‘Counting On’ Stars Joy & Austin Forsyth Finally Speak Out About Josh Duggar’s Arrest & Shocking Charges: “Still Trying To Process The News”

Joy Duggar Forsyth has broken her silence on her older brother Josh‘s arrest and the shocking charges filed against him.

Joy— along with her husband Austin Forsyth— released a statement on Saturday, just days after Josh was charged with receiving and possessing child p0rnography. To date, Joy and her sisters Jinger VuoloJill Dillard and Jessa Seewald are the only Duggar offspring to speak out about Josh’s legal ordeal, as Josh’s other adult siblings have remained completely silent since his arrest last week. 

In their statement, Joy and Austin told their Instagram followers that they are still trying to come to terms with what Josh is accused of doing, which is why they held off on releasing a statement after his court hearing on May 5.

“The recent accusations brought against Josh sadden us to our core,” the Forsyths’ statement began. “We have not wanted to be hasty in making any statements while still trying to process the news ourselves.”

Joy and Austin— who are parents to three-year-old son Gideon and eight-month-old daughter Evelyn— stated they are “heartbroken” to face what the children forced into the child sex abuse industry go through. (Josh is accused of downloading child sex abuse material with young girls as young as 18 months old.) 

“We are especially heartbroken by the reality that there are children in the world being harmed and exploited,” the Forsyths’ statement continued. “We ask for prayer for all those involved, and it is our continued prayer that the truth comes to light.”

Back in 2015, Joy was exposed to be one of the four siblings Josh admitted to molesting when he was a teen. (He also admitted to inappropriately touching an unrelated young girl.) At the time of the molestation, Joy was only five years old. 

Josh and Joy’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar— who, as you may remember, vehemently defended Josh back in 2015 when it was exposed that he had molested his siblingsreleased their statement on the official Duggar Family website after Josh’s arrest. (Jim Bob and Michelle have been silent since Josh was charged and the accusations of his involvement with child sex abuse material went public.)


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“We appreciate your continued prayers for our family at this time,” they said. “The accusations brought against Joshua today are very serious. It is our prayer that the truth, no matter what it is, will come to light, and that this will all be resolved in a timely manner. We love Josh and Anna and continue to pray for their family.”

Anna has yet to speak out about her husband’s alleged crimes; however, she did drive Josh to turn himself in to authorities, so it appears that she is once again standing by her man.

Josh is currently out on bail; however, he is not allowed to be around any minor children except for his own six kids.

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  1. Is anyone else wondering if he molested anymore of his sisters? He was “cured” and allowed to babysit and be around them.

    I know when I had to deal with a situation like this, we had to provide the special investigators photos of our daughters so that they could rule out them being in any of his videos. So now I’m wondering if his contribution was photos or videos of his sisters…

  2. Anna has the backbone of a wet-noddle, she’ll never stand up to josh. Or her in-laws.
    Josh = prison (and please put him in general population)

  3. Just denounce your fucking brother already instead of “praying for everyone involved.” God I hope the petition to cancel Counting On makes a big impact & TLC grows a pair & gives Jim Bob & co the boot. Remove them from all streaming platforms so they can never benefit a single penny ever again from it. They should have been put to bed when we first found out Josh was a incestuous pedophile.

    1. I completely agree. TLC have supported and sheltered a known paedophile, and continued to provide his enabling parents with an income at the expense of his poor sisters and god knows how many other girls. They should be ashamed.

  4. What truth are they waiting to be revealed? Josh revealed the truth with that Tor browser he installed and asking the feds, “Did someone download child p0rn on my computer?” He didn’t just say, “p0rn,” he specifically said “child p0rn.” The truth is right friggin there. An innocent man wouldn’t ask that question. Also, genuinely curious, is there anything legal the Tor browser is used for? Every time I hear it mentioned it is connected to sex crimes and the black market. Why the hell does it exist? I’m ignorant here.

  5. I hope all of the Duggar girls who were abused cut Jim Boob and Michelle out of their lives. Their “parents” did not protect them, ever. They have ripped them off by withholding their TLC money. JB &M are NOT parents, they are USERS! They endanger their grandchildren!

    1. And no one even watched their show for the parents. The draw was basically Jana, Jessa, Jinger, and Jill, and how they split up the chores and who was on which buddy team and all that. The fact that those 4 girls did not get paid for being on the show is absolutely insane. Especially because they had to grow up in the public eye while going through their awkward teenage years.

  6. Look at Jimbob and Michelle gurning away like they are so perfect and we should all try to be more like them.
    They are twisted people who have never properly parented or protected their children because they couldn’t be bothered and were more interested in maintaining a facade than actually treating the many children they produced as human beings with feelings. Those kids were not people to them, just extensions of themselves to make them look good and ‘Godly’. I doubt very much that they give a shit about those poor children in the videos their eldest son was watching, probably talking about what that 18 month old must have done to deserve it and how their son should be forgiven. I seriously do not know how they live with themselves, I hope they are in turmoil over this because they deserve it. They make me SICK.

  7. quote “Josh is currently out on bail; however, he is not allowed to be around any minor children except for his own six kids.” ……. Which Anna Duggar, is willing to present her 6 children to Josh …… WTF

  8. Once again I plead with u to STOP REFERRING TO THESE VICTIMS as porn! It’s NOT PIRNOGRAGHPHY ITS CHILD ABUSE MATERIAL! Or CHILD SEX ABUSE MATERIAL! Porn stars are PAID OR VOLUNTEER! These are KIDS ur putting in the same bucket as the likes of Farah Abraham!!

    1. The term child pornography is synonymous with the sexual abuse of children both semantically and in its very nature. While some adults do voluntarily participate in making pornography, not all do. Many women, and men for that matter, engage in survival sex. Your post is erroneous not to mention pedantic.

    2. The chargers as against him are “receiving and possessing child pornography”. The definition of pornography is;
      “printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement”
      Using the word pornography is (sadly) an accurate noun to describe what (hideous) crime has been committed.
      Removing all emotions and feelings about this, sexual abuse is a different accusation than viewing pornography. Both appalling crimes, and I’m aware that in order to view the pornography the unthinkable has to happen. The Ashley is only writing information based upon the charges given, for legal reasons. Despite whst we all think, and know from historical accusations, if The Ashley was saying he’s been charged with sexual abuse, she could be sued for incorrect information. Writing an article or news report on such sensitive and heinous Issue, is difficult enough, without people being pedantic over the use of a word, which in this particular case, is legally accurate. If you don’t like The Ashley reporting the facts, then dont read her reports.

    3. Who cares?! It’s just semantics. There are adults raping babies, and you’re more worried about it being called child porn instead of child sex abuse? Seriously, who cares?!

  9. Just another reminder that according to Special Agent Gerald Faulkner during the bond hearing, this was stuff involving hurtcore.

    Anna had Covenant installed on the desktops, an anti-porn program which keeps her alert to Dumpy’s browsing habits, but he used tor to supercede it and had a linux partition. Oddly, for someone so tech-savvy, he also used BitTorrent rather than qtorrent.

    Anyway, the official word is that cops were alerted by a tip, and I hope that’s the case, but it’s more likely that the material he was downloading and seeding was being tracked by the authorities.

    To get into the communities that share this material, you need an invite and also to share and seed material. This means someone with an in on it trusted Josh enough to send him an invite, and Josh on turn would have had to provide either his own homemade material, or share something new from some other source.

    1. He had a Linux partition on his computer which wasn’t visible to the Covenant Eyes monitoring application. That’s where he ran Tor and other online activities undetected by his “accountability partners”.

      1. But he deleted some of the cheese pizza by emptying his recycle bin! That and his using an outdated p2p makes me think that he’s not so computer literate, but was following step by step instructions from someone who was, which might indicate someone irl sharing this information with him.

  10. “The recent accusations brought against Josh sadden us to our core,” the Forsyths’ statement began. !!!!!
    Not one thought for the abused children. In pics and vids he downloaded.
    Shame on them.

      1. Remember, to them the porno and infidelity is as sinful and awful as victimizing children. They’re also probably listening to Jim Bob and Meech in one ear and the panic-stricken TLC lawyers in the other.

    1. What are you talking about? They literally “stated they are “heartbroken” to face what the children forced into the child sex abuse industry go through.”

  11. So the only four to make a statement are the four that he molested. This must be really hard for them to process. They were so young when it happened and they were forced to forgive Josh before they were even old enough to understand what he had done (especially Joy). And now, after being told for years that Josh was cured and it was safe to be around him and bring their children around him, they have to deal with the reality that none of that was ever true.

  12. Reminder that as part of the homeschooling/parenting philosophy the Duggars belong to, victims have to fill out worksheets pounding forgiveness down their throat and making them contemplate their hand in their own abuse.

    Search ‘Counseling Sexual Abuse’ by ATI and IBLP.

  13. I’m sure this is very hard for her. Knowing that you were abused, gaslighted into thinking your abuser is “cured”, forced to be around him, live with him and interact with him on a daily basis while knowing no one REALLY protected you and then years later finding out this is what he’s doing.

    I genuinely can’t express how bad I feel for his siblings. Especially the ones who were victimized by him. They were forced by their parents to pretend all was well growing up. I hope this is a wake up call for the family and no one ever agrees to be in association or in the same room as him ever again.

    Unfortunately, I’m worried he might get away with it. There’s so much evil that gets a free pass on technicalities or privilege. I’m hoping with the DOJ involved they were meticulous and he can’t wiggle his way out of it but considering a judge said he can see his kids with his wife as the supervision I’m not getting my hopes up. Who the fuck is going to protect these kids???? How can a judge who has heard the evidence think alright, let’s let him out and around HIS TARGET VICTIM GROUP. “Charges are possession of CP with kids under age of 12 and as young as 18months old”.
    Literally his kids ages.

    1. There is so much evidence I can’t see him beating this. If he pleads out he might get less time. His visits with the kids have to monitored so I don’t think they are in danger. Honestly I am glad he got bail, not for his sake he doesn’t deserve it, but so Anna and the kids can have some time to say proper goodbyes. He is going to be in prison until his kids are adults and all of them will only be able to see him in a prison visiting room where they may or may not be able to hug him. For his kids to have him abruptly removed from their life has to be traumatizing this will let him ease out of their lives instead.

      1. For bail time I believe Anna is the appointed supervisor, not a court appointed one. And we all know now he’s good at fooling her, hiding shit etc and she’s not the type to stop taking his bullshit. It might be hard on the kids to no longer see him, yes, but the uneasy feeling is coming over me Josh will be tempted to harm his daughters I’m this period. Combine a truly fucked up brain / sexual orientation and zero impulse control and you have Josh.

        1. Reading the previous articles, I believe he’s stating at a family friends house who have no children living there. It says any visits with his children (which I disagree with, as if he would abuse his sister, then there’s no doubt that he would do the same to his children) are supervised by people other than Anna. I believe if he was kept away, it would give Anna the time and space to realise the person she married isn’t a good person, and will help her to see she needs to get out and move far away from that demon

          1. He stays with family friends during bail time, but he’s allowed to see his children with Anna present. That’s what worries me so much, as she’s been fooled by him many times before and she doesn’t seem to protect the babies first. I hope with all of my heart that I’m wrong about this, though!

      2. So you’re glad he got to get out and potentially victimize more children? I’m pretty sure it’s better to have your pedo dad ripped out of your life than be exposed to the dangers of such a person.

        His wife doesn’t believe he has done anything wrong. She thinks it’s a big mistake that a random prisoner was using Josh’s laptop. She is not going to properly guard her kids. If she was, they would already be living in another state as far from him as possible.

        Now he’s facing 20 years in jail and has had all his “material” confiscated. Sounds like a good possibility he may try something with his kids. He’s compulsive, dangerous and desperate. We also know he’s not above incest. Not a good combination.

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