EXCLUSIVE! Find Out The Adorable Way Chelsea Houska Told Her Daughter She Was Now a “DeBoer”

“Yay! I’m part of the group!”

Chelsea Houska‘s daughter Aubree is the newest member of the DeBoer family!

As The Ashley exclusively told you yesterday, the Teen Mom 2 mom was victorious in her court battle with Aubree’s father Adam Lind earlier this week. A judge approved the motion Chelsea filed in December to have Aubree’s last name changed from “Lind” to “Lind-DeBoer.”

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Aubree is absolutely thrilled about her new name!

“Aubree is so happy that DeBoer was added to her name,” a friend of Chelsea told The Ashley on the condition of anonymity. “Over the last year or so, especially after [Cole and Chelsea’s son] Watson was born, Aubree has repeatedly asked Chelsea and Cole why she’s the only one in the family who doesn’t have ‘DeBoer’ as her last name. She understood she has a different dad, obviously, but she kind of felt left out being the only one with a different last name.”

The friend added that it did not really come across that way on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ but there have been several scenes with Aubree talking about her last name that have been filmed that didn’t make it on the show.

After the name change was official, the friend said Chelsea and Cole wanted to let Aubree know in a special way.

“They surprised her with a cake that had ‘Aubree Lind-DeBoer’ on it,” the source said. “Aubree was so thrilled and it was adorable.”

The friend was not sure if they cute moment was filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2’ or not, but the crew has been at Chelsea’s place lately so it’s likely it was captured on tape.

From what The Ashley hears, Adam is not happy that Aubree’s last name has been changed. Over the years, he has always been adamant that a name change would never happen, even telling The Star Glam in 2016 that “Aubree will ALWAYS be Aubree Lind, her last name will not change.”

Aubree’s name is not the only change that was made at the January 8 hearing. Click here to read how Adam’s visitation with Aubree will be changing.

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    1. You are right, he is her father, but not her Dad. I grew up with no Dad, but had my biological father’s difficult to say and spell last name. I hated it. I used to ask if I could change my last name to my mother’s all the time; so did my brother. I think that a child should have their Dad’s last name if that father is present in their life. For all intents and purposes Cole is Aubree’s Dad. As the years go on I bet Aubree has less and less to do with Adam until there is no contact at all. A deadbeat father does not deserve for their biological child to have their last name. If Aubree was adopted you would not think she should have her biological father’s last name, would you? You would think she should have her adoptive father’s last name, right? The one doing all the work is Cole, not Adam. I am surprised they even kept Lind at all. He doesn’t deserve it and that is coming from someone that has a deadbeat father.

  1. Chelsea and Cole are both very loving toward Aubree,☺ Unlike Adam. Oh, man, y’all, he’s really going to whine about this.

  2. You know, I had a teacher in high school who always said that it takes more than biology to be a parent. Some of these other “moms” should be mindful of that,

  3. So glad that Aubrees happy! Ive gotta give kuddos to Chelsea for getting her life in order and always protecting/sheltering Aubree as best she can from her POS father.

    And Adam saying that Aubrees last name is not changing just shows that he tries his best (and always fails) to make Chelsea’s life hell. Everyone knows he does not care about Aubree, but yet he thinks that she deserves his last name only, when he has never been a father to her.

    1. He seems to care about not being made out to be a bad father. He doesn’t really seem to care about actually being a good father, or even about not being a bad one. He just doesn’t want to get called on it.

  4. Glad Chelsea was successful in this. I’m so happy for Aurbree…She deserves so much happiness. Cole seems to such a wonderful man. This is a beautiful family. Wishing them a lifetime of God’s blessings and much happiness.

  5. I bet Lind has already been dropped. She’ll just use the hyphenated name for legal documents. And 8-year-olds have so many legal documents!

    1. Eh, I can see her wanting to stay connected to Paislee. She might change her mind when she gets older, or if she and Paisley drift, but I feel like 8 year old logic would be that she wants to have the same last names as her sister and brother.

  6. Good for Aubree! It’s important for her to feel like she’s a full-fledged DeBoer! Because that’s her family. God bless Cole, he’s a good man and father.

  7. Congratulations to Aubree! I think it is good that they kept Lind in there (not because Adam is a good father, he definitely isn’t). I like that they kept it in there because I think it should be for her to decide when she gets older (maybe 16/18) whether she want’s to fully drop it. That is a huge decision to make.

  8. Now we just need to wait for the update that Jenelle has made Jace and Kaiser official Lurch’s and changes their last name to Eason. Since Jenelle is such a Chelsea wannabe she is probably working on it right now.

    1. Totally. And you know she’ll be like “well Chelsea did it, so why is everyone giving me shit?” because she’s so goddamn delusional that she genuinely cannot see the difference between the two situations

      1. What’s really sick, is Chelsea is a WAY better mom. Jenelle compared Maryssa’s new room to Aubree’s. Using the girls, really? She needs to stop dragging little Aubree into her drama. She’s the one who spread the rumors that Aubs was being neglected!

    2. Let’s be real, she’s not going to go through the trouble of having Kaisers last name changed. She doesn’t care enough about him for that. She also cannot legally change Jaces name because she does not and will never have legal custody of him.

      1. I was about to say the same thing. Thankfully, Jenelle has no right to change Jace’s name and is too lazy to change Kaiser’s. Babs and Nathan wouldn’t go along with it, making it not worth the hassle.

      2. She’s not going to legally change the name. She’ll just start calling them by Lurch’s last name. That takes no effort. Then they can play happy family!!

      3. Yep. The only time Jenelle goes to court is when she is served with a warrant or in handcuffs. She will just threaten to and whine about it

    3. no in true Jenelle style it will be she already started the process way before Chelsea and that Chelsea stole her idea

  9. This is sweet, hopefully this will be a new chapter for the family without that deadweight around their necks. That little girl deserves to be happy and have a stable, loving family.

  10. Adam is lucky she even has Lind at all in her name… he complains about the last name, yet does absolutely nothing to be a father. He’d rather do meth. Deadbeat

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