Ashley Jones Talks About Her New Role on ‘Teen Mom 2’; Says She Isn’t Trying to Replace Chelsea Houska: “She’s Irreplaceable!”

“In other words: I don’t do baby talk.”

Ashley Jones is joining Teen Mom 2 this season as a new cast member, but she wants viewers to know she isn’t on the show to take Chelsea Houska’s place. 

Instead, Ashley told In Touch Weekly she’s on ‘Teen Mom 2’ to tell her own story and she’s honored to have the opportunity to do so. The former Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star praised Chelsea for what she put into the show before leaving in 2020. 

“First of all, I like to say that I’m not a replacement. I am just an addition,” Ashley said. “Chelsea has bared her soul on this show for years and I would never want to replace her. You know what I’m saying? She’s irreplaceable, there’s no one that can replace that. And I’m just honored to be a part of something. Now I feel like, Chelsea’s not gone or forgotten. She’s just moved on to bigger and better things. And I feel like that’s the point.” 

“I really hope you guys aren’t expecting me to start saying ‘cheesy potatoes.'”

After two seasons on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Ashley was announced as the newest ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast member following Chelsea’s exit from the show after 10 seasons. 

While Ashley revealed she is nervous about her upcoming debut on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ she says her new role feels right as she “no longer felt a connection” to her ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ co-stars. She did, however, claim that she and the ‘Young and Pregnant’ girls are on “a better ground now.” (As you may remember, Ashley almost got into a physical fight with some of the ‘YP’ girls during the last reunion in October 2019.) 

“But I also do feel like moving into ‘Teen Mom 2,’ I’ve gained another ‘Teen Mom’ family,” she added. “Those girls are different, different personalities, different stories and so it’s just nice to be able to have that support from different corners.” 

As for what fans can expect to see from her this season, Ashley said the fans who have been rooting for her and on- and off-again boyfriend Bar Smith, with whom she shares daughter Holly, will finally “get what they want.” (Previews for the new season show the couple getting engaged – again.) 

“ … they will really see us join forces and really become one as opposed to, you know, two separate parents of one child,” she said. 

‘Teen Mom 2’ returns May 4 on MTV.

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(Photos: MTV; In Touch; Instagram) 


  1. Honestly Im just happy not to hear grown ups talk in babyvoices any longer ..

    I do think they added Ashley for drama, Jade never really delivered in the way the producers wanted her to

    1. Watching Jade is like watching paint dry.
      So Brianna hooked her up with Dr Miami?
      Also Brianna butt is still awful. No way I would go to him even if it was free.

    1. Could someone tell
      Jade & Briana to wash their hair. I also like Jade & Ex sitting on couch she’s got filthy hair. Later that night clip. Shawn and her have different clothes on & her hair is clean. Also did you guys notice at the beginning of the show Kail is breastfeeding & there’s her nipple showing on the boob he’s not latched on. Also I like Chris is horrible doesn’t see the kids. To Chris arm during birth photo & he sees them every other weekend

  2. Can’t stand this girl or her horrible baby daddy. Chelsea and her family were the breath of fresh air in this otherwise stinky show. Surely there was someone better than this combative, ghetto couple.

    1. Right!? I don’t know much about Ashley because I’ve never watched Y&P, but that’s the point. I don’t WANT to know much about Ashley, so I don’t watch Y&P. Everyone thought Jade was going to bring the drama or whatever to TM2, and all she brought was a mooch mom and a lazy baby daddy that constantly yells about absolutely nothing. Maybe Ashley can bring more, but seeing how all of the other “replacements” in the franchise have done nothing but help TM lose viewers, I highly doubt it.

      1. If Barrs mom starts showing up! I’m done.
        I do like the fact that Ashley will not take any shit from Jenelle
        I hope she learns some tea & shares it to us all.

        1. I forgot about Ashley’s social media fight with Jenelle!! That was HILARIOUS! Jenelle hasn’t come after Ashley since. HA!

  3. I’m just in shock that this show is still on the air. It’s like a broken down car or something that they keep putting bandaids on

  4. A couple of observations here. First, her new cans look great, full and somewhat natural looking. Second, the MTV PR people did a nice job of coaching her through her responses for this interview. No way this is her on her own.

    stay lit

  5. They should’ve just merged TM2 and TMOG instead of replacing them with these TM3 and Y&P girls. If I wanted to watch Y&P, I would watch Y&P, and Bri and McKee remind us weekly why TM3 didn’t last more than 2 seasons…now I’m forced to watch chicks from shows I didn’t want to watch in the 1st place. MTV is bogus for that. If MTV keeps replacing the original cast with chicks from cancelled shows and Y&P, viewership is going to continue to decline.

  6. I think Ashley should have Cheyenne as a mentor. Cheyenne is one of the best successes this show has ever had. I still remember her in that bathing suit at her birthday party. The woman has more class than any other “teen mom” on the show. Bar is going to continue to drag Ashley down. Cheyenne’s future husband is one lucky dude!!

    1. Your definition of class and expectations must be very low. Two baby daddies out of wedlock and wanting to kill white babies is not the definition of class or a success story.

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