war hero/cowboy from JoJo’s season who had his chance to be the next ‘Bachelor’ swiped out from under him by Nick Viall

Michael Garafola (Desiree’s season):

Best remembered for: Being the nice-guy attorney on Desiree’s season; appearing on Bachelor in Paradise. Honestly, you’re probably not going to remember this guy no matter what The Ashley writes so…

Ashley Iaconetti (Chris’ season):

Best remembered for: Stalking poor Jared Haibon for at least two seasons of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’; Crying…so much crying…

Clare Crawley (Juan Pablo’s season):

Best remembered for: Having sexy-time in the ocean with Juan Pablo; talking to raccoons (sort of) on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Lesley Murphy (Sean’s season):

Best remembered for: Working in politics during her time on the show

Bibiana Julian (Arie’s season):

Best remembered for: Setting up a romantic date area for her and Arie and having him use it with all the other girls but her.


International Men:

Jordan (The Bachelor New Zealand)
Kevin (The Bachelorette Canada)
Benoit (The Bachelorette Canada)
Christian (The Bachelorette Switzerland and Germany)
Courtney (The Bachelorette Australia)

International Women:

Tiffany (The Bachelor Australia)
Yuki (The Bachelor Japan)
Laura (The Bachelor UK)
Ally (The Bachelor New Zealand)
Jenny (The Bachelor Finland)
Lily (The Bachelor New Zealand)
Nastassia (The Bachelor Sweden)
Rebecca (The Bachelor Sweden)
Zoe (The Bachelor China)

Watch the First Look video for ‘The Bachelor Winter Games,’ which premieres on ABC on February 13:

(Photo: ABC)


  1. Clare said on one of the Bachelor in Paradise episodes that she was done for good with anymore shows. Guess not haha

    1. I couldn’t agree more. She is literally the only “contestant” that I cringe when I see her. Crazy, neurotic, idiotic, stupid…..all good. 99% crying…..I can’t take it.

  2. Michael from Desiree’s was one of my favorites! He seems so normal (for this franchise, ha!), so it will be fun to see what he’s up to!

  3. At first glance when I saw Christian from Germany, my immediate idea was Christian Tews, The Bachelor in their season 4 which would have been super awkward cuz he is married now and a father of twin daughters.

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